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A Spellbound Christmas By A. Payne N.D. Taylor,

  • Title: A Spellbound Christmas
  • Author: A. Payne N.D. Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book occurs between The Collector s Treasure and The Gatekeeper s Key, but it may be read as a standalone series of short stories Stories 1 and 3 contain adult content Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Take a step away from reality and enjoy these magical holiday themed paranormal stories starring characters from A Spellbound Consortium A wizard cowboy named Noah enjoys aThis book occurs between The Collector s Treasure and The Gatekeeper s Key, but it may be read as a standalone series of short stories Stories 1 and 3 contain adult content Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Take a step away from reality and enjoy these magical holiday themed paranormal stories starring characters from A Spellbound Consortium A wizard cowboy named Noah enjoys a special night with his lady on Christmas Eve Lachlan, the fairy hound, makes a new friend in the most unlikely place The psychic journalist Krys has a special dance with the object of her affection You re in for a treat with three very different stories and three unique holiday wishes.
    A Spellbound Christmas This book occurs between The Collector s Treasure and The Gatekeeper s Key but it may be read as a standalone series of short stories Stories and contain adult content Ho ho ho Merry Christmas T

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    1. If you are looking for a nice and quick read during the Holidays, you should try A Spellbound Christmas It has 3 short stories that you don t want to miss If you are a fan of the Spellbound series, you will love it We get to spend a little time with some of the awesome characters from the other books Each short story bring something to the table They are each different in their own way, but as a package they fit together perfectly You get action, a little bit of hotness, and also a very special [...]

    2. For fans of A Spellbound Consortium, this is a real Christmas present a trio of amazing short stories involving wondrous magic and paranormal beings The first story, An Unforgettable Christmas, involves Noah and Liv and is sure to steam up your glasses and get your blood flowing It is a romantic and sensual tale that is wonderfully erotic and beautifully written The second, and my favorite, is The Christmas Puppy This story, which features amazing paranormal beings and fantastic magical elements [...]

    3. 2015 Rating System 5This book contained three Christmas stories, but don t expect it to be a pointless, feel good special This pretty number delves deeper than that.The Bad It was hard for me to keep up with all of the story lines because this is a companion to an already established series This is a failure on my part, but I do think it would have been easier to comprehend if there were less pronouns and adjectival noun phrases and actual names The third story was the most difficult because th [...]

    4. I was not expecting my response to this book At all I thought I d read a few short stories about Christmas, maybe find one that I liked, and keep moving.No You can t pick just one And you can t just keep moving You have to learn about the Spellbound world Krys Noah Lachlan Each of these characters have back stories Each of them have characteristics that draw you in You can t just let them go.A Spellbound Christmas is a collection of three short stories all based in the Spellbound universe creat [...]

    5. Cute shorts Sweet shorts Sexy shorts Exciting shorts.These three short stories pack a pretty good punch for Christmas stories The first story is a sweet first Christmas for a newly forming family that is just figuring out what a family Christmas should look like The second story is about a lonely hell hound who finds connection and discovers he is needed by a special friend That one is something of a tear jerker Then there is the third story It s not every Christmas story that features society b [...]

    6. Spellbindingly De Lightful What an awesome little Christmas read I curled up in my chair, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire, glass of wine in hand and savored every page of this book With all the stresses of the holiday season, this was a welcome diversion for me.The stories are all differentke the previous readers, I won t tell you what the tear jerker was I loved it though.I loved Noah and Liv s little mistletoe romp in the hay on Christmas Eve which did fog up my kindle BTW There are [...]

    7. A Spellbound Christmas by A Payne and N.D Taylor is a 3 Christmas story collection that will introduce you to their characters from the Spellbound Consortium series As a newbie to their series I didn t feel that I couldn t follow the story, but did feel intrigued enough to want to dive into the books now This is most definitely a series with sorcerers, mages, demons, fae, and other paranormal people Two of these stories are steamy and the other is a bittersweet story Since the stories are short [...]

    8. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice that s what this story collection is made of Well written and gripping you ll need a few tissues for one of the stories but I won t give any hints as to which one I have not read any of this series before I was still able to enjoy the individual stories, however, I think knowing the background information regarding the characters would be of benefit to understanding the stories a bit better If you enjoy paranormal romances then this collection is definitely so [...]

    9. This is another superb offering from A Payne and N.Taylor It s nothing less than I ve come to expect to be honest There is something about the way these two writers interact and bounce off each other that will always have me coming back for Such talent and genuine damn great writing are a heady mix So many indie authors these days seem to throw out book after book of samey writing with the same plotline YAWN Spellbound consortium in contrast, is made up of two authors who understand the complex [...]

    10. I was Given this book to review by the author for my honest opinions,so yes i no its the end of January and your thinking Christmas stories well these are a delight short and sweet and everything nice all rolled in to 3 short stories, Each of them brings something different to you.Both authors mesh o so well together and spin a fine web of words.All 3 are each different in their own little way, but as 3 stories or a package they fit so well together in these stories you get a bit of everything,s [...]

    11. The first story introduces Liv and Noah in An Unforgettable Christmas Though it is of a short Christmas erotica, it was an enjoyable read The execution of the graphic scenes pulled at a yearning while including minute details creating just enough curiosity to desire getting acquainted with the key characters It s well written and I seriously doubt it to disappoint readers who already follow this story line The next story, The Christmas Puppy , may contain the paranormal intrigue, but it s essen [...]

    12. I have read other books by these authors, so to have a holiday collection was fantastic Each of the 3 short stories was great and puts you in touch with beloved characters from their books In An Unforgettable Christmas, Noah and Liv are together and if they don t get your blood pumping, surely nothing will My absolute favorite, The Christmas Puppy, will make you smile and truly see what the holidays are all about Such a truly touching story And to finish off the book, A Night To Remember, and BO [...]

    13. The authors always gives us so much depth to their books Even with this short stories I feel the reader is given so much than many authors provide in a full novel The characters in each of these short stories have a back story and they draw the reader in completely The first book was full of romance and will leave your cheeks red I LOVED the second book and the paranormal aspect with the magic and paranormal beings The third book was also a romance with some action involved I highly recommend P [...]

    14. Up and downThis is an up and down collection, even with the limited number of stories One made me look for , one was a little over sweet for my tastes and one was merely awkward in language and design Basically a three, a four, and a five, and I was not entirely sure why the stories belonged together Perhaps I could figure it out if other works by two of the authors were actually available, but they are not, having been withdrawn for re release in January This all generally added up to an unsati [...]

    15. A trio of short tales awaits readers in this beautiful collection Although Christmas themes these stories can be enjoyed anytime of year The middle story is my favorite and is a special story of Christmas giving that will touch readers with it sentimentality All the stories inside are well written and great tales that readers will find easy to get swallowed up in and taken away I look forward to reading stories from a Spellbound Consortium I really liked the supernatural link that went with the [...]

    16. Warning 18 read I love these girls so I snagged an opportunity to get this while it was free Sure it s not Christmas in August, but I don t care It continues with all the characters from the Spellbound Consortium It helps to read that first but if you don t I don t think you ll be too lost with these 3 short stories that tie together I love the strong women in this author s stories More female characters should be like Payne s characters The romance is not limited to the women, either, and I wis [...]

    17. Three Magical Stories To Warm Your HeartRead A Spellbound Christmas last night while the snow was coming down nice soft here in Greece.Felt like it was the ideal time for such stories to get me into the mood True to the author s word, I did need tissues for that sweet heart warming story won t tell the readers which while the other two were sexy adventurous.Loving characters that grow on you and touch your soulA wonderful read.Thank u for gifting me this book allowing me to get to know your work [...]

    18. amazing I cannot wait to read another book from the lovely ladies of the Consortium While the first story was a little short for my tastes, the second and third than made up for it.These ladies successfully broke my heart, making me cry while my husband sat next to me, wondering why I was gettin so emotional about football They made me feel for the lovers, who desperately need their Happily Ever After I cannot wait to continue reading their work.I am incredibly sad I waited so long to read a Sp [...]

    19. How could I not fall in love with a Christmas Story with my favorite book characters This book makes me think of all the holidays with my loud, boisterous family I love that I m able to see what happened during the Christmas season for my favorite book people.

    20. The Christmas Puppy was heartwarming.My rating is mainly for The Christmas Puppy I really enjoyed it It was sweet and I didn t feel like I needed a back sory The other two stories were OK I haven t read the characters other stories so I didn t really get much out of them.

    21. I liked this book of 3 short stories It was fun to read about the fae and the 2nd story had me in tears before it was over This book was a true roller coaster ride You never got bored, I would recommend this to those 18 and older due to the sex and violence.

    22. Wonderful Alisha and Nick have done it again Three short sweet stories for Christmas that will warm your heart and one of them that will make you cry like baby Check this collection out for yourselves won t disappoint you.

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