[E-Book] ë I'll Drink to That: New York's Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style - With a Twist | By ☆ Betty Halbreich

I'll Drink to That: New York's Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style - With a Twist By Betty Halbreich,

  • Title: I'll Drink to That: New York's Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style - With a Twist
  • Author: Betty Halbreich
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Betty Halbreich is a true original Now in her eighties, she has spent nearly forty years at the luxury store Bergdorf Goodman, working with socialites, stars and ordinary women She has led many to appreciate their real selves through clothes, frank advice and her unique brand of wisdom she is trusted by the most discriminating persons including Hollywood s top stylistBetty Halbreich is a true original Now in her eighties, she has spent nearly forty years at the luxury store Bergdorf Goodman, working with socialites, stars and ordinary women She has led many to appreciate their real selves through clothes, frank advice and her unique brand of wisdom she is trusted by the most discriminating persons including Hollywood s top stylists to tell them what looks best But her own transformation from cosseted girl to fearless truth teller is the greatest makeover of all.Born into a successful Chicago family, aged twenty Betty married dashing Sonny Halbreich and came to Manhattan, where the couple threw themselves into a whirlwind of long hours, cocktails and Park Avenue parties, living the high life in 1950s New York However, the marriage began to fray and after two decades came undone completely Bereft, Betty attempted suicide As she embarked on the frightening process of reclaiming herself, she was offered a lifeline a job at Bergdorf Goodman For Betty, with her innate sense of style and craftsmanship, it was a perfect fit.Hardworking, elegant, and gifted with sparkling wit and razor sharp powers of observation, in her amazing life story as in her style guidance Betty Halbreich is never afraid to tell it straight.
    I ll Drink to That New York s Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style With a Twist Betty Halbreich is a true original Now in her eighties she has spent nearly forty years at the luxury store Bergdorf Goodman working with socialites stars and ordinary women She has led many to app

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    1. Most of the book was completely vapid If one is not careful, it is really easy to boil its message down to Who cares if I sucked as a mother or attempted suicide to get the attention of my estranged husband, when I get to dress the Sex and the City girls in my later yearseven though I don t watch TV and don t know who they are I was entertained enough to get through the whole book and really enjoyed the final chapter I was inspired to go through my closets and reorganize my dresser while finishe [...]

    2. Read this and other reviews at Ampersand Read.The first few chapters are pure sumptuous reading delight The fabrics she dresses her clients in, the formal dinners her parents threw for guests when Halbreich was a child, the food, the palazzo pants, the shoes oh my paint a vivid picture for the reader Halbreich lived a charmed childhood, and from an outsider s perspective, a charmed life Descriptions of a life doing as she was told get darker as the narrative, and Halbreich s life, go on, but it [...]

    3. I ll start with somewhat embarrassing revelation I mistakenly thought I was going to be reading a memoir of a recovering alcoholicwhat I got instead thankfully was the journey of a charming woman who s life reflects the tremendous changes in our country in the last 60 years The introduction starts at the end of Betty Halbreich s journey which lead her to be the first personal shopper at the venerable Bergdorf Goodmans in New York City While her job sounds intriguing, rewarding and, quite frankly [...]

    4. I wanted to give my ladies fortitude in all things Look, if you think reading the memoirs of someone who has been a personal shopper for rich women for nearly 40 years is silly, I m not going to try to convince you otherwise But I thought it was delightful Betty Halbreich was the child of rich but distant parents who showed their love by dressing her beautifully and making or buying gorgeous things She married when she was young and very immature and had nothing to do all day but shop Yes, I kno [...]

    5. Self serving for the most part Some pathos when she talked about her childhood, but a lot of how fabulous I am going on.I love to shop but even for me a little shopping goes a long way.The missing voices were from her kids I would love to hear their story.But one always applauds and 86 year old woman who is still vital and working each day For that I find her inspirational.

    6. I m an addicted people watcher My job at a library is perfect I get to spend my day watching people in a third place not their home or work school , going about their business When I m killing time in airports, I get distracted from my reading by the people watching fodder going by.So, every once in a while, I treat myself to a longform, text only, grown up memoir Memoirs are one of the most awesome ways of getting into someone else s brain granted, the version they ve allowed you to see This pa [...]

    7. I discovered this audiobook at my library and the title caught my attention I SO enjoy memoirs and thought this one sounded interesting Betty Halbreich is an 86 year old woman who has spent the last forty years as a personal shopper for Bergdorf Goodman s Department Store The Bergdorf Goodman name was familiar to me but I have to admit that I m completely ignorant when it comes to fashion Although I occasionally like to dress up , I confess that I m mainly a jeans and t shirt girl I spend virtua [...]

    8. This readable book is by the famous personal shopper from Bergdorf Goodman s department store in NYC I found it fascinating on several levels Halbreich grew up in Chicago as an only child to wealthy Jewish parents living in Hyde Park She talks about the loneliness of her childhood to reserved parents Her refuge was playing in her mother s and grandmother s closets She loved going on shopping expeditions with her beautiful mother who had impeccable taste Betty grew up in a time and place when peo [...]

    9. A little uneven, but it s inspiring to read about Halbreich s long transition from helpless to formidable I especially love the way she talks about beautiful clothing, and the strongest parts of the book are when she discusses her work and the women she dresses she has such an innate understanding of underlying needs and motivations I also really felt her frustration with the sad way that quality has leached out of production but clothing prices have shot up exponentially It s depressing to see [...]

    10. I don t think it s the flu that has me wondering both a why was this a book or b why was this book so well regarded I m really curious to see how Lena Dunham will make this into a movie Would have been really well suited for a Longform article It s totally interesting, but not for almost 300 pages A lot of repetition, and so on.

    11. I imagine it must be difficult to work with someone to write her life story in a way that is cohesive and interesting I don t envy Rebecca Paley s task here Betty s life sounds fascinating, but it s relayed in a very one note tone that, as another reviewer noted, makes harrowing experiences like suicide attempts feel on par with what the cook made for dinner There s a lot of skipping and jumping, and it just doesn t flow as well as it could However, the scenes of her early life, of what it was l [...]

    12. I ate this up the 86 year old personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman has written the most engaging fashion memoir Opening with a description of the job she s held for decades, where she finds clothes and outfits for women that are stylish, put together, and comfortable, from all sections of the giant department store and with an impeccable knowledge of fit, silhouette, and style, this memoir than recounts a childhood and adulthood of privilege and luxury, but also one of loneliness and lack of pur [...]

    13. I just adored this book about 86 year old style maven Betty Halbreich who is yes she still works full time employed as a personal shopper for Bergdorf Goodman in NYC Betty dressed everyone from the likes of Joan Rivers to Lena Dunham, continues to stay relevant but not change her style for trends or pressure to remain young She is elegant and quite a broad all at the same time a true original.Listening to this book on audio read magnificently by Jane Curtin was like being transposed into a diffe [...]

    14. When I first starting reading this book it struck me as a familiar tale of a wealthy couple living the high life then experiencing a failed marriage after the excess lifestyle took a turn for the worst I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong Betty Halbreich is very brave to share her personal tale it s a roller coaster ride But reading about her love of fashion and her descriptions of the clothing she has had the privilege to be around was like a 5 star treat for anyone who is into cl [...]

    15. A fun read.This is a fun read of a very strong woman.Growing up on the East coast, we did visit NYC and the BIG department stores.There is interesting comments of designers and a day when women wore gloves etc.of course, she does have 10 closets and drawers devoted to each accessory who has that now Sad aspects she neglected her children s nurturing in lieu of them being properly dressed.

    16. Really wanted to give this 4 stars, I did love it and can t wait for the HBO show if it pans out not to mention that I m definitely going to watch the HBO documentary on her life asapbut it just ended up dragging at points I would recommend it nontheless though because her story is amazing and something that every NYer would enjoy

    17. Interesting fashion stuff, and an interesting peek into the lives of the wealthy in Depression era Chicago and mid century Manhattan Halbreich has no idea how privileged she is and that got a little grating towards the end.

    18. In my little corner of the store, I m direct and truthful two words not normally associated with the world of retail I don t flatter or make nice nice I have never heard of this book until I stumbled upon it on a list about books set in New York City and the title just caught my eye It intrigued me and before I knew it, I was already reading it But, to be completely honest, I wasn t as impressed with the content of the book as I was with the resounding title Never judge a book by its title ever [...]

    19. Three cheers for the tough old broads.I ll Drink to That, the new memoir from Betty Halbreich, the 86 year old woman who s become famous during her 40 years working as a personal shopper at NYC s Bergdorf Goodman shopping s mecca for the uninitiated is an utterly thrilling read, written crisply and cleanly by a woman on whom it appears decades of reading Vogue have shaped into a completely gorgeous writer.I have a strong desire to throw the word legend in here, but Halbreich specifically said in [...]

    20. As I was reading, I had to constantly change my evaluation of what type of book this was, and in the end It was something completely different I m not much of a memoir autobiography reader, but this felt very true to me in the sense that it s true to the stories people tell themselves about who they are and what happened in their lives In essence, this is the story a very interesting and imperfect woman tells herself about her life, with no attempt to disguise that that s what she s doing I rare [...]

    21. An easy read, this autobiographical book left me feeling sad for Betty Betty has lived a self absorbed life that seems so insular and exclusive, compared to 90% of people in the US I imagine that the obscene amount of money people have spent shopping through Betty on clothes could have been used for much better purposes A personal buyer through Bergdorf Goodman for the upper crust of society for the last 35 years, Betty has parlayed her love of clothes and her personal perspective on what being [...]

    22. I received this as Christmas gift as I saw it on and my interest was sparked.I found this to be a charming book The glimpses into the world of the privileged was fascinating The author s tone and verbiage in regards to her work conveys such reverence and love for her craft The descriptions of the clothe, materials, and design are inspiring Betty Halbreich is a true original Her candor in hitting rock bottom was raw but the ever gracious Betty Halbreich rose above it all Her manners and treatment [...]

    23. There were a lot of negative reviews about this book which I m glad I read after I finished it and not before This memoir was so captivating and inspiring to me without jumping in with pre conceived notions I very much enjoyed her descriptions of the past and how she lived through her first marriage after that, how she slowly grew into a woman who could look out for herself and be alone and feel accomplished As an only child and someone interested in fashion I was able to relate to a lot of her [...]

    24. I love department stores, so I raced towards this memoir, as it begins and ends in a palatial New York store, and in between, it stops for a memorable lunch in the Walnut Room at Marshall Fields in Chicago I was first drawn to this book because Betty Halbreich s daughter Kathy Halbreich had been the influential director of one of my favorite institutions, the Walker Art Center here in Minneapolis I read about 100 pages over tea at the Walker cafe But Betty herself is a unique curator at Bergdorf [...]

    25. I can t think of delightful company with whom to spend a long, lazy Shabbat Saturday than Betty Halbreich I enjoyed every page of her memoir and would have been happy to keep going had there been yet to read Halbreich,at 86 after than 30 years at Bergdorf Goodman is regarded as the ultimate personal shopper And it s not just because she s worked with the creme de la creme of the rich, famous and uber fashionable Nor is it because she s been based at Bergdorfs for almost her entire career Rath [...]

    26. Don t expect too much fashion in this book or for Betty to gush on how annoying her clients are It s definitely if a biography of Betty s life which is pretty sad and lonely Betty got on my nerves because she was highly dependent throughout a lot of her life and is pretty judgmental of those who aren t as careful, cautious, clean and neat as she is about clothing, housekeeping etc It was like hearing my grandmother nag for hundreds of pages I also didn t like how she seemed to hate being a moth [...]

    27. This is a candy book quick read, mostly light writing There are dips into Betty s depression and darker parts of her life, but somehow, deep inside, you know that it s all going to turn out in the end Being a woman who has never used a personal shopper, and who barely cares about clothing anyway, this was a step out of my comfort zone, as funny as that sounds But it was a nice step, a peek into a world that I know nothing about, and Betty s tenacity and bluntness are refreshing A lot of female c [...]

    28. Eh Not a fan Listened to an audio version narrated by Jane Curtain Thought I might enjoy it for that fact alone, but no.Was going to abandon it many times throughout but glad I didn t The seventh and final CD was the best and won me over a bit Though I bristle at most of what this woman stands for, I think that if I ever spent time with her I would like her One of my favorite parts was an entry describing an exchange with Joan Rivers She had spent some time with Madam Rivers and was recounting a [...]

    29. I listened to Jane Curtain read this for Audible She does a good job and I enjoyed hearing the story of Betty Halbreich Betty Halbreich is what I would call a survivor of her times She married a wealthy socialite and moved to New York City and made the best of it during the 50 s and 60 s until her marriage fell apart and she suffered a mental breakdown Her climb back to not only the land of the living but making a career for herself must have been much harder than she makes it sound Options for [...]

    30. Over forty years of being a personal shopper at NYC Bergdorf Goodman Betty is just as one would imagine Her back story is right out of an MGM movie the daughter of privilege with plenty of demons behind closed doors, a spectacular crash, a plucky 2nd chapter of her life pulling herself together and building a career The life story stuff was good, the stuff about clothes was better she unsurprisingly writes about clothes and how she plies her trade with delightful details and great descriptivenes [...]

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