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The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka's Civil War By Rohini Mohan,

  • Title: The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka's Civil War
  • Author: Rohini Mohan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An unforgettable account of the scars of war, and the mayhem of peace.For three decades, Sri Lanka s civil war tore communities apart In 2009, the Sri Lankan army finally defeated the separatist Tamil Tigers guerrillas in a fierce battle that swept up about 300,000 civilians and killed than 40,000 More than a million had been displaced by the conflict, and the resilAn unforgettable account of the scars of war, and the mayhem of peace.For three decades, Sri Lanka s civil war tore communities apart In 2009, the Sri Lankan army finally defeated the separatist Tamil Tigers guerrillas in a fierce battle that swept up about 300,000 civilians and killed than 40,000 More than a million had been displaced by the conflict, and the resilient among them still dared to hope But the next five years changed everything Rohini Mohan s searing account of three lives caught up in the devastation looks beyond the heroism of wartime survival to reveal the creeping violence of the everyday When city bred Sarva is dragged off the streets by state forces, his middle aged mother, Indra, searches for him through the labyrinthine Sri Lankan bureaucracy Meanwhile, Mugil, a former child soldier, deserts the Tigers in the thick of war to protect her family Having survived, they struggle to live as the Sri Lankan state continues to attack minority Tamils and Muslims, frittering away the era of peace Sarva flees the country, losing his way and almost his life in a bid for asylum Mugil stays, breaking out of the refugee camp to rebuild her family and an ordinary life in the village she left as a girl But in her tumultuous world, desires, plans, and people can be snatched away in a moment The Seasons of Trouble is a startling, brutal, yet beau tifully written debut from a prize winning journal ist It is a classic piece of reportage, five years in the making, and a trenchant, compassionate examina tion of the corrosive effect of conflict on a people.
    The Seasons of Trouble Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka s Civil War An unforgettable account of the scars of war and the mayhem of peace For three decades Sri Lanka s civil war tore communities apart In the Sri Lankan army finally defeated the separatist Tamil

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    1. For some books, as you near the end you speed up as the plot comes to its inevitable conclusion, eager to find out how the story ends For others, you slow down, not only because the themes of the book have started to intertwine around and inbetween one another, but also because you realise that soon this book will come to an end and this companion of the past few hours or days will start becoming but a memory.This is superb book I can hardly imagine how the author managed to put it together It r [...]

    2. Trouble is an understatementMy daughter is in Sri Lanka as a Fulbright scholar and recommended this book to me It offers a somewhat sympathetic treatment of the Tamil Tigers who were declared a terrorist organization by the US and other countries While there seem to be no good guys in the 30 year Sri Lankan civil war, the personal experiences of some of the Tamil Tigers take you inside the complex era and makes me wonder what my daughter will discover in the current society with such a violent h [...]

    3. The novel brings together two stories of two families told from different locations, one from Jaffna and the other from Colombo, in order to accurately capture the different types of discrimination and oppression faced by Sri Lankan Tamils after the 2009 victory Neither an LTTE sympathiser, nor a SL Army sympathiser, the book is able to bring out the stories of those captured in a conflict setting, their loyalties, their aspirations, and of course their endless struggle In this manner, the book [...]

    4. Growing up as a boy in South India, I only knew the vague contours of Sri Lanka s civil war But beyond the official terrorist organization tag of the LTTE and the tumultuous relationship between India and Sri Lanka in the wake of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, I didn t know much about the country at all SEASONS OF TROUBLE by ROHINI MOHAN not only told me about the facts of the Sri Lankan civil war but also made me empathize with every single victim of the system of war, whether Sinhalese or [...]

    5. In 2008 the Sri Lankan government ended its decades long civil war with a brutal final campaign to destroy the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam This is the story of that troubled history told through the lives of three people who lived through this conflict, and whose lives are still shaped by its reverberations The narrative arc begins in the 1980s, leading to the final battle and defeat of the Tigers in 2008, and concluding with the uneasy aftermath of the government victory The pol [...]

    6. I am always skeptical when I pick up books on the 26 year civil war in Sri Lanka As a Tamil myself, I was raised hearing stories of what it was like for my family to live in Sri Lanka as Tamils during the time when the Sri Lankan government enforced discriminatory policies against minorities I absorbed the stories of riots, and what it was like for family members to flee the shelling as refugees But I also heard what it was like to be Tamil, growing up in the heart of the Tamil community during [...]

    7. One of the most articulate narrative of unrest I have read in recent times Religion is the single most dividing factor which holds humanity at stake Mindless violence and discrimination is all explained easily without a blink of the eye and accepted by most as a logical explanation I am enthralled by this book The narrative is so jointed and precise that I want to congratulate the author on her dedication to her craft I shed many a tear while reading, but it gave me a complete perspective of the [...]

    8. This is one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life Gripping, exhilarating, haunting these words barely scratch the surface of this account of the lives of the three main people the author introduces to us Though it s non fiction, The Seasons of Trouble reads like a novel with history of the Sri Lankan civil war interspersed amid the peoples stories You will get to know Mugil, Sarva, Indra, and all of their families and friends intimately while also learning about their country and [...]

    9. An exceptional book, which gives a different face to a war where we thought it was easy to spot the bad guys and the good guys, but the truth is much blurry This author captures that brilliantly, offering a true story that reads like a novel.

    10. A riveting book.Made me wonder what if other wars and conflicts are seen through the eyes of women caught in them.

    11. This was the best book I ve read all year Incredible storytelling, clearly well researched and thoughtfully put together she tells the real stories of three people and their families during and after the Civil War in Sri Lanka in a raw and honest way I find that books of this style where the author is telling someone else s story often run the risk of coming across patronising or with too much of the author s perspective, but this book avoids those traps completely I read this while travelling a [...]

    12. A Civil War in a place most people cannot find on a map doesn t make front page news, despite its horror There is a quote often attributed to Stalin that reads, One death is a tragedy, and one million deaths is a statistic It is the author Rohini Mohan s intent to take these foreign statistics and make them flesh and blood Two people, one falsely arrested under a terrorism charge, the other a long time Tamil Tiger attempting to leave the movement, are both caught up in the wrong side of the Sri [...]

    13. A carefully narrated account of how the disruptions of war reshape the lives of the participants The author s conversation on the Sources and Methods podcast brought me to this I ve done a smattering of readings elsewhere but this is my first book length introduction to the conflict in Sri Lanka It brings a strong sense of the conflict s contours, even as it focuses primarily on the lives of a handful of characters and does not indulge in a lot of background information dumping at the outset, pr [...]

    14. This is an amazing book, both because of the content and the writing style Mohan relates the story of the end of the Sri Lankan civil war and the years that follow through the eyes of a female Tiger cadre turned deserter, Mugil, and a young Tamil man detained on the streets of Colombo, Sarva, and Sarva s mother, Indra, who works tirelessly to free him The book reads like a novel and I couldn t put it down Everyone should read this book, especially if you are interested in Sri Lanka or human righ [...]

    15. Rohini Mohan astutely illustrates the harsh realities of the Sri Lankan Civil War 1983 2009 through a compelling narrative that follows two Tamil families as they wrestle against an oppressive government and the aftermath of decades old sectarian tensions Her work can provide insight into the problems that rage on in places like Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and South Sudan among others.

    16. Excellent, devastating introduction for me, at least to the Sri Lankan civil war, told via two individuals stories Thoroughly researched and reported I have some snits about the structure there were a couple of late revelations that seemed odd, for different reasons , but overall I highly recommend this.

    17. Incredible reporting on the lives of two families during the end of the Sri Lankan civil war This is a must read for those interested in learning about what gets left behind on the American news room floor.

    18. Amazing book Rohini Mohan has expressed the stories of three lives trapped in Civil war of Srilanka Gut wrenching, disturbing and thought provoking.

    19. Deeply affecting, incredible piece of journalism Seamlessly weaves real life narratives and historical context.

    20. Absolutely fantastic What is it like to be in a civil war What is it like to survive a race riot To what limits of cruelty and bravery, dedication and maternal love can a person go Seasons of Trouble is a remarkable read, with some events so troubling and striking that you will not ever forget them Gives the lie to notions of war as glamorous, and portrays a story that happened in recent years that was yet one dull headline in our privileged daily lives Pulling back the curtain reveals that sto [...]

    21. Didn t know Sri Lanka was a mess as the result of a civil war that last nearly 30 years and only ended in 2009 You re not alone.In The Seasons of Trouble Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka s Civil War, Al Jazeera America journalist Rohini Mohan follows the lives of three people, all members of the Tamil community, who are trying to rebuild their lives following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers by government forces.The survivors are shattered, but sturdy they are also faced with a government that is [...]

    22. When I heard about this book through NPR s 2014 book selection by Charles Mahtesian Gripping and profoundly moving Rohini Mohan has produced an astonishing feat of reportage And also read a powerful REVIEW of it on LIVEMINT and knew why it was called a secret war livemint Leisure ZBjcxBottom Line I d certainly recommend this for anyone genuinely interested A good supplemental read for students on Peace, Ethnic conflict, Human Rights, Journalism studies etc.Since I had Twitter, following author t [...]

    23. Seasons of trouble the story of Mugil and Sarva have vicariously taken me to their life, feel and be empathetic to their troubled, trembled life during post Sri Lankan Civil War.Never in the course of reading , I could feel even a bit of boredom or sluggishness.The writing grabbed me.The book succeeded in keeping me engrossed continuously till the last page Worth the read I appreciate and thank Rohini for this well researched work.

    24. a gripping book, tells the story of the 3 protagonists in a gentle and sombre manner along a narrative that flows seamlessly from the emotional to the thrilling Highly recommend this book to anyone who s never picked up a book about the Sri Lanka civil war prior A telling tale about the horrors of a life post war

    25. War is hell If you didn t know it already, this book makes that clear It is a detailed account of three lives and by extension three families and how they each of them affected in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan Civil War It is stomach churning reading at times.

    26. Best fictional book about the end of the war Nuanced and humane Must read for anyone with a passing interest in Sri Lanka

    27. Wow What a book It was hard for me to remind myself that the stories were real and not fiction Whilst we go about our sheltered, secure lives, it is easy to forget the millions of refugees around the world struggling for bare subsistence I found this book invigorating if only people read these kinds of books, we would realise the wider ignorance we have towards asylum seekers The fact that the civil war in Sri Lanka lasted decades is simply astounding, but unfortunately prolonged conflicts are [...]

    28. An awesome true story of life during and after the final days of civil war in Sri Lanka Told through the lives of three people a young boy abducted by the notorious White Van men, the boy s mother and her struggle to locate him and release him and a female LTTE fighter who lived through the carnage and escaped the authorities to be able recount her story.Rohini Mohan tells the story in breathtaking detail and with empathy for the characters It makes you live their lives with them, every step of [...]

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