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Look After You By Elena Matthews,

  • Title: Look After You
  • Author: Elena Matthews
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The birth of your firstborn child is supposed to be the best day of your life, a joyous occasion Well that s what twenty eight year old Ava Jacobson thought That is until her life takes a drastic turn for the worse and her daughter is born three months earlier than planned, weighing only two pounds, two ounces A distraught Ava is thrown into the deep end of motherhood aThe birth of your firstborn child is supposed to be the best day of your life, a joyous occasion Well that s what twenty eight year old Ava Jacobson thought That is until her life takes a drastic turn for the worse and her daughter is born three months earlier than planned, weighing only two pounds, two ounces A distraught Ava is thrown into the deep end of motherhood and instead of being able to hold her baby like other moms, she has to sit back and watch her daughter fight for her life in the hospital s neonatal intensive care unit, while her fianc , Sebastian Gilbert is in the midst of a messy war in Afghanistan Ava is left to pick up the pieces with the help of her only friend, Caleb Summers When her vulnerable state hits an all time low, she finds solace in an unexpected pair of intense green eyes Eyes that belong to her daughter s doctor, Ashton Bailey, and she falls, like she has never fallen before However, for the sake of Sebastian she desperately tries to fight against her newfound feelings for Ashton, but eventually the pull between the two is so strong that it is impossible for her to stay away Then when Ava is convinced things can t possibly get any worse, a cloud of blackness closes in on her as the secret demons of her past come back to haunt her, with news that will irreversibly shake her entire world forever As Ava s roller coaster ride she calls life begins to circle the drain, she quickly learns that even through the darkness of evil, there is always that one person who will look after you and have the ability to pull you away from the brink of no return, when nobody else can Warning Recommended for ages 18 due to heavy subject matters of rape and suicide Also includes violence, explicit language and sexual situations.
    Look After You The birth of your firstborn child is supposed to be the best day of your life a joyous occasion Well that s what twenty eight year old Ava Jacobson thought That is until her life takes a drastic turn

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    1. I really should have read better the reviews about this book It is a well written book, the characters are real and there is a story there.I just can never justify cheating Yes we are human, yes we make mistakes Sebastian however is just such a loveable character, that has grown so much and has given so much for Ava that is heartbreaking to know he is fighting for his country and his girl is jumping in someone else s armss, I have sympathy for Ava and her pain and the fact she needs someone Stil [...]

    2. Un dram n de los que a m me gustan, con una historia de amor muy bonita Aunque la trama es bastante previsible y se repite en algunos momentos, me ha gustado como para leerlo en un plis, as que le doy mis 4

    3. I don t know why I tortured myself by finishing this book, but I did and now finishing it I went from disliking the heroine to full blown hatred Blaming her infidelity on her fianc e, who, by the way, is at war, fighting for their country she has an affair while her premature daughter is in hospital She s all about her daughter constantly by her daughters side, then has sex with the doctor who is obviously not her child s father, and spends time with the doctor then her own child Bravo Selfish [...]

    4. WOW This is a story that shows just how strong one person can be I mean the main character, Ava, has been through hell and back I won t get into details because I don t include spoilers in my reviews but I ll just say the things that she s had to deal with in her life would cause anyone to break but somehow, she hangs in there Now, I will write a warning here I know that some people have a hatred for books that involve cheating so I will say that this may not be one for you to read I feel that y [...]

    5. This book was simply amazing I can not put into words how I felt about this book I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy and let me tell you, I devoured it I LOVED Ava She is such a strong amazing woman She goes through so much and feels so hard I just love her to pieces I adored them all I think it is hard to pick which guy is swoon worthy though there are 3 pretty fantastic guys Sebastian is just there are no words for him He is the perfect man Caleb is the kind of best friend every girl dreams [...]

    6. ripeforreader 201My rating 4.5 of 5 Twenty eight year old Ava Jacobson though she was heading for calm waters, happily pregnant with her first child, while her fiancee Sebastian was serving out his time in Afghanistan But when her baby announces herself three months early and leaves Ava struggling alone, recovering from a c section with a little daughter fighting for her life and her man thousands of miles away If not for her best friend Caleb and little Lilly s physician Dr Bailey, she would nt [...]

    7. This is the first Elena Matthews book I ve read and wow I don t even know where to start This was an emotional rollercoaster and one that had me hooked from the start I don t want to say to much without spoiling the book but I will say this is a fabulous must read The characters are well developed and the story flows well I felt every emotion reading this and my heart hurt It was beautifully written and deserves the 5 star I have given it.

    8. This book was AMAZING I was lucky enough to get to BETA read for the author Small Spoiler alert This is the story of Ava and her gut wrenching journey of having her first born child While Sebastian, her fianc is away at war in Afghanistan she goes into labor, three months early The obstacles that are faced when you have a premie are hard enough but having to deal with them alone are even worse Cue Dr Ashton Bailey Ashton is her daughters attending physician and there are sparks from their first [...]

    9. This book was bloody amazing Its rare that a book draws me in from the beginning and captures my attention until the end Blimey, it was so well written This woman had been through so much, I was mellowiing through the book, easily turning the pages thenI was biting my nails, my heart rate getting faster I kid you not I can t wait for the next book to come out It ends not as a cliffhanger so you are Ok there folks, but its really intense I wasn t expecting the turn of events, not one little bit I [...]

    10. This book tugs at the heartstrings from the beginning, you feel all of Ava s emotions A boyfriend overseas in the army, a premature baby and a mind full of painful memories Sebastian doesn t want to be away from his family and is counting down the days until he comes home Ashton is the doctor looking after Ava s baby and you just feel the connection they have, he is all kinds of sweet and vulnerable Ava s past comes back and she has to make a difficult choice thy will impact on all their lives.

    11. Beta Review WOW What an emotional roller coaster For me, books that involve cheating are a hit or miss experience Look After You was definitely a hit There are many aspects of this book that are completely unique, bringing a refreshing take to what can sometimes be a very samey genre Look After You is full of characters you just can t help but fall in love with Even Ava, the cheating heroine won me over in no time at all Packed with hotness, suspense, ups and downs, there was never a dull moment [...]

    12. I am giving this book 4 stars becauseI absolutely loved this book However, one big plot line was hard for me to look past I know it is something that happens all the time, but its not something I enjoy reading about.That being said, I felt so many emotions reading this story Hope, sadness, devastation, and so happy I can t stand it Elena does a beautiful job conveying exactly what I believe she was trying to convey Beautiful story, beautiful writing, can t wait to read

    13. Look After You was the first book that I have read from this author It was emotional, gripping, and had earned a spot in my heart From the first chapter to the last, I was absolutely taken I cannot wait to continue the Look After You series Reviewed by Heidi Pharo

    14. wow i loved this book so well writen loved dr bailey swoon this story was so exciting from beggining to end i enjoyed this book so much 5 well done elena matthews xxx

    15. Look After You is a dramatic story with impact, covering a myriad of trigger themes for many readers, but I m a drama whore, so guess whatI loved it I devoured it and enjoyed every dark, naughty, twisted moment Ashton Bailey I m all yours

    16. It has taken me a long time to read this book I ve had it for an age but had this inherent fear about reading it Why Well, I read the synopsis and some reviews and I knew that Elena quite possibly had the ability to break me, I wasn t looking forward to the emotional upheaval that I knew would come with this book so kept knocking it off the top of my TBR I signed up for the release of her next book Look After Me with the view to pushing me to read this one It s always a sure fire way to get me t [...]

    17. Oh my god ,,, this is one heck of a book ,,, the read it s intense literally from the get go right through to the endWhen you start out reading this book you won t expect what you get from it ,,, well I didn t anyways ,,, I read the synopsis and was sure this would be something that I would enjoy and boy o boy was I right ,,, this story is amazing it s gripping ,,, it s got so much in it ,,, you ll be left with your emotions all over the place ,,, I don t want to give too much away in this revie [...]

    18. This was my first book from Elena Matthews I really liked it Blurb The birth of your firstborn child is supposed to be the best day of your life, a joyous occasion Well that s what twenty eight year old Ava Jacobson thought That is until her life takes a drastic turn for the worse and her daughter is born three months earlier than planned, weighing only two pounds, two ounces A distraught Ava is thrown into the deep end of motherhood and instead of being able to hold her baby like other moms, sh [...]

    19. Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Small Spoiler Alert It wasn t supposed to happen now.It was too soon.It simply wasn t time.But I had no way of stopping it.Scared.Alone.Frightened.I don t know how I am going to do this.How will I cope How will I get through this with nobody that I rely on here to help get me through this This is what Ava is faced with having to deliver her beautiful first born child 13 weeks too soon.What is supposed to be an amazing experience for Ava has t [...]

    20. JESUS The Drama in the book literally kicks off in book one From page one I was hooked So hooked having to put my kindle down felt like it was causing me pain THANKS Elena LOL I felt like I was on an emotional Roller coaster There was so many up s and downs AND just the right amount of Hotness As you know from the Synopsis poor Elena s world is turned upside down when she goes into labour a few months early That taught of Loosing her little girl in unbearable On top of that she has to go threw i [...]

    21. There are not many books out there that I can say that I LOVE In order to get a 5 star review from me it has to be something new Not a cookie cutter book that is the same story rewritten a different way I have to be engaged in the book, and not be able to put it down It has to draw on my emotions which can be hard to do since I have read about everything out there I can honestly say that Look After you did that, and for me.We meet Ava Jacobson She has just given birth to her first baby, several [...]

    22. Look after you 5 Review Author Elena Matthews.I was provided an arc for an honest review This book is heart wrenching to say the least It drags you into the story You know when your reading an amazing book when your caught in the story and can t drag yourself a away, well this is that.On a cautious note For any mummy s out their that has had a prem baby, which I have I know what you will be going through reading this book Memories will resurface, some good, some bad But through all of that let m [...]

    23. This book was such an emotional read for me I can t imagine living thru the hell that Ava went thru as a child only to finally find happiness and then have it almost ripped away Ava, is a remarkable woman for sure She got away from a monster and found what she thought was her true love Reading the first few chapter seriously broke my heart I can t imagine having to have a baby that early and deal with so many issues that Ava did Her boyfriend is overseas fighting the war while she is dealing wit [...]

    24. Book 1 in the look after you series, 3 books in the seriesI am writing this review after finishing all 3 books,, I loved this book, it was an emotional rollercoasterThis book has some sensitive subjects, cheating, rape, and suicide but the author writes about the subjects amazingly well.I usually hate books that have cheating and this book has it It was a heart breaking read, as the guy Sebastian the victim of the cheating, is one of the sweetest most loving, caring man I have ever read about an [...]

    25. Holy WOW, tissues are a must with this book, if not actually in tears you are never far away I was close to blubbering by the end of chapter 1, end of chapter 4 I had already cried This is totally emotional book, but definitely worth a read It shows Ava and her struggles after her daughter is born 3 months premature, whist her boyfriend is away serving in Afghanistan Her best friend Caleb was also out of the country when she gave birth meaning, poor Ava was all alone She has to sit and watch her [...]

    26. Wow I am amazed with how much I loved this book To be honest it was really difficult getting through the first few chapters However, the author did a fantastic job of storytelling After I got into it, I have never been so emotionally involved in a story before Now before I start, I am not usually a fan of cheating in a story, it usually turns me off right away Not this one.Ava is a young mother who is scared out of her mind Her daughter was just born months early Her boyfriend is fighting a war [...]

    27. Look After You by Elena Matthews is a must read When a good friend recommended it to me, I jumped straight in knowing that the next installment isn t too far away The story jumps straight into Ava s torment on an early delivery of her baby girl Her immense strength but visible pain as she feels her body lets her down is heart wrenching The journey she travels with only her best friend by her side is a hard one Not to mention the fact her boyfriend is away fighting his own war in Afghanistan, she [...]

    28. I tend to envy those who can write books with breathtaking emotion One day somewhere, some place on earth a star was born because emotion changes how a reader views a book Look after You by Elena Matthews devised a deep notion that in times of need sometimes you can t help who you fall for In Look After You we are introduced to Ava and Ashton Ava a new mum, who s fianc e is fighting a war in Afghanistan and Ashton a neurology specialist doctor who looks after the mum to be in the toughest of tim [...]

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