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The House on the Borderland By William Hope Hodgson,

  • Title: The House on the Borderland
  • Author: William Hope Hodgson
  • ISBN: 9781426438288
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • A manuscript is found filled with small, precise writing and smelling of pit water, it tells the story of an old recluse and his strange home and its even stranger, jade green double, seen by the recluse on an otherworldly plain where gigantic gods and monsters roam.Soon his earthly home is no less terrible than his bizarre vision, as swine like creatures boil fromA manuscript is found filled with small, precise writing and smelling of pit water, it tells the story of an old recluse and his strange home and its even stranger, jade green double, seen by the recluse on an otherworldly plain where gigantic gods and monsters roam.Soon his earthly home is no less terrible than his bizarre vision, as swine like creatures boil from a cavern beneath the ground and besiege it But a still greater horror will face the recluse inexorable, merciless and awful than any creature that can be fought or killed.A classic of the first water H P Lovecraft
    The House on the Borderland A manuscript is found filled with small precise writing and smelling of pit water it tells the story of an old recluse and his strange home and its even stranger jade green double seen by the recl

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    1. Another short read between big buddy reads another miss details follow Two guys found some ruins in an isolated spot in Ireland I strongly suspect such places do not exist any The place was gloomy, oppressive, and just plain spooky The only thing to find other than stones was a manuscript which content makes up the whole story except for the first and last chapters So the manuscript s author bought this house and moved in After some time paranormal events began taking place There were three diff [...]

    2. Very interesting, I at first thought that he was influenced by Lovecraft, but Hodgson predates Lovecraft Weird, creepy, with some long slow periods, but entertaining and thought provoking I can see how many artists since have been influenced and of course this may be a generational influence for the genre The time lapse sequence is DECADES ahead of its time.

    3. In an isolated area of West Ireland, far from big towns or roads and crowds, there was a huge unwanted house, that the local people from the nearby little village of Kraighten, said was haunted, the time before the dawn of the Twentieth Century, apparently than a score of years then Two strangers came to the seldom visited territory, since the natives don t speak English, and the the outsiders can t communicate in Gaelic, there is a little problem But it doesn t matter, the two have plenty of f [...]

    4. Have you ever wondered what a place would be like where you were outside of time and space, neither dead nor alive Where you could observe the mechanisms of the universe and see the death of our planet and sun Where you could commune with souls of the dead in the black, silent sea of sleep Well, it would be full of adverbs An infinitude of adverbs.Do you like adverbs William Hope Hodgson did Do you like to start sentences with a sudden adverb and a comma William Hope Hodgson liked that, too.I wr [...]

    5. Read, write, and study books for long enough, and you ll eventually start to recognize how stories work You ll find yourself saying things like Oh, this character s going to die soon because the author just resolved the ongoing tension they had with the hero or Ah, the mysterious stranger must actually be the orphan child of the Baron that people keep talking about To people who don t know how to do it, it seems like a magic trick, but the only thing you need to do is pay attention to details an [...]

    6. This is a story about an ancient manuscript found by two men on a camping trip The manuscript actually is the story I m not going into the plot itself as the description already does that, but I did want to mention a few things.The story was a bit slow to start out, and there was a long sort of boring out of body experience Even though I found this part a bit long winded, I can see the seeds of Lovecraft s Cthulu mythos within Lovecraft has said that William Hope Hodgson was a big influence on h [...]

    7. This book is two stories, jointly and severally independent of each other, spliced together haphazardly in the middle and left trailing off into nothing doing at the end, almost as if Hodgson had tinkered, tailored, soldiered, spied to his content, and finally got so bored of the whole melange he just left the tangled mess of shards on the floor and walked.The first part sees an ageing recluse, ensconced in a haunted house every village in Ireland has them , battling a horde of swine men thingie [...]

    8. I am a great fan of H.P Lovecraftt in most cases when I read books or works from authors that are credited as influences on him, I m not that taken The same is true here The young men arrive in the village where they aren t exactly welcomedd eventually find themselves in the sinister house in the sinister place reading the sinister manuscript Apparently the writer had at some point suffered a very bad experience with pork The book does manage to build a certain amount of darkness and despair int [...]

    9. Here s how I feel about William Hope Hodgson generally Writing as he did at the beginning of the 20th century, Hodgson s creativity in the realm of supernatural horror is impressive given what few authors preceded him in the genre Although he wrote many stories that partook of elements common to supernatural fiction of his era i.emost of his short stories, including the Carnacki stories , he also broke new ground Moving beyond the ghost stories which had, for the most part, made up the genre bef [...]

    10. La historia nos sit a en Kraighten, una escondida rea en el Oeste de Irlanda donde un par de tranquilos excursionistas pasan sus d as pescando y paseando Un d a de repente se topan con las ruinas de un antigua caser n en una extra a zona con un pozo, donde indagando un poco encuentran un viejo manuscrito escondido entre los escombros, huyendo r pidamente del lugar por las siniestras sensaciones que les provoca Esa misma noche comienzan a leer el libro, un extra o relato sobre las siniestras vive [...]

    11. Dos amigos est n de excursi n por tierras irlandesas, cuando en uno de sus paseos tropiezan con los restos de una mansi n Investigando entre las ruinas, se encuentran con un manuscrito algo deteriorado Al regresar a su tienda, han de atravesar el bosque que rodea la mansi n, y es entonces cuando sienten la maldad que esconde el lugar Al regresar, leen el manuscrito, que resulta estar escrito por el que fue habitante de la mansi n Los sucesos que nos relata est n llenos de visiones c smicas y hor [...]

    12. Hi haberim olmayan bir yazar ve bilinmeyen bir kitap daha Sevgili Yank Enki nin zellikle tavsiyesi zerine ald m ve okudum Bug ne kadar tavsiye etti i hi bir ey beni zmedi, pi man etmedi Nokta vuru oldu Kitaba d necek olursak, korku seviyor musunuz O zaman kesinlikle bu kitab ka rmamal s n z Lovecraft seviyorsan z ka rmamal s n z Duru ve kitab n i ine sizi eken bir hayal g c , dil, anlat m Kusursuz tekinsizlik iddetle tavsiye ederim

    13. The similarities of this novel with the atmosphere and the writing style of Lovecraft s stories were palpable However, in Hodgson s work, the horror was realistic and quite intense.

    14. Hodgson s influence on Lovecraft, and many other writers of weird fiction, is apparent from the start Borderland opens with a couple of guys on fishing trip in the wilds of Ireland The setting reminds me a bit of Blackwood s The Willows, with its forbidding wilderness, but also of Dracula s opening, with its nearly alien town folk, who seem to know the land is diseased, bad Soon a ruined house mansion is stumbled across, and part of a manuscript I love evil books and manuscripts But all of this [...]

    15. From the Manuscript, discovered in 1877 by Messrs Tonnison and Berreggnog, in the Ruins that lie to the South of the Village of Kraighten, in the West of Ireland Set out here, with Notes It is closing in on a hundred years since this classic work of eerie fiction was first published, and even a century removed I m still not quite sure what to think of it The House on the Borderland is one of those titles which comes up naturally in the course of one s education in horror the book is mentioned of [...]

    16. 3.5 5Recommended to me by The Gentleman From Providence himself, HP Lovecraft, this is, like many of Lovecraft s, one of those Was The Author Mad stories It happened that just as I began this, a smoke detector in my building, in an apartment I have no access to, began chirping loudly day and night, begging to have its battery changed I ve reported it countless times over the past week but have yet to see any resolution The chirping is rhythmic and over very little time could serve to drive someo [...]

    17. S n rdaki Ev i in her ne kadar tuhaf kurgu diyor olsak da, bu kitab belirgin bir kal ba sokmak hem zor ve hem de esere yap lacak b y k bir haks zl k olur Kitap, rlanda n n ss z k rsal nda kamp yapan iki arkada n, tekinsiz bir a a l n ortas ndaki bir harabede bulduklar bir el yazmas yla ba l yor Buraya kadar iki arkada tan birinin a z ndan anlat lan olaylar, daha sonra tamamen el yazmas ndan aktar l yor As l olaylar da burada ba l yor.El yazmas g nl kaleme alan isimsiz m nzevimiz, bahsi ge en ev [...]

    18. I can see why this was taken up by the psychotropic vanguards bores but don t let that put you off This is a borderland experience that dismisses any self conscious aggrandising notions of bursting though those doors of perception Indeed, any doors are, as someone else said about this, representations in allegiance with Platonic Form.The plot bookends the central bulk of the narrative a manuscript relayed through a mystery editor The manuscript is found by two Victorian guys on a fishing trip, i [...]

    19. William Hope Hodgson s first published novel, The Boats of the Glen Carrig 1907 , is a tale of survival after a foundering at sea, replete with carnivorous trees, crab monsters, bipedal slugmen and giant octopi In his now classic second novel, The House on the Borderland, which was released the following year, Hodgson, remarkably, upped the ante, and the result is one of the first instances of cosmic horror in literature, and a stunning amalgam of sci fi and macabre fantasy An inspiration for no [...]

    20. I think Caleb s review book show 22 of William Hodgson s The House on the Borderland pretty much sums up what I felt reading this novel You can easily see the influence Hodgson may have wielded on H.P Lovecraft s cosmos, where the best humankind can hope for is indifference from the great powers of the universe What s missing is any breath of soul Even if the universe couldn t care less, at the very least the reader should be able to identify with the character or feel some of his fear That is w [...]

    21. I decided to start and read some older books that I have never heard of before Going for the fantastical and horrific I came across The House on the Borderland At first this book was splendid with an air of mystery and horror that I had not expected I even had nightmares about the pig men that arrive Not expecting a nightmare from a novel written so many years ago I eagerly devoured the rest of the book What was left was an eerie cosmic voyage that almost ruined the novel for me I am unsure why [...]

    22. Man what potential this had The formative story of the two vacationers was a decent startup and I absolutely loved the beginning of the manuscript, but then it fell flat and never came back for me It was so descriptive and creepy in the beginning, but then it meandered into a mega long description of the passing of time I found myself reading and then skimming just to get past that portion There were also elements of the story that came and went out of nowhere leaving me scratching my head I fou [...]

    23. First, I m amazed no one has seen fit to adapt this novel to film Second, I ve read this novel multiple times since I bought the 35 cent Ace Books edition at a drugstore in Mayville, NY when I was 13 You never forget it Now, if you were to combine H P Lovecraft, Julio Cortazar his story House Taken Over may have been inspired by this book with the siege mentality of Straw Dogs or I am Legend book, not movie you would have The House on Borderland Written over 100 years ago before the first World [...]

    24. From the moment I saw the poem Shoon of the Dead that adorns the beginning of the text, I knew I was in for something very special While there have been many commentaries written about the novel, claiming it to be weird, trippy, imaginative, obscure , I don t think many have really been successful in coming to terms with the metaphysics underpinning the text and finding the thread of reason among the often assumed to be random occurrences and astral journeys that befall the protagonist in the Ho [...]

    25. The first thing that strikes me, about this book, are grammatical, and punctual matters.I read a cheap, mysterious paperback edition, from the 70 s The editor, for whatever reason, decided to include the bulk of the story, after the initial framing story, in quotation marks I mean here the real editor, not the fictitious one that appears halfway in the story to explain in science mode what the old man means when he seems to speak against the laws of physics, and as a feeble and worn out attempt [...]

    26. W H Hodgson 1887 1918 holds the record for tying up Harry Houdini the longest it took the magician escapologist two hours to untangled Hodgson s unusual and intricate knots This talent for the unexpected and perplexing carries over into Hodgson s fiction, which dazzles the reader with its imaginative brilliance and bizarre twists and turns.The House on the Borderland 1908 is one of the eeriest and trippiest books I ve ever read and enjoyed Hodgson tells the story of a recluse who has retired to [...]

    27. Not just one of my favourite books but one of my favourite things in general Powerful imagery, a great setting, heavy atmosphere, some really chilling moments and an incredible sense of scale I love stories that have a completely unpredictable sequence of events and give a sense that hundreds of bizarre things could have happened.My only real complaint is I wish it were longer and had creatures of different types No matter how much Hodgson could have shown, there would always be a sense of man [...]

    28. A timeless treasure of Gothic literature written than 100 years ago that never ceases to impress me, short though it is.

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