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Uncovering You 4: Retribution By Scarlett Edwards,

  • Title: Uncovering You 4: Retribution
  • Author: Scarlett Edwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I know that I am here for a reason Stonehart abducted me, starved me, and left me in the dark all for a reason He is a cold man, but he is not irrational He has his purpose I have not yet discovered what it is I should despise him I should feel nothing but disgust when I think of him And yet yet sometimes, I don t Because there are those precious moments whenI know that I am here for a reason Stonehart abducted me, starved me, and left me in the dark all for a reason He is a cold man, but he is not irrational He has his purpose I have not yet discovered what it is I should despise him I should feel nothing but disgust when I think of him And yet yet sometimes, I don t Because there are those precious moments when he makes me feel magnificent Treasured Like a real person One who actually matters to him I know those fleeting displays of affection should not sway my resolve But I am not him I do not possess his self control I cannot stay unaffected forever Bit by bit, my stand is wearing at me Do I still want revenge Do I still want vengeance Yes Yes, of course I do I want revenge I want retribution But Stonehart wants something from me, too And the terrifying question that lurks in the back of my mind is In the end, will it be his retribution, or mine
    Uncovering You Retribution I know that I am here for a reason Stonehart abducted me starved me and left me in the dark all for a reason He is a cold man but he is not irrational He has his purpose I have not yet discovered w

    One thought on “Uncovering You 4: Retribution”

    1. With each book, this series just keeps getting better and better Jeremy Stoneheart is cold and diabolical I never know which side of him is real, or what he has planned next As the story continues, it becomes evident that Lilly has been specifically chosen by Jeremy and that he has planned her kidnapping for a long time Yet, there still isn t any indication of exactly when he began pursuing her, or importantly, why I am dying to know how this story unfolds Now, I can resume waiting for the nex [...]

    2. My love affair with Jeremy is officially over In UNCOVERING YOU 4 RETRIBUTION, he showed just how cold and depraved he can be and I don t see how someone can come back from that Jeremy has successfully isolated Lilly to the point that her every thought revolves around him His Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personalities are at a peak and she finds herself losing focus on her goal to seek revenge But just as she becomes complacent in her new life, Jeremy s darker side once again takes the reigns and remin [...]

    3. I may be in the minority here, but I still think Jeremy will turn it around and we will see that he is not such a monsterhe wants Lilly to see him as monstrous Yes he is a complete prick in Retribution, but I think there s a lot to his actions and lashing outSo here are MY thoughts and suspicions on the story and the characters.The appealing side of Jeremy, I believe is unintentional He is confused when he enjoys Lilly and their time together So he becomes infuriated with Lilly for causing it H [...]

    4. Once again we are taken by surprise by the mercurial personality of Stonehart Just when you start liking him, he douchebags it and you feel like smacking him I am not a violent woman I am mellow Characters like him just get me in an uproar Lilly I have to remember how young she is She is somewhat naive at times, which gets her in trouble After all this time, there is not much she can count on or depend on to help her escape She should know by now that Stonehart will do his upmost to prevent her [...]

    5. In Retribution, Jeremy Stonehart continues to disgust me Immensely He s not likable at all What s , his unpredictable character is so hard to read One day he s this sweet guy but most often than not, he s this monster beast who seems to enjoy punishing Lilly He is a nominee for the ultimate jerk of the year award And because of that, I don t know if his character is still redeemable in the end I guess all these would depend on how the story would progress Or Jeremy is a villain and not a hero af [...]

    6. Just when I thought I would get some answers in this book something happens and the plot just thickens I still hate Mr Stonehart and we see of his twisted evil ways in this book.Lily sees something she shouldn t and now she is being punished she s strong though I just hope she finds that information she s looking for.June 20 can t come quick enough.

    7. Jeremy Stonehart you make Javier from Sins and Needles look like a Sunday School teacher I personally would like to dive in and save Lilly from your monstrous clutches and get that horrible collar from around her neck.Honestly this book through up questions than answers but OMG I think I seriously need to question my sanity, because I fancy the pants of Mr Stonehart He is one evil pig either that or with his dual personality he has an identical twin brother hiding in that mansion.Just when I go [...]

    8. I will not rate for now because I don t know how many stars to give, but I will tell that I feel disappointment right now mainly in Lilly, in which direction she goes I don t want her weak and starry eyed toward Jeremy I want that she find some balls to fight him and to plot revenge and not to be happy because she live in big mansion and has closet full of fine clothes, dammit I already have read similar books and would like something else heroine with backbone 2.06.2014I decided to give one sta [...]

    9. What is this book If Jeremy wants to keep Lilly in the dark, Scarlett want too keep us in the dark too I don t understand a thing in this one How come Jeremy fucks someone else I thought he was broken but that he loved Lilly in his own twisted way But this I didn t like it one bit Scarlett if you read me please after the whole story give us a book from Jeremy s POV because I think it will be really interesting to know understand how his mind works

    10. Um I think hope that there is someone making Jeremy behave the way he is I don t know maybe I hope that he really couldn t be that mean and cold as he isd Lilly It has to be hard mentally telling yourself you will be alright What happened to Rose shy didn t she come and visit So many questions Can t wait for June 20th

    11. I had to rate this book higher because things just got interesting If you don t wanna know, please don t read further because my review might spoil it for you.Is Jeremy serious I know it isn t technically cheating because he and Lilly aren t in a relationship, but c mon He s riding her bareback That right there is reason enough not to involve someone else s privates And then to further torture her by forcing her to listen to them was a step too far, even for me I felt so bad for Lilly Here she i [...]

    12. 4.4 stars I hate it and yet I love it I can t put it down The story line intrigues me Why is he doing this All we know is what is in her head.we have no idea why her captor has her pinned down like a fly in a spider web She fights human emotions of jealousy, longing, lust because inside her head she knows it is wrong He is a monster, he is cruel, he is insane What day is it She is a mouse in a maze.every step she takes to uncover a step where she makes a mistake to a game where she does not alw [...]

    13. 2.5 starsbook 1 1 starbook 2 1 starbook 3 1 starbook 4 2.5 starsThe story improved quite a bit compared to the 1st 3 boring books Things are changing between the 2 main characters, and she started to feel towards S Why the hell did he fuck his secretary that s just disgusting it s not as if he couldn t do it with hell, what s the heroine s name anyways, I like that, it stirred up this bored heart of mineI m not sure if i m going to read the next novel

    14. I m still really enjoying this series Jeremy has a serious case of split personality One minute he s finally showing some humanity then he goes back to being a sociopathic lunatic I hope he dies horribly and alone I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    15. i m actually trapped , like really foaming inside this big mess of a book like how the hell can a book make me be okay with agression and such a treatment to woman i m always so sever about the dignity of my own sex well with this book i m totally okay with what Jeremy is doing , with his attitude , i m blaming Lily for the punishments i think that she was the one to blame , se should ve just behaved how the hell did i get to this O_o i m seriously locked in a prison just like Lily , but mine is [...]

    16. STORY 4 starsPERFORMANCE 4 starsOVERALL 4 stars STORYBy the end of this installment, I was feeling a bit bored Where is Edwards going with all of this Is there an actual STORYLINE Jeremy is totally unpredictable and Lily still has no idea why she is there or what he wants from her Perhaps I m feeling as chaotic as Lily herself while listening to this audiobook PERFORMANCEAmy Johnson continues to deliver a believable performance yet also continues to mispronounce words, this time mispronouncing t [...]

    17. Jeremy you sadistic son of a bitch how is it that I have fallen head over heels in love with you More so, how is it that my trust in you is always questioned and I fear that all I have hoped for is nothing than a game of cat and mouse.The Uncovering You series is a dark series You think you have read all there is about evil and then you pick up the first book in this series and you realize how wrong you were Torture and pain with a twist is what hooked me I had to know why I had to know who I w [...]

    18. 4.5 stars I shouldn t continue to be surprised by Jeremy s dark and diabolical nature, but yet I am Perhaps he would benefit from medication However, Lilly rules that possibility out because beyond the rage and cruelness is a tight exterior of control exhibited by Jeremy However, despite all of Jeremy s attempts to own Lilly in every way, she seems to be someone capable of making him become unglued in a split second Of course I feel a lot of empathy for Lilly, she has no choice but to abide by t [...]

    19. This book gained four stars simply for the excellent writing and my hope that as the author says in her byline that this story is led by her readers that she might listen to reason and give us something believable The secret to writing dark is to offer the sliver of hope that underneath it all there is romance building.It ceases to be fun when the anti hero jumps the shark so to speak and does things that can NEVER be forgotten and forgiven because it would take a miracle at this point for me ev [...]

    20. This is the first book that has made me cry and feeling helpless I really do not know how to rate it I gave it a 4 because regardless of how I feel it does make you want to continue to read to get some closure I do want to get to the end and hope for a happy ending for Lilly I feel so bad for this poor girl getting rape and treated like an animal I have a child who is going to college soon and it make me scare because even though this is fiction it can really happen I am totally stress about thi [...]

    21. I raced through UY4 with great anticipation I was most eager to learn about the characters, specifically clues about Stonehouse and his motives I crave Lilly is on a disturbing emotional ride as she holds intense hatred towards Stonehouse as her captor, and yet, her heart and actions speak volumes otherwise There was increased focus on the contrasting evil and charm in UY4, which begins to paint a vile picture I found myself left with questions than answers that keeps me hanging on The eroti [...]

    22. Book 4 of Lilly s disaster and the girl just can catch a break Her captor s moods swing from mild to violent, his messages and intents remain confusing, and we still don t know why it s all happening but I am starting to develop a hypothesis or two of possibility since we know she wasn t taken randomly In my opinion, this is part of the enjoyment of a good story When it occupies my thinking in the down time, I know I m on to something special Ms Edwards has addressed the issue of the short insta [...]

    23. Love to hate it I am obsessed with this series It has me reading it in one sitting, which isn t hard when it s pretty short but even if it was double the length is read it through Most of this series has me Hoping Jeremy isn t so evil, hoping he is like the Jeremy taking Lilly on a walk But I m not so sure any I closed this book and I m pretty sure I said I hate him I hate what he s doing to Lilly, how he is treating her and ummm hello Underage Secretary Why would he do that I don t know how th [...]

    24. It took me a few book in to finally have the right words to say This series has been so very different than I expected It s different, it s dark, it s captivating and it keeps you wanting Usually when you read a novella it doesn t have much meat to the story in such little time Not this series This series is full of meat It doesn t have the fluff you expect in a novella She captures so much in these stories and into the characters I ve been captivated since the start of book one and it s had me [...]

    25. I found the beginning interesting and with suspense, is a story that is not for everyone, because it has sexual violence.I enjoyed reading the first 4 books.Already started the book 5 In my opinion the male character is definitely a sociopath and I want to see how the author will justify for everything he did.In my point all the violence promoted by him has no justification whatsoever.Even with all the physical and psychological violence I m enjoying reading, because story shows interesting aspe [...]

    26. My thoughts are everywhere , I really don t know what to say any Jeremy has me so crazy , that I feel as though I am going a little crazy just as Lilly But in all honesty I think mr stonehart Really did a number on Lilly this time around , I don t think I have any sympathy left for him in why he acts the way he does with her I am really going head over heels crazy with these endings though Can t wait for the next book Hopefully Jeremy won t be so bipolar in the next book

    27. Loved this book as much as the others but was a little pissed when I found out the next one now has no release date after the author promised a book per month That s why I hate these freaking serials Can anyone just write a book any The author said she wants to tailor each book to what readers want I say man up and write the book the way you want it, people will still read it No one is excited about spending a fortune on these little books.

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