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My Date with Satan: Stories By Stacey Richter,

  • Title: My Date with Satan: Stories
  • Author: Stacey Richter
  • ISBN: 9780684857022
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stacey Richter, Pushcart Prize winner and a Village Voice Writer on the Verge, combines acute observations with profound compassion to chronicle the obscure narratives of American life from rock groupie love to Internet dating to drug hungry Health Ed teachers An honest and affecting explorer of human experience, Richter turns tales from the fringe into stunningly inStacey Richter, Pushcart Prize winner and a Village Voice Writer on the Verge, combines acute observations with profound compassion to chronicle the obscure narratives of American life from rock groupie love to Internet dating to drug hungry Health Ed teachers An honest and affecting explorer of human experience, Richter turns tales from the fringe into stunningly intimate depictions of loss and loneliness Her voice is distinctly original and deeply funny.
    My Date with Satan Stories Stacey Richter Pushcart Prize winner and a Village Voice Writer on the Verge combines acute observations with profound compassion to chronicle the obscure narratives of American life from rock group

    One thought on “My Date with Satan: Stories”

    1. bizarre but so boring that i decided to not read the last 3 or so storieshighlights include the beauty treatment my date with satan the first men and rats eat cats

    2. The cover may raise some eyebrows as well as other parts of the body on some, but this collection of short stories is hipster chick lit Sometimes funny, usually dark, and always written in first person, it feels like it was written by the witty smart person in my circle or dare I say generation The author is a local Tucsonan who just put out another collection of ss called Twin Study Stories that I will definitely read The last story of My Date with Satan, Prodigy of Longing, was probably my fav [...]

    3. The most unfortunate thing about this book is that the chick who wrote it is amazing at first lines The first lines of her stories are ALL killer And as a writer, I know how hard it is to get that perfect first sentence.The rest of the stories drag on for what seems like years You re reading and thinking to yourself, I thought this was a collection of SHORT STORIES and you realize that, yeah, you ve only read eight pages but it felt like twenty and you haven t really gone anywhere I m probably b [...]

    4. So not every story blew my socks off, but it s still a really interesting book Richter takes on some very odd situations, and the psychology of her characters is fascinating Almost every sentence is meaningful or has an interesting turn of phrase There may be a few flabby bits here and there, but overall the stories are strangely compelling.I picked this book up after reading her story with the cavemen in The Year s Best Fantasy Horror anthology 1999 or 2000 edition That s a really good story, b [...]

    5. Really, really cool short stories Richter does an amazing job capturing the POVs of her bizarre, fucked up characters their voices are remarkably distinct and the prose is lively Richter reminds me somewhat ofAimee Bender orKelly Link, although I think I may have actually enjoyed these stories they had a tighter narrative structure than either Bender s or Link s work, whose stories the latter s in particular sometimes leave me going, What was that actually ABOUT Which is not to say Richter s du [...]

    6. I am NOT a fan of the short story genre, but I LOVED Stacey Richter s collection WOW Some of the stand out stories include The Beauty Treatment, about a teenage girl who slashes her best friend across the face with a razor An Island of Boyfriends is about a girl who is stranded on an island with a primitive all male clan Rats Eat Cats details the love story of Rat Boy and Cat Lady A Prodigy of Longing tells the story of a 11 year old boy with a special gift Each story in this collection is fabul [...]

    7. Funny, wacky series of stories about all the characters you see walking down the street or on TV but never get to know It almost feels like watching a series of reality TV shows I Want To Be A Death Metal Rocker I Was A Private School Princess I Was A Child Star Some of the stories are hilarious, some have unexpectedly poignant endings But it can be hit or miss I hated Rules for Being Human Not because it is gruesome but because the writing falls slack Richter wants to embrace those on the edges [...]

    8. I really, really liked this It s strange, yes, but not TOO strange for me at all of course, I read some seriously bizarre stuff I either didn t realize or had forgotten it was a collection of short stories so that was a bit of a surprise, though a pleasant one I ve read a few anthologies lately and this was easily my favourite Some stories made me laugh out loud, some made me melancholy, some did both Definitely a great look into the darker side of society some of which, I must admit, I have a p [...]

    9. I absolutely loved this collection of cheeky, smart, wise cracking and snotty little stories I don t know what happened to Stacy Richter but I wish she d come back I ve searched for of her work, but I haven t found anything She s very contemporary and quirkyere are lots of losers and people who are trying to be cool, but can t quite make connections, and then become bitter or angry or frustrated as a result.

    10. Always good, especially when you re a pop culture junkie READ The romance between a cat lady and a rat boy READ The Island of Boyfriends READ My date with Satan , fresh out of the chatroom READ A wash up teen idol and what the hell he is doing in at a flea market No seriously, this author is quite creative I picked this up randomly some years ago and have had it lodged in my mind since.

    11. 2.5 stars, rounded down for my lingering sense of disinterest three days later.One or two of these stories were wonderful Some were terrible Some were bwuh None were really what I expected, given the blurbs The writing itself was well done I d be willing to give Ms Richter another try.

    12. Best collection of short stories that I have read in a hot damn minute This book makes me wish I was teaching a freshman level 101 301 Intro to Creative Writing course so I could assign Rats eat Cats or The Beauty Treatment and blow a bunch of little freshman minds with how amazing fucking words are.

    13. I am so exciting to finally read this collection The Beauty Treatment has long been one of my favorite short stories It s also the first story in the collection and I had the pleasure of re reading it on the train this morning Something about 90s prep school girls slicing each other s faces open over a tiff about Brandy really speaks to me

    14. i cannot stress enough how good every sentence in this collection is richter believes in sentence level rhetoric, and so do i and of course they re all really amusing, insightful parables of our silly, empty world.

    15. A few wonderful stories The Beauty Treatment, The First Men, Prodigy of Longing in with some good ones Goodnight, Goal 666 and some mediocre ones Sally s Story Overall, a good read.

    16. Stacey Richter s short story collection is a must read, especially her brilliant, Cavemen in the Hedges Don t be surprised if you recognize yourself in her twisted, damaged, and ultimately sympathetic characters.

    17. I love this book I read it for the first time years ago, bought it, and it is now a permanent fixture on my bookshelf I read it maybe once or twice a year s a one day read Just found out Stacey wrote another book that s definitely on my list now

    18. A really fine piece of american fiction Richter captures pieces of an american life shared by people my age late thirties to early 40s, trying to cope with the emerging issues of maturity, fidelity, parenthood, armed only with lessons learned from Loverboy and Journey.

    19. I don t remember any stories from this except one that I think was a love hate story between a girl who liked cats and a guy who liked rats nothing about it I remember actively disliking, so I can t give it the lowest rating.

    20. Oh my God So many amazing short stories What a talent I practically read this book in one sitting There s so many good things to say about these stories I m overwhelmed by where to start Guess I ll just leave it with the glowing review suggested by my humble words.

    21. Some of the stories in this are fantastic I mean a dog becomes famous in the art world, of course I would like that in a story But almost every story felt like it could ve happened to the same person because the characters voices are so similar.

    22. Love Richter s work Witty and dark, it was hard to pace myself and keep from tearing through one story after the next.

    23. The title says it all Also enjoyed the story of Rats eat Cats its been awhile since I read this one I should read it again.

    24. Awe.Some A collection of short stories that have some features of magical realism Strikingly modern, especially when describing a certain kind of alienation from one s own feelings.

    25. Richter writes with the cool elegance and fearless wit many young writers envy These stories are original, varied, sexy and gut busting.

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