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Face Down (I've Had Enough) By Bel Watson,

  • Title: Face Down (I've Had Enough)
  • Author: Bel Watson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • She, trapped in an abusive relationship He, desperate to save her She, blinded by a sick kind of love He, dying to take her away from all the pain She, who s got to believe she deserves that life He, who only wants her to be happy.
    Face Down I ve Had Enough She trapped in an abusive relationship He desperate to save her She blinded by a sick kind of love He dying to take her away from all the pain She who s got to believe she deserves that life He

    One thought on “Face Down (I've Had Enough)”

    1. Hands down my favorite short story I love the concept of this story and I think it is important for the word to get out there As much as I lvoe Bel and her stories, I think this is the best short story she has written yet Since it is written based on The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song Face Down , I love it even because the song is one of my favorites by the band Much love to Bel and her works.

    2. Read this on Wattpad Everyone needs to read this With all the books movies songs etc these days that glorify and romanticize unhealthy abusive relationships, it s so important that these issues are adressed It pains me to see people wanting relationships like the ones in Fifty Shades of Grey, After, Beautiful Disaster, etc People think that their actions are okay as long as the guy is hot and or rich despite how much of a terrible human being they are The girls in the relationships feel obligate [...]

    3. I loved the concept and style of this book was a quick read but well worth it.I loved that it didn t prioritize the idea of romantic cliches like some books and movies, it addressed an important message Leaving with the message that if you know anyone in an abusive relationship please get help, it will take time to heal but things will get better if you try Abusive relationships come in different ways and most people are blinded.They don t see what real love should be.People are so desperate to [...]

    4. this by far has been the best short story I ve ever read on wattpad, no surprise it s by one of my favorite authors and someone who will continue to inspire me day after day.

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