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Bobby Orr: My Game, By Bobby Orr Mark Mulvoy,

  • Title: Bobby Orr: My Game,
  • Author: Bobby Orr Mark Mulvoy
  • ISBN: 9780316664905
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Bobby Orr himself gives us the first explanation of how he skates, shoots, attacks and defends.
    Bobby Orr My Game Bobby Orr himself gives us the first explanation of how he skates shoots attacks and defends

    One thought on “Bobby Orr: My Game,”

    1. A treasured tome first read in 1975, when I began playing organized hockey, and then endlessly retraversed across the latter half of that grungy decade of ugly leather jackets, lemon US automobiles, and bowl cuts Bobby Orr was a demi god to Canadian kids back then, a defenceman who changed the game through a combination of his ice sense, caginess in his own end, soft hands, and, most notably, smoothly meteoric skating style cutting arcs, sweeping in sine waves, and looping in circles about his b [...]

    2. Hey, I was a 9 year old when I got this for my birthday It was my favorite book for years Times and heroes have changed, but he s still one of my heroes.

    3. I read this book told me it is a very good book and that i would love it This book as a biography about Bobby Orr In this biography it talks about where he grew up, life experiences and his hockey carerr he is from Perry Sound Ontario, he stareted playing hockey when he was 3 and got drafted when he was only 16 and played when he was 18 Bobby s favourite hockey moment is scoring the goal to win the stanley cuo in overtime, you have probably seen the oicture of him in mid air after he scored the [...]

    4. Great book easy to read and great to get the story from Bobby Orr himself He comes across as a smart, humble man who was an incredible athlete Too bad the offer to continue in the Bruins organization wasn t related to him as that would have been a wonderful opportunity for him But as they say, things happen for a reason, and he is a great person to be representing the players of today since he has been there.

    5. This book should be prerequisite reading for every athlete who is about to sign a professional contract.Mr Orr is a humble man and one class act.

    6. Pretty quick read Honestly great to read Orr s story, in his own words Humble to the end, fantastic life, wonderful person real gentleman.

    7. i think he is one the most inspiring, dedicated, hard working hockey players of all time he is a player i will soon not forget

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