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Letters From The Earth By Mark Twain,

  • Title: Letters From The Earth
  • Author: Mark Twain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Letters From The Earth”

    1. Satan s letters written during a visit to Earth, this is Mark Twain at his most cynical and offensive This is a far cry from C.S Lewis, perhaps even a Bizarro reflection Long before today s crop of posturing, pompous ass religious critics, Twain did it better, faster and funnier For those who like their humor dark as unsweetened cocoa.

    2. This is our next book club selection, and I m loving it as much this second reading as I did when I first found this little gem over 30 years ago Twain had said it couldn t be published, and I can see why Not many in his time period would have liked the idea of Satan being on earth and writing scathing satirical letters back to his buddies in heaven about the condition of humankind.This is a thin little volume, but my version is getting lots of highlighting His criticism of humanity is as timely [...]

    3. Cynics bow down before the idol of your seething ire Mark Twain s critique of the Earth s entanglement with religion as told by an oft banished bad boy of heaven we all know but not so well as we thought singes eyelashes at times A series of letters written by Satan himself during a term of expulsion from heaven depict the sad hilarity of mankind s relationship with it s creator Satan s outside perspective yields Twain an opportunity to express his deep criticism of god fearing culture It begins [...]

    4. The first time the Deity came down to earth, he brought life and death when he came the second time, he brought hell Mark Twain s Letters from the Earth, which were written under the influence of various blows fate dealt him, like the deaths of his 24 year old daughter Suzy from spinal meningitis in 1896 and of his wife Olivia in1904, never saw publication during their author s lifetime, probably because they were considered as heavy stuff even with regard to what could be expected of a satirist [...]

    5. There s nothing quite like reading Mark Twain that helps one to remember what American literature could and should be, but, unfortunately, isn t Mark Twain was the best America has ever produced Satire as a literary genre might as well not exist today when compared with that of Twain This particular book is a collection of perhaps simultaneously some of the funniest, most insightful, most uncomfortably true, and most challenging short stories and essays that Twain wrote Forget Colbert and Stewar [...]

    6. This book is a varied collection of Mark Twain s later writings, from a period traditionally overlooked by American students but intensely scrutinized in Europe The titular Letters from the Earth series include wry and mildly heretical musings on Biblical lore, Christian cosmology, and human nature in general These were indeed the basis for a rather creepy children s Claymation TV show in the 80s called The Adventures of Mark Twain, the sort of thing that nowadays would get program directors dra [...]

    7. Mi primer 5 estrellas del a o Le tenia miedo a este libro, tenia miedo sobre lo que podr a encontrar en sus p ginas, pero una vez m s el ingenio, la iron a y la sagacidad de Twain me han dejado con un gran sabor Pronto tendr n mi rese a en el blog.

    8. I could write a long review of this amazing and shocking book Mark like I ve never seen him before the Mark I always wanted to hear from and did not find in his stories of mischievous childhoods in the Mississippi But i won t write that long review, instead, i will sub it up in the following sentence Man is a mistake The human race, basically, is the most horrible species that ever dwelled this earth We kill, torture, pass judgment, discriminate, and do the worst things possible with the excuse [...]

    9. Okay after reading this I so wish I could have sat down with this man and that I could have shared a drink and a chat with him He was so witty and clever Hilarious He must have been something else

    10. Brilliant The failure and hypocrisy of religion and out puny imagination of God, Heaven and Hell leaves mankind exposed and ordinary.

    11. In the last year I ve taken great care in crafting my reading goals towards something that will satisfy my need to be a thoroughly educated guy I ve been an avid reader since my early teens, and as a byproduct I ve gained a relatively good grasp of many key books However, lately the gaps in my education have really become a bother It is with that said, that I put forward Mark Twain as exhibit A Letters from the Earth is my first substantial introduction to him I think I read Tom Sawyer when I w [...]

    12. The way Mark Twain pokes fun at Christianity, it s no wonder these writings were originally censored In Letters from the Earth, Satan reports back to heaven in a series of epistles making light of religion He explains that Noah and his family were all disease ridden, since God s command to preserve two of every animal also applied to microbes God, in his infinite wisdom, saw that diseases such as syphilis would be necessary in the world to come I ve got to say, picturing Noah going around and in [...]

    13. This is bitter Twain at his darkest In essence he takes the view that Nature is so filled with irrational horror and pain that existence is hardly worth having Humankind is not much better as its members thrive on stupid contradictions and cruelty The Bible is filled with thousands of lies and Jesus Christ was himself a sadistic liar In such a cosmos God is incredibly stupid, evil, or non existent That last is the most comforting thought as it at least allows human beings to concentrate on their [...]

    14. Reason brings the courage to take a fresh look at myths and stories in the Bible that have been used as justification for mankind actions for centuries With a fresh view and a sharp mind, M.Twain provoked me bitter smile after bitter smile while reading Satan s letters But a first step to break the spell has been taken, so hopefully there is no coming back to dogma and superstition afterwardse letters can be read here online literature twai

    15. I have to rate this lower than things like The Autobiography and other novels because this represents sort of a hodgepodge of remnants and unfinished works That s not to say it is not worthwhile I mean why struggle through something as tedious as Nietzsche, when all the same scathing sentiments against the banality of humans are presented here in humorous form There were parts where he seemed to be writing about today overcrowding, wastefulness, phony religion, and the end of days Most interesti [...]

    16. Carl Reiner does an admirable job narrating this classic, funny, irreverent, and at times joyfully bizarre Twain treat.

    17. This collection of largely unpublished material is the most impressive contribution to books by Mark Twain after The Mysterious Stranger of 1916, with which it shares an imaginative grandeur Mark Twain thought, while he was alive, he was going to terrify the world with a metaphysical masterpiece, What Is Man 1917 , but that book is mostly unreadable However, he included similar ideas in both The Mysterious Stranger and Letters From the Earth, and they are both better books as they demonstrate be [...]

    18. i should note that i didn t read this edition i wanted to give the text 4 stars, because it s a great if apparently unfinished collection of essays warned, though, of the edition that i did get it s the one that first pops up on an search at least, during the current time period, it s the first this review may have an expiration date it s got a green cover and two goofy red Satanic eyes staring out from the top, published by Greenbook Publications, LLC it s a crime against Twain and a vicious i [...]

    19. After reading the 3 volumes of Mark Twain s autobiography I have been interested in reading everything else outside of his well known catalog Letters from the Earth was also published posthumously and his daughter Clara delayed publication until 1962 to prevent potential embarrassment to the family It is a collection of essays and short works, some not even finished The bulk of the writings concern Satan s letters to the other angels about God s latest creations It is reminiscent of C.S Lewis Th [...]

    20. This is a collection of writings that Mark Twain didn t publish in his lifetime The best parts were the sections where Mark Twain translated the ancient diaries of the Adam Family as in Adam and Eve Here is an excerpt from the conversation Adam and Eve had after they were forbidden the fruit Good and evil Yes What is that What is what Why, those things What is good I do not know How should I know Well, then, what is evil I suppose it is the name of something, but I do not know what But, Adam, yo [...]

    21. Excerpt Now there you have a sample of man s reasoning powers, as he calls them He observes certain facts For instance, that in all his life he never sees the day that he can satisfy one woman also, that no woman ever sees the day that she can t overwork, and defeat, and put out of commission any ten masculine parts that can be put to bed to her Man puts those strikingly suggestive and luminous facts together, and from them draws this astonishing conclusion The Creator intended the woman to be r [...]

    22. Letters from the Earth was fantastic I loved the writing and the way that Mark Twain shed light on the hypocrisy of religion and the human notion of God After that section however, the book became very dull very quickly As this book is a collection of his writings, I felt that a lot of it did not flow together If things were tied together tighter, my rating would have been higher but I just found everything after Letters from the Earth to be highly boring.

    23. An amazing book that gives the reader a different perspective about religious characters while giving the reader the feeling that these fictional characters are real You can never go wrong with Mark Twain

    24. This had some great parts, and some that were just okay These are writings Twain didn t want published for various reasons Some were a bit risque for his time period We find he s as wantonly cynical as George Carlin, though he still does it without bad language Others were incomplete when he died Some you could tell he just gave up on because they weren t going anywhere great Some of the pieces were short, and made me think that this could ve been Twain s blog had blogs existed back then And I g [...]

    25. the OG atheist picking out logic holes in the bible, getting a kick out of religious puritanism and god generally being a dickhead always fun

    26. My gawd, I am loving this book Utterly irreverent, yes And excellent As with Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal Quite the set of essays I like A lot And rational And humorous, of course Started strongly than it ended but still 4 stars.

    27. This book has some of Mark Twain s best writing, but strangely, it is not well known Actually, it s not strange at all This work is not just hilarious it s not just brilliant prose that is remarkably energetic, intelligent, and insightful it is wildly sarcastic, blatantly sacrilegious, blisteringly irreverent, and boldly condemning of Christian beliefs To realize that this was written over a hundred years ago when the nation was far religiously dogmatic and intolerant, is to realize that Twain [...]

    28. Niedu a ksi eczka, kt ra obiecywa a tak wiele tematem i nazwiskiem autora dla mnie niestety okaza a si ogromnym rozczarowaniem Nie nale c do wielkich fan w chrze cija stwa, religii, czy te wiary w przer ne mistyczne zjawiska mia em nadziej na co konstruktywnie krytycznego, co napisane przez fachowca od j zyka dla mas, nadaj cego si do cytowania i polecania innym.Po prawdzie interesuj ce s zaledwie dwa pierwsze listy, kt re przedstawiaj cz owieka jako istot pe n wzajemnie si wykluczaj cych pragni [...]

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