Last Call By J.A. Konrath,

  • Title: Last Call
  • Author: J.A. Konrath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A retired cop past her prime A kidnapped bank robber fighting for his life I A former mob enforcer with a blood debt A government assassin on the run A wisecracking private eye with only one hand A homicide sergeant with one week left on the job And three of the worst serial killers, ever This is where it all ends An epic showdown in the desert, where gA retired cop past her prime A kidnapped bank robber fighting for his life I A former mob enforcer with a blood debt A government assassin on the run A wisecracking private eye with only one hand A homicide sergeant with one week left on the job And three of the worst serial killers, ever This is where it all ends An epic showdown in the desert, where good and evil will clash one last time His name is Luther Kite, and his specialty is murdering people in ways too horrible to imagine He s gone south, where he s found a new, spectacular way to kill And if you have enough money, you can bet on who dies first Legendary Chicago cop Jacqueline Jack Daniels has retired She s no longer chasing bad guys, content to stay out of the public eye and raise her new daughter But when her daughter s father, Phin Troutt, is kidnapped, she s forced to strap on her gun one last time Since being separated from his psychotic soulmate, the prolific serial killer known as Donaldson has been desperately searching for her Now he thinks he s found out where his beloved, insane Lucy has been hiding He s going to find her, no matter how many people die in the process All three will converge in the same place La Juntita, Mexico Where a bloodthirsty cartel is enslaving people and forcing them to fight to the death in insane, gladiator style games Join Jack and Phin, Donaldson and Lucy, and Luther, for the very last act in their twisted, perverse saga Along for the ride are Jack s friends Harry and Herb, as well as a mob enforcer named Tequila, and a covert operative named Chandler There will be blood And death So much death LAST CALL by JA Konrath The conclusion to the Jack Daniels Luther Kite epic
    Last Call A retired cop past her prime A kidnapped bank robber fighting for his life I A former mob enforcer with a blood debt A government assassin on the run A wisecracking private eye with only one hand A ho

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    1. 3.5 stars.Last call was supposed to be the last Jack Daniel s book, after Stirred this was the one that would tie up the loose ends of Blake Crouch s LUTHER KITE series, along with Konrath s JACK DANIEL s series Then came an in between novel RUM RUNNER Meh When this book was finally released, it was with some dissappointment I read that instead of co writing with Crouch, Konrath was writing it all on his own, taking over the other characters.I was honestly surprised at how well I liked this one, [...]

    2. Wasn t Sterred supposed to be the last book in those series You know, the book where a 52 year old, heavily pregnant woman was risking her babies life, because she didn t trust her former friends to be good enough cops Guess another last book will work the cash cow And than another this time it really is the last book, promise in a year or two.But some of us, can smell the bull shit, and have stopped throwing money at this let s put characters from multiple series in one book to sell of our boo [...]

    3. I ve never had a book creep me out and make me laugh at the same time But the characters in the Jack Daniels series the main characters, not the serial killers are hilarious I went between sheer revulsion at what was happening on the pages to literally laughing out loud And I was not prepared for what happened I had my suspicious that something wasn t right, but I was shocked at what the truth actually was Awesome book Looking forward to the next one.

    4. I Did Not See That Coming.If you think you can read this as a standalone novel without reading the other 30 books in the Blake Crouch JA Konrath universe, well sugar, you ve got another think coming Oh, you can DO it You can do anything you want, but you sure won t have the enjoyment factor like I did.I cried at the end.

    5. Last Call Jack Daniels Mystery 10 by J.A KonrathDisclaimer Mild spoilersThis is the third Jack Daniels related novel I ve read this month, starting with the first in Konrath s Phineas Troutt trilogy, Dead On My Feet, then moving into the last two Jack Daniels in her series, Rum Runner and Last Call I think I ve said before that I have to be a just the right frame of mind to read these novels due to the truly graphic violence they contain These 3 were no different, with Dead On My Feet being the [...]

    6. The torture in the first 93 pages is already so horrific and explicit that for perhaps the third time in my life, I have put the book down without finishing it In earlier books, the torture or crime was mostly functional to the story In Last Call it just hits you non stop without a chance of developing a story I will have to miss out on what happens to Jack and Phin and hope for a less graphic follow up.

    7. ThrillingI thoroughly enjoyed a previous book by J.A Konrath and was ready for I wasn t disappointed one bit Mr Konrath is able to mix humor with action and achieve a great result I love his writing style and the ability to mix both, which some other writers have tried to do, but not effectively I ll definitely add Mr Konrath to my list of favorite writers.

    8. I expected most of what happened in the explosive finale I figured out early on why Katie wanted to find Lucy I was surprised by her reaction to Luther I m sick of Harry and his sexual and fat phobic comments I m tired of all the gruesome torture scenes I don t know why I keep reading I guess it s because I like Jack and Phin and want to see if they ever truly find happiness.

    9. I m not sure why I kept reading this one It was ridiculously violent and bloody, and the characters were pretty thin cardboard but the light writing style was appealing in a strange way I admit that I did just skim through the last half of it to see how it turned out.

    10. I had been waiting and waiting for this one to come out and I was NOT disappointed Great, super fast read that I could not put down Ties up a lot of loose ends and I couldn t help but laugh at all the stuff Donaldson was going through in Mexico That s all I will say.

    11. Always amazed at what twisted torture the serial killers come up with next Your in for a wild ride reading this latest Jack Daniels adventure

    12. I stopped reading this book because the graphic details of tortore and murder were just to grusome and disturbing.

    13. September 27, 2017 60.0% The interesting part of this whole book is that the author J.A KonrathChapters are made into character namesTHat s something which is rare to be saw in a book September 26, 2017 5.0% 28 out of 101JACKWashington DC Want to go tour the White House For old time s sake No September 26, 2017 Started Reading I slightly enjoyed this book , than books written by Lee Child or Jonathan Kellerman I am not saying that the old man Jonathan Kellerman hasn t got a style but still ther [...]

    14. What a cast of charactersI don t know what I can say about JA Konrath that I haven t said before He creates such a great assortment of wackos and heroes that you got to love his stories.In Last Call, he brings them all including Crouch s psychos together to deliver a one two punch that was just pure fun Anyone who has read his previous Jack Daniels stories will love this one the tie in to past history was also terrific.Reading JA Konrath tales is like spending your evening binge watching a combi [...]

    15. Crazypants Like the dirty dozen on acid Equally hideous,horrific and hilarious An adrenaline fuelled race against time with all Konrath s favourite characters Donaldson s contribution is pure jet black comedy gold.

    16. Graphic violence and I know you are not supposed to laugh but Donaldson got everything he deserved I love reading about these characters and how they have grown through the series Well written looking forward to the final story White Russian

    17. Fantastic.Lived up to all of the other books, did not disappoint in the slightest looking forward to the next installment

    18. Extremely violent and graphic Still a page turner Harry never fails to provide plenty of laugh out loud moments Still one of my favorite series Can t wait for book 11

    19. I m so glad I found this series The books are funny, action packed, and there are always great plot twists.

    20. JackThe characters are all kinds of loony tunes except Jack It makes for interesting reading Try to enjoy it Crazy

    21. Pure GeniusBrilliant book as all jack daniels series is fabulous play on humour Jad me laughing out loud in the coffee shop Love this authour

    22. Thrills Galore Prepare for an All NighterWhen I recently read White Russian, the book following this, I truly didn t remember I had read this one But immediately after finishing White Russian, I downloaded this and it was vaguely familiar I noted the first time I read it, I gave it five stars but no review So it must have been a really long time ago, before I understood authors live off good reviews So here I am making up for my previous errorILL FIVE STARS And five exclamation points to boot.As [...]

    23. Okay, then This is how it ends Last fight Last stand Last breath Last call I d love to say this series ended with a bang Happily, this is not the end of the Jack Daniels series In the tenth installment, Phin is the main hero, risking life and limb to rid the world, and Jacks life, of the horror that is Luther Kite, arguably the most heinous serial killer ever to haunt the Konrath universe Phin s mission leads him to Mexico, and another old adversary, Lucy If those two psychopaths weren t enough, [...]

    24. Not much to say except that I found this to be a good summer read on a hot day It goes without saying that much of Konrath s novels are an acquired taste a taste that includes a liking for truly distasteful characters, violence, brutality, as well as , thoroughly likable characters The plot line is simple, the heroine, Jack Daniels, is, once again, battling psychotic, serial killers Konrath has blended not only his main characters but was able to merge his characters with the story lines and cha [...]

    25. Love Jack DanielsReally enjoyed this book It was funny, exciting, sad and kinda terrifying Liked the way he pulled all the characters together Gonna get the next one White Russian Highly recommend this book

    26. Mr Konrath I don t know HOW you do it but you continue to get sick, sick, sick in your novels I couldn t put this one down As soon as you think you are at the top of the horror genre here comes even MORE Loved how this one tied up a lot of loose ends No spoilers here If you re a fan of JA Konrath, as I am, and are used to his style of writing add this one to your list of must reads I m ready to read The Agreement now

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