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Something Is Out There By JulieMiller Grant Osborn,

  • Title: Something Is Out There
  • Author: JulieMiller Grant Osborn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Talks about Supernatural,Ufology and Cryptozoology of things around Australia
    Something Is Out There Talks about Supernatural Ufology and Cryptozoology of things around Australia

    One thought on “Something Is Out There”

    1. There are three main categories to this book ghosts, ufos, and cryptozoology It was good to read Australian content about these topics, for once The authors covered a lot of cases, so this book should be treated as an introduction rather than a comprehensive account of anything, really If you are already familiar with the majority of topics covered in this book, then don t bother with this book But if, like me, you only have a vague knowledge of some and just a passing interest in others, this b [...]

    2. Something is out there, is interesting enough I found the ghost and cryptozoology parts a little boring But the ufo part was really good A lot of stuff I had never heard The problem with the ghost stuff is it was like a diary on ghost tours But nothing ever happened This book is one of few that are entirely based on australian phenomena Which I love In my opinion, read, even if you just read the ufology part, its worth it.

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