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The Detective's Assistant By Kate Hannigan,

  • Title: The Detective's Assistant
  • Author: Kate Hannigan
  • ISBN: 9780316403511
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The incredible tale of America s first ever female detective and her spirited niece Eleven year old Nell Warne arrives on her aunt s doorstep lugging a heavy sack of sorrows If her Aunt Kate rejects her, it s the miserable Home for the Friendless.Luckily, canny Nell makes herself indispensable to Aunt Kated not just by helping out with household chores For Aunt KateThe incredible tale of America s first ever female detective and her spirited niece Eleven year old Nell Warne arrives on her aunt s doorstep lugging a heavy sack of sorrows If her Aunt Kate rejects her, it s the miserable Home for the Friendless.Luckily, canny Nell makes herself indispensable to Aunt Kated not just by helping out with household chores For Aunt Kate is the first ever female detective employed by the legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency And Nell has a knack for the kind of close listening and bold action that made Pinkerton detectives famous in Civil War era America With huge, nation changing events simmering in the background, Nell uses skills new and old to uncover truths about her past and solve mysteries in the present.Based on the extraordinary true story of Kate Warne, this fast paced adventure recounts feats of daring and dangercluding saving the life of Abraham Lincoln
    The Detective s Assistant The incredible tale of America s first ever female detective and her spirited niece Eleven year old Nell Warne arrives on her aunt s doorstep lugging a heavy sack of sorrows If her Aunt Kate rejects h

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    1. When young Cornelia loses her last immediate relative in New York, a local minister hunts down her deceased uncle s wife, Aunt Kitty, who is working for Pinkerton s Detective Agency in Chicago Kitty who now goes by Kate is not happy to see Cornie, whom she rechristens Nell, because she reminds the aunt strongly of Nell s father, who was responsible for the death of his brother, her husband Since Kate can t find any organization who will take Nell, she lets her move in to her room in a boarding h [...]

    2. There are any number of reasons a book ends up on your to be read stack In the case of one of my most recently read titles, a middle grade novel, it was first a reference made on social media about the illustrator creating the artwork for the dust jacket and interior images This particular illustrator, John Hendrix, is respected for his signature depictions of history His interpretations and details direct our attention to the most fascinating aspects When mystery, history, Chicago, and two spir [...]

    3. This book was okay It was cool that it was based on a true story s about spying I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in true story s.

    4. Loved this story of an orphan finding refuge and employment w her last living relative Not quite the story I thought I was going to readis was exciting intense With mysteries to unravel, including the biggest one about her uncle s death, 13 year old Nell learns the ins and outs of being a female detective by helping her Aunt Kitty solve several cases I would recommend to some 3rds older Also, I need to do some investigating of my own learn about Nell s aunt , who was based on real life, 19th c [...]

    5. I liked it because it was back then and everyone was once real but Nell There was a lot of action which I really liked because those are my favorite types of genres And I loved how they were in different places and wrote letters to each other.

    6. Quick witted orphan, Nell, helps her Aunt Kate, a Pinkerton Detective solve cases and capture evil doers Based on the real female detective, Kate Warne, this is well researched historical fiction that tells a compelling story set in Balti and Philadelphia at the time of Lincoln s election The story thread about the Underground Railroad as well as the mention of the Booth brothers add much to the historical backdrop to Nell s adventures as well as give a thoughtful foreshadowing of events to come [...]

    7. This is an empowering tale of a young teen and her aunt, inspired by the real Kate Warne, Pinkerton s first female detective, in the tumultuous days leading up to President Lincoln s inauguration Hannigan deftly weaves in interesting facts about America s history when it was still young enough to have only 33 states I loved spying those unique details, and the crafty adventures of sleuthing kept the action high and fun.

    8. This is really like a 3.5, as the plot characters are very strong, but the mysteries cyphers themselves are incredibly weak There is not enough challenge rearranging letters , and there is certainly some stretch to credulity that adults would put children at risk, as they do here, for the sake of justice But perhaps that is what is meant to be questioned do the ends justify the means To that end, I am also struck by the cruelty of continuing to use the child for solving cases, all while threate [...]

    9. This book was so fun and so well done I have not been on much of a historical fiction kick recently but this was such a fun jaunt back into the genre Based off of the incredibly cool lives of detectives Pinkerton and Kate Warne this book weaves together fiction and fat and social issues of the time in an informational and exciting way Highly recommend

    10. This is a great historical fiction about an interesting woman detective in the 1800 s The assistant is fictional The historical notes at the end are worth reading and very interesting Well researched I enjoyed this and will recommend it to elementary school readers.

    11. When eleven year old Nell Warne is dropped off at her Aunt Kitty s door not long before the Civil War, she is not wanted and not welcome Kate thinks she has no use for the girl, but Nell s indomitable spirit, clever mind and dare devil attitude soon prove to her aunt that there is to the girl than meets the eye, as Nell helps with some of the dangerous and tricky cases her aunt has to solve Because Kate Warne is a detective with Pinkertons, and they are called to solve jewel heists and murders, [...]

    12. It s 1859 and eleven year old Cornelia Warne, now an orphan, arrives in Chicago to stay with her only living relative her estranged Aunt Kitty, who is not happy to see her husband s niece Aunt Kitty believes Cornelia s father killed his brother her husband Cornelia dies everything she can to try to win over her aunt by helping out in the boarding house and soon Aunt Kitty comes to rely on Cornelia now Nell too in the detective business she s involved in Nell wears disguises and even watches over [...]

    13. I would like to rate this 3.5 stars I absolutely loved how Kate Hannigan tied this novel to actual historical facts and she did a great job explaining it in the Author s Note at the end of the novel Her use of ciphers throughout the text added a complexity to the story which was great The only downside which turned me off was the constant bickering between Nell and her Aunt Kate throughout the book This made it difficult for me to identify with them and slowed the pace of the book for me Overall [...]

    14. A solid mystery historical fiction story set right before the beginning of the Civil War I loved that Hannigan used a real life female detective, Kate Warne, to frame her story Both Kate and Nell, our protagonist, are strong, stubborn, great characters Historical fiction can be a tough sell to kids, but I think the fact that this is based around a real woman will make a lot of kids intrigued to read it.

    15. Excellent middle grade historical fiction great audio Based on the real life Kate Warne, the first female detective at Pinkerton, with the added bonus of a fictional niece who is a master of disguise and detection Plot lines tie to 1860s abolition, the Lincoln presidency and an assassination attempt the Balti Plot.

    16. I just finished The Detective s Assistant Interesting It can serve as Historical fiction The main character was really the first woman detective It takes place during the 1800 s and talks about the Underground Railroad and Abe Lincoln It would be great in a 4 6th grade classroom

    17. This is a fun historical fiction mystery adventure for middle grade kids A great nonfiction companion would be Lincoln s Spymaster Allan Pinkerton bio.

    18. In 1860, Cornelia Warne, age 12 I think , has lost her parents and brothers one after the other Her only remaining relative is an aunt by marriage widow of her father s brother When the powers that be track Aunt Kitty Kate Warne down in Chicago, the absolute last thing she wants is a niece and a burden, especially when she blames Nell s father for the death of her Kate s husband She makes it clear to Nell that she s extremely unwanted, but Nell, knowing the alternative is an orphanage or work ho [...]

    19. To put it simply, this is exactly the kind of book needed right now.On the surface it has the appearance of merely another children s mystery book but that would be seriously missing the meat and meaning of this tale and message You will not only fall in love with Nell Cornie through her ups and downs and growth, but you will truly come to understand what makes Aunt Kitty tick She has a way of endearing herself to you in her own Pickled Onion way As for why I say its needed now This isn t merely [...]

    20. Synopsis In 1859, eleven year old Nell goes to live with her aunt after her parents and brothers pass away Nell soon becomes wrapped up in the adventures of her aunt, the first female detective, and her agency s cases at the start of the Civil War.My Thoughts This is a delightful book Honestly, I felt the beginning was a little slow, and Nell s circumstances of losing her family and being sent to live with an unsympathetic, distant aunt seemed way too sad But over the course of the story, we see [...]

    21. School Library JournalEleven year old Nell is unceremoniously left on her Aunt Kitty s doorstep, she is whisked into a new life of treacherous detective work Though Aunt Kitty wants to send the girl to a suitable orphanage, Nell has some ingenious ways of tracking down suspects that are great assets to her aunt s detective work While the child s quick wit helps with securing confessions and truths from suspects in decidedly unorthodox ways , she encounters difficulty when attempting to solve the [...]

    22. This is a well told story based on the true life of Kate Warne, the first woman detective of the Pinkerton Detective Agency The character of Nell is fictional.From the first chapter, I was sucked into the story and couldn t let it go I listened to the audio book almost non stop Nell is very rough around the edges and in need of someone to take her in Her aunt Kate is a young working woman with no inkling of how to care for a child Together they make quite the pair The brash youngster and the ref [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book and mostly due to all the historical references I had never heard of Kate Warne and it was fascinating to learn about her from the book as well as my own research Kate Hannigan did a great job of blending what actually happened with fictional elements I also especially liked the progression of time in this book It always amazes me how in fictional books so many drastic things can happen in a short amount of time a few days, a couple of weeks I appreciated that Hannigan [...]

    24. gr4 6Really interesting story, imagining the niece of the first female private detective, Kate Warne The characterization is really great our heroine Nell has such a fun use of language and great spunk referring to her aunt as the Pickled Onion Chapter headings give even flavor to the tale Told in first person It took me a long time to read this book perhaps I missed the forward motion created by tension about Nell s future because I was reading it before bed in little bits because I was so tir [...]

    25. This was a great piece of historical fiction, providing me with history that I was unaware of Kate Warne, the first female detective in America, is the topic of this novel and retells some of her notable cases The main character, Nell Warne, is fiction, but along for the escapades of Kate and a helpful accomplice in some of her cases Nell, after losing all of her family members, is deposited on Kate s doorstep in Chicago Here, she is reluctantly accepted as part of her family Kate s lifestyle is [...]

    26. Corneila Warne is an orphan in the late 1800 s who is delivered to her aunt by marriage, her only living relative Aunt Kitty tries to say no to the Right Reverend delivering Corneila, but she isn t quick enough So begins this delightful middle grade story that takes the reader on an adventure as well as Corneila, who becomes Nell, and her Aunt Kitty One of the most interesting part of the story is where it takes our characters in 1860 and in the middle of what was going on in our nation at that [...]

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