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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything By Christopher Hitchens,

  • Title: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything
  • Author: Christopher Hitchens
  • ISBN: 9780446697965
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whether you re a lifelong believer, a devout atheist, or someone who remains uncertain about the role of religion in our lives, this insightful manifesto will engage you with its provocative ideas.With a close and studied reading of the major religious texts, Christopher Hitchens documents the ways in which religion is a man made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repressioWhether you re a lifelong believer, a devout atheist, or someone who remains uncertain about the role of religion in our lives, this insightful manifesto will engage you with its provocative ideas.With a close and studied reading of the major religious texts, Christopher Hitchens documents the ways in which religion is a man made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos With eloquent clarity, Hitchens frames the argument for a secular life based on science and reason, in which hell is replaced by the Hubble Telescope s awesome view of the universe, and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty and symmetry of the double helix.In the tradition of Bertrand Russell s Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris s The End of Faith, Christopher Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion.
    God Is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything Whether you re a lifelong believer a devout atheist or someone who remains uncertain about the role of religion in our lives this insightful manifesto will engage you with its provocative ideas Wit

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    1. Let me begin this review by telling you that I m an atheist In fact, I m with Douglas Adams in calling myself a radical atheist , just to make sure that everyone gets the point Yes, really It s in my profile.So my opinion about this book really has nothing to do with my personal convictions Well, not my personal religious convictions, of which there are none It has everything to do with my personal convictions as an atheist And as an atheist, I m offended by this book.Hitchens is not, and I quot [...]

    2. There s a debate I keep getting into about the difference between atheism and religious belief someone claims that atheism is just another faith, and I disagree This seems like a good place to summarize my objections.I would first like to draw a clear distinction between dogmatic and sceptical atheism If someone blindly believes that there is no God, and no evidence whatsoever would change their opinion, then I quite agree that, for such people, atheism is indeed another religion A mathematician [...]

    3. A wicked, witty condemnation of all things religious As a person of faith, I find that Hitchens often sounds like a blind man ridiculing the value of Rembrandt and Van Gogh But he is particularly fine on the noxious ways in which religion intersects with the most murderous forms of politics And of course as is always the case with Hitchens the book is witty and well written.As a reader of the Nation for over a quarter of a century, I enjoyed Christopher Hitchens political analysis and righteous [...]

    4. I read this months ago and never got around to the reviewSimply stated, Hitchens puts into words all the reasons I shy away from organized religion The prejudices, sexism, the overall foolishness At the same time, he seems oblivious to the fact that there are religious people out there doing great things feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, building for the homeless Hey Hitchens I get that you are atheist That s fine, but knock that chip off your shoulder already Belief that decent religious p [...]

    5. Witty, fact based, amusing rant I laughed out loud many times I think part of the rage Hitchens encounters derives from the fact that he is funny If he put on a scholarly, serious tone, and imitated the behaviour of priests in the way he poses his arguments, he would not be hated in the way he is But the ridicule makes him a target I happen to like entertaining arguments than tedious, nonsensical discussions on evidence for made up assertions, and cheer Hitchens on when he offers his own beware [...]

    6. As a fellow Atheist, Mr Hitchens is preaching to choir, so to speak, in this informative, captivating work in which Hitchens judiciously provides historically documented and personal examples of what he sees as an ever increasing war being waged by a variety of religious fundamental organizations In our very own country we have troops of well funded, born again fanatics preaching hatred of anyone who doesn t fall in line with their standards Worse, these groups instill a deep rooted fear in the [...]

    7. Not long ago, I watched a couple of those How The Universe Works shows, and it kinda traumatized me In however many billions of years, the sun is going to die, and slightly before that the Earth will be incinerated, and everything that we are, were, will be, and will have built will cease to exist I can comprehend that Earth s only one part of a solar system in a tiny part of one galaxy of hundreds of billions of galaxies that exist in the vastness of the universe See I know that someday thankfu [...]

    8. I m probably going to court some hateful comments by trying to write a review of this book, but I think Hitch would be proud that I am making the attempt.I have been reading Hitch s work for years, including his essays on mortality and atheism, so I knew the gist of his arguments against religion, but it was enlightening going through this entire book He synthesizes a tremendous amount of research from history, philosophy, science and current events, and he argues that religion poisons everythin [...]

    9. This book is fundamentally flawed in argument, but can be enjoyable to read Christopher Hitchens, however, is an exceptionally witty writer, who often finds clever ways to express himself His writing is conversational, flowing, but sometimes elitist, arrogant, and pretentious His humor is evident throughout the book, but it is consistently divisive and adversarial.As an atheist, I find the writing enjoyable, intelligent, and humorous I do not need to be further convinced of the dangers of faith [...]

    10. Imagine if a basketball fan set out to discredit baseball and converts its adherents to his chosen sport He would note the rather dubious creation myth still celebrated in the sports Hall of Fame, the Black Sox scandal, the exclusion of African American players until the 1950s, frequent brawls between teams that literally clear the benches, and two most successful players of the last decade being almost undoubted cheats He could go on to argue that the uniforms are childish, the habits of player [...]

    11. Since I can t say anything with out being labelled as a heretic or a heathen , I will just say this Not everything, but it does poison a lot of things And its first victims are Reason and Common sense.

    12. Onvan god is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything Nevisande Christopher Hitchens ISBN 446579807 ISBN13 9780446579803 Dar 307 Safhe Saal e Chap 2007

    13. So I ve read it, front to back Hitchens laments that the faithful of whatever persuasion have believed what the priests and rabbis and imams tell them about what the unbelievers think 10 , and it follows he rages that priests, rabbis and imams would presume to know or communicate what atheists think and why And yet, what is Hitchens s book if not 300 pages of an unbeliever telling other unbelievers what believers think and why The hypocrisy here, and elsewhere in the book, is bald as can be Time [...]

    14. Obviously, anyone who can write a less than flattering book about Mother Teresa is not concerned with offending anyone More or less, here s the rub God explained a lot, back before we had Science and The Enlightenment, and now, humanity suffers at the hand of religious zealots whose battles spill over into the lives of the innocent And one point that I m sure would make my mother cry it is possible to live a moral and good life without God Given the right subject, he s actually pretty funny, tho [...]

    15. A few days ago, a storm rolled through where I live and knocked out our power for a few hours and our internet for an entire day firstworldproblems Unfortunately, my Playstation 4 was in the middle of an update when all this occurred The power outage shut down my PS4, and the update ended up becoming corrupted, along with my harddrive I lost all my data Hundred of hours of grinding in games like Fallout 4, Far Cry 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil VII, and loads The PS4 had to be returned to [...]

    16. Up til a few hundred years ago, religion used to be our way of understanding all the shit we didn t have answers for which was a lot stars, rainbows, the causal relationship between fucking and dropping babies FN and a way to feel like we had emergency options when we were completely helpless times of plague, famine and warfare There were gods we could try to please or mollify by killing things, and then harass for military, climatic and antiviral favors It usually didn t amount to much, but one [...]

    17. Surprisingly, I wasn t beguiled by this book as much as I thought I would be I like Hitchens s irreverent delivery on everything but this seemed to fall rather flat Or at least, flattish Couldn t quite put my finger on it, except to say that it seems that any kind of sustained rant has the immediate effect of getting me to tune out.A rant is a good thing get it off your chest, say what you have to say, with good points to back it all up, and then move on Hitchens lingers on the page just a littl [...]

    18. Ever since The Trial of Henry Kissinger I have been a fan of Christopher Hitchens I knew that he was an atheist, but because of my own spritual searching I was reluctant to read this book when it first came out I finally picked up the book because I have been on a non fiction binge lately and I knew that by reading his book I was guaranteed an intelligent treatise By the time I finished the book, I was very glad that I had read it.Hitchens doesn t so much attack God as he attacks religion He beg [...]

    19. The title says it all, so you know what to expect from this book, so if you re very religious and easily offended stay away, or read it because you might need it.The author presented many valid points, most of his arguments were good but he focused on the extreme points of religion while i would have preferred a general realistic approach I wasn t beguiled as i thought i would be when I picked up this book.I had few problems with the writing, the structure of the book was unappealing and It was [...]

    20. This book received two stars because of the writing Hitchens writes well I could have given it five stars for the value it holds for the Christian community it serves as easy target practice It is too bad that I only have 4000 characters at my disposal Otherwise, I would love to go through this book in painstaking detail, pointing out the flabby and flaccid naked emperor while we all point and laugh at how confident the ignorant, intellectually naked emperor struts up and down the street.There h [...]

    21. I don t know why I feel the nagging need to clarify something before we even get started.I am an atheist myself, however new to the group I might be Indeed, until a very recent time, I spent a big period of my life believing I m an agnostic How do I put this mildly Agnosticism is the safe route, it s the one in between the dirty street filled with drug dealers and that very safe boulevard It s the one you d take if your mom told you to take the shortest route home and you decided to be a bit of [...]

    22. Growing up w Protestant clergy all over the family but, most thankfully, loving parents , I never took any of the Blubble seriously, or weekly devotionals, which one older sister hugged as a way to say to parents, Hey, LOVE ME They did But she had a problem I made my parentslaugh.When Pops intoned, Man cannot live by bread alone, I retorted, What about chocolate croissants Parents cracked up and, of course, said, Ssssh, but sis was inflamed I knew fr the get go that relig was bosh to explain thi [...]

    23. Description In the tradition of Bertrand Russell s Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris s The End of Faith, Christopher Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion With a close and erudite reading of the major religious texts, he documents the ways in which religion is a man made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos Hitchens frames the argument for a secular life based on science and reason, in which hell is replaced by the Hubble [...]

    24. My newly teenage son was off for a weekend of acting workshops, and he found himself in a religious discussion with his mostly pious friends He didn t give it much thought, and simply stated that he was atheist More than a few of his religious friends didn t speak to him for the rest of the weekend, and now he awaits his return to acting class this week to see if they will still see him as a friend or will have cast him aside He s been angry with himself ever since for telling the truth He wishe [...]

    25. The only reason I gave this book four stars instead of five is that he has not said anything new in atheistic arguments, although he says it very well Hitchens is hilarious and I would run up to anyone who d listen and read sections of his book out loud to them A friend once was on a panel with him and he was completely drunk She said he was so lucid and his arguments so well thought out and pointed that he was so much better while fueled on alcohol than the rest of us could ever hope to be sobe [...]

    26. Hitchens makes a compelling case against the major world religions and claims of religion being essentially a force for good His essays are presented with his characteristic wit, erudition and bravado in the positive sense of defiance and courage Unafraid to name names, point fingers, and challenge orthodoxy, Hitchens makes his case masterfully and in a most readable manner As previous reviewers have mentioned, he s mainly preaching to the choir but he also provides an abundance of information t [...]

    27. When my friends or the new people I m acquainted with find out that I am an atheist ,they tend to raise their eyebrows or purse their lips It is unusual for someone like me in the Philippines to not believe in God god The same as what happened a long time ago, when my best friend based in Thailand confirmed that I belong now to the members of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism , she was worried that I would no longer be saved in the event that the Judgment Day came She insisted that I believe in h [...]

    28. Hallelujah the atheists strike back This is a personal and direct assault on the whole God concept Hitchens buys none of it its just fables and hearsay upon hearsay past down from antiquity Religions cause wars, they indoctrinate the young and they are immoral the very opposite of what they claim to be.Since the 18th century science has started to trump religion The microscope, the telescope, discovery of fossils, exploration all have either imploded religion or opened alternative wide vistas.Bu [...]

    29. If I could, I would have preferred to give this book 3.5 stars It was not as good as I had hoped, but not as bad as I feared either I think Hitchens could have done a better logical job of defending his premise still, there s lots of good stuff in here.The chapter on Eastern religions, though, is troubling to me Hitchens does hit something on the head in noting the monied, f cked up set that sometimes accompanies Indian style gurus, but it s interesting that his Buddhist examples of violence ar [...]

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