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Ghastle and Yule By Josh Malerman,

  • Title: Ghastle and Yule
  • Author: Josh Malerman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two warring horror filmmakers are haunted by each other s work in this tense, chilling tale of dark artistic vision set in 1960s Hollywood Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are promising young directors who help reshape the genre But as their careers take off, will their need to outdo each other bring them to commit acts macabre than what they commit to film Told in inTwo warring horror filmmakers are haunted by each other s work in this tense, chilling tale of dark artistic vision set in 1960s Hollywood Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are promising young directors who help reshape the genre But as their careers take off, will their need to outdo each other bring them to commit acts macabre than what they commit to film Told in intimate detail by their mutual cinematographer, Ghastle and Yule chronicles the rise and fall of two geniuses at the stormy height of their powers and what happens when obsessions go too far Josh Malerman is the author of Bird Box and the songwriter for the band the High Strung He lives in Ferndale, Michigan with his fiancee Allison Laakko Praise for Bird Box This completely compelling novel contains a thousand subtle touches but no mere flourishes it so well, so efficiently, so directly written I read it with real admiration Josh Malerman does the job like a fast talking, wised up angel Peter Straub Immersive, mesmerizing, and deliciously dark this the best kind of horror, where your imagination becomes your own worst enemy Jamie Ford Chilling and beautifully told A must read Hugh Howey, bestselling author of WOOL Hitchcockian A notably strong study of modern psychological terror USA Today Startlingly fresh and potent Rue Morgue Magazine Cover design by Adil Dara
    Ghastle and Yule Two warring horror filmmakers are haunted by each other s work in this tense chilling tale of dark artistic vision set in s Hollywood Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are promising young directors w

    One thought on “Ghastle and Yule”

    1. Because Josh Malerman is my God.And kindle unlimited.________________________I want to marry Josh Malerman First of all, he s hot.Second of all, he s the singer of a really awesome band called The High Strung Find them on Spotify Or Pandora Seriously They re great.And third of all, he writes amazing books.Though this little novella isn t as good as his full length debut, Bird Box, it is a stellar story Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are two newbie horror film directors from the sixties who have t [...]

    2. 3 1 2 stars Interesting Very interesting.After loving Josh Malerman s Bird Box, naturally my expectations for Ghastle and Yule were a little raised Okay, I was freaking pumped to find this Is it as good as Bird Box No But it was a very entertaining short story that is just spilling over with love for the horror genre.Also, I completely broke down into giggles at this passage It either follows the footprints of an indeterminate living thing as it crosses the snow covered mountains of Alberta or f [...]

    3. I absolutely loved Bird Box by this author, even though horror is not my genre of choice Unable to sleep a few nights ago, I was going through the kindle shorts and noticed this and on impulse just pressed the buy button It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but if this was a full sized novel I don t think I would be able to finish it If you re a fan of horror movies, this is a must read.

    4. Great quick readMalerman follows up Birdbox with an odd little story that contains great visuals I found myself picturing the scenes as they are described, you can almost visualize the art of the scenes as they would be seen through the directors eyes Enjoyed as a quick read.

    5. Picked this up on a whim through Prime Reading on and actually enjoyed it It takes a bit to get into what s going on but when you do, it s pretty decent reading The descriptions of the movies in the book made me want them to be actually made so I could see them

    6. Review originally posted on Robots Read I recently read that it takes about three books for most readers to become truly enard with an author s work If they re still happily awaiting any new releases of yours after that, then congrats, you ve got yourself a loyal fan.That being said, I ve read and loved both Bird Box and A House at the Bottom of a Lake see Rosey and my discussion here by Josh Malerman and have been eyeing another story of his for quite some time Unfortunately I always thought it [...]

    7. Someone get Christopher Nolan on the phone stat This novella, included as a bonus with the excellent Bird Box, is so filmic in it s plot and qualities it veritably screams for an adaption by someone of Nolan s ability, perhaps in part because it mirrors his earlier work in films like The Prestige Here, rather than magicians, we have two directors both competing against each other in 1960 s Hollywood to establish a new genre perhaps best described as auteur horror The story, told from the perspec [...]

    8. A short story about two B list horror movie directions, working their way into the big leagues at the same time, find they can t help but compete with one another Soon the competition becomes scary as their credibility comes into check as well as their sanity Their histories and films are recounted from the perspective of a past cameraman, at one time employed by both, who seems to have an intricate knowledge and understanding of each that will lead the reader to wonder just how much he really k [...]

    9. The writing and story itself were great, however, this was not a book for me The ideas weren t anything I was familiar with as I m not a fan of the horror movie genre The ending was quite abrupt as well and I went back and forth on the kindle a few times to make sure that I didn t get click happy and skip a page I d recommend only if a true fan of horror.

    10. This is a comedy for horror geeks A quick, sharp read that tells of a feud between two directors of horror films.The main body of the story comprises of wonderful hints and impressions of the their bizarre and outlandish movies What makes the story exceptional is within this structure Malerman delivers building dread and an actual horror ending to the novella As a short work, it could have used a touch fleshing out here and there, but I read the book with a big smile on my face, which I ll give [...]

    11. What happens when 2 new directors come onto the horror scene at the same time Their first film is a collaboration Then slowly they part and make their own movies or do they As one career takes off quickly the other slowly comes around As their popularity rises so do the rumors Each director accusing the other as stealing their ideas Then one day the both have the exact same idea and approach the cinematographer He doesn t know what to do Legal battles draw out for the rights of ownership Then r [...]

    12. This short story is one hell of a good timeIF you are a big fan of horror and cinema I can see others who read Bird Box but aren t explicitly horror fans not enjoying this, though Luckily, I am a huge fan of the genre and the behind the scenes of film making since that s what I do for a living so this story was pretty much made for me It tells the tale of two competing filmmakers, their rise to popularity and critical success and their upward downward spiral s Perhaps the most enjoyable aspects [...]

    13. I couldn t decide between 3 and 4 stars, so let s call it 3.5 I enjoyed reading this, and I appreciated the amount of thought put into it The ending felt a predictable and a little anti climactic, but this wasn t the kind of roller coaster of a book that I felt needed a crazy reveal or twist or something The way it went was how I expected it to go, but that wasn t entirely a bad thing.

    14. Great character development in such a short story This is well thought out, original, and well written I read this author s book, Bird Box, and had a few moments of anxiety It s exciting when a writer can make you feel a strong emotion like that, I m usually so bored With these two works I can see amazing potential for the future

    15. The story of the two most famous art horror directors of the period in a fictional early 1960s Hollywood and their vicious rivalry as told first person by their mutual cinematographer Thought provoking, resonating, like Malerman s other equally superb novella, A House at the Bottom of a Lake.

    16. Definitely intriguing and captivating The films mentioned within are now films I want to watch It s a good read and it s short.

    17. 3 and a half stars.Interesting story, but I was a little underwhelmed sometimes The ending was excellent, and made up for a lot.

    18. 3 stars for my second Josh Malerman book.Josh Malerman is really letting me down I thought I would love his books I read this one straight after reading A House at the Bottom of a Lake After being warned that I might not enjoy A House at the Bottom of a Lake, I wasn t overly worried that it I didn t love it However, Ghastle and Yule, wasn t much better.There are three reasons why I liked and didn t like this book I liked this because Firstly, it felt like reading a biography Ghastle and Yule fel [...]

    19. This novella novelette whatever from Josh Malerman is sufficient to prove that his formidable debut novel, Bird Box, was not a freak and that he has other ideas worth exploring It moves along at a brisk pace, with 13 chapters crammed into the equivalent according to Kindle of a mere 54 pages.The titular characters are rival horror film directors whose careers seem inextricably interlinked, as Malerman, in a memoir style, recounts their climb from promising newcomers to household names of the ilk [...]

    20. Malerman is an imaginative and fresh new voice in horror fiction This Kindle short story isn t quite as thrilling as his first novel, Bird Box, but it goes in a different direction and shows that Malerman has the good ideas to drive good stories after the splash of the first novel Here, two competing horror directors pull the cinematographer narrator s loyalties to both in opposite directions until the story snaps to a surprising conclusion I d like to see flourishes of description here 1960s h [...]

    21. A classic story of bitter rivalry, directed by a master of the genre.Malerman has combined his knowledge of two topics close to his heart, horror cinema and horror fiction, to deliver a compelling and tense tale of professional rivalry and obsession that takes a very dark and sinister turn in the end Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are very believable as characters, as is the protagonist, but the two directors and their mutual contempt are the main focus of the story From similar beginnings, their [...]

    22. Still a huge Malerman fan, this short novella was underwhelming I liked the premise and it worked for me initially it reminded me of Marisha Pessl s wonderful Night Film But I found it ultimately unsatisfying If it had been a full novel, it would have been worse As a short story, it is interesting enough to leave it as fine Not a regrettable read, just a letdown after three fantastic books from Malerman.

    23. This was a really fun short novella about 2 rival horror movie directors reinventing the genre eventually coined meaningful macabre.This is just proof that Malerman is an idea machine.I found myself wishing that some of the movies these men directed were real especially Bicameral island.

    24. I was hoping for a darker tone in this little story, released on Halloween and focusing on feuding masters of noir films in the 60 s I think the simple storytelling feel was intentional, as the story is narrated by a cinematographer who worked for both directors, but the lack of mood in the writing created an odd juxtaposition with the supposed mood presented in the films described By the end, I just wasn t prepared for what the story was building up to, because there wasn t any eerie ness in th [...]

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