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As the Dawn Breaks By Erin Noelle,

  • Title: As the Dawn Breaks
  • Author: Erin Noelle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: None
  • I ve flown halfway across the globe to watch the love of my life marry the love of hers He never intended on returning homeNever second guessed the life he d chosenNever planned on meeting someone that would make him want But everything can change As the Dawn Breaks.
    As the Dawn Breaks I ve flown halfway across the globe to watch the love of my life marry the love of hers He never intended on returning homeNever second guessed the life he d chosenNever planned on meeting someone tha

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    1. ANYTHING Erin writes knocks my socks off , September 22, 2014By MILRBOYZVerified Purchase What s this This review is from As the Dawn Breaks Kindle Edition ANYTHING Erin writes knocks my socks off I LOVED Leo in When The Sun Goes Down and I LOVE him even now My GAWD can Erin put together the toughest bad boy on Planet Book with the SWEETEST heart I don t know how, but she does and every dang timeI am melted Leo will MELT YOUR HEART

    2. Yay we got Leo s story.This was a perfect novella to go along with When The Sun Goes Down From his introduction in the first book, I loved his character Leo is a gentle, protective soul He loves with everything he has and loyalty is taken very seriously with him.Being that it is a novella there are some things that have to be assumed and inferred It s hard not to want about this character There was one part to Leo s story that I would have liked getting closure on as it was a big concern and pl [...]

    3. A Short beautiful book featuring Leo and Trystan I happy Leo got a ending Even at first I thought He and Katrina would end up together but I am happy with what happened It was hot, sweet and a satisfying end to each characters even though it was short The writing is beautiful and smooth.

    4. I love novellas, sometimes I love it than the novel it originated from, but it s a bittersweet feeling I guess because novellas are usually brief, and good stories must not be brief Can somebody dare cross that line Anyway this book is Leo s version of the story yes, that Leo from When the Sun Goes Down As a reminder for both of us , I grabbed this below description from my archives when I wrote a review of the first book.Leo is Katrina s oldest bestfriend, first crush and her lover for a very [...]

    5. If you were anything like me, after reading When the Sun Goes Down by Erin Noelle, you found yourself thoroughly enad with sweet, devoted, selfless Leo and wishing for him to find his own well deserved happiness As the Dawn Breaks is Leo s opportunity to finally go after what he wants, live for himself, and work toward his own happily ever after The problem is, for so long he believed Katrina was that happiness and what s he doesn t think he deserves any good in his life.If you thought you were [...]

    6. FIVE STARS for Leo As the Dawn Breaks is the second book 1.5 in Erin Noelle s Dusk Til Dawn series If you have not read the first book in the series, When the Sun Goes Down, stop reading this review and go do that now Because 1 It s awesome, 2 this review will contain spoilers from book one, and 3 you ll understand and enjoy As the Dawn Breaks so much better having read it first Okay, so now that we ve got that out of the way, let s talk about why you need to read As the Dawn Breaks Because 1 Le [...]

    7. After reading When the Sun Goes Down, I couldn t wait for this book to come out Let it be know that Erin Noelle does not disappoint in this follow up at all I fell in love with Leo in the first book His loyalty and devotion really shone through then as they did here At first I thought it was going to be Leo and Lauren but that was not it at all.The book picks up with Leo returning to the states for Katrina and Lucca s wedding I found his surprise very sweet and it only endeared him to me even T [...]

    8. It s a new dawnIt s a new dayIt s a new lifeFor meAnd I m feeling goodAs soon as I heard the title of Leo s story, As the Dawn Breaks, the lyrics to Michael Buble s New Dawn entered my head, and then when the lyrics were referenced in the text, I knew they were significant to the life Leo wanted for himself but never thought possible In When the Sun Goes Down, readers witnessed Leo s love and devotion to Katrina and the sacrifices he made to ensure she was allowed her happy ending But in doing s [...]

    9. JODIE S 4 STAR REVIEW WARNING you should absolutely read When The Sun Goes Down before starting this Novella I m reminded she s my new dawn, my new day, my chance at a new life Our past mistakes, no matter how bad they are, shouldn t define the path of our future This isn t going to be a long review because it s not a long book, it s a novella I loved that Erin wrote this novella as it was suppose to be, short, sweet and Oh so HOT I loved that Erin started this story right where the last book en [...]

    10. This novella can be read as a standalone story but I highly recommend that you read When the Sun Goes Down first Actually, I recommend you read anything that Erin Noelle writes.I loved Leo in When the Sun Goes Down he was a good, loyal man and even though his character was a bit dark and mysterious you still wanted him to be your book boyfriend because he has incredibly unselfish personality with the added bonus of being freaking hot.When I finished the first book, I thought that Leo deserved hi [...]

    11. This novella, to follow on from Erin Noelle s hugely successful book When The Sun Goes Down , is sure to make all the Leo fans happy, and the Lucca fans too I started reading As The Dawn Breaks not really knowing what would happen to the intriguing Leo Even though I loved him in the first book, at times I was scratching my head wondering what made him tick, and why some of the events happened I was pleasantly surprised Leo s story showed a completely different side to him, and I must say, I am n [...]

    12. You know how sometimes you finish reading a book and there is a secondary character who you are really drawn to, you find yourself wondering what happened to them This awesome novella is like reading an extended epilogue that will leave you completely satisfied plus it also has an epilogue We met Leo in When The Sun Goes Down He is best friends with Kat and has loved cared for her for many years Two years have passed since he last saw her and he is now living in Croatia, existing in a quiet life [...]

    13. AS THE DAWN BREAKS by Erin NoelleAS THE DAWN BREAKS by Erin Noelle is a novella that picks up at the wedding from WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN and gives us LEO s story, whom we meet and fall in love with in WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN I was elated to find out that Erin Noelle was writing Leo s story I do not know what it was about him other than his undeniable loyalty but I fell for Leo so hard and only wanted of him AS THE DAWN BREAKS fills in all the gaps and gives me the happy ever after ending that I [...]

    14. I love the stories that author Erin Noelle tells I have not read a single book of hers that I didn t truly enjoy As the Dawn Breaks is no different.As the Dawn Breaks is a spinoff novella from When the Sun Goes Down We all fell in love with Leo, Katrina s best friend and protector in When the Sun Goes Down He did everything for Katrina He loved her with all that he was but she fell in love with another man, Lucca.Two years after Leo committed an act to secure Katrina s happiness and fled the US, [...]

    15. So going into this book I was little nervous how things were going to go I love Lucca and Trina together and I was so scared she was going to run off with Leo Not that I m not a fan of Leo I loved Leo and felt so sorry for him in When the Sun Goes Down.I was so excited and relieved that Leo finally found his one My heart broke for him for being so lonely and going through the heartache of letting go of someone you have been in love with for so long Not many guys would do what he did in his shoes [...]

    16. My review will not do this book justice let me just throw that out there Leo is perfection from his all giving personality to his drop dead gorgeous sex on legs appearance and Trystan well she is by far one of my top female characters ever Author Erin Noelle was the first indie author I ever read, and she continues to outdo herself in her work You met Leo in When the Sun Goes Down, he is irresistible, and at the end, you could not help but feel a little heartbroken for him in the end However, do [...]

    17. 5 BEAUTIFUL STARS This is a novella in a series so reading it as a standalone will contain spoilers This was an amazingly beautiful follow up book to book one in this series, When The Sun Goes Down, where we finally get Leo s story This book was emotional, beautiful, erotic, and has one broken man and one lost girl who will find the strength the heal and love from each other.This is Trystan and Leo s story Their road to love will not be easy They both have trust issues They both have secrets Wil [...]

    18. 4.5 stars A great novella about a young woman bartending at a wedding who meets up with the very handsome guy who walked the bride down the aisle He is intrigued by the bartender, asks her out but she states that daddy issues don t let her accept and then stands away from the bar and shows him her rounding stomach It seems, however, that the daddy is no longer in the picture so the guy pursues the bartender anyway She shows him around town and they have a beautiful few days and then he is off to [...]

    19. Sooooooo, when I read As the Sun Goes Down book 1 I was SO angry that Leo didn t get his HEA I mean Leo stole my heart Lucca who Leo was the star of that book so when I realized Erin Noelle was writing a Novella just for Leo my hear swelled 3 sizes.Leo is a PERFECT book boyfriend Kind, generous oh so generous , protective, and dominate Going into AtDB I knew I would still LOVE him but could I love him loving someone else The answer, YES Yes, I can I got just enough of the Leo I know and love but [...]

    20. 5 I NEED ME SOME LEO STARSIt took me a while to finally write my review about this book for the reason that I cannot even express what I have felt with this novella Leo s selflessness has stuck with me in When the Sun Goes Down, his love for Katrina is just so great so I am so happy that he has gotten the love that he deserved here in As The Dawn Breaks through Trystan Leo and Trystan were really meant for each other it is not your usual romance story but it is amazing how love can give both of [...]

    21. Erin Noelle has done it again I have to admit, going in I was feeling a bit of a book funk and really didn t want to read anything This was just what the doctor ordered I sat down one afternoon and a hour or two later I was done and utterly in love I loved When the Sun Goes Down and was so excited to have a little Leo While this is a novella, it is jammed packed but never rushed which was amazing We do get to see a little Lucca and Katrina and we are introduced to an amazing new character in Tr [...]

    22. Whoa Leo I am in love with this man here I never thought reading a novella could be packed with so much but this one does and it is simply amazing As the Dawn Breaks is a novella featuring Leo He is in the first book As The Sun Goes Down This novella can be read as a standalone and believe me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed.Erin Noelle has proved time and time again that her writing just gets better with each story she writes Leo is a true testament to this She brought his characte [...]

    23. This is the second book in the Dusk til Dawn series The first is When the sun goes down and the book where I first fell for Leo As the Dawn breaks is all about him and Trystan.I didn t even read the blurb Leo, what else did I need Loved loved loved this story If I was in lust with Leo before, now I m in lovehe is so sweet and caring, sexy and oh so hot Trystangotta love this woman.e is in a bit of a situation, but with that smart mouth and big heart, I cheered for her right from the start Couldn [...]

    24. 5.0 Star Review As The Dawn BreaksThis is the second story of the Dusk Til Dawn series 1.5 I recommend reading When The Sun Goes Down first.Love this story This story sucks you right in You met Leo in the first book of this series When The Sun Goes Down You learn about him in this story He is so freaking sweet but has some problems with his past actions he is dealing with Trystan has her own issues But can they let love blossom into a beautiful love story This is an erotic read Lots of chemistr [...]

    25. Leo Oh my goodness, Leo I loved this story so much I was absolutely in love with the way When The Sun Goes Down ended but so desperately wanted to know about Leo This story was so beautiful and heart wrenching Leo loves fiercely with his entire being and watches over and protects those who are lucky enough to be loved by him I can t say enough how much Erin touched my heart with this story Leo s own heart break but healing from Trystan is powerful and sexy and just beautiful A perfect follow up [...]

    26. I LOVE Leo When i met him in When The Sun Goes down id knew he would be a top book boyfriend for me I needed him to get his HEA and i got that and in As The Dawn Breaks Erin Noelle out did herself with Leo and Trystans Story I loved Trystan and knew she would be perfect for Leo But they both have some issues they need to work through and their story is anything but easy Seriously if you have not read When The Sun Goes Down and As The Dawn Breaks i highly suggest you go one click both of these a [...]

    27. Yay we get of Leo I was excited when I got this book to read After reading When the Sun goes Down it left me wanting of Leo I wanted to know if this man would ever get a happily ever after I loved this book and the way Erin wrote his character She did not disappoint on making him a man I wished I had in my life He is so full of Love and Devotion This is a must read I definitely recommend this book to anyone who reads.

    28. This was a great addition to an already wonderful book I LOVED the fact that I got to see Leo s side and so Happy that he found his love I also really liked Trystan, the way she carried herself and what she went through reminded me of myself in some waysSo bottom line is this book NEEDS to be read Erin Noelle has a way with her writing that drags you in and holds you till the very last word

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