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Olympic Dreams By Lauraine Snelling,

  • Title: Olympic Dreams
  • Author: Lauraine Snelling
  • ISBN: 9781556615054
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 in the High Hurdles for early teen girls DJ Randall s Olympic ambitions of being a show jumper face one obstacle she doesn t have a horse
    Olympic Dreams Book in the High Hurdles for early teen girls DJ Randall s Olympic ambitions of being a show jumper face one obstacle she doesn t have a horse

    One thought on “Olympic Dreams”

    1. I read this book as a kid, but I couldn t remember ever finishing it, so I tried again On re reading I realised this is Christian morality fiction than it is horse fiction, and the reason I didn t finish it is probably that pretty much everyone in the book is a jerk.When the adults are being reasonable, DJ is being selfish and rude When DJ actually responds to some life changing news in a way that, while not very sensitive, is totally understandable for a kid her age under the circumstances, th [...]

    2. When I was younger, I was always especially fond of the High Hurdles series I related to DJ in some way, and could understand where she was coming from Add in some horses and it was a good recipe DJ is relatable to any early teen, and not without her flaws making her realistic and hard to dislike Written with just the right amount of Christianly overtones, its hard to find much to dislike about the writing and plot.

    3. I had read this before, but decided to read it again before reviewing it here Interesting story, even though I m not into horses.Darla Jean Randall was daydreaming about being in the Olympics one day Her best friend, Amy Yamamoto, was waiting for her Amy reminded her that she had a group lesson shortly As they biked to the Academy, they talked about DJ getting her own horse They soon arived at the Briones Riding Academy DJ gave a carrot to her favorite horse, Diablo She felt that she couldn t lo [...]

    4. This book was definitely a stroll down memory lane I remember being 11 12 and loving these books I read the entire series when I was that age, and reading them again I can see why I found that now, they really don t apply to me as much, as Snelling s writing is definitely geared toward a younger audience, but the plot is still pretty enjoyable and the setting is developed really well.

    5. This was kinda a so so horse book for me shocking I know DJ kinda annoyed me and her attitude toward her family seemed very crabby I just never really got this book yeah a horse loving teen who wants a horse so she can get to the olympics someday a little too far fetched

    6. I think this is a very inspirational books for those either going for their dreams or trying to earn some money

    7. this is where I got my dream for jumping my horses from I was already riding by the time I read these series the first time but I didn t know what I wanted to do with horses thanks Snelling

    8. I liked her first series better, but I do like how she has made this series a little different then her last one.

    9. I think these books are my favorite I would recommend this series to anyone, even if you don t like horse.

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