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De Wolvenlus By Nicholas Evans Inge de Heer,

  • Title: De Wolvenlus
  • Author: Nicholas Evans Inge de Heer
  • ISBN: 9789022524084
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Een baby ligt buiten in zijn wiegje te kraaien Langzaam sluipt de wolf dichterbij Een troep wolven waart in de bosrijke omgeving van het dorpje Hope in Montana, de streek waar ze een eeuw geleden tot op het laatste exemplaar werden afgeslacht Nu worden ze beschermd door de wet en door de 29 jarige biologe Helen Ross, die in het gebied is om deze prachtige wilde dierenEen baby ligt buiten in zijn wiegje te kraaien Langzaam sluipt de wolf dichterbij Een troep wolven waart in de bosrijke omgeving van het dorpje Hope in Montana, de streek waar ze een eeuw geleden tot op het laatste exemplaar werden afgeslacht Nu worden ze beschermd door de wet en door de 29 jarige biologe Helen Ross, die in het gebied is om deze prachtige wilde dieren te observeren Ook moet ze zien te voorkomen dat de wolven opnieuw worden uitgeroeid Dit tot groot ongenoegen van de lokale schapenfokkers die hun kuddes bedreigd zien.
    De Wolvenlus Een baby ligt buiten in zijn wiegje te kraaien Langzaam sluipt de wolf dichterbij Een troep wolven waart in de bosrijke omgeving van het dorpje Hope in Montana de streek waar ze een eeuw geleden tot

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    1. Excellent read very creative,interesting and an enjoyable storyline that was well research in animal up bringinga nice book for animal lovers also paperback

    2. This has been recommended to me by several friends here on GR, and while I trust their judgmentI still didn t expect to fall in love with this story as quickly as I did Before the plot gets going, Evans introduces you to a cast of rich and varied characters that are alone worth reading the book for I was so caught up in their lives that before I knew it I was surrounded by a plot of wolves and intrigue The story was so realistic, there was quite a bit of detail of how the wolves live, how the va [...]

    3. How do you write the review of such a nice book Perhaps, by not saying too much about it and just letting all its sacred moments regurgitate in your mind This one is what I would call a perfect book to follow up on, if the only one of Evans you ve read is the Horse Whisperer.The typical strong start that has been inherent in Nicholas Evans writings since Horse Whisperer and we all hope he doesn t change that, I love the way he begins is present in The Loop too The book never loses its focus and [...]

    4. This was the second novel by this author that I ve read and I ve already added another of his to my TBR pile If anyone tried to explain to me what this was about, I probably would have thought, Ah Not my thing Then I would have moved on to the next one But I ended up liking this one a lot It was well written and had a nice flow I liked the characters They seemed rooted to reality and they were true to themselves I always like when the things we have been asked to believe about the characters are [...]

    5. Boy, am I glad I allowed myself to be persuaded to read this book Although, persuade is a rather light description of the methods used to induce me to read The Loop I forgive them though.Thanks goes to Jeane, Atishay and Kathy who for many a long day campaigned for me to read this book and I can t blame them It was fantastic Nicholas Evans is one of those gold dust authors who has some magical ability to capture thoughts, feelings, actions, movements everything in words without even trying to, s [...]

    6. Wolves But rather desultory follow up of the excellent Horse Whisperer.It s the Sixth Sense and Donnie Darko effect here, something great by mistake I don t know, but Evans after his first novel spent rest of his career trying to measure up or outdo his debut novel.

    7. What sweet joy Nicholas Evans is after putting myself through most of Jean Auel s Earth s Children series I couldn t help but draw comparisons with The Plains of Passage as I read, although, to be fair, Auel and Evans are writing completely different stories for a different era Still, there s romance, nature, hunting, and sex here, and Evans handles all with such grace and restraint where Auel will go on for 100 pages telling you how Ayla makes soup, and then another 100 pages with everyone tell [...]

    8. The Loop deals with two of my favourite scenarios, that of wolves and living in the wilds through four seasons This is the well written story of a community divided by the suspected killing of ranch cattle by wolves It pits angry ranchers and townspeople against the Federal Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries, biologists and environmentalists.Helen, a biologist working on her Phd, is called to track and monitor the seemingly guilty pack of wolves, all the while living in a remote cabin in the forest [...]

    9. My mother suggested this book to me at a young age She loved Evan s other book, The Horse Whisperer, and since she knew I love wolves, she had to get me this book It was one of the best things my mother ever gave me I still own a copy of it and anytime I don t have a good book to read, I ll always fall back on that one The story is very solid, the grammar, mechanics, and plot all have sound bases, but that s not why you love a story, that s just what makes you able to love it I connected with th [...]

    10. This is a very emotional book It gives you the ups and downs of wolves being reintroduced after almost becoming extinct Evans does such a great job of giving both sides of the issue that you can easily see why it is such a controversy His descriptions put you right in the middle of the story, very well done.

    11. I loved this book so much I have read it twice I related to Helen and even to young Luke I sympathized with him and the abuse he suffers at his dad s hands I also felt Helen s frustrations with the ranchers and the way they treated her or talked down to her The look at the lives of wolves in Yellowstone and the tracking process was fascinating I plan on reading this for a third time.

    12. I couldn t get into this book and I so wanted to because I am fascinated by wolves and spent two summers in Yellowstone The writing was so vivid, but the plot was too slow moving for me I quit reading it I know I m odd ball reviewer on this one Maybe I ll try again.

    13. I love all of Evans novels well the fiction ones , and this one in particular became a favorite that has lasted through my evolving tastes I need to do another re read again s been a while even though I must have read this 5 times if I ve read it at all.

    14. This book walks the line in an unusual way the stretches of formulaic drama almost ruined my interest, but the tense action scenes and hints of moral introspection were just enough to keep me turning the pages The story unfolds in the town of Hope, Montana In the nearby wilderness, a pack of reintroduced wolves part of a government effort to restore wolf populations after they had been hunted to near extinction are on the hunt The trouble is, Hope is a community of cattle ranchers, and any threa [...]

    15. Sparks seems to truly understand small town life and the work involved in ranching This time, he does for wolves what he did for horses in The Horse Whisperer Okay, not really, but he writes a compelling novel with building conflict between the biologists who want to protect the wolves and the ranchers who want them eradicated in order to protect their livestock There is a long standing hatred between the cattlemen and the wolves and an incident brings this conflict to a near war Remember, these [...]

    16. I m embarrassed to say I missed the Nicholas Evans book He had the mega hit Horse Whisperer in 1995, I just ignored it Never read it, and didn t read anything of his until my wife brought The Divide home from the library It s a masterpiece, and now I m trying to work my way through his other books He s really good He s not a cookie cutter type author like Cliver Cussler or James Patterson, who s cranking out a couple of books a year He s carefully putting together epic, brilliant stories Those t [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book but was surprised that I didn t come away with a totally clear picture of what the author believed was the answer to wolf reintroduction It was very clear at the beginning that the wolf was thinking about getting the baby vs the cattle And then throughout the book there was sympathy built for the wolves and the biologists because of the rash and selfish way that the ranchers approached everything But I thought the secret release of the new alpha couple at the end was probably [...]

    18. Ho adorato il modo in cui l autore intreccia la vita naturale con quella amorosa di Helen Amo il fatto che Evans si prenda tutto il tempo necessario per costruire la storia Una storia dove il romance non predominante e dove, invece, spicca la forza, la bellezza e la vastit di una natura selvaggia e l incredibile crudelt dell uomo Personaggio preferito Luke Questo ragazzo timido, balbuziente e disprezzato pure dal suo stesso padre si dimostrer alla fine il pi uomo di tutti Adorato da subito XD

    19. After I finished Horse Whisperer, by Nicolas Evans, I read this one Wolves are being reintroduced in areas next to cattle ranchers and the naturalists butt heads with the cattle barons Great characters and setting.

    20. The Loop by Nicholas Evans is a well paced book There is a good amount of suspense and drama Evans does a successful job of creating characters that you care about and feel for.The story centers around a field biologist named Helen Ross, who has been sent a small town named Hope in She is an enthusiastic, comical, diligent, amiable but defensive and fragile person Because of her failed relationships she suffers from a mental storm but does her best to conceal it by occupying herself The main ant [...]

    21. A lovely story, this book reminded me a little of Barbara Kingsolver s Prodigal Summer In both novels you get the perspectives of both the ranchers who want to kill the predators and the rangers biologists who want to protect the species In Kingsolver s book it was coyotes and in The Loop it is wolves.In this book the war between the two factions is bloody and but both books focus on personal relationships I like both books and this review is not about comparison.Nicholas Evans wrote The Horse [...]

    22. It may be possible, although highly unlikely, for animal loving wild life preservationists to exist harmoniously alongside farmers, hunters and hillbillies Usually the conflicts of interest experienced by these polarised groups blinds them to the fact that working together is the only way to minimise the damage inflicted by each on the other, and the only way to effect a long term compromise in a successful community Nicholas Evans has set his novel in unforgiving terrain harshly afflicted by ex [...]

    23. Whenever I go somewhere for my vacation, and wherever that may be, my single most important rule besides bringing my passport and other essentials is Bring a few promising books.This summer I went to my aunt s for a few weeks in july I did bring a few promising books, but none that would satisfy the hastily risen need for a great romance She and her husband live far up among the Norwegian mountains and I try to visit once a year to get my annual fill of mountain ranges and wilderness and while t [...]

    24. This was a hugely enjoyable read Nicholas Evans has great insight into the interior workings of both women and men to be convincing when relating their thoughts and experiences I loved the way he elaborated on the internal personal troubles the characters were dealing with His thorough research on wolves also made it very captivating for me Set in Montana where wolf biologists have to deal with irate farmers when the farmers blame the wolves sometimes with reason, sometimes not for losses in the [...]

    25. This novel, from the same author as The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans, is about a wolf biologist, a wolf pack, and a small town s fear and loathing of wolves Evans builds characters who we side with and side against Though it has been some time since I have read this book, one thing that still stands out in my mind are the characters Helen Ross and Luke Calder especially Luke, who I envisioned as a hot young rancher are still fresh in my mind For anyone who loves wolves, this novel is one you [...]

    26. Heavy book I wasn t expecting the emotional stuff involving the wolves in this book It was a good story that I found very interesting, and it also brought up a lot of issues regarding wilderness and our respect for it I guess I tend toward the philosophy that we are in the wilderness space, so we need to respect whatever the wilderness gives us or takes away from us Hmmm this book is a thinker, but it also has some fun little side stories Worth the read This is my favorite quote pg 39 But the lo [...]

    27. I don t know why this book affected me like it did It is a romance, but backed up with a story about protected wolves in cattle country The wolf story is what had me enthralled in this book It opened my eyes to not only the plight of wolves who are endangered but I was also able to see the point of view of the cattle ranchers whose livlihood is threatened by a nearby wolf pack and there is nothing that they can legally do The fact that Evans is a pretty good writer his work reads very easily and [...]

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