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Battle Mask By Don Pendleton,

  • Title: Battle Mask
  • Author: Don Pendleton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With a new face and an old foe, the Executioner sets out to avenge his friends Of the ten members of Mack Bolan s death squad, formed to take the war against the Mafia to a bloody new level, seven are dead and two are in jail Only Bolan, the crack sniper known as the Executioner, remains There is a 100,000 bounty on his head, and every cop in Los Angeles is on his tail.With a new face and an old foe, the Executioner sets out to avenge his friends Of the ten members of Mack Bolan s death squad, formed to take the war against the Mafia to a bloody new level, seven are dead and two are in jail Only Bolan, the crack sniper known as the Executioner, remains There is a 100,000 bounty on his head, and every cop in Los Angeles is on his tail After narrowly escaping a Mafia assault on his hideout, Bolan decides to lose his greatest liability his face With the help of a former army surgeon, Bolan s chiseled jaw and steely eyes are transformed into the features of someone unrecognizable and decidedly Sicilian With trademark cunning, Bolan infiltrates the syndicate that butchered his friends, cozying up to the boss s daughter in search of vengeance Soon his new face, like the one before it, will strike terror into the hearts of mafiosi everywhere.
    Battle Mask With a new face and an old foe the Executioner sets out to avenge his friends Of the ten members of Mack Bolan s death squad formed to take the war against the Mafia to a bloody new level seven are

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    1. Triumphant conclusion to Executioner trilogyWhile there are many books to go in this series, this is the third book in The Executioner Trilogy that turned Mack Bolan into a literary legend This is probably the best of the three, and also the book that introduced another pivotal character Hal Brognola Triumphant

    2. I enjoyed this one, but it seemed a little too similar to the first volume Bolan once again infiltrates the mafia, but this time he has plastic surgery to totally change his face It just seems a little far fetched the mafia would welcome a stranger into the organization so easily, even if Bolan does look different I also hate it that Bolan keeps getting his friends and associates killed, but unfortunately that s probably just how it would really happen in this situation.Otherwise, another good i [...]

    3. Don has plastic surgery and strangly enough some violent problems Okay but it s good action and theystill have a story line here From reviews of the first 2 books Before I went in the army back in the early 70s I read several of these books Being a shooter gun enthusiast Pendelton s detailed account of the weapons used something i m sure drove some people away from the books I found very interesting Aside from that the stories were adrenaline charged violent thrill rides and that s all that youn [...]

    4. Pendleton s Executioner series continues here in its third volume If you haven t read the first two volumes, I would suggest you do so as they give you the full background of Mack Bolan and why he returned from service in Vietnam to conduct a private war against the Mafia The biggest question I had before picking up Battle Mask was where Pendleton could go with the story considering how guns blazing filled with action the first two books were Question answered This book is just as bloody and fil [...]

    5. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.25 of 5Picking up right where the previous book left off, Mack Bolan is the only surviving member of the Death Squad Most are dead, though some are now behind bars.Bolan, known mostly as The Execution, has declared war on the Mafia after the mob was responsible for the deaths of his family His skills were honed by the United States military, where he was one of the best snipers the U.S has had He was cool and detached and could [...]

    6. GreatLove the series been reading it for about 30 years started it in the military Then I could not wait for the next book to come out I have reread them already

    7. Another exciting entry in the annals of adventure Pendleton was a man with a plan, drawing on characters and events in the last couple novels to create a saga starring Mack Bolan, the Executioner This book follows immediately on the heels of Death Squad and I recommend reading them in sequence and one right after the other SPOILERS AHEAD The series takes a turn with this volume Bolan has been presented as a folk hero whose exploits and whose picture have been seen nationwide An ill fated old duf [...]

    8. Battle Mask was action galore as Mack Bolan continued his war on the West Coast mafia A classic action series that embody the 1970 male fantasy A low 3 star book that earns the ratings on entertainment value A good filler series for reading between serious books.

    9. After his miraculous escape at the end of Death Squad aided in part by Carl Lyons , Bolan is back on the trail of Mob boss Julian Deej DiGeorge Unlike Death Squad, however, Bolan is on his own in Battle Mask Although Pendleton s third Executioner novel isn t quite as good as War Against the Mafia, I think it s a slight improvement over Death Squad I prefer to see Bolan working alone, perhaps occasionally receiving assistance from sympathetic parties, but nothing Battle Mask is also quite graphi [...]

    10. This book is a blast from my past Once upon a time, I read every new Executioner book as it released Since I m basically older than dirt, this was back in the dark ages when genre fiction paperbacks could be had for under a dollar Somewhere around 70 100, I stopped collecting them and ended up donating the whole pile to my local library when I made a big move Yes, I m kicking myself now I ended up with this book instead of the first book War Against the Mafia that I d ordered for nostalgic reaso [...]

    11. This one was my favorite to date in the series 24 is next, but not until I finish Tim Marquitz s Echoes of the Past.This one picks up right after the bad ending of book 2 Death Squad, and we find a hopeless Mack Bolan alone and without friends, being hounded by the remaining gun crews in L.A Mack narrowly escapes by the help of an old WWII veteran, who is shot for helping Mack This re kindles Mack s determination to continue his battle, or at least finish what he started against the DiGeorge Fam [...]

    12. To me, this is the book were Bolan starts hitting his groove The action scene when Bolan tracks Pena down on the mountain road was classic The shots to the head, even when the target is obviously dead already, was just a big FU from Bolan to show the powers that be they shouldn t have done what they did to his doctor friend To me, that just shows that Bolan is human and can get pissed I thought the ratio of story to action was well balanced.I m only 3 books into my re read of the original series [...]

    13. If you like action adventure stories, then the Mack Bolan Executioner series is for you This episode has Mack Bolan infiltrating the Mafia in a very deep cover, and works his usual Mafia defeating magic in his usual action packed way More non stop action than most readers can handle Awesome story Go get it

    14. An excellent men s adventure series from the 60s, 70 s and 80 s The first 38 books are outstanding but then the series is taken over by a bunch of new writers, writing under the name of the original creator and they take the series into a new direction I did not care for The first 38 books are very recommended

    15. Starts out with the main character Mack Bolan fleeing Los Angeles area with the mob and the police hot on his tail Mack is heading to Palm Springs where an ex army surgeon lives Mack is hoping that the surgeon can perform plastic surgery on him in order to hide his identity from all those that are seeking his death.Substantially better than book two in the series.

    16. Another solid book in the series Mack is out in Cali kicking butt This book also sets up some characters for the next few is still interesting to re read these 40 years after they were written and 30 years after i read them the first time.

    17. Suoraa jatkoa edelliselle Bolanille, kiitett v kronologian seuraamista Vaasa Oy lt.Itse tarinassa Bolan ei ole aivan viel niin kylm ja tyly kuin se Bolan johon teinivuosinani ihastuin Kovasti mies virnuilee ja puhuu.Kyll t m n lukaisi.

    18. This book, like the previous 2 Mack Bolan books is unputdownable it s like an updated, harder Biggles James Bond.

    19. Brognola makes his first appearance and Bolan gets a face lift More great history in this awesome series Fast and fun.

    20. Right where the second book ended is where we start with this book The writing is pretty good given the time frame that spawned this series.

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