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Tears Like Rain By Connie Mason,

  • Title: Tears Like Rain
  • Author: Connie Mason
  • ISBN: 9780843940398
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • As untamed as the prairie, as free as the wind, she hates what white men are doing to the Cheyenne But spirited Tears Like Rain risks her life to save a cavalry officer and make him her slave Although the Indians have beaten and stabbed Zach to the brink of death, the real torture doesn t begin until he loses his heart to Tears Like Rain.
    Tears Like Rain As untamed as the prairie as free as the wind she hates what white men are doing to the Cheyenne But spirited Tears Like Rain risks her life to save a cavalry officer and make him her slave Although

    One thought on “Tears Like Rain”

    1. 3.5 StarsRomance Heat Rating 3 Stars Plot Theme 4 Stars Characterization H 4 Stars h 3 Stars History 5 Stars In Summary Not as fun a romantic read as Wind Rider Book 2 of this Trails West trilogy series Despite the disappointing heroine, a very good historical read with an outstanding story that you will remember long afterwards Central to this historical romance fiction is the horrific historical Sand Creek Battle view spoiler Also known as the Chivington Massacre, the Battle of Sand Creek or t [...]

    2. Connie Mason has a way of telling a story that even after I ve become aquainted with her formula I still gnaw my nails to the quick and rack my brain trying desperately to figure out how in the world these two people will ever find away to be together and sometimes how in the world these two people will even find a way to survive This was such a good read as she seems to always be I don t devour too many books like I do a Connie Mason book If you re looking for a quite accurate historical read y [...]

    3. 5 5 stars I loved this book Everything was perfect, the characters, setting, plot Zach and Abby s Tears Like Rain romance was beautiful and full of passion I cared for the characters and what happened to them This book has of a deeper meaning then being a romance book, prejudice and discrimination were major topics and are needed to be discussed throughly in society Also, learning from a new perspective Native Americans was refreshing I realized how wrong it is to take something and not give i [...]

    4. Connie Mason done it again with this book I hardly like stories about wild west and American Indians, but this book just made me hooked I like Connie Mason style of writing, with this it comes with real history about the Sand Creek Massacre I have learned something about this book and at the same time I have a story that I can imagine and put me into a different world Since this is a romance novel, this is not of those cheesy stories at least for me It is of adult romance, I enjoyed her erotic [...]

    5. This is book 1 in the Tears Trilogy and should be read in order 2 is Wind Rider and 3 is Sierra I enjoyed all three in this trilogy This is Abby Tears Like Rain and the sister of Wind Rider and Sierra She and Wind Rider are raised by a group of Indians Sierra was the youngest and was sent to live with her relatives.

    6. This is 1 in the series Very good book Abby is the sister of the Wind Ryder and Sierra She was captured and raised by the Cheyenne Zach Mercer is caught and brought to the Cheyenne to be killed torchered, but she asks to make him her slave to save him Great love story I really liked this entire trilogy Connie does write some pretty hot love scenes in these older romance novels.

    7. Loved the heroine The story was historically accurate which was great The conflict was en pointe But the hero He felt wooden and one dimensional Never got around to loving him.

    8. The best in this little series There is great development in plot and character with a very interesting story line.

    9. It s wtitten like fanfiction by 14 years old teen After so many historical novels this one is not worth reading at all

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