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Killer Moves By Bernard Lee DeLeo,

  • Title: Killer Moves
  • Author: Bernard Lee DeLeo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nick s partner, Gus Nason, thinks Nick may be going slowly crazy trying to retire as a reclusive bestselling author Gus assumes even with Nick s wife Rachel pregnant, and walking Jean and Deke the dog to school, Nick will become a danger if not pursuing what he does best killing people Gus quickly regrets his influence over his partner, when the first time out of the reNick s partner, Gus Nason, thinks Nick may be going slowly crazy trying to retire as a reclusive bestselling author Gus assumes even with Nick s wife Rachel pregnant, and walking Jean and Deke the dog to school, Nick will become a danger if not pursuing what he does best killing people Gus quickly regrets his influence over his partner, when the first time out of the retirement chute, Nick s contract on Sheik Abdul Nazari begins a chain of events he never envisioned Nick incorporates only one guideline in his life he has a handful of people and a canine pal he protects at all costs An unwitting number of people decide to test what they think is Nick s weakness It proves to be a fatal error in judgment.
    Killer Moves Nick s partner Gus Nason thinks Nick may be going slowly crazy trying to retire as a reclusive bestselling author Gus assumes even with Nick s wife Rachel pregnant and walking Jean and Deke the dog

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    1. I was wondering how, if it was even possible, to top the first in this series However, dear readers, I worried for naught Killer Moves Cold Blooded II is a brilliant sequel in this pulp fiction thriller series and easily as entertaining as the first Nick McCarty is a larger than life hero ahem assassin who metes out justice to hella deserving political enemies as well as regular bad guys, while maintaining a career as a bestselling author and protecting his small circle of family and friends wit [...]

    2. This book gets one stars Because I had toI have read a lot of these kind of books ,including one you wrote This one is kind of corny I could not make myself read it I m sorry to have to say this but it s true The other book I read of yours was really good It was book one of this series Cold blooded part 1 Just because I didn t like don t mean everyone will feel the same way Maybe it s because you have a 9 year old involved in the murder plot and drinking and hiding stuff from her mother You even [...]

    3. Well, I thought the first one had a lot of action This one was nonstop Whether Nick McCarty is taking his daughter to school, walking the dog, having a dinner with family, going for a swim, or signing books in his author persona, you just know someone is going to be trying to hurt him and his Big mistake Huge Good thing Nick isn t the sensitive type or he might get upset at everyone trying to kill him.

    4. I liked the first one but I wasn t overly in love Well, the second one has changed that entirely I think the biggest problem with the first one was that you saw the relationship develop between Nick and Rachael and it kind of sucked Ignore that and just accept they re together and it s solid And that s what this second book was They already had the first meeting stuff out of the way They re together, I accepted it and moved on And that made this book amazing The humour in this is just as funny a [...]

    5. Great series, fast with enough twists to keep you coming backI have just finished book 4 and wanted to come back and leave a few words with future readers I started reading this type of series 43 years ago with Nick Carter I am happy to say that this story is just as well written and enjoyable Thank you Mr DeLeo I am looking forward to the rest of your books dr

    6. Death as an heroFun reading about borderline psychopath killer living with his adopted family.The plots are believable and conversations between the characters can be quite funny at times.This is not a good book for any liberals.But recommended for the few of us that aren t that soft hearted and believe in a eye for a eye.

    7. Cold blooded assassin book 2Again a story with no socially redeeming features or qualities, but one that can be read and enjoyed only to see the action and wild adventures with modern day scenes and issues playing a role in the background The antagonists never seem to get the point until too late that Nick does not play nice I will see .

    8. ColdI love Nick and his family both immediate and extended DeLeo is one good author To bad there are no real guys like this I can t believe how good these are Awesome Can t wait for the next one.

    9. ANOTHER HITI like the story the moment I started reading Nick, Rachel, Jean, Gus and Tina and the amazing Deke the dog almost m make the storyline real All of his books are a TRIP

    10. Cold Blooded Assassin 2 This story is a free wheeling down to earth blood bath but with a bit of humor thrown in to lighten things up Not for those with a weak stomach but for the rest of us a good read.

    11. Book signing adventureAnother awesome book , adventures with gasly humor and plenty of gorrie murder plots I just love all the characters they make up for themselves.

    12. Get It DoneGood plot with great family interplay The world needs Nick McCarty s to remove bad people without the need for a trial.

    13. Great AuthorGreat series A fun and funny read Family man, assassin, and a terrorists worst nightmare Don t mess with his friends or his country and you should be okay.

    14. Awsome.Funny.Violent.Humorous I love this series.Spent the last few days Bing reading them.And.on to the next book

    15. Really Liking the seriesThe cold blooded series is becoming one of my favorite It reminds me of Dexter the Showtime series which I also loved.

    16. El MertonAn excellent read Enjoyed the first book in the series and the second Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    17. Exciting readThe hero s are men of nobel character and right all wrongs with exciting tactics and style.The series seems like I m watching Dexter and 24

    18. This series has me hooked Very well written with very good action and definitely well worth the time Hard back version to be added to my collection

    19. Book 2 was great Just the right mix of humor and violence again in this book Nick gets a little too cocky for his own good.

    20. Fun readTongue in cheek characters with so many neat twists Non stop action never gets boring in spite of repetition Can t wait for .

    21. Nick McCarty is back with than I ever expected in this second novel in the Cold Blooded Series I can not begin to express how much I enjoyed this sequel, probably a little too much, with all of the the new ways Nick came up with killing the scourges of humanity throughout this novel But I have to let anyone who reads this review know that below all of the killing and torture Nick has really grasp his life as a family man His step daughter, Jean and dog Deke, really make his world go round and w [...]

    22. This is another great Nick McCarty adventure into the realms of murder and chaos There are many threads to the story, but the focus is on Nick s attempt to prevent the honor killing of Jean s teacher by her family.Then Nick is once again recruited by the government to solve some pressing problems If you appreciate a high body count, Nick is the man to follow.Gus s stroking of Nick s ego was overdone and had an adverse effect on Gus s dignity Also, there were numerous errors 150 or , mainly punc [...]

    23. Nick McCartyIf you are squeamish, this series is not for you Nick is a government contracted killer who works with his partner, Gus The book describes the killings and also adds a touch of humor You can t help loving Nick, he gets the job done He has no feelings for anyone except his wife, step daughter, and the dogDeke Gus fits in too He has friends who owe him favors, but these 4 really matter to him Enough that were anything to happen to any of them, Nick would just keep on killing.

    24. This is the second book in this series that I ve read and it is just as good and interesting as the first Going into reading these books once must use their imagination a little because you re reading a book about a anti hero writing a book about killing people The characters are still top notch, excitement, tension, and intrigue is still there, and the humor is still humorous So far, a good series to read.

    25. hero still espouses extreme right wing views but all told tongue in cheek and way over the top this tale sees the hero back into the CIA fold after the murder of an old comrade and the theft of a very dangerous hacking device from Liver Labs also involves a foiled honor killing that results in an ongoing feud Re read in July, 2017.

    26. Humor in ActionMe and Nick could be BFF DeLeo brings us a killer with a narrow focussed morality and an interesting support team Witty jocularity at inappropriate moments underscores a total lack of concern for his targets, and there s lots of targets Pure Entertainment without social value Love it

    27. Holy CowI am loving the Nick novels gritty and brutal and hilarious they are running a close 2nd to the John Harding series as my favorite books this year keep writing them, sir and I will faithfully keep reading them.

    28. A very good book written by a very good authorI especially enjoyed this book I like the interactions between his characters, the amount of violence is also in just the right amount His descriptions are well written I just like his books.

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