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The Kitchen Sink Papers By Mike McGrady,

  • Title: The Kitchen Sink Papers
  • Author: Mike McGrady
  • ISBN: 9780451072122
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Kitchen Sink Papers None

    One thought on “The Kitchen Sink Papers”

    1. This is a wonderful book about a family where the husband stayed home and took care of the family for a year while his wife concentrated on her business Because it was written in the early 70s, it definitely feels retro At the same time, the author has some remarkable insights about the nature of contemporary life After the end of the year, they had a much egalitarian relationship, where they shared both income producing and homr maintaining responsibilities I feel I don t remember a time as an [...]

    2. Although this may not qualify as a lost classic, I found it completely fascinating as an historian of 20th century America and as a child of the 1970s Mike McGrady, a successful journalist, traded roles with his wife Corinne for a full year in 1973 and took on the job of househusband, while Corinne expanded her own business and took on the role of provider A compelling and sometimes quite painful look into the relatively recent past, a past in which a wife s complete servitude to husband and chi [...]

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