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Who Was Sinclair Beiles? By Gary Cummiskey,

  • Title: Who Was Sinclair Beiles?
  • Author: Gary Cummiskey
  • ISBN: 9780620427920
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Who Was Sinclair Beiles None

    One thought on “Who Was Sinclair Beiles?”

    1. An excellent festschrift or celebration , rather than a strict biography, on the mysterious South African beat writer, Sinclair Beiles.Beiles is probably most famous for helping Burroughs get Naked Lunch published at Olympia through Girodias, at a time when Burroughs was really strung out on paregoric and or heroin His most famous work in print is probably as one of the four contributors Beiles, Burroughs, Corso Gysin of the now legendary cut up compilation, Minutes to Go, published in 1960 Howe [...]

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