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Daredevil, Volume 3: The Daredevil You Know By Mark Waid Chris Samnee,

  • Title: Daredevil, Volume 3: The Daredevil You Know
  • Author: Mark Waid Chris Samnee
  • ISBN: 9780785192282
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daredevil s recent traumas have left him coping in an unexpected way A mystery that s been building since issue one starts to pay off big San Francisco now has two men without fear and only one will be left standing Collecting Daredevil 11 15
    Daredevil Volume The Daredevil You Know Daredevil s recent traumas have left him coping in an unexpected way A mystery that s been building since issue one starts to pay off big San Francisco now has two men without fear and only one will b

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    1. Now that Matt Murdock is in a place where everybody knows his name that would be San Francisco , he doesn t have to worry about pulling off this stuff but he can t get away with this any heh yet that doesn t excuse his new choice of duds.This is the penultimate volume of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee s award winning run on Daredevil and the cat that was once Matt Murdock s secret identity is now out of the bag for reals and by choice.So what s the first thing Matt does He starts writing a tell all [...]

    2. Since Matt Murdock is blind it doesn t seem fair to criticize his fashion sense, but he has made some stunningly bad choices with his superhero costumes in the past Sure his red tights are now an all time classic, but his original yellow and black outfit Ugh That all black ensemble with a sock pulled over his head left him looking like a low rent ninja Boring And we re all pretending that faux armor abomination back in the 90s never happened, right So it seems a little risky for Daredevil to cha [...]

    3. 11 There s a new Stunt Master and the old one wants to sue him for using his name Meanwhile, Matt and Foggy are working on Matt s autobiography.The new Stunt Master is a douche nozzle and I can t wait for Daredevil to settle his hash I m really enjoying how Waid and Samnee are dusting off and using villains that aren t The Kingpin.12 Daredevil finally gets his hands on the Stunt Master.Now that was some crazy shit There were twists and some awesome action, such as Daredevil driving a car using h [...]

    4. I have loved every page of Mark Waid s run on Daredevil.There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to DD fans just talking about genuine fans here, not the haters One school, which seems to be in the minority these days, thinks DD should always be the wisecracking swashbuckler he was in the early days and that Frank Miller ruined the character forever The other, prominent, school is the folks who think DD should always be the grim, gritty, tortured soul introduced by Miller and expa [...]

    5. So it s official, Waid s second half of his run is great stuff unlike that first half, so jumbled of good, meh, and shit In this volume we get plenty of Daredevil in shitty positions The first arc was okay Stunt master is back and it s a kind of screwed up ending, but it s a fun little story none the less The next arcs are better I freaking love Kristien I hope she never leaves Which this is Matt s life, so it could only mean terrible things I hope I m wrong She s badass, funny, and looks cool I [...]

    6. I really liked Mark Waid s work on the re do of Daredevil That being said this Volume was awful WTF happened Matt Murdock has been outted as Daredevil He has moved to San Francisco to save his friends Which is really stupid since if the enemies KNOW who DD is.en they know who he used to work be friends with So even if he moves to San Francisco or Zurich, Switzerland I can find no reason why the incredibly ruthless array of people who hate DD wouldn t find Foggy and anyone else they damn well ple [...]

    7. Still diggin Waid s wowy zowy technicolour Daredevil run This time around there is legal chicanery, actual Evel Knevel seque motorcycle daredevilry, and an old adversary blows the lid on just a few of Matt s remaining secrets from his life and loves in and out of crimefighting persona.And, oh yeah, a new costume that needs to be seen to be believed.Cos the constant changing must have meant constant chafing, right

    8. Wade has a thing about characters tied to machines World Brilliant art, full of emotion The world building is quite good The status quo continues to change and it keeps the book fresh The anchor of the characters makes this a slice of the MU worth visiting Story Solidly grounded on characters and emotions making for a fun and interesting read The pacing is done well and the banter is absolutely top shelf The Shroud story is still unappealing to me but this is Wade s story and he loves to keep go [...]

    9. Okay, okay, if I averaged out how much I liked the issues in this collection, I would probably rate this as a three star book I wasn t that into the stuntman storyline, but squeal KINGPIN IS BACK Obviously I somehow didn t come into contact with spoilers I m really excited to see where the series goes, and I m once again impressed by how Waid manages to keep the main themes of Daredevil, while treading new ground Somehow he manages to make his run of Daredevil successfully the same but different [...]

    10. I didn t particularly enjoy either of the stories in this trade which ultimately let me down Matt also came across as a major jerk in some of the issues which I felt was slightly out of character.

    11. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee do it again With only a few issues left after this volume, the walls are beginning to close around Daredevil as the inevitable massive finale gets ever closer.We open with a two part story featuring the Stunt Master which has a few good twists and turns, and once again uses Matt s enhanced senses in new and innovative ways Waid and Samnee have always managed to make sure every story they tell is a Daredevil story too easy is it to write street level characters and have [...]

    12. MILD SPOILER You know the point in a TV show, comic or film series, when the main character is dealt such a surprising and damning blow, you can t believe they could be hit so hard well, that happened to Daredevil probably about fifteen times before Mark Waid took over writing duties.Not to be outdone, Waid gives us that Oh no, how could they moment in this trade, and it is spectacular.It is no wonder Matt Murdock has to make a deal with another Devil, in the next trade, to try and save himself [...]

    13. This was good fun and built on the prior run Matt s new costume has to be seen to be believed I couldn t stop laughing though it does make twisted sense The Stunt Master story was fun but the second story has a big impact and completely throws Matt s life in the wringer Again No, for real this time Waid is doing a fine of balancing pathos with humour and it works really well Good job.

    14. Another book in Mark Waid s great run on Daredevil And I ve never been a big fan of Chris Samnee but he s changed my mind with his Daredevil run Marvel should keep Waid and Samnee on this book for as long as they can They ve struck gold.

    15. Geez, wouldn t it be horrible if someone could totally view or hear anything that ever happened within range of a phone, webcam, computer, or whatever What a dystopia

    16. 4.5 Stars, but I m rounding up to 5 for this one.So SO Good It helps to have Chris Samnee as artist on EVERY issue in this volume Every panel of his blows me away.

    17. Daredevil is such a creature of his element Hell s Kitchen that the fact Waid and Samsee make this Daredevil leaves New York reboot work is an impressive achievement in itself That it is as strong as this volume is even impressive Returning to Waid s initial promise at the very beginning of his run that this would not be the typical brooding, depressive Daredevil, Matt is actually happy through most of this volume Personally I think Waid addresses the idea of the superhero with the public ident [...]

    18. What I love about Daredevil is that he spends so much of his time actually helping people That, and spending time with his friends That s the superhero dynamic that appeals to me, and that s why I like Daredevil Also, excellent surprise on the very last page

    19. Daredevil You Know collects issues 11 15 from the 2014 run of Dardevil The first three issues of this trade are actually really good and some of the best yet from this run from writer Mark Waid Issues 11 and 12 are about Daredevil trying to expose a rogue stuntman who is not the next coming of SuperDave he makes himself out to be The two issue arc is really well written and had me really coming around on the Marvel Now version of Daredevil Issue 13 has Murdoch finding his love interest and assis [...]

    20. Daredevil The Daredevil You Know Mini Comic File Daredevil it s me not you okay it s probably you Mark Waid in Daredevil The Daredevil You Know continues Matt Murdock s San Francisco adventure And Matt faces off with a number of old enemies or new ones, as Matt struggles with the theme of indemnity A new Stunt Master has taken the name of the old one who asks Matt to get his name back But could be a trap when the new Stunt Master claims he is the man without fear Then a Matt Murdock, no longer w [...]

    21. Daredevil Volume 3 The Daredevil You Know by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is a fantastic continuation of Waid and Samnee s sure to be classic run This volume contains two story arcs One concerns the return of an obscure character called The Stunt Master and the other is the beginning of the final arc that wraps up the overall story of this entire Daredevil run The Stunt Master narrative is a fun thriller that involves the reader in a series of masterful twists and turns The beginning issues of the [...]

    22. The Daredevil you know continues the saga of Matt Murdoch in San Francisco in Issues 11 15 of the last Mark Waid volume of Daredevil.Issues 11 and 12 feature a return engagement for Stuntmaster, who faced Daredevil several times in the 1970s There s a mystery as well as an examination of Matt s relationship with one of his long time frienimies.Issue 13 finds Matt nervous about Kirsten McDuffie, his girlfriend who he fears will face the same sort of fate as past love interests as she appears to b [...]

    23. As usual Waid serves up an okay volume of Daredevil.The middle of the book loses gas This one ends with a cliffhanger that will leave your jaw hanging as well That being said the new Daredevil duds are so lame.From the cheesy red stupid looking suit right to that dumbass hair cut Waids lucky hes such a damn good writer cause I actually hated Jublua Prides costume as well.This set of issues also just don t seem to have the depth of some of the darker stuff which has always been when DD is at its [...]

    24. Mark Waid and Samnee have created a sure to be legendary run on Daredevil This volume was simply fantastic Samnee beautifully illustrates in an old school pulp like fashion the story of Matt Murdock as his life begins to crumble around What makes this story click is the idea of how mask vigilantes lives are shaken when they take off their mask Daredevil and his alter ego Matt Murdock are both know to the world So Matt is in constant fear of his old enemies seeking revenge on his love ones and ne [...]

    25. Waid s just great I struggle to decide if I prefer Bendis s who wrote Daredevil as we know Daredevil perfectly or Waid s who wrote Daredevil like we ve never seen him before while still staying really true to the character runs, but they re both amazing reads Waid manages to write a light hearted book about a dark character by showing Murdock than usual Still, inexplicably, it still feels like Daredevil he s just coping differently, and characters in the book even notice his unually sunny dispo [...]

    26. Mark Waid s DD run was sold as a bright, swashbuckling change from all those grim stories Matt s lived since Frank Miller first made him matter a dark tone now taken to an even wider audience by Netflix I am so hyped for the second season tomorrow But it seems like, even by superhero standards, there s a gravity that will always pull Daredevil s life down the plughole in new and interesting ways Which is a shame, because the best bits here are where friends are trying to convince him to stop wor [...]

    27. Our horned hero faces a big reversal that s too sudden to be satisfying The villain here seems to linger for plot purposes after he should have been put away I do like Matt s new three piece costume, but I wish this change in the status quo would have been allowed to linger longer before returning to a familiar big baddy I enjoy the art and the characters of Waid s Daredevil run, but the plot seems to be spinning its wheels.

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