On Fire's Wings By Christie Golden,

  • Title: On Fire's Wings
  • Author: Christie Golden
  • ISBN: 9780373802081
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was born without caste or position in Arukan, a country that prized both Then a chance encounter led her to a better life But it also brought her to danger and destiny Because Kevla Bai sha s fevered dreams looming threats to their land and visions of dragons that had once watched over her people held the promise of truth Now Arukan shadowed by mountains and mytShe was born without caste or position in Arukan, a country that prized both Then a chance encounter led her to a better life But it also brought her to danger and destiny Because Kevla Bai sha s fevered dreams looming threats to their land and visions of dragons that had once watched over her people held the promise of truth Now Arukan shadowed by mountains and myths might be overcome by eternal darkness Kevla, together with Jashemi kha Tahmu, rebel prince of the ruling household, would defy all law, all tradition, to embark on a daring quest for the half forgotten elemental parts that will save the world And so Kevla must sacrifice everythingy to be reborn in dragon s flames.
    On Fire s Wings She was born without caste or position in Arukan a country that prized both Then a chance encounter led her to a better life But it also brought her to danger and destiny Because Kevla Bai sha s feve

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    1. I have been checking out upcoming Luna books from the beginning, and when I originally read the blurb for this one, I decided it wasn t for me I don t remember exactly why now, but it was a decision I was perfectly happy about After the sequel, In Stone s Clasp came out, I pretty much ignored it, because of the original decision not to read the series Then, recently, I started hearing good things about the series I asked around and had it recommended to me So I looked at On Fire s Wings again a [...]

    2. I have finally read another Luna I ve had some of these books for a very long time, it seems They ve been stacked up waiting, sort of pathetically It always makes me feel good to clear one of them off the TBR Range And some of them, naturally, are better than others This one, On Fire s Wings falls into that category.Kevla Bai Sha is the daughter of a halaan, a prostitute, and one of the many male clients she s taken over the years Kevla s job is to sing and dance in the marketplace to attract ne [...]

    3. On fires wings is a story of Kelva s life as a daughter of a Haalan slut and her unknown father Tahmu, lord of the clan of four waters Kelva was taken from her mother at the age of ten by her father, at that time she didn t know that Tahmu was her father She doesn t know about that until the end of the book I believe the intended audiance is young adults or Teens It s about battles beween clans, and the battle for the end of the world At the end of the book, it is made clear that Kelva, or Flame [...]

    4. In Dungeons and Dragons, Christie Golden would absolutely be the bard, and On Fire s Wings is an amazing example of her craft This book is captivating end to end It s the story of Kevla Outcast, lost princess, and something so much The book includes themes of magic, reincarnation, good vs evil, dragons, superstitions, and how people can have influence, even if they aren t the chosen political leader It s also about the courage to be one s self I don t feel like I can say about the plot without [...]

    5. Yo Yooooooooo yo I cannot So BronwynK recommended this series to me, promising it was adult high fantasy romance.Well yes It was good and I quite enjoyed it, but for some OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK NO REALLY WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCKING FUCKRST OF ALL There s incest THAT S THE ROMANCE INCEST WHAT THE FUCK.The heroine and uh hero _ _ are half siblings She s a bastard poor girl and he s the son of an uber chieftan He knows they re related She has no clue He s slightly younger than her As ch [...]

    6. While at the beginning this book looked promising, the second half of it most definitely ruined my expectations The plot, at first seeming well thought out, gets and forced with every page The main character also gets quite annoying after a while she s far too perfect and tragic to actually like her Despite some twists in the storyline that might have been interesting, overall On Fire s Wings is tedious, full of very stereotypical threads and repetitive patterns.

    7. a very interesting series But before i review it I want to warn anyone new that it s not actually a trilogy and the author can t write until she gets the rights back.As for the storyline unique take on a fantasy save the world premise The writing isn t necessarily the greatest out there but its still good the characters are great they ve got flaws and seem quite realistic I ve written about a spoiler and what is my biggest issue with the book below ive kept it vague but you may be able to figu [...]

    8. this book really takes you for a journey It was a book that was hard to put down I cannot wait for the next book.

    9. read in french so my review is in french HistoireKevla, enfant d une prostitu , chante et danse sur les march s afin d attirer des clients pour sa m re Un jour particuli rement difficile, elle attire l attention du grand khashim, le leader du Clan des Quatre Eaux.Tahmu reconnait alors rapidement en elle l enfant qu il a eu avec une femme qu il aimait, mais qu il n a pu pouser Afin d offrir sa fille une meilleure vie, il d cide d emmener Kevla au sein de son clan Pr s de lui, il esp re veiller su [...]

    10. I liked the Luna line immediately, fantasy with romance and strong female leads Great This book doesn t deserve to be in it The premise is good and the first half is very promising Then, it sours I understand why the incestuous relationship was needed for the plot, but in a novel in a line that promises romance, it is quite souring When I read the next book in this series, I realized that it follows the same formulaic plot and I could even do the who matches up with who in my head that makes me [...]

    11. Very intense reading, difficult to put down The story builds up to its final and it is quite grandThe world building is good Set in a simil Muslim desertic country with quite peculiar rules of behaviour and life it s almost like muslim but men can marry only one woman and wine can be drinked For all that it is written as a young adult but it goes to adult quite quickly and like many others I found the sibling thing quite disturbing and not really necessary for the storyline I do not understand t [...]

    12. I absolutely love this book probably the first book a fantasy that I fell in love with at the beginning I really wasn t a fan of fantasy beside supernatural books like laurell K Hamilton but when I read the book around middle school it made me cry and laugh and everything in between I thought this was one of the best books I have ever read Sadly, I have never read the second book but when I do I will finish and I will give my honest opinion the whole series

    13. It was an ok read, good world building and likable characters but there is a cliffhanger ending which was to have been resolved in future books The writer intended this novel to be the start of a 5 book series but according to her website was unable to publish the last 2 and the 3rd in the series has fallen out of circulation I would have liked to have seen what happened next so that fact made this book frustrating to read.

    14. Hmm This book was kinda hard to rate Somewhere between a 3 and a 4 The problem was, it s like 2 separate books The first half was interesting and I got drawn into it But it suddenly changed, and the pace, the plot, all of it stopped and took a restart with a totally reborn heroine, totally different plotline Frankly, I liked the first half better The second part was less fluid, forced It had no setup so it had no base to support it The character became less likeable.

    15. I love when a fantasy book is done right Golden builds worlds so clearly that you can see, feel and taste them I felt like I was in the desert, I felt the hot sand and smelled the spicy air The characters were beautiful and the story was inspiring, tragic and heartbreaking all at the same time I loved reading as relationships grew and as villians were evolved before my eyes This book was wonderful

    16. It was a good sci fi slightly romantic novel I enjoyed the new language and imagery that the author introduced I m looking forward to the next story I only gave it 4 stars, since most of the story built up to a huge climax and then the book ended, making you want to read the next one right away I have it on hold at the library.

    17. Nope nope NOPE the plot and sequence of events was actually very enjoyable i like how kevla was witty and understood politics despite her upbringing i was not okay with her sleeping with her half brother and then killing him yep so not okay with that i didnt even finish the book because of that guess ill go read the wizards ward now.

    18. I ve enjoyed many of Christie Golden s books especially those based on the World of Warcraft.However, she has outdone herself with this book.The story is so rich and fine, it s like nibbling the finest fudge I simply could not put it down I cannot wait to finish the rest of this epic tale.

    19. A coming of age story for both Kevla and Jashemi before the s t hit the fan with murder, betrayal and war Not a new story but with some interesting twists and a likable hero and heroine who, of course, experience great happiness and even greater sorrow I will definitely be reading the next installment.

    20. Well, everything was going along swimmingly until I got to THAT ending Up until then I was enjoying this book But the ending grossed me out too much to bother reading future books in this series P.S view spoiler Incest isn t romantic hide spoiler

    21. Better than I thought it would be, although I didn t realise it was part of a series until I got near the end and realised the story wasn t finished.I could only find book 2 after this one, so I think the others in the series are discontinued

    22. this was my first time in the fantasy genre and i really loved it enough so that i have read all of this series i could find

    23. Finished this and WOW Christie surely doesn t disappoint I can t wait for the next in the seriesd to think, there are FOUR books one for each element

    24. My one word thought heavy Lots of details, lots of hardships, lots of responsibilty Glad I can breathe easier now.

    25. Great story it does make me want to read the next one I met the author and bought the book on a lark I ve heard it s now out of print.

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