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Story Trumps Structure: How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules By Steven James,

  • Title: Story Trumps Structure: How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules
  • Author: Steven James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Don t limit your fiction LIBERATE IT All too often, following the rules of writing can constrict rather than inspire you With Story Trumps Structure, you can shed those rules about three act structure, rising action, outlining, and to craft your most powerful, emotional, and gripping stories.Award winning novelist Steven James explains how to trust the narra Don t limit your fiction LIBERATE IT All too often, following the rules of writing can constrict rather than inspire you With Story Trumps Structure, you can shed those rules about three act structure, rising action, outlining, and to craft your most powerful, emotional, and gripping stories.Award winning novelist Steven James explains how to trust the narrative process to make your story believable, compelling, and engaging, and debunks the common myths that hold writers back from creating their best work.Ditch your outline and learn to write organically.Set up promises for readers and deliver on them.Discover how to craft a satisfying climax.Master the subtleties of characterization.Add mind blowing twists to your fiction.When you focus on what lies at the heart of story tension, desire, crisis, escalation, struggle, discovery rather than plot templates and formulas, you ll begin to break out of the box and write fiction that resonates with your readers Story Trumps Structure will transform the way you think about stories and the way you write them, forever.
    Story Trumps Structure How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules Don t limit your fiction LIBERATE IT All too often following the rules of writing can constrict rather than inspire you With Story Trumps Structure you can shed those rules about three act structure

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    1. Finally, a book for pantsers And not just one that mentions pantsing but validates the process as a legitimate he even ventures to say superior process of writing I have long been a pantser with plotter envy because it seems like every book on writing I read talks about organic writing as the immature impatient process and plotting as the panacea, the professional way Of course, that always makes plotting sound like this lovely method that is going to take away the constant anxiety of working in [...]

    2. I liked this book I thought it had a lot of good information, well presented, and not overly complicated The language is clear and plain It was very comprehensive and did an excellent job of explaining what to look for and what you could do to fix it He even includes a chart near the end to help you find the specific sections of the book you need, once you ve identified what the problem you re trying to fix is.This would have been a five star for me, except for two specific issues I understand t [...]

    3. While there were a few good tips in this book, the overall tone was very condescending and some of the examples in writing were a little sexist I was interested in learning about organic writing, but not at the expense of outlining both are valid, and James didn t really make me feel like he thought so.

    4. This book is a quagmire to review On one hand, it truly has a handful of literary gems that easily are 5 starworthy On the other hand, it has some real head scratchers 1 star and long portions that just slog along 2 3 stars I found myself asking over and over to some sections of writing advice, Isn t this just common sense I read this book because I have read a handful of books on storywriting from a structural point of view, and I wanted to balance that with a book from a non outlining point of [...]

    5. In Story Trumps Structure Stephen James proposes an alternative approach to detailed planning based on a precise formulaic three act plot structure He is a pantser and his organic approach draws on the unfolding of the story based on certain story dynamics or principles and reader expectations Plot points develop from characters and situations The number of acts in a story depend on what the story itself needs He still supports a linear plot with orientation, crisis calling, escalation, discover [...]

    6. Superb tips for authors for whom writing an outline first is creatively stifling James gets the so called pantser mind and makes the process of writing based on intuition and following one s storyteller instincts much less painful Best of all, he never ever tries to convince you to change into a plotter Instead, he helps you harness your powers to get that story written without getting stuck too hard or too long.

    7. Read Stephen King s On Writing and then pick up James s book, a great combination As a seat of the pants writer who hates the whole idea of planning your novel and character worksheets and outlines never liked outlines for essays either , this is the kind of encouragement I need There are few books out there that encourage writers to discover and let the story develop as it will Don t get me wrong James provides a trove of concepts to consider, but his style is based on discovering your main cha [...]

    8. Another really great writing resource At first, I ll admit that I was unimpressed It didn t seem like anything that I hadn t heard before and a lot of the author s advice didn t seem relevant to the stories I want to tell However, once the information had time to digest within my brain, I realized there was there than I had first thought In fact, only two days after finishing the book I was referring to it to help me revise the opening of my current WIP I highly recommend this book

    9. I m gearing up to do a panel on structure I know, I know, me of all people , and an acquaintance kindly recommended this book It has the Donald Maass gold star introduction, and the intent here is good, though my quibbles began with the title itself as story structures are not rules, they are, well, structures I would also argue that what he calls organic writing is in fact just writing, and the lavish descriptions he provides of this writing process are what folks are doing, period, whether the [...]

    10. I m currently writing my tenth novel, and have read several dozen writing books, most of which were helpful Some were excellent I understand the concepts of plot, three act structure, archetypes, motifs, symbolism, etc But those are analytical terms, useful for studying a work of fiction AFTER it s been written The author recommends that you break the rules espoused in many of these books Not ALL the rules Just some of the most important ones.For example I m paraphrasing OUTLINE RULE You must cr [...]

    11. I read this with a couple of other authors we d do three chapters a week and get together over VOIP on Sundays to discuss it We all found Story Trumps Structure extremely useful, especially since we all had projects going that we could apply the information to My copy is stuffed with Post it Notes now I have to dig through it at some point to pull out all the ones pertaining to the book I m revising The only complaint we had was the tone from time to time Mr James can be veryt about his opinions [...]

    12. I got this book at DFW Con after speaking with the author, Steven James I absolutely loved his take on organic writing, and as someone who has written a couple books without an outline, this spoke to me I was actually in the midst of attempting to force myself to outline my next book when I picked this up and read it I realized that I was using my outline as a way to procrastinate starting the story, and I was having writers block without even writing a word I m an organic writer at heart and I [...]

    13. Though the cover is a bit of false advertising this craft book is loaded with rules it great to hear that everything does not need to meet a certain number of pages, does not to follow cookie cutter format, etc Basically, worry less about rules than writing the best book you can James offers comprehensive chapters covering how to do that He goes on to answer questions that aren t often covered in craft books Worth a read One of the better books I ve read on the subject of fiction writing.

    14. Fantastic book In this book the author gives excellent examples of good and bad writing But much than that, he explains specifically the hows and whys of writing great fiction I ve book marked several sections that I ll be referring to as I write my next novels It s a great reference book I especially like the section Plot Flaws and How to Fix Them In this section he has a table with common plot problems It has how to fix them along with the chapter that explains in detail This is a great book

    15. It s not a bad book, but the problem is that at the beginning the author says, Break the rules , and then he gives us TONS of his own rules about what exactly characters must do, think, and feel.In other words as the author puts it himself he doesn t fulfill his promises.And it is kind of disappointing Though, again, if he skipped that first part about breaking the rules, it would be a great book on the craft of writing.

    16. This is an excellent book which delivers exactly as promised Much of it I already knew or have done instinctively, but I would recommend this for someone just starting out.

    17. If story theory sounds boring, you haven t read Steven James Story Trumps Structure takes a 30,000 foot view of the craft of storytelling through novel writing Much readable than Robert McKee s Story, James shows us the backside of the art of storytelling He emphasizes the creation and escalation of tension as well as the logical development of a complete story Chapter 7 alone, subtitled Eight Secrets to Discarding Your Outline to Write Better Stories is worth the purchase price I recommend rea [...]

    18. I read this as a library book and plan to buy it as a reference Since I can t decide if I m a plotter or a pantser, the techniques in this book, if used selectively, are helpful for both approaches in my opinion Although the author advises no outline and daily rereading to keep the writer on track and improve flow, he contradicts himself by throwing in other techniques that smack of planning It is also frequently repetitive, and, as already implied, writers should pick from the techniques he sug [...]

    19. Donald Mass has written the best book about novel writing that I ve ever read In fact, I could read it again and plan to From Chapter 2 Orientation The 8 Aspects Every Story Opening Will Include to Chapter 25 Gimmicks Common Traps Authors Fall into and What to Do About Them where I loved 1 Stop Trying to be Clever and 2 Avoid Contrived Literary Devices Even people that don t intend to write their own novel will appreciate all the insight on fiction Move this one ahead on your reading list better [...]

    20. There are few, if any, writing books from a pansters point of view, and there are no books that tell you to forgo the outline and break the rules when you write, so this book was amazing James has lots of insight from his years of just winging his novels, and it made it feel do able for me as well I highly recommend this book to all pansters However, I feel like he went too far I don t want anyone to tell me the only way to write a book is with an outline, but we also can t tell people they can [...]

    21. A wonderful clever and straightforward look at writing and what makes a story great Steven breathes life into the method of organic writing and offers meaningful tips to allow your story to form without gimmicks or contrived characters It s the kind of book that makes you want to write the moment you finish and all throughout

    22. A great book that touches not so much on the craft of writing, although there is plenty of that This is about how important it is to let the story to lead Steven James gives practical advice and examples on just how to do that and what it looks like.I liked it so much that, after reading the e book, I bought a hard copy, just so I could have it as a reference.

    23. I found most of it helpful and informative it explains the pantser writing style and it s benefits There were parts that I disagreed with, but over all it was a fantastic book with really good tips.

    24. RATING 4 STARS.This is a great look at the writing process from an atypical perspective If nothing else, reading this explains the finer points of story and will change the way you read or view fiction.Very helpful and informative.

    25. I actually enjoyed this book and felt like I got a good bit of helpful information from reading it I am an outliner, and I won t ever abandon that approach to writing However, I do think outliners must be flexible enough to modify their plan when the story dictates it.

    26. Great read Contains many important points regarding creating suspense, mystery, and characterization Full of intelligent insights gathered from the author s own experience.

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