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Monday Morning Faith By Lori Copeland,

  • Title: Monday Morning Faith
  • Author: Lori Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780310263494
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Mom and Pop, Two days ago we all spent the afternoon in palm trees One of the village dogs broke his leash and treed the whole community The dog is mean, but I have managed to form a cautious relationship with him by feeding him scraps from our table, and jelly beansI hope candy doesn t hurt a dog it hasn t hurt this dog, I can assure you I know you re wonderinDear Mom and Pop, Two days ago we all spent the afternoon in palm trees One of the village dogs broke his leash and treed the whole community The dog is mean, but I have managed to form a cautious relationship with him by feeding him scraps from our table, and jelly beansI hope candy doesn t hurt a dog it hasn t hurt this dog, I can assure you I know you re wondering about SamI love him with all my heart, but sometimes love just isn t enoughLove always, Johanna, The New Guinea jungle holds many allures, but not for librarian Johanna Holland Johanna is simply aghast at the lack of hot showers and well clothing She is positive the mission field is most certainly not God s plan for her life, but will that mean letting go of the man she loves
    Monday Morning Faith Dear Mom and Pop Two days ago we all spent the afternoon in palm trees One of the village dogs broke his leash and treed the whole community The dog is mean but I have managed to form a cautious rel

    One thought on “Monday Morning Faith”

    1. I could relate to the main character I think that s why I liked this book so much She feels like she doesn t fit anywhere and things don t go the way she wants She finds her place and realizes that she is best as herself.

    2. This is a humorous and serious look at missionary work The story shows how we can fight our call and fight the love God sends our way It also shows how, and I am guilty of this, we can sometimes feel as though our call is unimportant and has no impact on the lives of others We can all feel very unworthy However, we can all be used, all we have to do is listen and follow God s plan.

    3. Though I only gave this book 3 stars, I did enjoy this book I though that for the most part it was well written, especially the descriptions about Papua New Guinea and it s people.But there were some things I was a tad annoyed at, also For instance, the book started off in present time, then moved into the character telling the story of how she came to be in that position, but it wasn t really made clear, and it left me confused The same with transitioning back into the present time near the end [...]

    4. This book is written by a Christian author that has a knack for capturing what people experience in real life situations She does this in such a way to make the reader laugh, cry, and desire to be a better person At times this book is a little to preachy and too obvious, but it resonated with me for many reasons The main character goes to New Guinea with a group of missionaries and tries to acclimate to a missionary life However she has a hard time of it at first focusing on only the things that [...]

    5. Librarian Johanna Holland thinks she is content with her life, she enjoys her work and taking care of her parents But her life gets shaken up when her parents decide to move and she meets a man who takes an interest in her Suddenly Johanna is getting made over by her best friend, moving into a new apartment, and going on dates with Sam But all this change has her a bit befuddled, and she is especially confused by Sam s choice of careers he wants to work as a missionary doctor in Papua New Guinea [...]

    6. i can t imagine setting myself up for a marriage where i might only see my husband about one month out of the whole year, so i found this story to be a little bit unbelievable, hence not getting a full 5 stars BUT i fell in love w the main character has struggles, including w her faith, like most of us do and, also like most of us, is scared to death of her own shadow, if it falls outside of her comfort zone YET e could even laugh at herself i loved that about her and, that was why i probably ga [...]

    7. it was okay i liked the parts when she was in New guinea and describing everything there It was fun to imagine doing that I really liked the main character s friend Melva, she was a good character There were parts that definitely got on my nerves, but all in all it was good The author didn t develop the romance relationship well at all and it was hard to imagine that they loved each other since the build up was nonexistent for that A couple things like that you had to just push through and keep [...]

    8. Another book that partially takes place in Papua New Guinea And once again, while I know this is fiction, I was too distracted by the inaccuracy of how PNG was portrayed to enjoy the story Sure wish some of it were trueke flying directly from Chicago to Port Moresby Some of it just made me cringeke the main character getting in a physical altercation with an elder in the village I would hate to see what would have happened if this were based on a true story So.while the story was OK, I would not [...]

    9. I borrowed this book from the library as an in between book until I could find a something else Wow I was bowled over by this fascinating story I even stayed up past midnight reading until I couldn t keep my eyes open The juxtaposition of the Papua New Guinea jungle and the American Midwest is jolting how much we take for granted Including touches of humor romance, this story of metamorphisis is thoroughly enjoyable

    10. What a great book of Christian faith and walking with the Lord Helped me realize missionaries don t always see their results They lay the groundwork and other missionaries may witness the results Building trust and relationships takes time sometimes a LONG time This helped me realize the value of relationships with non believers whether foreign or in my own neighborhood Feed them and then witness to them

    11. I feel like I can probably write one review and use it for all of the Christian chick lit I am reading lately I truly do not understand my sudden need to read about formula novels about Christian ladies I liked this one pretty well, though, and would probably have given it three stars were it not 1 embarrassing and 2 while I don t hold it against Copeland, I am resentful regarding the total absence of writerly, literary Christian fiction.

    12. Addressed a question about being called to a ministry How does a person know they are really called A woman loves a man and goes with him to Papua New Guinea as part of a missionary team He was extremely on fire to be theree wasn t Many funny parts Didn t care too much for the continuous self instrospection Had a good ending.

    13. This 40 year old librarian has finally met the man of her dreams and he is a retired doctor who has a deep love for missions He wants her to to with him and she tries it, but she doesn t take to it like he does.

    14. In my opinion, this was the best book I ve read from this author It seemed like she was closer to the subject matter of this book The characters and situations were realistically portrayed I cried for the main character.

    15. I wanted to like this book as it came highly recommended to me, but i found it to be the most insidious type of mind poison I have read in a long time perpetuating the myth that women must sacrifice themselves to men because God says so Balderdash.

    16. This was a good book Not a sappy predictable love story I do wish Poo would have been adopted by the Main Character and it seemed unrealistic that the language barrier was never broken after 12 years.

    17. A wonderful book It makes you think about your own willingness to serve and what all you could give up to follow Him.

    18. Very cool story about figuring out your role in life when your husband is called to the mission field and you are only called to be with him.

    19. This books was okay If you have nothing else to read then it s good to read I read another by this author and I just don t care for her writing.

    20. Story of Johanna and Sam Sam called to New Guinea for missionary work, Johanna not sure of her call dedeication great story about discerning God s call on your life

    21. the girl was boring and very slow the love story was lame It skipped over how they actually fell in love.

    22. I did not find this warm and whimsical at all It was okay Got a little than halfway Didn t finish, probably won t, but I have another Lori Copeland book I think I ll give a try.

    23. Very convicting story for me That s me in the mission field and I love the honesty about the struggle Made me rethink my commitment to the Lord and am I being obedient to Him in everything I do

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