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Ripped By Cassia Leo,

  • Title: Ripped
  • Author: Cassia Leo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
  • Adam Parker, sexy surfer with a heart of gold, is back to tell his story in RIPPED, a spin off novel from the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts series.Adam has had his heart ripped out before But there s nothing he and Lindsay haven t been able to overcome Nothing that could tear them apart until now After seven years of competing, Adam is at the top of his gAdam Parker, sexy surfer with a heart of gold, is back to tell his story in RIPPED, a spin off novel from the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts series.Adam has had his heart ripped out before But there s nothing he and Lindsay haven t been able to overcome Nothing that could tear them apart until now After seven years of competing, Adam is at the top of his game in the surf world But troubles at home have forced him to consider retiring earlier than expected.With the possibility of a final competition in his future, the pressure is on Adam to perform to leave on a high note Long hours practicing at the beach only causes turmoil between him and Lindsay Until finally, the stress reaches a boiling point and someone gets burned.
    Ripped Adam Parker sexy surfer with a heart of gold is back to tell his story in RIPPED a spin off novel from the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts series Adam has had his heart ripped out befor

    One thought on “Ripped”

    1. This one just didn t do it for me Maybe its because her book Chasing Abby was so over the top amazing for me, that this one just fell flat I always liked Adam, but this book made me really not like him Yes he wised up towards the end but it was too quick and it just wasn t believable to me I felt a lot of issues in the book were just glossed over, for one, the whole Adam and Lena thinga nothing happened, but what the fuck was with all those awkward moments I just didn t get that and didn t feel [...]

    2. Ripped is the long awaited story of Adam Parker, the beloved surfer with the corny jokes that captured my heart in the Shattered Hearts Series It s no secret that I was a teamadam girl and so this story holds a special place in my heart.Maturity looked good Adam He was the same boy I fell in love with only he was a man in every sense Adam was a doting husband and father and I did not think it would be possible to love him but Cassia proved me wrong Adam struggled with finding the balance betwee [...]

    3. perfect conclusion for Adam fans marriage is hard work and sacrifice and I enjoyed reading Adam s story to see how he has grown but still has his trademark funny man jokes and positive energy d he is still sexy as hell

    4. But for some reason, this guy, who could probably play Chris Knight the rock star if they ever made a movie about him is pissing me the f k off just because of the way he looks F k Cassia is a genius She has a gift and writing stories is as easy as breathing for her.Two years ago I read Shattered Hearts Series I met Chris, Claire, Adam and Lindsay I fell in love with Chris Knight and became TeamChris Forever Adam I liked Adam His jokes were amazing You know how to make an egg roll You push it Ge [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsOkay, so I never really like Adam throughout this rollercoaster ride, but I wanted to give him a shot and hot damn, that cover, how could I resist This was a short read and although I really loved getting caught up in Adam s surfing world , there was a lot I didn t like about him Like his entire thought process Some of the things he would think made me just want to slap him upside his head, hard Haha Anyway, things are stressful for him and Lindsey They already have two kids and just fi [...]

    6. May contain SPOILERS This book felt unfinished.Adam spent 60% of the book in the company of a woman other than his pregnant wife with various sexual innuendos being passed between him his best friend s girlfriend that almost ends in a kiss.The wife throws a fit when he confesses to the awkward moment that confuses me,his best friend almost smashes him because he thinks Adam is hitting on his girlfriend than every character in this book gets convenient amnesia about Adam Lena awkward moment This [...]

    7. Being back in Adam s world made me nostalgic for the feeling I got the very first time I read the Shattered Hearts series We ve gotten glimpses of Chris and Claire but for those of us who are and always will be TeamAdam, this was a great surprise from Cassia Leo Now 32, Adam is at the top of his surfing game but struggling to balance his dream job with those of a family He and Lindsey have have had their ups and downs but have always emerged stronger With a new baby on the way, she is pushing hi [...]

    8. RIPPED SHATTERED HEARTS 7 by CASSIA LEOWHAT A TREAT Cassia Leo surprised her readers with the release of this book Adam Parker fans surely is delighted to know that his book is finally out I, too missed his character and his corny jokes and to finally read his story is such a delight I am glad that this book is funny and light and pure bliss I mean, I was expecting tears and heartaches in this book but it didn t have that and I am glad because for once I am not crying over a Cassia Leo book, esp [...]

    9. Oh adam you never seize to amaze me I started the shattered hearts series 2 years ago and immediately fell inlove with Chris Knight I secretly have a thing for sexy rock stars but Adam grapsed my heart when he swooped in to try and heal Claire His corny jokes never get old and there are definitely alot in this book I m really happy that Cassia was able to get this book written because Adams story needed to be told and i m extremely happy to say he got his HEA What s with the red briefcase Open i [...]

    10. I have loved Adam since He walked into the coffee shop Claire worked at.Cassia taking the time to give us ADAM was such a beautiful surprise.Loved every page Loved the story line,loved being able to read about Adam and his family.Cassia did an awesome jobbut then againe always does RIGHT Forever and ever a TEAM ADAM GIRL

    11. Finally Finally, we get to see what happened with Adam I have hoped, even after fans were told that it wouldn t happen, that Adam s story would come to be Thank you, Cassia, for never giving up I love this book and author Read now

    12. This story was just okay for me I expected so much I really liked the Adam character in the other books so I was excited when I saw he got his own book This story just lacked the in depth emotion that I was looking for Chasing Abby was such an amazing story probably one of my favorites so I guess I was expecting so much from Adam s story.

    13. This was a wonderfully sad but heart warming erotic romance in a small town in Canada Rafe and Olivia Minelli fell in love when Rafe was stationed in London Ontario during his OPP police officer training and decided quickly to get married before Rafe had to move back up north to Pine Harbour where he is also an army reservist Unfortunately for both of them, the pressures of living in a small town of 600 people with no friends, an unfulfilling job as a diner waitress, a medelling mother in law an [...]

    14. I ve always loved Adam from the Shattered Hearts series and I thought he deserved his own book Well, Cassia delivered, and I was able to fall in love with Adam all over again In the earlier S.H books, we were introduced to this confident, sexy, and hilarious surfer who was in the middle of a whirlwind romance between two other people We felt for him, we laughed at him, we wanted to reach into the book and lick him don t even pretend you didn t , but in Ripped we got something new We were able to [...]

    15. Ripped was a very pleasant surprise I was not expecting to ever get of Adam Parker s story but I m extremely happy that Cassia Leo decided to let us get caught up with our favorite surfer.It s funny because I was always Team Chris and was happy when Claire chose her soulmate over Adam all those years ago But being back with him in this new book, made me realize what a great guy he truly was and still is and now I m not completely sure that Claire made the right choice I mean I m glad she and Ch [...]

    16. 6 out of 5 RIPPED FOR YOUR PLEASURE stars Surf s up, ladies THIS THIS BOOK IS A DREAM COME TRUE OLIVE RIPPED SO MUCH Adam is my very first love from Cassia s bestselling Shattered Hearts series and Ripped shows you exactly why he remains one of my all time favorite book boyfriend, husband and father I ve been dying for his book since Pieces of You and you have no idea how FREAKING ECSTATIC I am when I found out about Ripped s release I m still high from reading this phenomenal book and nothing c [...]

    17. I am a huge fan of The Shattered Heart Series, and when I heard this book had been written, and we were getting some of the sexy surfer Adam Parker, well there was only one thing to do, and that was to one click I am so glad I did, because like all the other books in this series, Cassia has nailed it with this one.Once again, Cassia works her magic and you are drawn into the story The characters become so real, and every emotion they feel, you feel it too.Adam Parker is one of those characters [...]

    18. FIVE STAR FABULOUS Finally, Adam Parker s story is here and boy is it good I fell in love with Adam back when we first met him in the beginning of the Shattered Hearts series I rooted for him, always wanting to see him get his own HEA For Adam it was Lindsey.In Ripped we get to see how Adam and Lindsey s life has been We see Adam bust his butt to final reach the highest point in his profession as a world champion surfer We also see him struggle to keep both that and his family intact I love Adam [...]

    19. Firstly this was a wonderful surprise, I thought it had been shelved, so when it was announced about its release I was chuffed to get Adam, as I had been TeamAdam from the beginning.Although everything worked out just as it should have, I always loved Adam Has my view of Adam changed after reading the follow up to his beginnings.Yes it had, I think that Adam seems to have lost a little bit of his spark, he really does love Lyndsey, Kaia Mila but he came across as if there was something missing. [...]

    20. Firstly congratulations to Cassia Leo for staying true to Adam s character and bringing us his story, so beautifully I was a massive fan of the Shattered Hearts series, and I, like many had a soft spot for Adam when we first met him in Relentless In Ripped not only do we get to know Adam a whole lot but we also get to know those close to him and to truly get to know and understand them.In Ripped, we get to know Adam and Lindsay, as parents, as partners and as friends We are often quick to judge [...]

    21. This was such an awesome surprise I have loved Adam Parker since the first moment I met him in the Shattered Heart series And I m so glad that Cassia decided to give us a little Ripped is the story of Adam and Lindsey seven years after the ending of the Shattered Heart series Adam is on top of the world with his surfing and the love he has for his girls I loved seeing how sweet and caring Adam was when it came to his family The love pouring from him made me fall in love with him all over again [...]

    22. I was beyond excited when I found out that Cassia Leo was finally releasing this book I have always been TeamChris, but that didn t mean that I didn t like or want to know about Adam.We get another taste of Adam and his full on corny jokes as he works on his life with Lindsey and his girls, while keeping his love for surfing alive I really enjoyed the amount of funny moments as well as the love and dirty talking between Adam and Lindsey They are such a solid couple, although we did get to see s [...]

    23. I have not read the rest of this series, but I now have every desire to do just that I am dying to know the beginning of Adam and Lindsay s story It doesn t seem that their beginning was all that great from the thoughts of Adam and Lindsay, but also from other reviews of RIPPED , but the two of them together were so fun to read about Adam s playfulness and penchant for jokes paired with Lindsay s ability to love and put up with him were some of my favorite moments of 2015 When the possibility of [...]

    24. SHE DID IT Cassia Leo secretly published Adam s book I was TeamAdam from day one in the Shattered Hearts series and I was so sad when his storyline ended, but knew the books went in the right direction This series is an all time fav of mine and I begged, prayed and hoped one day the author would give in and tell Adam s story Well she did and I was so freaking giddy and excited I missed the sexy, dirty talkin and corny joke telling surfer And did you see that cover Mmmmmm It was so amazing to fin [...]

    25. So when I read Claire and Chris s books I was 100% for Chris to be with Claire, but I also wanted Adam to find his HEA which by the last book you were shown he did.Knowing what obstacles Adam and Lindsey went through before I was unsure at first that he went back to herbut honestly they just fit In this book we are given of an insight into Adam s life now with Lindsey and things aren t always perfect marriage is, but I felt Adam finally realized what was important in this book Lest not forget t [...]

    26. 3 StarsI really liked Adam and Lindsey s story but something about this 7th book in this series didn t sit quite right with me With Adam having a past with Claire and Chris I would have thought that some time besides in Adam s thought process that this darling couple would have come across them but it was just not that way.The squabbling back and forth between Adam and Lindsey about him retiring or not retiring got so off the charts for me that it just seemed like a waste I give this author kudo [...]

    27. Oh Adam how I missed you and your corny jokes Olive that Adam I really loved this book Adam needed this book We needed to know what happened after Two years ago I read Shattered Hearts Series I met Chris, Claire, Adam and Lindsay I fell in love with him when I first read Relentless and I was gutted when Claire and Adam ended However, As the stories progressed I realised it was the right thing and couldn t be happy with the way their lives went I was only saddened by the lose of Adam I was hopin [...]

    28. I am glad that Adam got his book I never really did care for him being with Claire in the other books Lindsey is the perfect mate for him Told mainly from Adam s pov, there were a couple of things that I thought were going to happen but didn t Both Adam and Lindsey think that the other is just being selfish in their relationship It does seem like Adam is the one who is selfish Lindsey does show Adam unwavering support for his career and choices Too bad men can t experience pregnancy because mayb [...]

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