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Done with Love By Niecey Roy,

  • Title: Done with Love
  • Author: Niecey Roy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • NEW COVER EDITION THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE Done With Love a What s Love novelOnce upon a time Bridal boutique owner Alexis Gorecki used to believe in happily ever afters until Prince Charming turned into a toad When it seems her evil almost in laws will stop at nothing to ruin her professional reputation Lexie wages war Which sounded so muchNEW COVER EDITION THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE Done With Love a What s Love novelOnce upon a time Bridal boutique owner Alexis Gorecki used to believe in happily ever afters until Prince Charming turned into a toad When it seems her evil almost in laws will stop at nothing to ruin her professional reputation Lexie wages war Which sounded so much better in her head.Her strawberries and cream personality really isn t cut out for taser guns and blackmail.To complicate matters, her first love is back in town and pushing all the right buttons Her heart still remembers the first time he broke it, but she can t deny the way her body responds to his touch Leo Moss has always been her weakness Can he convince Lexie she s not quite done with love ASIN B00JZRELFYISBN 13 978 0692212424 ISBN 10 0692212426 Digital ISBN 9781310209048BN Identifier 2940149232741
    Done with Love NEW COVER EDITION THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE Done With Love a What s Love novelOnce upon a time Bridal boutique owner Alexis Gorecki used to believe in happily ever afters until Prince Char

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    1. I read this book in one sitting I love that I got to hangout with my old friends from Another Shot At Love Leo was just as swoon worthy as Matt He was uber protective which is good because Lexi loses her dang mind and cray cray ass Roxanne pushes her over the edge dragging poor Richard along for the ride I am glad because hilarity insues Richard got it right Broads be crazy At least when it is Lexi and Roxanne Hi yah

    2. You can only push people so far before they snap and push back Lexie finally realizes she shouldn t marry into her fiancee s rich snobby political family Only thing is, she didn t decide that until she s at the altar Better late than never, right Humiliated in front of all of the society people, her almost monster in law slowly begins to ruin Lexie s business Lexie doesn t want anyone to know what she s dealing with, especially her high school sweetheart who is back in town Once she s been pushe [...]

    3. Great readThis story is so full of heartache and drama and a wicked mother in law And let s don t forget about the passion and the hero

    4. ROMANTIC COMEDY THAT WILL HAVE YOU BUSTING AT THE SEAMS Another Shot At Love is the first novel in the What s Love series by author Niecey Roy The novel begins immediately with Imogen Gen Gorecki throwing her cheating boyfriend, Brent, clothes out the window, because she found him with Stripper Barbie in her bed doing Kama Sutra positions that only a stripper had the flexibility to do.After Gen moved back home for three months, she decides it is time to move on and find her own apartment Even th [...]

    5. Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRating 4.5 StarsI have already met Lexie in the first book, and I must say, she really didn t give a great impression being a bridezilla Nevertheless, this book started with a heartbreaking, earth shattering revelation that popped her fairytale bubble Her prince charming Jeremy So didn t exist His mother is an evil witch plotting some appalling after wedding plans, and just informing her before she march down the aisle So don t blame her when she turns aroun [...]

    6. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of Done With Love in exchange for my review.Despite having a disastrous engagement party, Lexie is still going ahead with her marriage to Jeremy Buchanan, until his mother, Deborah, reveals her true colours with a contract annulling their marriage before it had even been made Running out on her wedding day was the most dramatic thing that Lexie has ever done, and when she goes on her honeymoon alone the last person she expects [...]

    7. Done With Love is A What s Love novel by Niecey Roy It is set in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Caribbean Alexis Gonecki believed in fairy tales and weddings until minutes before her own fairy tale wedding was to take place Her Mother in law to be stepped into her dressing room and tore her ideals to shreds Alexis knew Deborah and Gerard Buchanan didn t think she was good enough for their son Jeremy but she really thought they had put this behind them It turns out she was wrong Deborah was concerned [...]

    8. 4.5 Stars If you thought Gen s story was wild, hang onto your hat and enjoy the bumpy road her twin sis, Lexie, rides in Done with Love.Lexie has been trying to please everyone while planning her society wedding Comfortable in her middle class upbringing, Lexie is overwhelmed by the trappings of the upper crust She knows her fianc s family disapproves, but is shocked beyond belief when her future mother in law presents her with a contract moments before her wedding Mommy Dearest wants Lexie to s [...]

    9. Lexie Anne Gorecki is the main character of this story She is Gen s twin sister, Gen s story is Another Shot at Love Even though this book can be read as a stand alone, it is better if you read the first book beforehand because there are references in this one that were from Another Shot at Love Lex is just absolutely wonderful, fun and caring however, the story begins with her wedding day which has made her turn into something totally out of her personality, a bridezilla Her fianc s mother is a [...]

    10. I absolutely love this series The first book had be rolling on the floor from laughing so hard, and Done with Love was no different Lexie is about to get married to her supposed Prince Charming, who ends up being a toad instead While she is trying to piece her once perfect life back together, in comes her old high school sweetheart, Leo.We get the shenanigans of Roxanne and Richard in this book too, these scenes had me dying I was snort laughing at work from some of their antics I can t wait to [...]

    11. Lexie s second chance at LOVE 5 starsLuckily, I won a copy of this book from one of the many contests that I participated in I gotta say, I was excited to read this book We got to meet Lexie in Gen s book, since they are twins, and I wanted to find out if she actually went through with the wedding or not I didn t take her for a weak back boned woman that Jeremy s Mother was trying to make her into This book started out on the day of the wedding, and sure enough, Jeremy s mother had another deman [...]

    12. Yet another super funny book by Niecey This time Lexi is up Lexi is having super hard time at life right now She was suppose to get married until her insanely crazy future mother in law ruined everything with prenups and divorcee talk on her wedding day and her fianc not doing anything about it So Lexi high tailed it out of there Can you blame her Fast forward, Now Lexi decided to go on her honeymoon alone She needs a vacation The poor thing She is enjoying her vacation, when her ex boyfriend sh [...]

    13. Lexie thought she was about to start her happily ever after until her future mother in law from hell changes the game and shows Lexie her husbands true self, essentially saving her from a lot of trouble but at the same time causing a whole different kind of trouble for Lexie.Scorned by her fiance and screwed by his mother, Lexie is about to lose her business and everything she s worked so hard for But it won t stop there, the evil mother has threatened to ruin Lexi s family as well As Lexie trie [...]

    14. The best thing about Lexie is she has no idea how appealing she really is When military man Leo broke up with her by letter during deployment six years earlier, she just assumed he didn t love her any There was a bit to that story than she knew Fast forward to her wedding day not a spoiler to stay it didn t happen First scene has her running away in glorious sadness, confusion, and than a hint of relief to be rid of her evil almost mom in law The husband to be How could he betray her, plot wit [...]

    15. My first Niecey experience was reading Another Shot At Love, which I absolutely adored I can t count how many times I laughed out loud reading it Done With Love was no different Lexie is runaway bride, trying to piece her life and her heart back together No one but her, her almost mother in law and her ex fiancee know the real reason she left him standing at the alter Lexie, decides she s swearing off men and love until her first love comes back into her life Leo is all sorts of yummy, swoon wor [...]

    16. Alexis believed She believed in fairy tales, magic, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Happily Ever After.She had always believed.She had even name her bridal shop Once Upon A Time Bridal Boutique She wanted brides to be to have that special beginning to their Happy Ever After.Now it was her time to have own happy ending She had spared no expense Life was perfect.She never thought the Wicked Witch would be so vindictive.Follow Alexis learns to rewrite her story To save her beloved Bridal Boutique To r [...]

    17. I was given this book for an honest reviewI absolutely love this book What Lexie thought was love turns out to a lie She is at her wedding when her evil soon to be mother in law threatens her She does what she needs to do and gets the hell out of there She goes to the Caribbean to enjoy her honeymoon but she finds out that Leo, her first love is there as well They start spending time together and before you know it they are coming back home Lexie owns a bridal store that does well but after runn [...]

    18. Today while checking my I could find I have not reviewed some of the books I have read in last couple of months Done with love is one of them I had loved Niecey Roy s first book in the series Another shot at Love I had felt the book was nicely written n a good plotline I was so waiting for Done with love to read Lexie s story We knew already from the previous book abt issues in Lexie s impending marriage I loved how the book started and the honeymoob trip for one and how Leo follows here The sce [...]

    19. Firstly Lexi is nuts, flat out headed for a straight jacket insane and I loved her After leaving her no good mama s boy fiancee at the alter and watching her life fall apart Lexi is ready to give up.Her bridal boutique, Once Upon A Time has been black listed by high society thanks to a vindictive almost mother in law who s determined to make Lexi suffer, and will even go as far as to ruin her father if she doesn t fall in line as she s ordered to.Enter Leo Moss Sexy, muscle bound, ex military, e [...]

    20. First thoughts after I so can t wait for Roxanna s story How distracted did I get Done With Love is a sexy RomCom I enjoyed from beginning to end Lexie is thrown into depression after being labeled the crazy runaway bride of her hometown Many can identify with her stresses in the story and she s very relatable I enjoyed the camaraderie with her sister Gen and bff Roxanna Roxanna is freaking hilarious I haven t laughed that hard at a book in a long time Leo, oh sweet holy wow Leo He is the epitom [...]

    21. Lexie finds herself ready to marry the love her life Jeremy, literally, when her soon to be mother in law gives her an ultimatum Lexie had spent her childhood dreaming of the fairytale wedding she would have, but when faced with saying I do to a liar she ran She can t marry a man who is willing to give her up for money Her twin sister Gen and her best friend Roxanna run with her and as the book unfolds you see just what a weasel Jeremy is Lexie is still pining for the man who told her goodbye si [...]

    22. After running out of her wedding, her mother in law to be, is ruining her business and her reputation To get away from it all, Lexi decides to take her honey moon alone Soon after Leo, her first love, joins her Leo broke her heart years ago, but she can t help falling for him.I enjoyed Another Shot at love , and followed it up with Done with Love I knew I was gonna love this because I loved Roy s writing in the first book I felt Lexi s pain after her ex s mother ruined her business, and laughed [...]

    23. Done With Love4.5 StarsI absolutely LOVED the first book in this series and I couldn t wait to read This time we get Lexie s second chance at love story Lexie and he twin,Gen, are very different Lexie is a little serious and professional but she does have an adventurous and funny side too I loved her character She has been hurt by her idiot, mamas boy ex, BUT cue her HOT, mysterious first love Leo Leo is HOT, did I mention that, and the only thing hotter is Leo and Lexie together, There are so [...]

    24. Ok Lexie is welle is crazy Never fear though because when her twin and crazier BFF come to cheer her up the fun really starts It s a good thing her Sex on legs special forces ex boyfriend, the beast, is around to keep Lexie out of trouble Well at least help her get out of trouble that the BFF, Roxanna drags her into This book has some of everything Laughs, love, friendship, and just enough sexy to make you breath a little faster and there are some very sweet moments too I loved being able to hav [...]

    25. Done With Love was such a good book I literally couldn t put it down and finished it in one afternoon I laughed out loud, wanted to cry for Lexie, and was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next Niecey Roy is an incredibly talented author, and I m dying to read her next book I was sucked into Lexie s world, and felt for her during some of her weakest moments I assure you that you won t regret reading this, and will long for the next book in her series I would recommend this book [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book Leo and Lexie have a past and i could hardly wait for them to rekindle the old flame After Leo finally tells Lexie why he had broken up with her 6 years ago, i was suprised he hadn t confessed it earlier The subplot with Lexi and Deborah was intriguing and I was quite pleasantly suprised with some of what happened The scene near the end on the second floor of the shop was hilarious I had to go back and read the first book again just so i was up to date on the character [...]

    27. Funny, Sexy, passion, Sexy and hilarity is what this book is filled with I loved Lexi and her crazy bestie Roxanna had me rolling in tears of laughter as I read the crazy things that Roxanna got Lexie into Trying to overcome the fact she had run away from her wedding she needed to have some crazy fun distraction in her life and her sister and besties gave her just that.Enter Leo, the sexy and oh so sweet Leo that turn Lexi to mush They are perfect for each other and yeah smoldering as all hell [...]

    28. This is the first book by Niecey Roy that I have read and I can say that I honestly enjoyed it It s a quick, funny, romance that I didn t put down until I was finished I am always a sucker for reunited first loves, and this one was didn t disappoint Leo is funny, sexy and very patient when it comes to his love for Lexi Lexi is sweet, devoted to her friends, and a little shy when it comes to love after her relationship disaster with her ex fiance Niecey has an awesome sense of humor when it comes [...]

    29. If you read book 1 you ve already been drawn into the life of Imogen, Alexis, and Roxanna So I don t need to remind you why this book is a great and fantastic 2nd book to the series.If you haven t read book 1 then do you will get sucked into the life of these 3 craxy girls.up first was imogen now it s bridal boutique owner lexie enter in roxanna s cousin leo now you have some hilarious scense that will have you laughing out loud this book can and will envoke tearsom tasers to drinking you won t [...]

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