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Red Fury By James Swallow,

  • Title: Red Fury
  • Author: James Swallow
  • ISBN: 9781844165605
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The next installment in the popular Blood Angels series, Red Fury starts a new story arc telling the Blood Angels fight to restore their Chapter to its full glory
    Red Fury The next installment in the popular Blood Angels series Red Fury starts a new story arc telling the Blood Angels fight to restore their Chapter to its full glory

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    1. Red fury starts off with a blood angel sergent on and his squad on the planet Eritaen Their mission is to find the Flesh tearer chapter master and ask him to give some of his precious battle brother to the blood angel chapter so that they can regain their numbers after the events that led them to the brink of civil war The blood angels and their successor chapters meet on baal but then the traitor fabius bile appears and wreaks havoc on the planet Chapters unite and fend of the attack, but Fabiu [...]

    2. Bookworm Speaks Warhammer 40,000Red Fury by James Swallow The Story The adventures of Rafen, Battle Brother of the Blood Angels continue as the Blood Angels face a terrible crisis after the devastating fallout of the Blood Angels Civil War Their number s severely depleted, Lord Commander Dante is forced to call upon the disparate Son s of Sanguinius in order to make overtures to their brethren and seek a solution All the while a sinister plot boils within the Blood Angels themselves and Rafen an [...]

    3. Red Fury takes up with Rafen, now Brother Sergeant, leads his squad on a planet where Chaos forces have taken hold The Flesh Tearer Space Marines drop a building on their heads They know the Blood Angels will survive, and just want to be annoying, partly because they think they have come to interfere In fact, Rafen came to deliver a message, to ask their Chapter Master Seth to come to a conclave of chapters successor chapters, also derived from Sanguinius.Seth comes So do many other chapters tha [...]

    4. So, this review is going to be horribly biased because of my interest in the Blood Angels and all of the Successor Chapters Especially the Flesh Tearers, who are some pretty important characters in the plot Lucky me So, the novel overall is fairly slow paced to begin with, and if you aren t a huge Blood Angels fan or at least interested in them I think you will view this as a chore, though since I am an interested fan, I loved it.I think that they could not have chosen better antagonists, from T [...]

    5. Ugh You would think that Lord Dante and Mephiston fighting with the Chapter Masters of the successor chapters would be cooler and epic It s not C mon Swallow You want to show us how the Blood Angels are noble Show them in relation to regular people When they meet mere mortals show noblesse oblige not contemptuous disdain More jet packs and what everyone wants to see Death from Above Furioso Dreadnoughts Deeps striking Land Raiders Fast Baal Predators I m so blase about these novels being RPG se [...]

    6. Reading this was an absolute joy I can not imagine anyone but James Swallow as the writer for the Blood Angels, his use of imagry, language, style and expression are as if penned at the hand of one of the sons of Sanguines Rafen faces new trials and tribulations as agents of Chaos cause mayhem on Baal itself, but he does not stand alone, cousins and brothers from the first founding and second founding chapters come together to hold a conclave on the very fate of the first founding chapter If you [...]

    7. Although it took forever for the book to start, once it did, it was a 5 star read The Blood Angels ask for help from the other Chapters, who are descendants of Sanguinius, but in the same time the mad experiments of an Apotechary have devastating results Now some of the strongest Space Marines in the galaxy face hideous freaks in a battle without mercySwallow is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine.

    8. Red Fury was a great space marine novel It had than enough action to keep even a die hard fan satisfied, but there were a surprisingly large number of emotional moments between characters While the overall plot does rely on yet ANOTHER Blood Angel apothecary being tricked by an enormously obvious villain same as Book 1 , when it does reach its climax, the plot and resolution is actually extremely satisfying Definitely a fun read for fans of the game or the space marines.

    9. I give this book a heartyh Swallow excelled in his story The Flight of the Eisentstein, but his treatment of the Blood Angels and their heroes is truly uninspired The first two novels were mired in battles and gore, this one was mired in soap opera interactions and surprise surprise a sub plot featuring Chaos and a Marine too stupid or proud to see it for what it is Stick with well penned Marine novels by the likes of Abnett.

    10. I enjoyed this book better than its two predecessors, Deus Encarmine and Deus Sanguinius.It gave a better understanding of the Blood Angels better than the first two books and i think it had a solid story.

    11. really good continuation of the Blood Angels series It actually included almost all of the successor chapters of the BA s.

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