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The Short Reign of Pippin IV By John Steinbeck Radu Paraschivescu,

  • Title: The Short Reign of Pippin IV
  • Author: John Steinbeck Radu Paraschivescu
  • ISBN: 9736690350
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Slav Domnului c s nt ateu a exclamat c ndva Luis Bunuel, fascinat de savoarea paradoxului Slav Domnului c America a descoperit corectitudinea politic dup Steinbeck, ne vine s exclam m deschiz nd la nt mplare romanul de fa Pseudofresc istoric , fotografie mi cat i izvor de ironii spumoase, el concretizeaz o fantezie plecat dintr un g nd antiutopic Mar Slav Domnului c s nt ateu a exclamat c ndva Luis Bunuel, fascinat de savoarea paradoxului Slav Domnului c America a descoperit corectitudinea politic dup Steinbeck, ne vine s exclam m deschiz nd la nt mplare romanul de fa Pseudofresc istoric , fotografie mi cat i izvor de ironii spumoase, el concretizeaz o fantezie plecat dintr un g nd antiutopic Marginalizat pe toate planurile, Fran a anilor 1950 se decide pentru un gest revizionist i i alege, n plin proiect republican, un rege de la care a teapt izb virea Previzibil, noul Mesia e un ncurc lume Imprevizibil, unda de oc a schimb rii instaureaz n loc de echilibru haosul i n loc de concordie ruptura Asistat de doi invita i transatlantici, revolu ia invers de la Versailles e ueaz cu zgomot, nu nainte de a i purta pe cititori de la z mbet la hohot O savuroas comedie cu nc rc turi satirice incitant extrem de amuzant Saturday ReviewJohn Steinbeck s a n scut n 1902, n Salinas, California, ora aflat la c teva mile de coasta Pacificului i n apropiere de fertila Salinas Valley o regiune care, de altfel, a furnizat fundalul predilect pentru bun parte din operele sale A studiat biologie marin la Stanford University, dar a p r sit universitatea f r vreun titlu de absolvire Dup o serie de slujbe minore, a nceput s scrie, dar n urma unei tentative nereu ite de a ncepe o carier literar pe cont propriu la New York City, a revenit n California, nerenun nd ns la ambi iile scriitorice ti Succesul de public l a repurtat de abia n 1935 cu Tortilla Flat Lucr rile care au urmat nu au f cut dec t s confirme aceast prim promisiune B t lia pierdut , Oameni i oareci i, ndeosebi, Fructele m niei, un roman a c rui for l a plasat printre arhetipurile culturii americane Au urmat, printre altele, nu mai pu in celebrele Cannery Row, La r s rit de Eden, Joia dulce, Scurta domnie a lui P pin al IV lea, Iarna vrajbei noastre i Eu i Charley descoperim America Steinbeck a murit n 1968, dup ce n 1962 i fusese decernat premiul Nobel pentru Literatur.
    The Short Reign of Pippin IV Slav Domnului c s nt ateu a exclamat c ndva Luis Bunuel fascinat de savoarea paradoxului Slav Domnului c America a descoperit corectitudinea politic dup Steinbeck ne vine s exclam m deschiz nd la nt

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    1. L mpido e conciso como Steinbeck costuma ser, balanceia com leveza algumas das suas preocupa es sociais e humanit rias de sempre um pequeno livro,tardio na sua carreira,que nem por sombras desmerece a sua tremenda obra N o sou particularmente sens vel ao humor,no sentido em que as perip cias mais ou menos pitorescas n o me fazem rir Mas a mordacidade,a s tira e a delicadeza perpassam todo o livro que se l num esfregar de olhos e s o ptimos condimentos Gostei Muito

    2. This is Steinbeck s only satirical work and if I may say so, he pulled it off quite nicely It s a political piece, a subject in which he is knowledgeable, but instead of the darker, dramatic side of the topic that he has always portrayed, John gives us the scenario in a way that we can laugh at Which, to me, is the only way we can sometimes survive the bullshit.

    3. in what clearly must have been an enjoyable writing experience for him, the short reign of pippin iv a fabrication marks steinbeck s only work of political satire with characters and a plot reminiscent of italo calvino s fiction, this short novel makes a caricature of the french revolution, and, broadly, of politics in general while lacking in the moral impetus so prominent in his other works, pippin may well be one of steinbeck s humorous books i ve never understood america, said the king nei [...]

    4. Steibeck in ger ek i eserlerine al an benim gibiler i in bu fantastik kurgu biraz farkl geldi Hiciv a rl kl hatta zaman zaman seviye sorunu ya ayan mizah tarz yla ba ta Fransa ve Amerika olmak zere global bir demokrasi y netim ele tirisi yapan J Steinbeck esas olarak kapitalist ya am bi imi ve tekellerle dalga ge iyor Realist romanlar ndan sonra biraz zay f geldi a kcas.

    5. It s delicate, precious even, like the protagonist A slim touching satire, not as shocking as some other satires like Animal Farm but calmer and pleasanter An accidental king of France tries to be the King of France Deep in parts and humorous in large, you should give it a read.

    6. Steinbeck s only work of political satire, and according the Introduction by Robert and Katharine Morsberger, the least known of his novels, The Short Reign of Pippin IV is by turns playful and philosophical While Steinbeck gently chastises human beings for their tendency distrust good fortune, he cannot conceal his deep and abiding faith in humanity a quality that is unmistakably Steinbeckian and one that characterizes all of his works.NB Nebraska UCLA Go BRUINS

    7. My musings on The Short Reign of Pippin IV by John Steinbeck This was a different type of Steinbeck for me, having read both Of Mice and Men and Cannery Row in the last year or two, I got a feel for the general atmosphere of those novels This political satire has an entirely different feel to it One thing I will make note of here is that I am not a politics girl, at all Politics by turns bore me and enrage me A Political satire is perfect in that regard for me However, I can not speak of particu [...]

    8. Well That was unexpected How very unsteinbeckish His only political satire, the blurb says.It took me a week or to read this little novella I kept putting off beginning to read, and then would fall asleep only reading ten to twenty pages at a time, until the final third, which went pretty quickly I didn t recognize the prose as Steinbeck It was formal, as if written in the previous century, though it seemed to ease a bit as the story progressed, but that might have been my becoming accustomed t [...]

    9. As I ve continued to lap up the obscure works in Steinbeck s catalogue, I ve skipped this one than once at the library It just didn t look anything like a Steinbeck book, and I didn t want to be disappointed in my favorite author, especially after Burning Bright Finally, as I was hurriedly packing for my recent work trip, I made a quick trip to the library, and after not finding the first 5 books I wanted, I gave in and went with this one, fully expecting to be disappointed.I was not.I was rig [...]

    10. Clever satire on the nature of politics, royalty, marriage, youth, and Franco American relations It s amazing that Steinbeck is able to fit so much in this short light hearted affair But, hey, that is why I like Steinbeck so much He just seems to get so much out of simple words and simple sentences This little tale is about an ordinary man that reluctantly accepts the throne of King of France He struggles with what this means and what his powers actually are and how he should use them Ultimately [...]

    11. This is Steinbeck s only satire as well as the only book where he doesn t write about the every man The combination doesn t work very well Steinbeck is at his best when he s writing about people agonizing over their place in the world in a straight forward and sincere way The satire is not executed as well as other notable authors and you never connect with Pippin the way you connect with all of Steinbeck s other main characters A must read if you re a huge fan of the author, but a pass for anyo [...]

    12. I had to keep checking the name of the author on this one Having read and loved Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath I could not believe that Steinbeck had this sort of book in him.High end political satire with some genuine laugh out loud moments It makes you utter his name in the same breath as Wilde and Wodehouse A real little gem, that works every bit as much today in its mocking of political spheres and foreign policies as it did when written.

    13. Steinbeck altfel Altfel cum Amuzant n principal Urme de umor se g sesc i n alte scrieri ale sale, ns nu la acela i nivel satiric ca aici Un deliciu i nu pot s nu remarc cum n scurta poveste cam c t domnia lui Pepin , Steinbeck i pune semn tura clasic creaz ni te personaje memorabile Nu n eleg de ce a fost aceast scriere aleas ca reprezenativ pentru colec ia Nobel, dar apreciez curajul editurii.

    14. I m not quite sure what to make of this short novel The premise is that the French government is deadlocked between parties, and decides to re establish monarchy They choose an ordinary person who happens to be descended from Pepin or Pippin as he spells it to be king Actually not so ordinary he doesn t work and lives in a mansion off the rent of some vineyards somewhere He s intended to be a figurehead, but wants to accomplish something His program is frightfully radical actually it s pretty ta [...]

    15. A Steinbeck that had previously escaped me, thoroughly enjoyed this clever and quirky little book A very relevant comment on the role of monarchy.

    16. A thoroughly enjoyable exercise in Steinbeck trying something different, which I d call deep satire If he didn t set the bar so high with his best books, I d rate this one higher, but it does have a one chord feel I recommend it, but not as among the first five books of Steinbeck to read.

    17. The subject of this novel is politics, and I hate politics, so it was a hard slog for me to get through it It did become a little interesting in the second half, and I liked the ending, so I bumped it up from one star for that.

    18. It is remarkable that this dated piece of inconsequential fluff was written by the same man who penned The Grapes of Wrath.

    19. the short reign of pippin iv a fabrication, 1957, john steinbeck1028 ratings, 70 reviews, paperback, 131 pages, penguin classics, dedicated to my sister estherw an introduction by robert morsberger and katharine morsberger, their notes, works consulted liste morsbergers are a part of that set defined by steinbeck, quoted in their introduction n and do remain in complete ignorance of any reality a highly desirable state, i am beginning to believe and that s all i m going to say about the matter o [...]

    20. What a surprise Totally unexpected, and nothing like any other work by John Steinbeck that I have read before It was an intriguing little book and quite amusing, however it does have its serious message.The book itself came across as something of a pastiche of the 18th 19th century novel, reminding me of Jane Austen s Northanger Abbey It is a satirical story that tells of how a seemingly ordinary French gentleman, Pippen Heristal, is instated as the King of France, albeit for a short period I ha [...]

    21. Pregno di presunzione, snobismo e disprezzo verso l Europa e gli europei in questo caso francesi considerati vanagloriosi e ridicolmente e anacronisticamente attaccati al proprio prestigioso passato al punto da manifestare tratti quasi grotteschi e caricaturali Tipico da intellettuale americano novecentesco e radical chic Ogni tanto alcuni sparuti punti di verit si palesano, per carit , ma purtroppo si perdono subito nel mare di sterotipi, luoghi comuni e situazioni forzatamente paradossali e st [...]

    22. It s a bit like the Basement Tapes, isn t it World renowned serious author writes book as airy and good humoured as well, the Basement Tapes.I couldn t help but love it, and that entirely because of the sheer ease of it, the lightness of touch, with that slight melancholy without which it wouldn t be Steinbeck.It s not his greatest book, but with books like these, I m not sure greatness is always something to aim for.

    23. This is a little gem of a book Supposedly, it s a satire of the French Revolution Eh, whatever I didn t get a lot of the satire, I just thought it was funny It s a story of a very minor French noble in the 1950s who gets roped into being made the French monarch In the process, Steinbeck manages to skewer most of world politics, culture, and religion It s a fun little read.

    24. Clever and charming It reads like a Wes Anderson movie than a John Steinbeck novel, which makes it amusing, but disconcerting nonetheless Not his best work, but clearly Steinbeck never intended it to be.

    25. There s nothing wrong with this book Beautifully written, smartly satirical and some powerful insights into human nature Just didn t really bring me in But overall enjoyed it, I d recommend but there are obviously better choices if you are looking Steinbeck.

    26. Steinbeckova brez asna politi na satira Ko republikanska demokracija postane razlog za revolucijo, ki se jo zatre z restavrirano monarhijo, ta pa je zaradi demokrati nih reform kralja Pipina etrtega zopet razlog za upor.

    27. While comical, this definitely ranks on the low end of Steinbeck s works However, he does get in some pretty funny digs at politics and government, and the character of Pippin is an interesting one.

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