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She's the One By KimBoykin,

  • Title: She's the One
  • Author: KimBoykin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Melissa Bliss has just set a personal record She s matched up 49 couples, and she s just itching to make it 50 While most days find her working at her Isle of Palms vacation property, Island Bliss, her true passion lies with matchmaking, a gift handed down through generations Melissa cherishes using her gift to find the perfect match for friends, lonely hearts visitingMelissa Bliss has just set a personal record She s matched up 49 couples, and she s just itching to make it 50 While most days find her working at her Isle of Palms vacation property, Island Bliss, her true passion lies with matchmaking, a gift handed down through generations Melissa cherishes using her gift to find the perfect match for friends, lonely hearts visiting the island and anyone but herself.Shane Carver would like to make a match with Melissa since he met her six months ago Trouble is, Melissa s believes Shane s perfect match is the tall, stacked brunette who s new in town While Melissa admits she has strong feelings for Shane, going against her matchmaking gift when all signs point to a different soul mate for Shane, isn t an option.To prove that Melissa s the one for him, Shane will have to convince her to go against everything she thinks knows about true love and perfect matches and for once to listen to her own heart.
    She s the One Melissa Bliss has just set a personal record She s matched up couples and she s just itching to make it While most days find her working at her Isle of Palms vacation property Island Bliss he

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    1. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandShe s the One was an alright read It was a quick, light read, but it didn t go into some things enough Like Melissa s matchmaking abilities, which are a major plot point, and how they work and why they might not work all the time I just finished the book and had a lot of questions.So let s break down the story some Some slight spoilers I suppose, but nothing too bad So Melissa is a matchmaker She has matched up 49 couples and looking to make it [...]

    2. Melissa Bliss has a strange and wonderful gift Aside from being a top notch Realtor and Property Manager, she is also a Matchmaker She has the ability to see whether or not someone is compatible, and once in a while she finds a couple whose auras are so blinding they can t be anything but Soul Mates She currently stands at forty nine matches and is in hot pursuit of number fifty For some reason, however, she begins to question her gift, and the stipulations put on it by her great aunt and grandm [...]

    3. In She s The One Island Bliss Book 2 by Kim Boykin, Melissa really is multi talented She runs her Isle of Palms realty office as her paid job, but what she love to do most is play matchmaker She is successful in both roles, particularly the matchmaking a gift handed down through generations With a total of 49 couples matched so far, Melissa really doesn t mind always being the bridesmaid She s not looking for true love for herself In fact, her aunt told her is she would lose her matchmaking gift [...]

    4. She s the one by kim boykinmelissa bliss and shane carverMelissa Bliss has just set a personal record She s matched up 49 couples, and she s just itching to make it 50 While most days find her working at her Isle of Palms vacation property, Island Bliss, her true passion lies with matchmaking, a gift handed down through generations Melissa cherishes using her gift to find the perfect match for friends, lonely hearts visiting the island and anyone but herself Shane Carver would like to make a mat [...]

    5. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion This author has become one of my go to authors for Grit Lit Her wit, combined with sassy characters with pluck and determination, have won me over time and time again.Melissa is a realtor with the Gullah gift of matchmaking successfully for 49 couples Unfortunately, she misunderstood a Gullah adage bestowed on her by her Auntie Jo, and this makes her feel if she marries for love, her gift will diminish or disappear She s willing to give up love [...]

    6. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfShe s the One is a charming, fast paced and touching story Melissa believes that she is destined to find the soulmates for others, but not for herself What she didn t count on was one very stubborn man who is just as determined that Melissa is the only one for him.I think I m just as much in love with the Isle of Palms location as I am with the characters The beautiful descriptions and the overall feel of the island just makes the story that much better, for me [...]

    7. Very sweetMelissa Bliss is the sweet, beautiful, sassy owner of Island Bliss Property Sales Management on the Isle of Palms, jut outside of Charleston The aisle is a very small town where a lot of people vacation, honeymoon, get married or come to escape city life Melissa is also known for her magic like her grandmother and aunt before her, that keen sense at match making Melissa had been attending a wedding of one of her many match making couples, where she met Shane Carver Shane has his own co [...]

    8. Melissa Bliss is a realtor who is very proud of her ability to match her clients with their perfect space, but that is not her true calling Melissa has the gift of being able to match people perfectly She can see when they are perfect for each other After 49 successful matches, she is going for 50 She may have feelings for Shane Carver, but she hopes he will be the perfect match for her newest client Shane has different ideas, and has wanted no one but Melissa since they met When Melissa sees th [...]

    9. She s the One is written by Kim Boykin It is Island Bliss Book 2 It is the story of Melissa and Shane Melissa is a matchmaker, a gift that has been in her family for generations She has a true passion for matchmaking and has just matched up 49 couples She works during the day at her property, Island Bliss, on Isle of Palms Melissa loves to use her gift of matchmaking for everyone but herself She has matched friends and lonely hearts that visit the island, and she is hoping to match up the 50th c [...]

    10. Melissa has a gift, she s a matchmaker and comes from a long line of female matchmakers She believes that if she finds her own match, she ll lose her gift of matchmaking So even though sparks fly when she touches or is near Shane, she believes it is because of how wrong they are for each other Shane knows that Melissa is his perfect match but he has to prove it to her She may think he belongs with someone else, but even her matchmaking skills are telling her otherwise.I think this story is cute [...]

    11. A magical love story with lots of southern charmAlways the bridesmaid, never the bride Melissa Bliss has a gift that runs in her family She is a matchmaker She is happy finding true love for everyone else, but is afraid to fall in love herself She is afraid she will lose her skills as her aunt once told her.Shane Carver, the contractor Melissa uses for her vacation properties, would be perfect for her 50th match Only problem is he isn t interested in the girl Melissa wants to set him up with He [...]

    12. Melissa is a match maker, not a blind date finder but a real match maker She sees auras around couples that show they are perfect for each other The sad thing is, Melissa believes there is no match for her because If she falls in love she will lose her match making abilities She finds matches for others but never for herself.Shane knows he loves Melissa and is certain she feels their connection but she denies it, even though she DOES feel it and it scares her All Shane asks her for are three dat [...]

    13. On an island only 6 miles nothing stays a secret or even quiet for very long So how Shane Carver could have loved Melissa Bliss for six months without her knowing it Well that s just the power of believing what you want to believe Now that Melissa has two men vying for her attention and a whole lot of self doubt going on the bigger question is who is she going to trust And will her answer lead to forever happiness.Kim Boykin is one of my favorite novella authors She is able to get in so much in [...]

    14. Melissa Bliss is a matchmaker She s very successful at finding true love for others but not for herself Is this her curse She is strongly attracted to Shane Carver, but she s afraid to risk her heart Should she take a chance I enjoyed this fast paced, flirty romance The Isle of Palms is a beautiful romantic location with that special island time It s made for love Melissa is a charming character filled with quirky humor Shane is wildly in love with her and he s a determined man I love all the ch [...]

    15. 4.5 stars Melissa Bliss is looking to match her 50th couple and she s is sure that she has the perfect match for Shane but he s sure that Melissa is his perfect match and he s willing to do what ever it takes to convince her that they are meant to be together but it s not going to be easy since Melissa is sure that if she ll fall in love she ll lose her gift for matching couples Her aunt told her that if she ll fall in love she won t be able to match people any and she is very afraid of losing h [...]

    16. Copy of this book was provided via NetGalley by Tule Publishing for an honest review.This is the story of Melissa and Shane Melissa is a realtor by day and matchmaker by night her true passion and Shane is her next match waiting ti happen What Melissa doesn t realize is that Shane is the perfect match for HER And Shane is going to pull all the stops to convince her The story is also full of secondary characters that add to the great read and hopefully some will appear in future books of this ser [...]

    17. Melissa runs Isle of Palms realty on Island Bliss However, her passion is matchmaking which has been handed down for generations Shane is Melissa s contractor and they also happen to be good friends Thing is, Shane realizes he has feelings for Melissa While Melissa shares in those same feelings, she can t help but think that Shane is meant to be with his ex girlfriend who happened to show up on the island recently Sparks and a strong connection can not be ignored and Shane definitely shares thos [...]

    18. ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review For a successful matchmaker, Melissa certainly doesn t believe in true love least for herself Which is kind of what made this fall flat for me How can you convince people of the soul mate thing if you don t think it exists for yourself as well Shane felt a little too good to be trueough I do want one of him, please The whole thing was like a big elaboration on the lady doth protest too much themed there were so many other events through out tha [...]

    19. Melissa has the ability to tell when two people are soul mates She is a realtor by day and moonlights creating happy couples She has helped forty nine couples to date Melissa is always the bridesmaid and never the bride Can she let go of her pain from the past and let herself love someone Shane has loved Melissa since he met her He is tired of her sending all of her lonely hearts his way He doesn t want any woman but her This is a story about revisiting your past and finding the courage to let s [...]

    20. This wasn t quite what I expected and too often I didn t know where the story was really going From the blurb it seems to be a rather straightforward story of matchmaker girl trying to set up a man with someone else Said man however, is convinced that he and matchmaker girl should be together and sets out to convince her However, the presence of another will they or will they not couple and a band member and a vengeful ex to muddy the waters, causing conflict and confusion on my part And just wh [...]

    21. She s the One by Kim Boykin is book 2 in the Island Bliss series and what a quick fun read it is These books just keep getting better and better in my opinion Melissa Bliss is a successful realtor and a gifted match maker who has matched up 49 couples so far Shane Carver is one handsome, determined man who knows that Melissa is the one for him Now all he has to do is prove it to a doubting Melissa, who doesn t think she can have a perfect match You need to read how Melissa does everything she ca [...]

    22. Melissa, the Island s local match maker has brought together 49 happy couples but now she is ready to break the record with happy couple number 50 This goal seems all the daunting when she is faced with the fact that she is falling in love with a handsome handy man, Shane Having been taught her match making skills by her grandmother and aunt it was impressed upon Melissa at a young age to never fall in love or she may loose her talent What is a girl to do Take a risk with her handsome man or pl [...]

    23. Things I love about this novella Melissa s match making and the quirks tied to it Shanes being such a nice guy besides being hot and he can plan and carry off a beach picnic.Pearl s personality I d love for her to be my friend and have my back Bos making music with Melissa,being such a romantic interest for her even though her feelings for Shane run so deep Oh and lets not forget the laugh out loud moment that was as good as a mini vacation for my mind Loved getting lost in this Isle book

    24. I think I m giving up on this book I just couldn t find anything about the main characters that I liked or could relate too Everyone seems too perfect and they are all just in love with the island Maybe because I m not a beach person or a south person I m from Virginia but I m not shoving it down people s throats I m not a cowgirl either but I do love cowboys I m not a woman in uniform but I do love men in uniforms So it s not a southern thing, it s a writing thing.I will try another book by thi [...]

    25. Melissa is a matchmaker who easily finds the perfect match for every one but herself Shane is a contractor who helps her out on her real estate projects He is attracted to Emma, but she is afraid to take a chance on love Shane tries his best to change her mind.She s the One takes place in South Carolina Kim Boykin does an excellent job describing the area She makes me want to visit some day I have read several books by Kim Boykin and have enjoyed them all.

    26. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.Such promise Such poor follow through Boykin has so many balls in the air in this book that they all end up falling flat Bo or Shane What about Cassie and Shane What about Shannon and Jack Shane has a house She s a matchmaker Literally too much going on to keep track of, and because of that, I wasn t overly connected to any of the plot points Disappointing overall.

    27. 2.5 stars This was ok.typical matchmaker rental manager real estate saleswoman and construction guy It dragged in place and one tired of the repetitious behavior of the heroine I also had trouble caring about the heroine.When an author chooses to refer to a well known musician, she should spell his name right, however Curt Cobain should have been Kurt Cobain, of course I never fail to be disappointed how that kind of error is missed by proofreaders beta readers editors.

    28. The story of matchmaker, Melissa who can find the perfect match for everyone but will not let it help her Shane, a contractor for her, in her real estate business, know what he wants and will not give up on Melissa I like how determined Shane was and not to give up on Melissa Melissa even had the fireworks going off when she was with Shane.This was a fun read I really love the Low Country area, with her descriptions, I so want to visit.

    29. Matchmaking magic I found SHE S THE ONE to be flirty, fun with a touch of southern sass and humor.I really enjoyed reading this book It was just what I expected from the author Kim Boykin.This story is about a matchmaker named Melissa Bliss that finally hits her matchmaking goal of 50 marriages and then unexpectedly she happens to find her perfect match.I was given an ARC to read for an honest review.

    30. Loved it Only complaint, it s too short Melissa is not looking for her true love because she s too busy playing matchmaker for everyone else But then there s Shane Can Melissa risk losing her matchmaking ability, and her heart, for a chance with Shane Kim Boykin has a true talent for writing sexy male characters and Shane Carver does not disappoint.

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