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Fragment By Ellie Wade,

  • Title: Fragment
  • Author: Ellie Wade
  • ISBN: 9781500629434
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • What happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out You become a fragment of yourself On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she loses everything Living in a nightmare after surviving the most traumatic event, CampbWhat happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out You become a fragment of yourself On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she loses everything Living in a nightmare after surviving the most traumatic event, Campbell learns to be content by walking through life single and unattached, free of the uncertainty that relationships bring She isn t looking for love In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid it that is, until she runs into Deacon Montgomery, a kind and handsome Chicago firefighter She denies her instant attraction to him, only making him persistent in his pursuit of her Despite her desire to be with Deacon, Campbell is too damaged to share herself with anyone else Life left Campbell shattered Can Deacon help put the fragments back together Or will she forever be broken For adult 18 for language and sexual content
    Fragment What happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out You become a fragment of yourself On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams Campbell Stevens has always been a mo

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    1. Without darkness one cannot know light, and there s no better example of that than in this book You ll experience every emotion you can feel whilst reading, I can t recommend it enough And as for Deacon, ah, Deacon, book boyfriend material if every I saw it Just, precious.

    2. This is the second novel from author Ellie Wade, and the first that I ve read from her I ve had Forever Baby her first release on my TBR since it came out, and after reading this book it will be quickly moving up my list Fragment surprised me, I must admit The writing style was in depth and thorough, the characters were well defined and the storyline flowed together so well I was at the end of the book before I could blink Books that really grab a hold of you and make the rest of the world fall [...]

    3. Fragment is a stand alone novel There are no cliffhangers to worry about when reading this novel Campbell Stevens goes to Mexico on spring break with her best friend, Lexi Cam, as her friends call her has her future planned out and is on track to become valedictorian at her High school When things turn sour on spring break with a life altering event, Cam shuts down and turns all the people who love her away She moves to Chicago and goes to college where she meets her now roommate, Claire Claire [...]

    4. This book has a potent message involving mental self defense mechanisms living vs merely surviving after sexual assault There s also a meaningful thread about how those that love victims can be a catalyst for healing, but can never fix a victim The victim has to want healing for themselves It s a great basis, but the writer lacked follow through and writing skill to move the story beyond bare bones I initially empathized with the MC, but that connection was lost in a sea of fluff, cheese, and th [...]

    5. Don t tell me what I want and what I don t Believe it or not, Cam, you don t always see the world as it is You have this screwed up version of the world and the people in it People fail you because you never give them a chance to succeed You try to sabotage every relationship in your life No one truly knows the real you, but damn it, they love you despite your distance Everyone who meets you adores you because you are worthy of it Why can t you see it Why can t you accept it Deacon MontgomeryFra [...]

    6. First off let me say that I really loved this book Once you start you will not want to put this one down This is the first book I ve read by Ellie Wade and I believe it was her second book released Fragment was extremely well written and I enjoyed every page.When Campbell Stevens went on a spring break trip to Mexico with her best friend she expected to let her hair down and have some fun before finishing up high school and then heading off to college What she didn t expect was to experience a t [...]

    7. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewFragment is a story of one woman s journey to rediscover and learn to love herself again after a horrendous incident that occurs at her first step into adulthood at the tender age of eighteen It delivers a touching read of the love and support she finds in the man who was to become her hero.Campbell has become a shell of her previous self after what happened in Mexico She does not fit well with strangers, especially men Even five years a [...]

    8. Fragment by Ellie Wade was an awesome read From the beginning I knew that it would be a good read and it did not disappoint The story is about a young woman who has had a horrible life growing up, with just a Mom that was never there, never celebrated her birthdays, worked through all holidays, so she never thought things could be any worse Campbell was so wrong Something happens to her when she is on vacation in Mexico with her childhood friend that changes her life This story starts in five ye [...]

    9. I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock Fragment by Ellie Wade just blew my mind Campbell is a very smart girl that works very hard to get out of her home town and have a good future but a bad choice during her senior year scared her for the next few years dictating her life and making her afraid to love In comes Deacon a firefighter that is like a knight in shinning armor that is able with a lot of work to break all of Campbells walls and makes he [...]

    10. 5 StarsFragment is a beautiful story about survival and hope Cam s life has been defined by one night when she was 17 Now 23 she meets Deacon Can she overcome that night to find her future I love the realness of Cam She s not perfect by any means Her flaws are real and deep The way she relates to the people around her makes this story for me Lexi and Claire are so different but they both impacted who Cam is Deacon is one of my favorite MMC and not just because he s a firefighter Although let s b [...]

    11. I loved this book I wasn t prepared for the emotions of it Campbell fell into something that could have easily been me when I was her age Hell, even now it may still be possible As a result, she carried a lot of anger on the outside but inside she was falling apart Luckily, Deacon was there to save her After all, he is a fireman and saving lives is his specialty It was a emotional, sexy and sweet read Loved everything about it I am definitely keeping my eye on Ellie Wade I like her style.

    12. This was an great reading that I enjoy, I was looking for a romantic book and this book was really sweet, cheesy, fun and romantic.The story is about Campbell that due to a very traumatic experience she lived when she was 18 years old she build up walls as a way to protect herself from the world I ve spent years putting up walls to keep others out in order to protect myself My walls are so expertly built, so tall and deep, that no one can get in, even if I wanted them to Until Deacon appears in [...]

    13. This review was originally posted on Coffee, Books and My KindleI received this book for free via the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Campbell Stevens is a young girl with a sad past, her childhood was pretty lonely because her mother is a bitch, she only worked and hookep up with different guys she never paid attention to her daughter Campbell always was focused in her grades, plans, and future She worked very hard [...]

    14. FIVE STARS Shining Brightly Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends ForeverFirst and foremost, I was honoured to be asked to review this book as I had reviewed Ellie s d but and enjoyed the story and the style of writing Ellie has a way of grabbing your attention in such a way that you cannot put the book down Fragment Where do I start I was not sure how this story was going to evolve which was kind of exciting like a surprise The story starts off with Campbell Stevens and her friend Lexi [...]

    15. Title Fragment Author Ellie Wade Genre New Adult Publication Year 2014 Source Arc was given for an honest review Rating 5 Stars BlurbWhat happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out You become a fragment of yourself On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she loses everything Living in a nightmare after surviving the most traumatic event, C [...]

    16. Fragment is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger I know most people like to know if there s a cliff, so you re safe with this one.Campbell Stevens is in high school and going to Mexico with her friend Lexi for spring break She is excited and is living the dream She has her life planned out and going to be Valedictorian of her class When a life altering event changes her plans, she will never be the same Gone is the once happy girl and is replaced with someone that her friends don t recognize a [...]

    17. Unequivocally and undeniably heartbreaking story.Ellie Wade, writes this story of CAMPBELL, who s is from Jacksonville, Florida We re she feels perpetually stuck in life.Cam feels, Inconsequential life of Mediocrity quote unquote.Campbell doesn t want to live the life she experienced with her mother Despite her mother s inadequacies, cause her mother s life is the opposite of fulfillment Cam feels her mom s not invested in Cam s life Cam just wants to do something Greater in life and because of [...]

    18. I saw this book when it popped upon my Facebook page Campbell Stevens had her whole life in front of her when she decides to take spring break in Mexico her senior year with her friend Lexi You know the friend everyone else seems puzzled as to why you are such good friends with That is Lexi she is the promiscuous, party girl and it is no surprise when the one night they go out together in Mexico that Lex immediately latches onto a guy and leaves Cam at the bar alone What happens next is just awf [...]

    19. What does every eighteen year old want to do their senior year of high school Go to Spring Break in Mexico of course Well for once in her not so great life Campbell Stevens got to do this with her spoiled, selfish best friend Lexi What was supposed to be the best time of Cam s life turned out to be the biggest, most tragic mistake of her young life How will she ever make it now Leaving home after graduation and starting over, she doesn t do relationships She does relations and never overnight Sh [...]

    20. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This is my first book from Ellie Wade and I loved it Fragment starts out in a really dark place but I was hooked from the very first page Blurb What happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out You become a fragment of yourself On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she l [...]

    21. I have read some awesome books since the start of 2014 but I have to say without a doubt that Fragment has topped the list When I first read the blurb, I thought to myself This sounds like a book worth reading Oh, I was so right I enjoyed every moment of this book On completion the only words that came to mind were OMG What an amazing read.Fragment is a story of love, hope, forgiveness and learning to let go of the past ,so that one will be able to grasp their future This is a story that will st [...]

    22. I just finished Fragment and I really liked it It s one of those one with tough situations and it has to be done well Ellie did an amazing job and should be very proud of this story Campbell love the name has a tough time Not so much as her childhood even though it was great but one summer vacation with her friend Lexi turns into a nightmare She was raped 5 years later this has definitely effected her She is completely broken She uses men to get fulfillment but doesn t want a relationship She wi [...]

    23. I was hooked from the start Cam is in high school celebrating spring break like many do away from home being carefree and enjoying life Cam was not a wild and crazy high school girl but after being left at the bar by her so called best friend she decided to let loose She meets a guy and it turns into a complete nightmare You live the nightmare with her to some degree but are slightly spared every horrible detail Now we are 5 years down the road in her new life which is extremely opposite of the [...]

    24. I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest reviewThe first part of the book starts out with two teenagers off for the senior trip of a lifetime before they graduate and go off to college They are in Mexico and about about to go out and have some fun Lexi and Campbell are best friends and have been friends since they were kids Campbell is ready to graduate and start her new life in Chicago after accepting a full ride scholarship What Campbell doesn t know is that her whole life [...]

    25. Campbell Stevens is a bright, intelligent young woman who is driven to make something out of her life She has just left for a Spring break trip to Mexico, with her friend Lexie She is full of life and excitement about her future One night changes everything for Campbell, crushes her and changes her forever Without giving the story away, what happens to Campbell is heartbreaking and I was torn reading it, but I was so drawn into the story that I had to know how does a young woman come through suc [...]

    26. Fragment ReviewUniversity was the first step towards a better life for Campbell She left her miserable hometown and her emotionally and physically unavailable Mother behind in hopes of a future full of possibilities In her senior year, she decides to go to Mexico for spring break with her friend One decision leads to one night One night that results in a traumatic assault Five years later, Campbell is an entirely different person She goes about her life working at a bar, scared, and emotionally [...]

    27. 5 SIZZLING STARS I really liked this book It was a roller coaster of emotions It made me laugh, smile, frown, and tear up a time or two especially at the end This book was so beautifully written It was a tragic yet beautiful love story that unfolded in front of us It was sexy, real, saw, ugly, beautiful, and sizzling And I loved the epilogue This is the Deacon and Cam s story Cam is broken She doesn t believe that she is worthy of anything especially not love She had a childhood that damaged her [...]

    28. I received this in exchange for an honest review Have you ever read a book that left you wanting , even though the story has has ended That book is like that This is the story of Campbell Stevens life, or lack thereof Her life was taken from her so to speak when she was in Acapulco, Mexico She gets by on what she knows When she sees a man that is coming towards her, she freezes, he s beautiful, but she is terrified out of her mind of him Deacon Montgomery is a hot fire fighter, and he see this w [...]

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