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  • Title: The Underground Girls of Kabul: The Hidden Lives of Afghan Girls Disguised as Boys
  • Author: Jenny Nordberg
  • ISBN: 9781844087747
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Afghan woman s life expectancy is just 44 years, and her life cycle often begins and ends in disappointment being born a girl and finally, having a daughter of her own For some, disguising themselves as boys is the only way to get ahead.Nordberg follows women such as Azita Rafaat, a parliamentarian who once lived as a Bacha Posh, the mother of seven year old Mehran, wAn Afghan woman s life expectancy is just 44 years, and her life cycle often begins and ends in disappointment being born a girl and finally, having a daughter of her own For some, disguising themselves as boys is the only way to get ahead.Nordberg follows women such as Azita Rafaat, a parliamentarian who once lived as a Bacha Posh, the mother of seven year old Mehran, who she is raising as a Bacha Posh as well, but for different reasons than in the past There s Zahra, a teenage student living as a boy who is about to display signs of womanhood as she enters puberty And Skukria, a hospital nurse who remained in a Bacha Posh disguise until she was twenty, and who now has three children of her own.Exploring the historical roots of this tradition, The Underground Girls of Kabul is a fascinating and moving investigation.
    The Underground Girls of Kabul The Hidden Lives of Afghan Girls Disguised as Boys An Afghan woman s life expectancy is just years and her life cycle often begins and ends in disappointment being born a girl and finally having a daughter of her own For some disguising themselv

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    1. An amazing book club discussion book that had our group deep in discussion for 2 hours in which all the members contributed to one of the most passionate discussions our group has ever held.I kept thinking as we all sat around the table discussing Afghan culture and Western culture What if 12 Afghanistan ladies sat around a table discussing western culture what their thoughts would be on our lives and traditions.I had actually rated this book 3 stars until we had our discussion and upped the rat [...]

    2. I ve just read this i have to review it It s tremendously powerful and despite it s title covers a lot of Europe too, mainly Muslim countries but not entirely It s main message is Women are Unacceptable Women are the lowest of the low Women are such trash you can do anything to them you male want to And that the only way out of it is to be a Man, even an imitiation one Then providing you are willing to give up marriage and children, you can be free and you can do anything at all you want to so l [...]

    3. The story is basically that of survival of a girl in Afghanistan seemingly one of the worst places to be born a woman Afghanistan is a country where the birth of a son is heralded as one of good luck and where the birth of a daughter is one of misfortune The daughter would not be a problem if there are sons but if it is only a family of girls it is not just the child that is unlucky, the mother is considered unfortunate and a disgrace and even the husband is pitied In this story, even very educa [...]

    4. We are who we must be In The Underground Girls of Kabul, Swedish journalist Jenny Nordberg reveals a hidden practice in Afghanistan of presenting young girls as boys for part, or all, of their childhood In an oppressive patriarchal society that demands sons at almost any cost, these girls are known as bacha posh I have met girls who have been boys because the family needed another income through a child who worked because the road to school was dangerous and a boy s disguise provided some safety [...]

    5. A few years ago, I sat in a Swedish classroom with other foreigners all studying Swedish We came from a variety of backgrounds and were given an assignment to give a presentation in Swedish about a famous person from our home country One young woman, who often brought her small baby to class in those fantastic Swedish prams that have never become popular in the United States , began her presentation about her home country, Afghanistan As she explained to the class, illiteracy was incredibly high [...]

    6. Like many New York Times readers, I read Nordberg s first article on girls disguised as boys in Afghanistan and was fascinated It s a topic that deserved a book, and fortunately Nordberg went deeper and wrote one.This book relates many stories of girls disguised as boys, and women disguised as men Sometimes changing a girl to a boy is done to raise the family s social standing, as both fathers and mothers are looked down upon for not producing sons Sometimes it s done for practical reasons Afgha [...]

    7. I won this book from a Giveaway What an amazing, revealing, educational piece of work Afghanistan s history, culture and traditions are explained in detail Yes, we know that women are their husbands property We know that there are neither rights nor freedoms for women in this middle eastern country This book goes FAR BEYOND what the average Westerner thinks or believes about Afghanistan The immediate focus of this book is the practice of bacha posh allowing daughters to live as boys until pubert [...]

    8. The oppression of women is worse than I understood The beliefs described in this book are not easy to understand But the author suggests the same beliefs prevail in men and women While the book was important to understand different beliefs and ways to live, the author lost much of the attention with repetition.

    9. Disclaimer ARC read via Netgalley ARC did not have pictures I requested this book because I read Nordberg s original piece for the New York Times In certain parts of the world, Afghanistan only being one, there is a strong emphasis put on the importance of sons A woman s only duty is to give birth to sons, or mostly sons Women in these cultures are usually seen as less important, less valuable However, there is a tradition, as Nordberg discovered, of taking a girl and transforming her into a boy [...]

    10. They dress like boys, act like boys and have the same rights as boys A bacha posh is a girl in Afghanistan that from an early age are brought up as a boy, and thereby changes her gender identity.The parents have many reasons for this There s pressure to have sons, to give their daughters another perspective and self confidence, and superstition if a girl is dressed like a boy, the next baby will be a son Regardless of the reason, these girls get liberty Until puberty.Azita, a politician and for [...]

    11. Yes, this is not normal for you it s very hard for you to believe why one mother is doing these things to her youngest daughter But some things are happening in Afghanistan that really are not imaginable for you as a Western people If you ve read Nadia Hashimi s novel The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and found it captivating, or you have an interest in oppressive issues faced by Afghanistan women and children, then you will certainly want to add The Underground Girls of Kabul to your reading lis [...]

    12. While this is an incredibly powerful book about the lives of women in Afghanistan, The Underground Girls of Kabul is so much than that It s a story of defiance, resilience, and hope in a country that has been deemed the worst place to be a woman.Nordberg tells the stories of bacha posh, women of Afghanistan who live their lives as men instead of women I had no idea, prior to reading this book, that such even existed This book not only explains the lives of bacha posh but also dives even deeper [...]

    13. An interesting look at gender issues and ways they are being fought in what the UN calls the world s worst country to be a woman Boys are the only valued members of the families, and girls are expected to work towards the happiness of the men, stay in their homes, and bear sons The problems with the aid pouring into the country are also discussed how people sell the supposed relief food they receive for profit, and how the aid money pouring into the country largely isn t reaching its intended re [...]

    14. In Afghanistan, there are girls who are raised as boys in order to bring their families prestige and luck These girls are called bacha posh Nordberg s journalistic account of this phenomenon is straightforward and very informative While I do have a problem with her logic in some cases, I commend Nordberg for bringing this issue to light.Bacha posh is both historical and present day rejection of patriarchy by those who refuse to accept the ruling order for themselves or their daughters.Nordberg s [...]

    15. We in America and the western world have a tendency to think we know everything We watch the news and read a few articles and consider ourselves experts in the way things work in the parts of the world most different from ours the Muslim world, since 2001 This is very short sighted of us.Jenny Nordberg s The Underground Girls of Kabul In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan is eye opening in the extreme and should be read by anyone who has the slightest inclination to truly understand wh [...]

    16. The Underground Girls of Kabul In Search of Resistance in Afghanistan by Jenny Norberg is an excellent piece of investigative journalism Ms Nordberg based her book on interviews She became aware of the not much talked about custom of girls dressing as boys This is a country where men have all the privileges and rights, women are nothing Women very rarely divorce their husbands because the children are the husband s property Why does this happen After reading this book, you can only conclude that [...]

    17. When I grow up, I want to be an investigative journalist It s hard not to admire the work of this author, spending time in a difficult place like Afghanistan and discovering a cultural practice young girls passing for boys that no other Westerner seems to have noticed Nordberg does a good job setting up the historical and social context for this practice and telling the stories of these Afghan women and girls Certainly this confirms how much gender is culturally constructed And that s kind of wo [...]

    18. This is a splendid, well written piece of investigative journalism The book had me literally shaking with anger as I read The author, who is Swedish, embedded herself in Afghanistan for a number of years, getting to know some women there very well She uncovered the surprising practice of parents choosing to present a daughter as a son until she reaches puberty Why would they do this The answers are complex and the author uses real people to illustrate her conclusions In most cases, the family ha [...]

    19. There is something fascinating about how gender roles vary across the world Here in the US, women can be educated We can own houses and businesses We can spend our entire adult lives unmarried if we choose But in many parts of the world none of these things are possible for women Men have all the power But as a bacha posh in Afghanistan, a girl can temporarily have the power granted to boys For the women of Afghanistan, your worth is measured by the amount of boys you give birth to After being r [...]

    20. In contemporary Afghanistan, parents sometimes opt to dress a daughter as a boy and present him as a son This practice, known as bacha posh, is found in a variety of countries in different time frames though at present it seems most common in the middle eastern context due to existing cultural strictures on gender roles There are various reasons for this practice relating primarily to the pressure from society to have sons An honorary son can perform tasks that a daughter is barred from doing, l [...]

    21. Visit my blog, sarahsbookshelves, for the full review HeadlineThe Underground Girls of Kabul is an extremely readable, yet heart breaking and eye opening immersion in a culture that is brutal to women It would also make a great choice for book clubs.What I Liked This is one of those books where you learn a ton, but don t realize it I felt like I was just reading a story, but I might as well have been taking a course on life in Afghanistan particularly for women , Islam, the Taliban, and the effe [...]

    22. This is a fascinating look into an interesting subculture in Afghanistan There exist a number of girls who, for a variety of reasons, live as boys dress as boys, go by male names, play with the boys, etc Jenny Nordberg has become the greatest expert on these people simply because she s the only person who knows anything about them For her book she met with a number of these girls and interviewed them and their families She records not only the results of her research but the sort of experiences [...]

    23. I had never heard of bacha posh until a few months ago, and all I knew at that point was that a woman named Jenny Nordberg had written a book about them, which was available through the First Reads program, as well as an article for The New York Times back in 2010 Based on the First Reads blurb, I knew that the term had something to do with women and Afghanistan, so I assumed that bacha posh were an all female brigade of resistance fighters who were subverting the Taliban in some way Perhaps the [...]

    24. I read this book for a book group I participate in I m going to paste in here most of what I said in my initial reponse to the book group thread.I don t know exactly what I thought this book was going to be about Usually I am a little aware, and I usually look up the books we vote on before voting But what I didn t know was about bacha posh.In a way, I suppose it is proof that humans will figure out whatever ways they can to survive in the circumstances they find themselves That the women of Af [...]

    25. The idea that in communities or cultures with high suppression oppression of women there will always be those who break out of that path by acting and dressing and presenting as male is SUPER fascinating The idea that these individuals are common in cultures such as post Islamic Republic Afghanistan is also super fascinating This book explores the lives of these women, some who live as boys pre puberty, some who try and maintain their freedoms thru young adulthood The reasons why a parent or fam [...]

    26. Apua T n kirjan j lkeen p ss risteilee niin monta ajatusta, ajatusketjua ja keskustelunavausta, etten tied miten ne tiivist isi suht lyhyeksi kirja arvosteluksi Yleistunnelma kirjasta oli varsin vaikuttunut Se oli tutkivaa journalismia, rohkeaa ja valaisevaa faktaa, joka oli kirjoitettu niin taitavasti ja koukuttavasti, ett draamankaaren olisi voinut ajatella olevan kaunokirjallista Romaanina sen tietynlainen naiivius ja tapa selitt l hi id n kulttuureita l nkk rilasit silmill ei ehk olisikaan o [...]

    27. After a chance mention introduces the author to the idea of girls who behave and are treated as boys, she spends several years trying to find instances of how this operates in modern Afghanistan The reasons are pretty simple boys are treated better than girls, have freedom than girls, and give status to their parents than girls Everyone has some vested interest in having at least one boy child in their family After observing and interviewing families where this is currently happening, Nordberg [...]

    28. A compelling look at the pressure society places on families in Afghanistan to have boys And how those families sometimes deal with having girls The book takes a look at several girls and how they live out their lives.

    29. 3.5I can read a 300 page novel in a day but it took me a really long time to read this book, I mean months The reason is that I could only take it in small doses It s dry It s depressing and its content takes digesting.I m really interested in the lives of woman in Afghanistan or any culture so far removed from my own My first degree was in anthropology and the reason was that the way people live fascinates me This isn t the first time I ve tried to get a handle on the Afghani culture and I ll g [...]

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