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Infinite Possibilities By Lisa Renee Jones,

  • Title: Infinite Possibilities
  • Author: Lisa Renee Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Secrets and lies They are everywhere haunting her, tormenting her In the midst of it all, he d been her escape, her passion The only person she d trusted in six years And then he d made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply But as she d once told him, she was damaged, not broken She is ready to fight and not just for survival She is fighting for the truth and shSecrets and lies They are everywhere haunting her, tormenting her In the midst of it all, he d been her escape, her passion The only person she d trusted in six years And then he d made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply But as she d once told him, she was damaged, not broken She is ready to fight and not just for survival She is fighting for the truth and she won t stop until she has it, not even for him.
    Infinite Possibilities Secrets and lies They are everywhere haunting her tormenting her In the midst of it all he d been her escape her passion The only person she d trusted in six years And then he d made her doubt that

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    1. Run to me Not from me this book was my least favorite in this series, No let me rephrase that it was my least favorite book of all time but my curiosity got the best of me, i had to finish it, i needed to know the secret hey if we all liked the same books the world would be a boring place p, in this book Amy had her Nancy Drew mode activated she was playing detective, she was trying to find truth behind her family s murder but she didn t got far because Liam found her and took her with him befor [...]

    2. release date 11 November 2013 250 pages The Secret Life of Amy Benson 2Raw and honest That is what Liam Stone claimed he wanted from me, but that is not what he gave meI cannot risk trusting him, or anyone for that matter, at least ot until I confront the past someone wants me to forgetMY THOUGHTSThe book starts right where Escaping Reality left off.Remember Amy overheard Liam talking to Derek, about her and about how Liam could handle her and the situation etc.So, what does Amy do Now that she [...]

    3. Catch up with the New York Times sexy, thrilling bestselling mystery THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN SERIES, before the highly anticipated books 3 and 4, FORSAKEN Aug 18th and UNBROKEN Sept 7th , release Pre order here FORSAKENbit Forsakenbit ForsakenBarnesbit ForsakeniBooksUNBROKENbit Unbrokenbit UnbrokenBarnesbitly Unbroken_iBooks

    4. The Plot ThickensThis second book in the series has Amy on the run again For the first time since her life was touched by violence over six years ago, she is without the assistance of her mystery handler Her past soon catches up with her as Liam and her enemies throw all their resources at tracking her down It seems that everybody wants a piece of Amy From one page to the next I was trying to figure out who could be trusted.Surprising information about Amy s brother is brought to light, changing [...]

    5. I was really hoping I d enjoy this I was entertained with the first one, but the mystery was just a jumble of frustration and unanswered questions This installment did give answers, but I don t get why things had to go the way they did for six years Not a lot makes sense in Amy s hiding or how it came about in my opinion The fact she never asked questions or tried to find out what happened and just mindlessly went along with mysterious instructions in the form of anonymous notes was so ridiculou [...]

    6. Suspense Coincidence DesperateRun to me Not from meFINITE POSSIBILITIES continues from where book one left off I don t want to give anything away by getting into the plot but I will say I m still not sure who to trust One big question did get answered who her handler is and why he she choose to help Amy But we are still left wondering who the bad guys are and exactly why they want Amy dead.My list stays the same for who could possibly be a bad guy her new boyfriend her neighbor her handler her n [...]

    7. I was really excited to read this book It was kinda slow and the ending confused the hell out of me.I hope Chad s book explains I was a lil disappointed.

    8. October No Need this now That was a killer ending in Escaping RealityThere s a cover But now I see it says early NovemberBoo Wantw.

    9. 3.5 Stars This should have been a 4 star, no questions So why not Well I started this a few days ago Put it down Read another book and then did not run back to pick it up Amy Benson is on the run yet again But this time she knows the identity of at least on man that is after her, Liam But what she doesn t know is if he is someone she should fear What she heard tells her she should, but her instincts and her heart tells her he will protect her.For six years, Amy, has been on the run and from a pa [...]

    10. Oh my what i ve had just read that was insane LOVED this story words can t even express how i feel right now this was certainly intense and God, i can t wait to find out what happened with Chad This story keeps getting better and better Ms Jones You re a GENIUS CAN T WAITTTTTTTTT what a cliffhanger huh pleaseee Ms Jones

    11. OMFG the way my heart is beating right now is not even right I can t believe I have to wait until October for this Like seriously whyyyyyyyyI need to know what s going on urgggggg this wait is going to kill me

    12. 4 ANTAGONIZING STARS Reading OrderEscaping Reality The Secret Life of Amy Bensen 1 Infinite Possibilities The Secret Life of Amy Bensen 2 Forsaken The Secret Life of Amy Bensen 3 Chad s POVReviewI ABSOLUTELY LOVED LOVED this bookuntil the last 5% it went to fast and or less left me hanging It was cleaned up too fast and too easy I WANTED MORE Yeah, yeah.I know there is a book 3 but it s not going to be about Amy and Liam God how I hope we have of their story in 3 and find out about Jared, Meg [...]

    13. I feel like I got gypped, but I know it s no one s fault but my own It s not like I was expecting great literature, or even a conclusion, but I was hoping that something would happen to feel like we were getting somewhere, and I can t say this satisfactorily met that expectation The book is not that long to begin with, and it feels like three quarters of it was consumed by repetitive purple prose about the melting sensations Amy supposedly experiences every time Liam comes within 15 feet of her [...]

    14. Infinite Possibilities is book two in what appears to be a trilogy This installment picks up right where book one left off I would categorize this series as romantic suspense Amy Benson is still on the run and her life is still in danger She still doesn t know who is after her and the plot thickens This review will contain major spoilers if you haven t already read book one So if you haven t read it yet Stop reading now, and go read it, because it was amazing This book picks right up where book [...]

    15. 3.5 Continuing, Conspiracy, Exotic Stars Earlier this year, I read Escaping Reality and was quite taken with it It had a catchy start of a woman living a life while needing to hide in plain sight She is being handled by a man she never sees She has lost all of her family in a devastating fire, and when she is directed by the handler instructing her of danger, she follows his directions going to where he says It felt a little like the TV show Mission Impossible meets In Plain Sight Yes, unfortuna [...]

    16. 4.5 BRILLIANT, CAN T WAIT FOR MORE STARS This is book 2 of the brilliant The Secret Life Of Amy Bensen series and it continues from where book 1 ended.What do you do when you don t know who to trust When your life is in danger When there are so many secrets and no answers Where do you run Where do you hide After the ending of Escaping Reality my emotions were all over the place I was dying to get my hands on this book and find out what is going on.And wellLisa Renee Jones did not disappoint Ther [...]

    17. 3 still sexy and mysterious but not as good as the first starsAfter reading Escaping Reality I was so sucked into The Secret Life of Amy Bensen that I had to continue straight on This book picks up immediately after the end of Escaping Reality, with Amy torn between her fear for her life and her necessarily distrustful nature, and the man who she is very quickly falling for, Liam Stone I can t risk trusting him or anyone else until I confront the past someone wants me to forget Amy has spent the [...]

    18. Infinite PossibilitiesBy Lisa Renee JonesThan you to Lisa Renee Jones for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.I honestly can t begin to tell you how amazingly talented Lisa Renee Jones is when it comes to writing She is honestly my favorite author and NEVER leaves me disappointed after completing one of her master pieces Yes, she writes stories with amazing characters, plots that include great love stories, scenes that are filled with passion and leave your heat racing but she always includ [...]

    19. Oh Lisa Renee Jones, you did me a DIRTY I started Infinite Possibilities thinking I was finally going to get answers Escaping Reality ended with so many questions unanswered I was dying but I thought Infinite Possibilities would tell me everything WRONG How could you do this to me I finished this second book and know NOTHING NOTHING And now there is a book three Say it ain t so I have a major problem with unannounced cliffhangers and series books I feel like an author has a responsibility to let [...]

    20. 4.5 Infinite Stars Story picks up where it left off Amy is again on the run, not knowing who to trust and heartbroken Liam had been her escape, her passion, the only person she trust then he made her doubt him But even if Liam is telling the truth, she can t put his life in danger because of her Secrets and lies They are everywhere haunting her, tormenting her But Liam is not giving up on Amy, he fights to keep Amy safe, for Amy to run to him not run from him, to show her that she is his In this [...]

    21. You know those TV series where you get so hooked, you re just DYING to get some answers, only to learn a mind blowing twist during the season finale and when the new season FINALLY goes on air after months of obsessing over THAT ending , even questions are thrown your way Like, what the hell, right Well, this book totally did an Alias, Lost and an Arrow on me It s mainly frustrating that I have to wait for I don t know how many months for the next book for answers that I probably won t get, but [...]

    22. 3.5 Stars Cannot be read as a standaloneI m a little disappointed.In the previous book, Amy purposely put all her bad memories to the side She ignored the issues and ran Now she wants to face her demons and get answers.Amy still has her trust issues from the previous book But things become a LITTLE clearer I hate how Amy remembers bits and pieces Can she just have one flashback and remember everything Geebuz There are a lot of steamy moments with Liam He is definitely my favorite character I m [...]

    23. REVIEW INFINITE POSSIBILITIES is the second storyline in Lisa Renee Jones s contemporary, new adult series The Secret Life of Amy Bensen Lisa Renee Jones has pushed the envelope with this heart stopping, soul searching, suspense filled story of one woman trying to survive against an unknown enemy But as Amy leaves one life for another, nothing is ever clear, and the people that she trusts, become a bigger mystery than the ones she left.Lisa pulls the reader into a story that had me sitting on th [...]

    24. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Lisa Renee Jones has hit it out of the park againI stick by what I have said countless time NO ONE can do suspense like Jones can I felt just as paranoid as AmyI didn t know if Liam was trustworthy I was so back adn forth about it, which adds just to the AWESOMENESS of Infinite Possibilities We start learning bits and pieces of Amys past with her family and begin to put the puzzle pieces together Things weren t exactly as Amy had first perceived them to be, and when [...]

    25. Well, that is it I guess Huh I don t know how I feel about this I really, really, REALLY hate when you are reading a series and the first book from the gate is amazing, refreshing and ends up being a 5 read which pushes you to start the second immediately and then, well, then you are faced with disappointment This book started out great, there was still all the who, what and where that made the first book so exciting plus we got some answers in this one Amy was remembering things that she had fo [...]

    26. Lisa has done it again She left us dying for at the end of Escaping Reality What in the world was Amy going to do She truly was alone with no one she felt she could trust Infinite Possibilities dives right into the action I couldn t stop reading until Amy and I both had answers Lisa is such a talented story teller and does an awesome job of weaving these characters lives together There are unexpected connections at every turn as well as new questions Amy is still running, but instead of trying [...]

    27. Siccome questo secondo libro della serie The Secret Life of Amy Bensen doveva essere la conclusione della storia di Amy e Liam, pensavo che la fine sarebbe stata diversa Ovviamente non cos , perch nel terzo libro anche se ci sar Chad, il fratello di Amy, io non sono riuscita comunque a capirci molto di tutta questa storia di intrighi e bugie Forse perch ci verr spiegato tutto nel prossimo libro Lo spero Vedremo Liam Stone sempre Liam Stone Anche se qui si preoccupa di pi di essere un uomo innamo [...]

    28. I loved Infinite Possibilities Lisa Renee Jones crafted a intriguing sequel that kept me turning the pages as quickly as I could while trying to solve the mystery around Amy s past I was right with Amy while she was trying to navigate through her past and her present in an attempt to ensure that she would have a future I had so many questions after Escaping Reality and many of them were answered I definitely understood why Amy questions everyone s presence in her life The hardest thing for Amy i [...]

    29. Let me just say how much I love this series I love reading a book and having my heart in my throat the entire time There is so much angst in this series, and I live for the angst Lisa Renee Jones can weave a story so intricate and mange to weave the web so well that you are hooked from page 1.Infinite Possibilites starts off exactly where Escaping Reality left off And what a cliffhanger that one was And guess what You get another one with this book I know a bunch of readers don t like cliffhange [...]

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