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Channel Zero By Brian Wood Warren Ellis,

  • Title: Channel Zero
  • Author: Brian Wood Warren Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780967684741
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Special interest groups have bullied the government into passing the Clean Act, effectively killing freedom of speech and silencing the country into submission TV and God become one and the same as America wages its own holy war against its citizens Meet Jennie 2.5, media slut turned info terrorist, out to save the country from itself, and restore free will and self exprSpecial interest groups have bullied the government into passing the Clean Act, effectively killing freedom of speech and silencing the country into submission TV and God become one and the same as America wages its own holy war against its citizens Meet Jennie 2.5, media slut turned info terrorist, out to save the country from itself, and restore free will and self expression Hailed internationally as ground breaking work in the field of sequential art, Channel Zero challenges and tests the limits, combining current events and no future shock into a dark, paranoid, deep ambient visual narrative.
    Channel Zero Special interest groups have bullied the government into passing the Clean Act effectively killing freedom of speech and silencing the country into submission TV and God become one and the same as Am

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    1. Channel Zero is a sobering look at a government agenda that thrives on keeping people ignorant For any paranoid readers out there, it is easy to envision that the plan to intellectually disable individuals is being inaugurated as we go about our daily lives Although providing a sobering message and some fantastic art work, Channel Zero does not pack the proverbial punch that it should have My main criticism of this novel is that it is unable to keep up the energy and interest that is generated i [...]

    2. Style and message don t always add up here, that might be the only beef I have There s something false about a stylish, hip, beautiful, half naked pantified revolution It trips over a deeper oppression.It s still an interesting piece.

    3. Classic post cyberpunk pre Matrix 90s dystopia Very much of its time stylistically and thematically, but unfortunately like a lot of similar work from this period, it now feels relevant than retro America has passed The Clean Act in an attempt to purify the country think Guiliani s NYC to the extreme While there is a central rebellious figure the dial up hacking Jennie 2.5 there isn t much of a rebellion In fact, that s the scariest part the acceptance and apathy of the masses Fun fact Brian Wo [...]

    4. 1 point for scary future of censorship government only allows what they want released.1 point for revolution 1 point for giving up in the end

    5. Probably the best comic I ve ever read Black and white in drawings and ideas A masterpiece, created in the nineties and relevant than ever in our Social Media world.

    6. For those of you who ve discovered Brian Wood through his highly acclaimed Vertigo title, DMZ, it s time to reach into his back catalogue and check out one of his very best works to date.At the start of the story, special interest groups have bullied the government into passing the Clean Act, effectively killing freedom of speech Enter Jennie 2.5 a high tech Cindy Sheehan Part revolutionary Part side show Jennie sets out to create a pirate television station with the hope of waking up the masses [...]

    7. I found this work to be disappointing Jennie 2.5 is a childish zealot who does not seem to really promote anything other than her own hype The redeeming factor in this is that the end of the story she realizes she is just an icon, and that her message whatever it may have been is completely irrelevant She seems to get off on the idea of being a badass as opposed to actually using her resources to create a message and being gratified by the results The means were enough for her The concept of th [...]

    8. Channel Zero is the world that I m afraid we re going to head to if we don t get our heads out of our asses and insist on keeping our rights Sometime in the near future, the Decency in Media Act is passed by the United States Legislature and signed into law, making anything but godfearing, patriotic tripe illegal on the airwaves or in print Free speech is suppressed and America is cowed into obeisance and brought into the bosom of a benevolent Christian government that makes sure its warmongerin [...]

    9. Channel Zero speelt zich in dezelfde tijdlijn als The Couriers af, maar is een eind tijdlozer Niet dat het ook niet meteen zal te duiden zijn van wanneer het was en in wat voor tijdsgeest het geschreven is, maar het is gewoon veel volwassener.In een wereld die niet eens zo ver van de onze is verwijderd, wordt de mensheid in slapa gesust door televisie en entertainment, terwijl de Verenigde Staten onder een extreem Christelijke president een soort super Patriot Act stemt, en Midden Amerika zowat [...]

    10. What s the difference between the activist and the model citizen Channel Zero We all live our ordinary lives, watching 100 useless channels on cable TV, thinking how our life needs a change, but we re still staying our respective comfort zones doing nothing Channel Zero in the beginning has very simple message YOUR MIND IS A WEAPON USE IT Weapons can get rusty Sometimes, if you don t use your weapon you forget about it Channel Zero is a story about Jennie 2.5 She is young rebel telling all the u [...]

    11. The original 1997 series was the brainchild of Wood DMZ, Demo who began working on it while an art student Set in New York in the not so distant future, it tells the story of Jenny 2.5, a tattooed info terrorist who becomes a media icon when she begins interrupting television broadcasts to spread her message Fanatical special interest groups have forced the government to pass the Clean Act, in which free speech is suppressed Jennie 2.5 s mission is to wake up a population that has grown tired of [...]

    12. This is great cyberpunk fiction, by the creator of DMZ and the currently running series, Rebels Like DMZ, Channel Zero takes place in a dystopian future New York, with characters seeking to resist a police state This is Brian Wood s first comics project, completed just as he finished art school It was created entirely in hard copy, cut and paste with rubber cement, ink, and gesso It looks like a very well done zine Comics readers may find that Wood s heavy blacks and high contrast pages remind t [...]

    13. This reminded me a lot of The Nightly News a similar anti media stance Interestingly, the worry in this book was that people would give the government too much power and it would go sort of The Handmaid s Tale Revolt in 2100 Which, from the mighty future of a decade later would be humorous if we hadn t instead imbued insidious hydra like entities with all of the power but none of the nominal control of the people, of course.Three stars instead of higher because it seemed a little too short, and [...]

    14. In Channel Zero, a woman named Jennie tells the origin story of her social activism in the aftermath of the Clean Act , a decency act that quickly turned into a campaign of censorship and intellectual subjection As I read, I felt many of the ideas in DMZ grew out of Channel Zero notions of revolution, manipulating media, cliches of the sleeping masses, and collateral damage.What is interesting about this story is not the revolution being incited, but Jennie s realization that in her desire to re [...]

    15. This is a much rougher approach to Brian Wood s usual themes, owing mainly to its being one of his first forays into comics The style is rougher, the layout not as strong, and the message not as evolved It s interesting as a starting point, but not as much in and of itself Jennie 2.5 is never fleshed out enough to be really interesting, although there are some good seeds of character for her, especially in the Becky Cloonan illustrated prequel sequel But overall, beyond the where s waldo hunting [...]

    16. Uma genial distopia fortemente inspirada na est tica cyberpunk onde uma am rica futura se afunda no fundamentalismo da moral e bons costumes Resta a guerrilha urbana da informa o para contrap r press o dos meios de comunica o manipulados e do conformismo como nica via poss vel Se o argumento interessante, a ilustra o explode numa iconografia de manifesto cultural punk, cru, agressivo e pensado para provocar os neur nios Espa o urbano, distopia social e a infoesfera colidem num preto e branco de [...]

    17. There s not much to this.It s about a dystopian America where the Christian Right runs things and censors all othe voices Unfortunately, there s not much to it it s underdeveloped and dull Basically, it just introduces the characters and the quickly ends the story I wondered if it was the first volume of a long series, but unfortunately it is not Just a quick, weak story The art in it is good, I ll give it that But don t waste your time.

    18. I really, really wish I had been able to read this years ago when it was first coming out This is a fantastic tale of what happens when government descends on the people in the form of the Clean Act to uphold a moral standard in the media and how people live their daily lives Censorship, human rights abuse and the people fighting against it The art is beautiful, aggresive and rough in all the right ways Recommended.

    19. This is a great book that I would recommend to everyone, due to it s futuristic take on a modern world, while maintaining a reality that is not always seen in these types of books V for Vendetta etc However, the ending is a bit abrupt as I would love to see what happens to Jeannie 2.0 in the future, perhaps a sequel may come out

    20. This book started off very well I must say The very dramatic black and white artwork surrounding a rebellious girl, Jennie 2.5, in a future where Christian proponents encourage the government to create the clean act to control the media A lot of back story led up to a strange ending and then a bunch of after thoughts concerning the actual story This book was just not interesting to me.

    21. Based on Wood s artwork and Bendis artwork Fire, Goldfish, etc , I guess this means Greg Rucka and Brian Vaughan would also produce black and white artwork heavy on the blackNot nearly as good as DMZ Feels dated Self aware For some reason it left me thinking of Robert Longo s film version of Johnny Mnemonic It falls well short of what it might have been.

    22. Visually striking but rather lacking in substance Right wing fundamentalists have taken over America establishing total media conformity Sheeple walk around believing the truth, heroes try to wake them from their delusions It doesn t seem to have any deeper insight than Don t Be Sheeple, and the book s too big for that to be enough.

    23. Disappointing, not bad for a first graphic novel, but felt like it was trying to hard to be shocking Brian Wood created an interesting and very probable future for America, but didn t do anything with it.

    24. A tour de force of subversive story telling Brian Wood cuts through the static and creates a brilliant tale of resistance Written in the late nineties it will be even compelling in todays post 9 11 culture of paranoia.

    25. It isn t perfect It s an early work by someone starting out There are many flaws to spot in this book from the bizarre understandings of international politics to the convenience or silliness of plot points.And yetmehow this work resonates almost 20 years later Especially now.

    26. Not my favorite Brian Wood, but still love it Crazy to think that we are far enough out from the late 90s to think of hackers and censorship as slightly dated themes in writing although not in the world as a whole Crazy, huh

    27. I really liked this I think one of the most interesting aspects for me was reading it in 2012 and knowing it was written in 1997 But for whatever reason this comic really stood out to me in a way that few things do.

    28. The story is amazing for its depiction of a nihilistic future that seems less like a possibility and all too much of a probability Anyone who says comics are escapist and useless should shut up and read this.

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