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Leviathan: Horror-Thriller, Kaiju By Tim Curran LUZIFER-Verlag Nicole Lischewski,

  • Title: Leviathan: Horror-Thriller, Kaiju
  • Author: Tim Curran LUZIFER-Verlag Nicole Lischewski
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seagull Island eine geheimnisvolle Insel Man munkelt, sie sei das Tor zu einer anderen Welt einer Welt urzeitlicher Monster Die Einheimischen reden nicht dar ber Sie verleugnen es Aber pl tzlich ndert sich allesAuch Johnny Horowitz, ein unbeliebter Paparazzi, hat von dem Mythos geh rt und ist ganz besessen von dem Gedanken, als erster einen Blick auf die andereSeagull Island eine geheimnisvolle Insel Man munkelt, sie sei das Tor zu einer anderen Welt einer Welt urzeitlicher Monster Die Einheimischen reden nicht dar ber Sie verleugnen es Aber pl tzlich ndert sich allesAuch Johnny Horowitz, ein unbeliebter Paparazzi, hat von dem Mythos geh rt und ist ganz besessen von dem Gedanken, als erster einen Blick auf die andere Seite zu werfen.W hrend Hurricane Amelia ber der Insel tobt, wird das Tor in die pr historische Welt weit aufgesto en, und Johnny plant dorthin zu gelangen, mit der Kamera in der Hand, unabh ngig von den Konsequenzen.
    Leviathan Horror Thriller Kaiju Seagull Island eine geheimnisvolle Insel Man munkelt sie sei das Tor zu einer anderen Welt einer Welt urzeitlicher Monster Die Einheimischen reden nicht dar ber Sie verleugnen es Aber pl tzlich ndert

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    1. I really enjoyed this novella, but it would have been better as a novel I was left wanting As soon as you get to the meat of the story it s over Finished The end Finito Johnny Horowitz a photographer works freelance for three of the country s leading tabloids, whose job entails taking photos of celebrities at the most inopportune moment, getting that all important shot when they least, expect it If there s dirt to be found, Horowitz will find it I guess getting kicked in the nuts by Jean Claude [...]

    2. When tabloid photograph Johnny Horowitz finds gnawed human bones on a remote stretch of beach, he uncovers a decades old secret, a gate to the Cretaceous period What creatures will come through the gate and will they be Johnny s last chance at the big time This is the third book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment For the 30 day trial, I m only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have been.It s my opinion that novellas are a great for [...]

    3. This novella was a blast Johnny Horowitz needed to take a vacation As a full fledged member of the paparazzi, or as he likes to think of himself, a photo journalist , he was well known by the glitterati and hated by all of them As such, he was advised by his boss that a forced vacation begins now Johnny heads to a deserted beach with his camera and his beer and was relaxing quite nicely Until he found something on the beach Something that looked like bones Human bones.And so begins Johnny s fasc [...]

    4. Fully entertaining fast paced 127 pg novella perfect for a summery day or lonely night Could easily be read in one sitting, though it took me two.Very Tim Curran in theme a strange anomaly takes place in which monsters or people are transported to a different timezone world dimension, of mysterious circumstances, challenging the character s involved in one way or another, usually resulting in a transformation of their own selves, for better or for worse.Will appeal to anyone who loves sea monste [...]

    5. Wow, this was fun Technically this is a story about plenty of things, the way mankind needs to leave nature alone, the destructive power of greed, the narrowmindness of the press, etc but really this was a story about sea monsters Prehistoric SEA MONSTERS How much fun is that TONS Curran does a terrific job here His writing is excellent, very tight pacing and exceptionally vivid imagery, cinematic narration at its best This is a B Movie extravaganza at its finest This novella does for beaches wh [...]

    6. 4.5 stars.I consider Tim Curran to be among the best at writing compelling, novella length horror He is able to give us the insight we need to get right into the midst of the action, without bombarding us with hundreds of extra pages of essentially trivial information.In Leviathan, we have Johnny Horowitz, a much detested member of the paparazzi known for his compromising photos of celebrities The characterization here is completely believable Johnny harbors no illusions about his status or self [...]

    7. Leviathan is, unfortunately, pretty low rent as far as Tim Curran books go Poorly paced with far too much of the page count dedicated to set up and very little to pay off, and featuring a main character who is difficult to relate to, there is little to recommend Leviathan over a bevy of Curran s other amazing works such as Dead Sea or Blackout Even his signature prosaic flare is muted here and the gore factor is extremely limited for a Curran work.2 Smelly Dinosaurs for Leviathan.

    8. 3.5With a title like Leviathan and a promising description, I expected adventure and less thinking and talking I hated Johnny Horowitz, a despicable, selfish, greedy little man Still, he is interesting too He is one of the least likeable characters I ve come across who still managed to hold my attention Johnny is on Seagull Island on vacation At least, he is supposed to be The island s past, legends and a fenced and forbidden beach won t let him rest He finds gnawed bones on the beach and every [...]

    9. Tim Curran is one of my favorite authors going The dude cannot write a bad story That being said this one was not my favorite of his to date The story itself was entertaining and fast paced, but lacked the typical Curran descriptive prose that all at once could gross you out and make you laugh at the same time Probably a 3.5 star, but I rounded down to 3 because it just missed something that I can t put my finger on That may not be entirely fair, but when placed next to some of his other works, [...]

    10. This was a fun monster romp from Curran Not my favorite from this author, but I still got a big kick out of it.

    11. Cretaceously awesome Maybe of a 4.5 star read If you still haven t checked out Tim Curran yet, shame on you.

    12. Johnny Horowitz is forced to take a vacation from his job as a paparazzi so he goes to Seagull Island to let the uproar from his job die down Right off the bat, he finds human bones on a closed section of beach and the photojournalist in him can not resist digging deeper after the local police brush it aside and try to warn him away from the beach While there photographing the bones, he notices his body feeling weird, the sky changing weird colors and a different hue of water In that water, two [...]

    13. RATING 3.5This was a fun read and I devoured it in one night Sorry, couldn t help myself I am giving this a solid 3.5 rating and would recommend it to horror fans I feel like I don t read as much current day horror so it was cool to see some modern day references in the book I also liked the story because it seems to me as though there are not enough monster stories out there My one problem with this tale is that Mr Curran takes some liberties with fishing as a whole and specifically the amount [...]

    14. Pulp sci fi horror tale that reminded me of the monster movies that I watched when I was a kid Imagine Godzilla but much nastier with full on horror elements Very traditional story, but I found the dimension crossing elements to be very original and than a little creepy.Great fun.

    15. Leviathan was a fairly run of the mill monster horror book As a story it was fine But, it lacked some of the creativity that I have come to expect from Curran.3 STARS

    16. In some can t remember which earlier review, I did wax eloquent about my love for all things Jurassic Park and dinosaurs So while randomly browsing , I came upon this little story that featured dinosaurs and thought of checking it out It proved to be an exhilarating read.A photojournalist for a group of tabloids, Johnny Horowitz arrives at Seagull Island on a sort of self imposed exile Johnny is an unbearable narcissist with a mouth to match His attention is caught by a part of the beach that is [...]

    17. This short book was extremely entertaining and a nice change of pace from my usual ghostly horrors Mr Curran was very descriptive in his telling of the monster and how he demolished and destroyed his surroundings and victims I will read this one again and again.

    18. LEVIATHAN by TIM CURRAN If there is one thing that Tim Curran is good at in his writing it is creating sea monsters His novel Dead Sea was packed with enough monsters and creepy crawlies to populate a whole series of fun nightmares and still remains in my top ten horror novels of all time list Leviathan is much different in reguards to the content but the feel is very similar and anything that reminds me enough of Dead Sea for me to compare the two is doing something right This novella deals wit [...]

    19. Deep sea fishing in a Jurassic time warp That s all you need to know, I love Tim Curran and this was an instant favorite

    20. Post reading This novella did not redeem itself for me Curran has a great idea here with his time gateway, which is the only reason I am giving this 2 stars instead of 1 My copy is marked up with spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and consistency errors I would love for the author to see all of the ridiculous, simple mistakes that he allowed his book to be published with I stated in my previous review below that I was hoping his monster would make the story great for me But it didn t Godzilla d [...]

    21. A lot of the genre books I like, mostly monster and supernatural, but mainly monster books I have noticed that are very short novels In my eyes, they are not novellas like some call a select few of them, but just very short novels In my search to find the right books that fit my current taste of reading, I have noticed a number of books under the short novel category I will say that I have been hesitant to try one mostly because I feel that it will be all over way too soon and I might feel cheat [...]

    22. Why won t humanity ever learn to just let nature be itself We re always trying to capitalize on its weird and wondrous ways Look at Jurassic Park and King Kong and like every other monster movie Every time we try to make some kind of profit out of it, crap goes down and stuff gets ruined People die Etc Etc.And that s the basic premise for this Tim Curran novella Sure, it ain t original, and sure it doesn t make a whole heck of a lot of sense portals to the world 65,000,000 years ago but obviousl [...]

    23. While an entertaining read, LEVIATHAN could have been better The idea for a story was there but it didn t strike me that enough effort was put into developing the idea The result ends up being, as another reviewer pointed out, a book that compares to a Syfy original movie.Johnny Horowitz has overextended himself As a member of the paparazzi, he is currently on the bad side of enough celebrities that he needs to take a break to let things cool down That s how he finds himself on vacation on Seagu [...]

    24. I nestled down with Leviathan, expecting to be drawn into a world of hold on to your seat thrills First, the novel was written by Tim Curran, and the guy never disappoints The cover also displayed a prehistoric marine reptile you don t get many of them in stories these days I am a long time dinosaur fanatic, dating back to pre school I have always held a special place in my heart for plesiosaurus and ichthyosaurus, those prehistoric monsters residing in the depths of the ancient oceans I also lo [...]

    25. This is my fourth book from Tim Curran, after Dead Sea, Fear Me and The Underdwelling The author seems to have an obsession with creatures of the grotesque kind and an ability to bring them to life whether from this dimension or another, or the depths of the earth with the sheer force of his words that always give me a feeling of awed wonder.In Dead Sea, he was able to bring back and give a shape to my fears of water that is opaque enough to harbour all kinds of bogey creatures of the imaginatio [...]

    26. I thought this was an okay read, but no great shakes I have enjoyed several of Tim Curran s books novellas, with probably Resurrection the complete novel, before it was broken down into novella size parts andas my two favorites of his But I would say this was a rather tame effort by him Jeremy Robinson recently brought Big Monster stories back to life with , and Leviathan was somewhat tame compared to that.Just have a couple of comments questions Could Johnny have done something with the Leviath [...]

    27. Your basic giant monster eats people book It was competently written, and I enjoy giant sea beasts destroying things There was a lovely allusion to The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, one of my favorite movies from childhood I am looking forward to the new Jurassic Park movie this summer, since I find dinosaurs devouring people to be soothing Circle of life and all that So natural has a ton of self published monster books the kind of beach reading tripe that I used to pay 8 for Now 2.99 God bless the [...]

    28. Quick read, but really kind of drab within the genreI ll just cut to the chase There s better by the author out there While the book is a quick read, it doesn t really take much time to do something that would really set it apart from other books within the genre Aside from the plot pacing, the characters really aren t built up that much There are just so many missed opportunities.

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