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Beyond the Ashes By Karen Barnett,

  • Title: Beyond the Ashes
  • Author: Karen Barnett
  • ISBN: 9781426781414
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where better to rebuild and face one s fears than in 1906 San Francisco, a city rising from the ashes Ruby Marshall, a young widow, is certain she ll discover new purpose assisting her brother Robert with his cancer research, but she doesn t anticipate finding new love Dr Gerald Larkspur dreams of filling his empty home with family, but he d always hoped it would be a wWhere better to rebuild and face one s fears than in 1906 San Francisco, a city rising from the ashes Ruby Marshall, a young widow, is certain she ll discover new purpose assisting her brother Robert with his cancer research, but she doesn t anticipate finding new love Dr Gerald Larkspur dreams of filling his empty home with family, but he d always hoped it would be a wife and children In the aftermath of the great earthquake, the rooms are overflowing with extended family and friends left homeless by the disaster When Robert s widowed sister arrives, the close quarters seem close indeed Ruby and Gerald s fledgling romance is put at risk when Gerald develops symptoms of the very disease they re striving to cure Together they must ask is it worth a second chance at love when time might be short
    Beyond the Ashes Where better to rebuild and face one s fears than in San Francisco a city rising from the ashes Ruby Marshall a young widow is certain she ll discover new purpose assisting her brother Robert

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    1. With solid research, Karen Barnett brings 1906 San Francisco to life the ruins, the refugees, the camps, and the rebuilding Gerald and Ruby are characters you feel for, burdened by fears and failures yet reaching for life and hope Beyond the Ashes also explores the fascinating history of the early cancer researchers, and their frustrations and dangers This is a wonderful, romantic read with a fresh feel and top notch writing.

    2. Beyond The Ashes by Karen Barnett is the second novel in the Golden Gate Chronicles and I was blessed to receive a copy The novel continues where the first book Out Of The Ruins left off, in the months following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.San Francisco is being rebuilt, with the hope that it will rise like a phoenix from the ashes Dr Gerald Larkspur still has a house full with his mother, cousins family and his friend Dr Robert King.Robert s sister Ruby, a young widow, has had enough of w [...]

    3. Reviewed at The Power of Words bit 1HlnkNXI chose to read Beyond the Ashes because I had never read any of Karen Barnett s novels, and I m very glad that I did Readers will find a lot of realism in this story, dark themes contrasted with spiritual insight and the promise of hope all elements that I appreciated Although a sequel to Out of the Ruins, this story can stand alone This historical romance, set in 1906 shortly after the San Francisco earthquake, has a lot going for it one of the main th [...]

    4. About this book Young widow Ruby Marshall is certain she ll discover new purpose assisting her brother, Robert, with his cancer research And where better to rebuild than in 1906 San Francisco, a city rising from the ashes Ruby arrives in the city with great hope and determination for a new beginning But she doesn t anticipate finding new love Dr Gerald Larkspur had dreamed of filling his empty home, but he d always hoped it would be with a wife and children In the aftermath of the great earthqua [...]

    5. Beyond the Ashes brought out lots of different emotions It was heartfelt, sad, inspirational, humorous, and romantic It was also full of friendships, family, sacrifice, service, and love I loved the setting of post earthquake San Francisco It s not an historical setting I ve read about before It s also not one that I had thought much about until now It was such a terrible catastrophe and yet the city dug in to rebuild, not only structurally, but also many people who never would have befriended e [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this book This was my first book by Karen Barnett but it will not be my last This is the second book in the Golden Gate Chronicles series but it stands alone fairly well I really enjoyed getting to know these characters and I cannot wait to read about them in the third book Highly recommended

    7. here were a lot of things I liked about Beyond the Ashes Gerald, Ruby and Patrick all came alive on the page as well developed characters with real hopes, dreams, and fears None of them were perfect people although Patrick came close Instead, they had faults and foibles just like we all do, with Gerald being uncertain about his cancer research, and Ruby not wanting to risk her heart again They were backed up by strong secondary characters, including Robert and Abby from Out of the Ruins The main [...]

    8. Beyond The Ashes, book 2, Golden Gate Chronicles by Karen Barnett ARC from author and NetgalleyA devastating earthquake has hit 1906 San Francisco, leaving destruction all across town Bachelor Dr Gerald Larkspur had dreams of someday filling his home with a wife and children Since his home was not damaged by the earthquake, his home now overflows with his extended family and friends until their own homes can be rebuilt Nurse Ruby Marshall is a young widow grieving the loss of her husband Her doc [...]

    9. _______________________________________________ My Thoughts Wow, wow, wow Confession time This cover was such a stunner, I didn t even stop to read the description before signing on for this tour I m not a bit sorry I did either This was kind of a tough read for me My dear grandmother passed away from a return battle with cancer when I was 6 months old Though I never knew her in the sense that some of my cousins had, I ve always felt that piece of me is missing It s like a hole in your heart tha [...]

    10. Ruby is the sister of Robert the main male character from book one After losing her husband and seeing all her friends married and happy she decides to go live with Robert to free herself from all her well meaning friends and family who want to see her remarry and to also find purpose for her life What she did not expect was to find her brother engaged and not only living in the same house as his fianc but also living with his single Doctor friend.Gerald would be happy to remain a bachelor livin [...]

    11. Barnett takes readers on an exciting ride through history in Beyond the Ashes Set in San Francisco immediately after the earthquake of 1905, Barnett spins a fascinating story of loss, love, and rebirth I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this unique time period, and Barnett s clear descriptions highlight the history of the day.That historical setting made the story for me, but I became friends with Gerald and Ruby, too I like the way that Gerald knew what he wanted and went after it I appreciated [...]

    12. This was a very enjoyable story set right after San Francisco s huge earthquake in the early 1900 s It was fascinating to learn about what was going on in the city during that time, not only the makeshift homes and camps many people lived in because theirs were destroyed, but also the research being done on the use of x rays on cancer It was interesting to learn about their work I liked revisiting the characters I enjoyed from book one and it was fun getting to know Gerald better and meeting Ru [...]

    13. I received this book from the author publisher for the purpose of this review All comments and opinions are entirely my own My very favorite book has a setting much like this one, where the town Chicago was completely burned to the ground and the characters worked together to bring restoration back to their home, so I thought that I would give this book a try in hopes that it would be as good as my favorite I was not disappointed at all with Beyond the Ashes and in fact I have a new favorite boo [...]

    14. The beauty of Beyond the Ashes extends well beyond its lovely cover I loved this dramatic, emotional story and the spiritual messages that are woven through its tapestry.Set in 1906 San Francisco, Karen Barnett transports readers to this historic city in the months following a devastating earthquake I really enjoyed the descriptions of the city and its atmosphere as the community worked to rebuild and recover I also enjoyed the medical details that were given regarding the research and procedure [...]

    15. With her second novel in The Golden Gate Chronicles, Karen Barnett continues to surprise and delight, giving us a story that delves deeper than many Christian novels into real life faith struggles and questions The challenges the lovable but very human Gerald and Ruby face challenged my own desire for things to wrap up with a tidy little bow yet I was glad they didn t, for such is life And as in Out of the Ruins, this story managed to both stretch and encourage my faith, reminding me that we rec [...]

    16. This is a fascinating time period and setting The descriptions of the early use of x ray technology to treat cancer patients makes me so grateful for the advances in technology and the sacrifices of the pioneers in the medical field to push the research forward Ruby and Gerald were both a little difficult to like in the beginning he was overworked and overwhelmed, she was uptight and grieving But as a doctor and a nurse, they both have hearts to serve, and their compassionate care for the earthq [...]

    17. What a beautiful story of love and trust Ruby is a young widow that is learning to find her way She heads on out to work with her brother in the recently devastated San Francisco After the 1906 fire destroyed much of the city, refugee camps and hospitals are in desperate need of help She is determined to find her own way and not rely on a man.Of course, once she is there she meets a Dr that sends her heart racing This is a beautiful story I loved the characters They were very relatable There was [...]

    18. Absolutely amazing Beyond the Ashes, By Karen BarnettThis is book two in The Golden Gate Chronicles series I was drawn into this wonderful historical fiction romance right from the start I was laughing and crying so much while reading this book You will definitely need your sweet tea and some tissues while you read this captivating book I didn t want to put this book down The characters and the settings were so real I felt as though I was there in that time period experiencing the devastation, p [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book in exchange for sharing my fair and honest opinion Though I have read a lot of Historical Christian Romance lately, this one is definitely a standout The author had a way of giving voice to her characters with just the littlest touches that created a realistic edge to the story that drew me in from the start Though this book was at times deeply emotional, it was also inspiring Whether you are a historical romance fan or just a romance fan in general I think you wil [...]

    20. Beyond the Ashes is Book 2 in the Golden Gate Chronicles by Karen Barnett Set in the early 1900 s, this book is just past the quake and details some of the infant steps of rebirth We re again with Dr Gerald Larkspur, and his friend and associate Dr Robert King In this book, Gerald and Robert s practice and research collide in their own lives Without spoiling the story for others, I can say that one of the themes of the book is relevant to everyone finding God s will for life rather than your own [...]

    21. I just finished reading Beyond the Ashes by author Karen Barnett and I really enjoyed it I liked the storyline and the characters were great This is a nice story of love, faith and the strong belief that everything will be okay Ruby Marshall finds herself without a husband when he is killed She moves to another place where her brother is to start over While there she meets someone that she begins to like Will they have a future I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group and opinions are 10 [...]

    22. I loved this book the book tells us the story of Ruby a young widow and about how she has stopped dreaming and living life Set in the early 1900 during the aftermath of San Francisco s big earthquake, the whole city is in a rebuilding place Ruby has to come to terms with her loss and decide if she is willing to trust God and love again This is book 2 in The Golden Gate Chronicles Series, but it can stand completely alone I had no trouble jumping right into the story.

    23. This is an enjoyable read, a page turner, in my opinion It was a hard book to put down I enjoy historical fiction.I found it interesting to learn about the early research of cancer, and felt at the edge of my seat while reading about Gerald and the crisis he faced, and whether the relationship between him and Ruby would have a chance to develop.Frankly, I enjoyed it as much as Out of the Ruins If you like historical fiction, you will enjoy this as well.

    24. How do you love again in the uncertain world How do you trust when you have no power over the lives of the others or worse, over your own A beautiful novel about re building your life, and also a five star reading experience.This is the second installment in the series Golden Gate Chronicles and while you can read it as a standalone novel, I would strongly suggest to read the first volume, as it is almost as good as this is Ruby is the young widow, used to take life the face forward way She need [...]

    25. I did not find the story compelling The characters were not particularly interesting and the story plods So she s afraid and he s insecure And then later, she s still afraid and he s still insecure.

    26. Beyond the Ashes The Golden Gate Chronicles 2 by Karen Barnett is a riveting story that captures real life events and makes the lives of her characters compelling to read From beginning to end, the characters of this book are challenged with facing their fears, while learning that conquering them brings worth then they could ever imagine Second chances and new beginnings start to bloom as each character learns to trust in God for the amount of time they are given My Thoughts To be honest, I lik [...]

    27. Liked this one a whole lot Not as suspenseful as the first one but obstacles to overcome Showed God s Grace in many ways by multiple characters Great historical background on the aftermath of the fire of 1906, San Francisco.

    28. Karen Barnett in her new book, Beyond The Ashes Book Two in The Golden Gate Chronicles series published by Abingdon Press takes us into the life of Ruby Marshall.From the back cover The man flashed a disarming smile, his Bristol blue eyes causing Ruby s breath to leak from her chest Fine lines around his mouth spoke of a life filled with either worry or laughter Ruby glanced down She wasn t going to swoon over a man Young widow Ruby Marshall is certain she ll discover new purpose assisting her b [...]

    29. In evolution of the medical field has always fascinated me and I love how we can see just how far we have come from such times as the early 1900s when a cure for cancer was still being sought after in a variety of ways In the Golden Gate Chronicles by Karen Barnett, Beyond the Ashes is the second novel to debut in this series Dr Gerald Larkspur is working diligently with Robert King to find a way to save those who are succumbing to the effects of cancer Trying their hand at the merits of radiati [...]

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