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  1. For those of you who can t read Japanese, this is the Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya for some reason won t allow English or even Latin alphabet titles for foreign language books that haven t officially been translated into English which in this case won t be until 2013, though you can find an unofficial translation with a little googling This is the ninth book of the series and the first part of a trilogy Knowing this, I ve been holding off on this one until the next two books were translated, [...]

  2. No me importa que pasen relativamente pocas cosas en el transcurso de esta novela No me importa haberme perdido un par de detalles por no haber hecho a n una lectura ntegra y ordenada de toda la serie No me importa que despu s de casi trescientas p ginas no haya un verdadero cierre para la historia Ni siquiera me importa la cantidad de errores pavotes que se pasaron de largo en esta edici n que por otro lado qued muy bonita.Lo que me importa es que me divert much simo ley ndola, como creo que no [...]

  3. Lo que se ha ido gestando durante los anteriores libros finalmente ha eclosionado Aunque ya hab amos conocido a algunos de estos personajes, solo hab an aparecido brevemente y ni siquiera sab amos sus nombres ahora eso ha cambiado, adquiriendo mucho m s protagonismo en la trama Incluso uno de ellos, especialmente siniestro, puede suponer un grave problema no ya para la Brigada SOS, sino para toda la humanidad.Todo esto tiene lugar mientras Haruhi, inconsciente de lo que se avecina, busca nuevas [...]

  4. Tiene 90 p ginas de pr logo y su final si se le puede llamar as es un puto continuar Y aun as , desde La desaparici n , no disfrutaba tanto de un libro de Haruhi view spoiler El grupo rival parece que va a dar bastante juego, ninguno de los supuestos enemigos es malo, s lo tienen ideas que chocan con la Brigada, aunque Sasaki tiene algo raroY en el momento en que esto se convirti en Steins Gate sab a que no pod a mejorar hide spoiler En definitiva, mola S lo queda esperar que no la caguen con La [...]

  5. Rese a de la novena novela de Haruhi Suzumiya de Dan Kawaguchi para Mediarama blog A paso de caracol reum tico, Ivrea sigue editando las novelas ligeras de Haruhi Suzumiya y, amigos, hemos llegado ya al noveno libro, pre mbulo de la doble entrega final titulada La Sorpresa de Haruhi Suzumiya y que esperemos poder leer en espa ol antes de nuestra jubilaci n.En esta ocasi n, la trama de La Disociaci n se sit a en el comienzo del segundo a o de instituto de Haruhi y compa a, con la intr pida l der [...]

  6. After three and a half years away from Haruhi in which in the meantime I have occupied myself with complex and literary works , it was time to get back to her and finally settle her story down at this point I m no longer in hopes of it getting stretched.But these three and a half years haven t been kind to Haruhi after all, as I had suspected Not that I regret it, but eventually the merit of the many works I have read since have finally thrown Haruhi and her series in its place of right obscura [...]

  7. Este novena novela de la saga consigue recuperar de nuevo el inter s en la historia, que al menos para mi estaba decayendo alarmantemente en las ltimas entregas.La aparici n de los enemigos es bastante interesante, y adme s Tanigawa plantea alg n recurso narrativo interesante como desdoblar en dos tramas paralelas los acontecimientos Por lo dem s, los mismos personajes de siempre con sus mismas man as, para bien o para mal Se agradecer a algo de evoluci n, ya que hay ciertos tics que cansan tras [...]

  8. The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya is the ninth book in the Haruhi Suzumiya series of novels by Nagaru Tanigawa If you ve been reading along the whole time, it s a nice visit with favorite characters If you haven t, I suspect that you will find yourself completely lost.This novel suffers a bit for being the first installment of a longer story not a lot really happens, aside from the introduction of some significant new characters And there s one heck of a cliffhanger ending When The Suprise of [...]

  9. If you are a hardcore Haruhi fan, look no further than the 9th light novel of the series The book features high school student Haruhi and the SOS Brigade, composed by members Kyon, the narrator of the story, book lover Yuki Nagato, the cute time elder Mikuru Asahina, and the laid back esper Itsuki Koizumi This book contains different endings and outcomes when Sasaki returns to Kyon after their time in middle school, leaving Haruhi completely strained with the fate of the SOS Brigade s existence [...]

  10. One thing i hate about the Suzumiya Haruhi series is how some volumes can be so tedious and full of fillers I can tolerate this if it were in animated form but not in novel form Thankfully, volume 9 had returned to its plot or not, if you consider the series doesn t have any actual plot Volume 9 delivered fans what they have been waiting for, Kyon s childhood friend, new enemies and perhaps progress in the relationships This volume can be difficult to read as in chapters certain events are divid [...]

  11. The ninth instalment of the Haruhi Suzumiya series continues the adventures of Kyon and the other members of the SOS Brigade in a story in which a chance meeting causes two wildly different timelines to emerge, the events of which could hold severe ramifications for the story The slight differences in the timelines do make differentiating them somewhat difficult at first but by the novel s end, the differences are clear.This is another fine outing in the series and Nagaru Tanigawa continues to d [...]

  12. I really luv the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise I watched the whole anime, movie, and read a little of the manga When, I was searching through random books in the library I cam across this book I immediately checked it out since it s a Haruhi Suzumiya book When I read it, I realized that I never recognized this type of story, Yes, I know that this is the ninth book of the light novel series, and I didn t get the chance to read the rest of them This book is sort off a continuation to the Haruhi Suzumi [...]

  13. This is an interesting addition to the series, I ll give it that The novel has enough exhilarating plot twists for the beloved gang to be worth reading for any Haruhi fan, but it s far from perfect The prose is tedious, it will bore the life out of you until all of a sudden something amazing will happen that will remind you why you re reading this series in the first place Unfortunately, these moments are much too few and far between Nevertheless I eagerly await my order of the next Haruhi novel [...]

  14. The Disassociation is a great entry in the light novel universe of Haruhi Suzumiya It has long been hinted that there are other organizations that oppose the ones Yuki, Itsuki, and Mikuru belong to and we are finally introduced to representatives of those rival organizations in this book Even better, we meet an old friend of Kyon s that poses a threat to Haruhi directly.I quite enjoyed the split of the story into alpha and beta timelines and I m really looking forward to how it will all conclude [...]

  15. It was okay, but not one of the best books Something about the translation of Kyon s internal monologue still really annoys me probably how the translator kept putting in things like I said or I told him or something when they weren t present in any of the books before the last one.Also the two switching timelines confused me a bit, but hopefully it will be cleared up in the next book since this is a two part book

  16. I d just like to say that this novel has such an incredible storytelling that I ve never seen before in any other book the story is split in two dimensions, each one being told alternately In the beginning, when the dimensions are created for some mysterious reason, the stories are similar, but soon they become very different Really awesome, loved the novel, though it s just a prequel to the next novel, The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya.

  17. Interesting start to this next section of the story, with a cliffhanger ending The alpha and beta timelines can be a little confusing at first due to their similarity, but their differences are clear once you reach the end enjoyable entry to the series, I look forward to reading the next book.

  18. Confusing due to the narrative structure, but still as excellently and cleverly written as the previous novels.

  19. Era uno de los peores de la saga, pero en mis recuerdos era mejor Pero es un horror Me ha quitado las ganas de leer los dos ltimos, que no he le do.

  20. 3 1 2 stars Very cool setup, but I wish a bit plot had been covered Still, the SOS Brigade is charming as always and I did enjoy the read.

  21. favorite book so far, loved the new aspect to the story the introduction of new characters created Intrigued to see what happens next.

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