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Mosque By David Macaulay,

  • Title: Mosque
  • Author: David Macaulay
  • ISBN: 9780547015477
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • An author and artist who has continually stripped away the mystique of architectural structures that have long fascinated modern people, David Macaulay here reveals the methods and materials used to design and construct a mosque in late sixteenth century Turkey Through the fictional story and Macaulay s distinctive full color illustrations, readers will learn not only hoAn author and artist who has continually stripped away the mystique of architectural structures that have long fascinated modern people, David Macaulay here reveals the methods and materials used to design and construct a mosque in late sixteenth century Turkey Through the fictional story and Macaulay s distinctive full color illustrations, readers will learn not only how such monumental structures were built but also how they functioned in relation to the society they served As always, Macaulay has given a great deal of attention to the relationship between pictures and text, creating another brilliant celebration of an architectural wonder.
    Mosque An author and artist who has continually stripped away the mystique of architectural structures that have long fascinated modern people David Macaulay here reveals the methods and materials used to d

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    1. Mosque by David Macaulay is a nonfiction book that is intended for the intermediate to advance age group This book is about how a mosque was constructed during the sixteenth century This book shows diagrams of the construction as well as showing the reader the importance of a mosque in the culture I rate this book with five stars based on the information and illustrations I loved how this book had pages filled with diagrams of the materials that was used to construct the mosque as well as what t [...]

    2. Macaulay describes the means by which a Mosque is funded, designed, sited, and then built in the 16th century As with all of Macaulay s books, the text is accompanied by wonderful drawings This one was a bit different from which others because a Mosque, unlike other Macaulay topics, is not so complex in its physical building But it was wonderful to learn about all the different parts of a faith not particularly familiar to me.

    3. Beautiful, detailed illustrations and very informative text I really loved learning how they made the domes on mosques As usual, I think Macaulay s text is too lengthy, but I guess it depends on who s reading the book Really neat book

    4. I m not precisely sure what I expected this book to be, but it surprised me Essentially, it s a pictorial account of the building of a mosque circa 1600 While there is a superficial plotline of a wealthy man donating what must have been a truly massive amount of money to charity for the purpose of building the kulliye, the real focus here is on the building techniques used by the engineers and architects of the mosque and its other buildings, which is actually quite fascinating The sheer volume [...]

    5. Macaulay continues his tradition of using fictional stories to illuminate the engineering achievements of a given time This particularly version is set in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul and features the building of you guessed it a mosque.On this particular work, there is the student perspective and the teacher perspective My student was not as excited about this installment as others pyramid or city or castle I think this is due to the unfamiliar culture and terminology used to build an Islami [...]

    6. Mosque by David Macaulay is a fantastic book at several levels The details included about building a a major mosque in 16th century Istanbul are pretty accurate and historically faithful The illustrations are wonderful and engrossing, enjoyable to both children and adults Some details to note the mosque in question, Suha Mehmet Pasha s mosque, is fictional, but very representative of several such mosques one finds in Istanbul The closest one comes to a mosque whose history recapitulates the stor [...]

    7. Mosque looks at the building and expansion of Admiral Suha Mehmet Pasa s mosque and six other buildings that created that area He touches on the religious purpose of such a building and why it was built As the mosque gets rebuilt, so does the city it resides in This book would be useful in an architecture class or as an exploration into religions and worldly perspectives Also students could relate it to the society they live in and how businesses affect the community This book could be used for [...]

    8. Macaulay has been writing thrillingly illustrated books about architecture for over 20 years This latest volume seems to grow out of a desire to increase understanding of Islam in the West after the attacks on the US In his preface he says, I was convinced that the time had come to find out where these extraordinary buildings came from, who built them, and of course how There follows a wonderful explanation of the planning and constructing of a fictional mosque Along the way, you learn the meani [...]

    9. Another solid entry from Macaulay with a mix of populated street, construction or interior scenes, elevations of a mosque with its identified parts, floor plans and local maps, and his usual commanding perspectives as we get a birds eye look down onto the construction site or up into the majestic dome in the completed facility And we get to follow the timeline of the mosque rising above its foundations until the final crescent adorns the dome Macaulay teaches along the way, combining details abo [...]

    10. This is a nonfiction book that describes the building of a mosque in the sixteenth century This book contains facts about how the mosque was built, what materials were used, and what religious values this structure held for the people who followed it This book is informational in than one way The focus is on architectural structures but the book can also teach readers a little about the people that built the mosque what their beliefs were and what this structure meant for them This book contain [...]

    11. After reading Macaulay s first building book Cathedral, I coincidentally also picked up and read the latest of his books that centers on a building.I liked this one just as much but I felt this one was a little wordy than Cathedral, and by wordy I mean that not everything explained in the text was backed up by the illustrations Sometimes the written descriptions weren t depicted in the pictures, which threw me off a little when I looked in vain for a visual reference to some description that I [...]

    12. Young Adult non fiction I say non fiction with a question mark because Macaulay s book displays the process of buidling a mosque in a fictional setting He uses the fictional character, Admiral Suha Mehmet Pasa, who funds the mosque, to tell the story of the mosque Macaulay has also written similar books on mills, cathedrals, Roman city planning, to name a few The illustrations are fantastic, the story keeps one involved, and it s informational without being overloaded Perfect for teens and adult [...]

    13. A fascinating look at the process through which a mosque is built Architectural terms are introduced a glossary is included and methods used to achieve specific design features are explained Additionally, readers get a feel for the people involved in the project from the laborers to the patron commissioning the structure to the people who utilize the structure upon completion If you ve ever looked at a particularly beautiful building and wondered how did they do that this is the book for you.

    14. What do you know about mosques I have studied them briefly and visited some of the all star mosques of Istanbul, yet had little understanding of the might and process that went into their construction This book, as other Macaulay titles, walks you through the process with descriptive pictures A fictional account of the patron and context that led to the building of the mosque helps give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the process Recommended for all those with the slightest interest [...]

    15. Macaulay is among the cleverest architects of our age This has revealed itself numerous times in such classic books as The Way Things Work He also has a terrific sense of humor.Mosque is a very well executed historical fiction about the construction of an Ottoman mosque Based on real stories, Mosque is an excellent demonstration of how mosques are built to suit both Muslim ritual and the desire of its patrons to be remembered.

    16. David Macaulay has been a favorite of mine since childhood particularly, as an adult, I love his Motel of the Mysteries Mosque is another solid entry in his canon, set in sixteenth century Ottoman Istanbul As always it is appealingly illustrated and meticulously researched The reader gains perspective on architecture, engineering, and history in a bite sized package.

    17. Very cool use of media The book combines sophisticated text with appealing large and small illustrations including maps, cutaways, diagrams, floor plans, and numbered step by step processes Labels identify specific aspects of the building and introduce new vocabulary such as alem, pendentive, and dershane It would be interesting to pair this with current events, and the destruction of various sites around the world.

    18. I have been entertained, instructed, and enchanted by David Macaulay s books for nearly 40 years, starting with his marvelous Cathedral This one has been particularly enjoyable because last year my wife and I visited Istanbul to visit my son and his family and we visited several of the mosques and other buildings designed by the unparalleled Mimar Sinan in the 16th century The mosque in Macaulay s work, though designed by a fictional architect, is based on the work on Sinan.

    19. This time, David MacAulay turns his architectural, historical, and anthropological scrutiny and artistry on a structure less familiar to most Western readers This is an addition to his series on great cultural structures others are Castle, Cathedral, City, Mill, Pyramid, and Unbuilding These books are a great parent grandparent and child reading experience.

    20. I grew up adoring Macaulay s illustrations in Castle and Cathedral, so spotting this on the shelf at the library was great Excellent overview of both the construction techniques and the architecture of a classic building form.

    21. This is a behind the scenes picture book on how mosques were made in Turkey Istanbul in the sixteenth century The pictures matched the words in that they were very clear and helpful in indicating how and why the mosque was put together the way it was.

    22. I visited a mosque several weeks ago I understand the structure of the mosque better after reading the explanation.

    23. Very wordy, but then Macauley has to explain the inner workings of a mosque to a western audience, Full of the geeky detail that makes his work so enjoyable.

    24. Gorgeous drawings to go with a general description of this architectural marvel and community center in Istanbul Left me with many wonderful questions.

    25. Amazing book that illustrates and explains the ins and outs of the Mosque Used as a writing lesson for drawing with labels and details.

    26. This was much like Cathedral book In this one he incorporated a small fictional storyline along with the construction Excellent books of beautiful architectural drawings.

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