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The Devil's Angel By Kevin Brooks,

  • Title: The Devil's Angel
  • Author: Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781781124505
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Dean turns up at school, Jack knows he s different to everyone else They form a bond and make wild plans about starting a band while they dabble in drink, drugs and teenage rebellion But Dean s darker side rears its head and throws them down a dangerous path Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12
    The Devil s Angel When Dean turns up at school Jack knows he s different to everyone else They form a bond and make wild plans about starting a band while they dabble in drink drugs and teenage rebellion But Dean s d

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    1. Book report by Tijn EnthovenThe devil s angelThe book takes place in modern times around 2010 I guess The setting of the book is in a little town in England In the town in England there isn t much to do so the head characters are pretty bored and that s why they sometimes do stupid things.The theme of this book is uncaring about everything The two main characters by example like to annoy other people and think it is funny and not carrying about the victim Here is another example one of the main [...]

    2. The Devil s Angel by Kevin Brooks was quite gritty and intense about two friends, Dean and Jack There s plenty of drinking and violence and the sort of behaviour that you might expect from two uncaring teenagers But there s something different about Dean Jack and Dean are friends right from Dean s first day of school when he cames in and punches the biggest, toughest guy in school But he doesn t seem to stop either, he needs violence unrest It s quite hard reading this short story about these [...]

    3. I had an hour to kill in town the other day so went to the library and came across this little gem I ll read absolutely anything written by Kevin Brooks, I think he is amazing This was a fun and quick read though not as dark or gritty as his other books I think this may have been written for struggling readers but I may well be wrong about Even so, it was a good read.

    4. This was very short, easy to read, dark, quite grim at times and fairly violent All in all an interesting read I did not like Dean as I found him strange and unlike able The story was fast and quite exciting I like absolutely everything about Kevin s books with Road of the Dead still my favourite closely followed by Lucas and Bunker Diary.

    5. It was a quick read Not even 30 minutes have passed until I was done and I don t think this book has changed anything in me.It was a story that many people would be able to tell you and I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would Still, there was something nice about it.

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