Addicted By Alycia Taylor,

  • Title: Addicted
  • Author: Alycia Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I finally gave in to Braxton I trusted he would be faithful even though I knew his past He knew my past too The only problem with my past is that it showed up in a chair next to me at the bar My ex boyfriend Will it be the end to Braxton and I
    Addicted I finally gave in to Braxton I trusted he would be faithful even though I knew his past He knew my past too The only problem with my past is that it showed up in a chair next to me at the bar My ex bo

    One thought on “Addicted”

    1. LOVED ITEmmi is Braxton s roommate, after resisting his advances she s finally given in, she knows he s a player so lays down the ground rules Braxton agrees to exclusivity Emmi knows she s got to trust Braxton or things between them won t work But while on a night out with her friends her cheating ex boyfriend turns up, when Braxton arrives looking for her there s trouble.I liked this addition to the series once again this authors writing style is very pleasing, the story flows and it s easy to [...]

    2. Braxton me parece un gran chico si ella conoce que su vida es el Boxeo, porque actua como si estaria saliendo con un animal ademas que es un poco hip crita ya que si tu vez a tu ex con otra uno actuara igual que actuo con Baxton.Espero que este junto y no haga sufrir a Braxton que es un gran chico.La que no me gusta es Zooe que clase de amiga es amiga como ella quien quiere enemigo

    3. 4.5 I m seriously loving on Braxton Stars Normally I don t start my reviews off like that but with this one I have to because it s not quite a 5 read for me and it s got nothing to do with the lead Braxton I love this serial I m addicted to this serial which is kind of funny given the name of this particular installment and I absolutely love getting reaquainted with these characters after spending the week in real life I think with each new installment I find myself loving the character of Braxt [...]

    4. Ghosts have a nasty habit of haunting us That s what happened with Emmi After finally giving in to Braxton and their undeniable attraction, Trent showed up at girls night out and killed her chances at happiness Well, that and how things went down after that moment Braxton knew he had fucked up, but every man has his limits It turns out that where Emmi is concerned, his limits are pretty low And that s how Braxton finds himself two steps from the grave, but touched by his Angel after so many week [...]

    5. On the edge of my seat waiting for the next book This series rocks Great job Alycia on this series I am certainly addicted If you are on the border of whether to read this series just go for it You won t regret it I typically wait till the series is finished before I start to read a series of books like this because I tend to be impatient for new releases and Ok I refresh at least 100 times the date of the release Admission is the 1st step, right I was hooked from the description on the first bo [...]

    6. This is the 3rd installment in the MMA Romance Series by Alycia Taylor.Things were going well for Braxton and Emmi in book two Devoured but as we know all good things but blow up There was a couple of moments when I thought here we go with a major blow up but when it finally came it didn t go down how I thought it would Emmi being her typical self locks herself away from Braxton and won t talk to him Braxton has a big fight coming up, but his head isn t in it it s on Emmi The ending is a whoa mo [...]

    7. HOLY MOLY I have loved each book so far but ENOUGH zThis 50 some pages each book is TOTAL CRAP This one is only 53 pages and even though your getting the full effect of the story it just suddenly ends It doesn t even lead up to a cliffhanger, it just ends but it leaves you with just enough to want I m gonna go ahead and recommend this series but I have to say be prepared to get pissed off But I can t help it, I have to keep going to find out what happens next Lol.

    8. Love this series So now that Braxton and Emmi were in a relationship which is so new for Braxton that he thinks about her all the time Emmi trust Braxton and has no worries but then the unthinkable happens and once again Emmi is hiding out from him She not sure what to do So hiding is all she can think of But when she see him after a fight she knows she has to help him clean up But then he says something that shocks her Wow Can t wait for the next one Loving this series

    9. I am loving the series that Alycia is writing The story flows so nicely and it is easy to relate to the characters Now Emmi and Braxton are in a relationship, a first for Brax Things are going good, the chemistry and sex are perfect, and in drops Trent Emmi s ex The ending of the story got me and I can t wait for book 4 Love this series More please

    10. I read the full series and I loved it I am so glad that I didn t start reading this series until all the books had been released I would have been going bonkers if I had to wait to find out what happened I really enjoyed this series and the HEA was fantastic it might have been a bumpy ride but it was a great HEA ending

    11. 3.5Brax es el hombre mas tierno y testarudo del mundo.La paliza la tenia merecida por ser un capullo pero no deja de ser tan malditamente encantador y rudo Me siento rara por adorar a un ser tan contradictorio.Adjsjdks, ama a Emmi, maldita sea, la ama.Me gusta.

    12. I love these books One of the days my life is going to calm down to write proper reviews but I will say this, as far as fighter romance goes I love this series and I can t wait to start the next book.

    13. Just when I start to dislike Braxton again he goes and says something beautiful and I fall for him again This poor boy is very mixed up I think but he does have a heart of gold if he lets it out.

    14. Still a fun read Got a little over dramatic with Emmie after the Trent issue but I guess we needed some drama in there On to the next one.

    15. 4.5 The title is accurate because I am seriously addicted to these novellas Off to get the fourth one now

    16. MehThis one was kind of boring to mejust a meh book but I do like the fighting aspect The H is kind of annoying.

    17. Enjoyable read, is part of a serial but I read them all at once I had to buy the set because I wanted to know how it all panned out in the end.

    18. Quick readThis book is about two young people who have been let down in life, they both have trust issues and fear of desertion Great read

    19. Did I read it right that book 4 will be out Aug.3rd I hope so, that was a doozy of a cliffhanger Loved it though

    20. goodEvery relationship has problems and this is the book that we get to see Braxton and Emmi s and unbelievable they come from a jealous guy with anger issues what s next

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