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Panter By Brecht Evens,

  • Title: Panter
  • Author: Brecht Evens
  • ISBN: 9789077549889
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Panter, de kroonprins van het koninkrijk Panteria, kruipt uit de ladenkast van kleine Christine na de dood van haar kat Er ontspint zich een spel van verleiding tussen de charmeur en zijn prooi In de langverwachte opvolger van De liefhebbers dompelt Brecht Evens ons onder in een verwarrende kinderlijke wereld waar verbeelding alles mogelijk maakt Kleurrijk en speels maaPanter, de kroonprins van het koninkrijk Panteria, kruipt uit de ladenkast van kleine Christine na de dood van haar kat Er ontspint zich een spel van verleiding tussen de charmeur en zijn prooi In de langverwachte opvolger van De liefhebbers dompelt Brecht Evens ons onder in een verwarrende kinderlijke wereld waar verbeelding alles mogelijk maakt Kleurrijk en speels maar ook ongemakkelijk en beklijvend.
    Panter Panter de kroonprins van het koninkrijk Panteria kruipt uit de ladenkast van kleine Christine na de dood van haar kat Er ontspint zich een spel van verleiding tussen de charmeur en zijn prooi In de

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    1. Larisa LJ recommended this book to me on the thread for my review of Beautiful Darkness, because at the end i was marveling at how much i loved the ickiness of the book, and how revolting it was but revolting in that way that totally rejuvenates me because i love knowing i can still be horrified i really want a sequel to this, or a rec for a book that is as gorgeously repellent, horrifyingly alluring, beautifully dark so hit me with emnsider me hit by this one hit so hard this book makes Beautif [...]

    2. Panther by Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens tells the wildly imaginative yet subtly poetic, beautifully crafted yet strangely disturbing story of a young girl trying to come to terms with various painful experiences There is the tabooed disappearance of her mother, the death of her beloved cat, and the trauma of what could have been an eerie hospital stay or, as most have suggested, a case of sexual abuse It s the best graphic novel I ve read in a while, certainly my favorite from 2016, most like [...]

    3. Nothing prepared me for this work from Evens I had read others of his works that I think of as art comics, play, including The Wrong Place and The Making of They seemed to me work about art, the world of art, calling attention to itself as art, than narratives, which I can t recall that much about now Ah, but the watercolor art, tending to surrealism, is gorgeous, and fun One of the above books features a kind of Lothario, I guess, but he s not evil, and some of the tone is a bit snarky, anti a [...]

    4. Panther is the story of Christine, whose pet cat is put to sleep in the opening pages She is visited by Panther, a magical emissary from Pantherland, who comes out of her dresser drawer to tell her all about his country and get inappropriately touchy Panther is never overtly abusive to Christine, leaving the reader with no solid evidence of exactly what his motivation might be, but the fact that he s grooming her is clear even without knowing to what end and the entire book is permeated with a s [...]

    5. Christine is a young girl who lives with a her father, and when her cat Lucy dies, Christine is grief stricken In the midst of her grief, something magical happens a panther pops out of her dresser and tells her that he is crown prince of Pantherland Sounds like a sweet story right Well, it starts out that way indeed, but then this graphic novel starts to take on sinister tones that are quite unsettling Panther is a master storyteller and manipulator, and he soon has Christine totally enthralled [...]

    6. Okay, first of all, just feast your eyes on that cover for a minute Notice how it manages to be both busy and colorful without being overwhelming or muddy That s not nearly as easy to accomplish as Evens makes it look Talent, my friends The whole book is this gorgeous and then some.So a little girl, Christine, is sad when her cat dies And then a colorful panther crawls out of the bottom drawer of her dresser He tells her that he is the crown prince of Pantherland, a seemingly magical place His v [...]

    7. 4.5 stars PANTHER is one of the strangest, and indeed unsettling, graphic novels I ve encountered The imagery itself is incredible The panther never looks the same way twice, constantly shapeshifting in a dreamlike way, and frequently resembling another animal entirely There are also a ton of little references and familiar imagery hidden throughout the book, such as the upstairs carpet in the girl s home which is lifted directly from The Shining.The story can be read and interpreted in a variety [...]

    8. This was book 5 of my Top Horror comics short list pastemagazine article , and I am certainly unsettled It s a quiet discomfort and slight sickness after reading this Why I think it s all the implications that are left to the imagination, all the things that humans do, but are thrown into animal form for this graphic novel Well done, but I m definitely the worse for it.

    9. I didn t know what this book was about I picked it up because of the gorgeous illustrations So I sat down and started reading it with my 7 year old daughter It starts as a sad story, so I thought, this book was made to help children cope with loss Then the story becomes whimsical, with a shape shifting panther that is quite funny Initially But he s also unhinged And then he lies And becomes violent And the little girl s Dad is creepy And soon an undercurrent of sexual abuse sets in It s impossib [...]

    10. SO GOOD Good and terrifying and psychedelic and menacing and fascinating Definitely for weirdos who like DeForge, Jacobs, and Vehlmann.

    11. Around the Year Reading Challenge Item 50 A book originally written in a language other than EnglishYes, this is a deeply unsettling book.The artwork is garish and creepy, nightmare like, really There is far going on than either the cluttered, overlapping images or the text will say There are no easy answers, and ultimately I gave this book four stars instead of five because I was left with a few TOO MANY questions view spoiler Like, was panther an imaginary friend Christine used to work throug [...]

    12. The art in this volume is absolutely stunning Evens goes through a variety of styles of panther, and his illustrations are vivid and fluid He captures motion exceptionally well, and his use of colour adds much to the emotional appeal of the book.The story on the other hand I had a hard to putting my finger on the story as it was rather abstract There are books were I appreciate the narrative being hard to unpack see Beautiful Darkness , but I felt like Evens was being just abstruse enough to be [...]

    13. This is not the right book to follow a Black Panther collection.The word that keeps coming to mind about this book is upsetting You can t help but be affected by this beautifully illustrated story about the difficulties of childhood in the wake of traumas Like any book about a child and her pretend friends, there s a hint of the disturbing, the violent From Panther s first appearance in Christine s life he s playful, but always menacing An imaginary playmate always is the repository of a child s [...]

    14. Great book I ve been meaning to get to Brecht Evens s work for some time, and our recent review of Panther on The Comics Alternative was the impetus I needed You can hear our discussion at comicsalternative episode.

    15. Two things 1 You will enjoy this if you do not read reviews containing reader reactions or plot summaries beforehand Just stop, you ll spoil your enjoyment of it This applies to all books, but this one particularly so Don t read the bottom of this review till you are finished.2 Like Evens s other works, I think this book is for adults, not for children This is really very good, but I advise you read it first before gifting it or making a book club suggestion.That is all you need to know Now if [...]

    16. Het tweede boek van Brecht Evens dat ik las en een even grote meevaller als De Liefhebbers , al is het compleet anders van inhoud De tekeningen zijn, buiten kijf, fantastisch Op hoeveel verschillende manieren Evens de panter tekent is fenomenaal Het verhaal is surrealistisch en begint erg kinderlijk, ontwapenend De fantasie van het meisje die geprojecteerd wordt op de panter en het gesprek tussen hen beiden is sterk in zijn realisme van hoe kinderen denken in hun spel Maar naarmate het verhaal v [...]

    17. Great style A little too distracting for me I couldn t get passed the first few dozen pages before I just began to look at the artwork separate from the words which meant I was no longer focused on the story which I think is not good I think sometimes painted works don t read as well as black and white pen ink work like Daniel Clowes as an example I think it s because when it s in black and white it s closer to reading type Imagine reading an entire book with different colored type That s how I [...]

    18. Let s be clear this is not 5 stars because this brought me joy it is 5 stars because it disturbed me so effectively The artwork in here is thoughtfully executed and gorgeous the story is subtly terrifying and dreadful and made me doubt myself like Did No, that can t be what is really going on, is it Surely I m being overly sensitive And then you read enough other reviews and you realize that, yes, that s EXACTLY what other people also believe was going on and you feel all queasy and gross and of [...]

    19. Je ne sais pas encore quoi penser de cette histoire Est elle tragique Est ce qu elle refl te les peurs des enfants Ou sommes nous t moins de sc nes effroyables mais qui existent malheureusement dans notre r alit Chose certaine, les dessins sont riches de leurs influences artistiques et de la multitude de d tails qu ils veulent nous montrer Juste pour le travail artistique je donne 5 toiles mais j en enl ve une pour l histoire car je ne sais toujours pas D finitivement un livre troublant.

    20. The art is amazing, as are ALL of Evans s works, I only rated it under 5 stars because the story disturbed me deeper than his others have in a way I didn t like I have a 5 year old daughter, and I think it just hit too close to home for me to really enjoy the storyline, but the story is strange, interesting, and highly original I will keep it as art reference, I am always stunned by the complexity of pattern and characters in his work.

    21. There s a lot to unpack here we had a fairly extended discussion about it at work , view spoiler and none of it very pleasant hide spoiler Masterfully constructed, view spoiler but utterly bleak hide spoiler Recommended if you want a dense graphic novel experience, worth discussing The spoilers above are nothing significant, but it may be best going into this one blind.

    22. Beautifully drawn I could look at Brecht Evens s artwork forever The story was quite unsettling for me, though, but that doesn t make the book bad Books can be uncomfortable and that s okay too That s what it is a beautiful, uncomfortable book.

    23. Beautiful, absorbing, funny, unsettling, legitimately kinda scaryI really liked this.I know THIS meets THIS meets THIS things are annoying but I thought of a good one for this It s like Toy Story 3 meets Lisa Hanawalt meets Rory Hayes er something.

    24. Wat kan ik zeggen Ik ben gewoon een grote Brecht Evens fan Dit boek was alweer een echt pareltje Echt prachtige tekeningen Het verhaal gaat van kinderlijk en na ef naar absurd en morbide Nee, ik heb absoluut geen spijt van deze aankoop.

    25. I m torn on how to rate this one The art is stunning, and I m not used to reading horror I m utterly distraught by what happens I feel sick I didn t enjoy it, but it was incredibly well made It s going to stick with me for a long time.

    26. Secret page mind blown have changed this to a 5 star review because I found a secret page at the back that adds another level to the story The illustrations are magnificent.

    27. Just fantastic art I can t rave enough about the watercolor style How so much emotion shows with a few swipes What a journey

    28. This book is aesthetically beautiful but also horrifying in its themes It reads like such a children s book, and then takes a dark turn Very effective.

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