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The Trap By Steven Arntson,

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: Steven Arntson
  • ISBN: 9780547824086
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the summer of 1963, and something strange is afoot in the quiet town of Farro, Iowa The school district s most notorious bully has gone missing without a trace, and further, seventh grader Henry Nilsson and his friends have just found an odd book stashed in the woods by Longbelly Gulch a moldy instruction guide written to teach the art of subtle travel, a kinIt s the summer of 1963, and something strange is afoot in the quiet town of Farro, Iowa The school district s most notorious bully has gone missing without a trace, and further, seventh grader Henry Nilsson and his friends have just found an odd book stashed in the woods by Longbelly Gulch a moldy instruction guide written to teach the art of subtle travel, a kind of out of body experience The foursome will soon discover that out of body life isn t so subtle after all there are some very real, and very dangerous, things happening out there in the woods The science fiction inventiveness of Madeleine L Engle meets the social commentary of Gary Schmidt in this thrilling tale of missing persons, first crushes, embarrassing pajamas, and thought provoking dilemmas.
    The Trap It s the summer of and something strange is afoot in the quiet town of Farro Iowa The school district s most notorious bully has gone missing without a trace and further seventh grader Henry

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    1. Actual Rating 2.5I love the cover for this so much.And I thought the premise was super interesting, but for some reason it was hard to connect with the book It wasn t that I didn t like it, but I just didn t really feel anything at all.I did like how the author addressed diversity and immigration, adding a bit realism and history into the mix.I thought the romance was cute, but it seemed like it was there just for the character arc I felt a little disconnected from the characters as well Althoug [...]

    2. I really, really wanted to like this book Despite the achingly slow start Yet I was determined to keep reading this book However my resolve was not that strong and I gave up I read to chapter ten and in that period there was only one moment where one of the characters had an out of body experience It was brief Some of the other readers said the story did get better So I skimmed the story some and then skipped ahead chapters and still the story moved slowly without seeing a light at the end of th [...]

    3. This was a bit different than what I was first expecting with dream travel being key words that jumped out at me initially It ended up being on the slower side The fantasy portion of the book takes a backseat to the life of a 12 13 year old boy during the 1960s part of the book I think everyone that goes into the story will like it going in with that information The book also discusses racism in various ways, making the historical aspect of this book even greater Expectations aside, though, thi [...]

    4. Overall, I think this book was okay I mean it did have alot of adventure but, it wasn t that great I mean the concept of the book was good, just the way that everything was written didn t accompany the concept that well But, overall it was an okay book.

    5. December The Trap Steven ArntsonThis book is about a group of kids named Helen, Alan, Nicki, and Henry It all starts out when Henry tells a story of a bully named, Carl, had beat him up Also, after that, Carl had been missing for the first few days of school At that time everyone was worried Then, Henry and his friends decide to look for him They wonder out and find a book with random numbers It also said that you should say them while you are trying to sleep Henry decided to say the numbers and [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this Sometimes, a great premise fizzles out, but not so in this case instead, it keeps building, and the conclusion is very satisfying I love how the author connects the idea of aliens, as in outer space aliens, to immigrants and outsiders The message of love and acceptance is never preachy, but is woven organically into the storyline and adds to the appeal The only drawback is that the story does get off to a bit of a slow start not glacially slow, but the story takes awhile to [...]

    7. This is an interesting concept for a story It plays on our dreams It draws similarities between a book I just read written for adults on the power we could hold if we could better control our dreams.

    8. I really like this book I like books that have a point of view from a twin If it s from the view of a third party, the twins tend to be grouped as one person I feel like people do that in real life all the time, too Having it from one of the two separates them efficiently I think Henry s a little exagerated with his, okay, let s sit down and think about this , but it s still funny Really though, who gets punched in the face and then decides that the first course of action is to sit down and thin [...]

    9. Great Characters, Action, Adventure, and Some Very Mellow WritingNot to sound like a wiseguy, but this is an all around better, interesting and rewarding book than I expected it to be going in And that s always a good thing.Right off the bat, the hero s voice and the general tone of the narration were not the usual, although the cast of characters was conventional Here, our adventurers are twins Helen and Harry, and their best friends Alan and Nicki The narrator is Henry, younger of the twins [...]

    10. THE TRAPAuthor Steven ArntsonType of Book Paperback ARCTarget Readership Middle Grade Ages 9 12Publication Date April 7,2015Length 246 pagesPublisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young ReadersRating 4 out of 5 stars I received a free ARC Advance Reader Copy of this book through the Giveaway program Set in the small town of Farro, Iowa in the summer of 1963 Henry Nilsson is just starting seventh grade Henry is best friends with Alan, but Alan s older brother, Clay is the town bully When Cl [...]

    11. In small town Iowa in 1963, seventh grader Henry Nilsson wrestles with a crush on Chinese American Nicki his twin Helen s friend , tries not to get beaten up by neighborhood bully, Carl older brother of Henry s best friend, Alan , and cooks dinners for his night shift working parents Not a bad life, although it would be better if he and his sister could have new bikes Then Carl disappears, and Henry finds a book that teaches him how to separate his subtle self from his body and wander the world [...]

    12. Steven Arntson is a smart, insightful, and quietly funny author good at welcoming you into a fictional world that compels your imagination while sidestepping most of the ugly stereotypes and pitfalls of YA literature His characters are compelling and humane you root for them, laugh at their asides, and recognize their realistic conundrums In The Trap, Arntson continues in the vein of fabulism that characterized his earlier books The Wikkeling and The Wrap Up List, this time setting his character [...]

    13. Kind of a strange mix of historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction Small town of Farro, Iowa 4 kids Henry Helen, who are twins, and their friends, Alan and Nikki are spying on Alan s older brother, Carl the school bully, and discover a strange book entitled Subtle Travel and the Subtle Self Henry studies the book and learns how everyone has two selves the physical self we see and the subtle self Henry learns a series of steps, including reciting the Fibonacci sequence, that allow his subtl [...]

    14. Henry and Helen Nillson are twins who, coincidentally, each have a crush on the other s best friend Nikki Chen and Alan Dunn In 1963, the 4 have an amazing adventure when they discover the subtle self Each family is facing some kind of difficulty Mr Nillson has been caught in a job downturn shortly after he returns from the Korean War The family is struggling financially, and Henry takes on some of the normal running of the household by fixing supper each night that their parents have to work la [...]

    15. genre historical science fictionsummary coming of age story sci fiction mystery about a boy named Henry and his twin sister Helen the story takes place in the 1963 and the twins are about to enter 7th grade Things have been tough lately with their father loosing work and the family having to tighten their belts to make ends meet During this time Henry s best friend s older brother, Carl, also the town bully goes mysteriously missing Joined by Helen s best friend also Henry s secret crush , Nicki [...]

    16. Did you know Henry some people think that the whole universe began in an explosion The Big Bang, I said That s right The moment before the bang, the universe was a single speck, smaller than a dot of ink Imagine everything you see, everyone you know, it all unfolded from that, like a story written out And so you and I related to each other Henry, and even to the stars themselves I enjoyed this historical sci fi story of twins, Henry and Helen set in the social upheaval of 1963 They are entering [...]

    17. Four friends who are beginning their 7th grade year in junior high school discover a book, entitled Subtle Travel and the Subtle Self , which explains in detail how to leave your body while sleeping and travel invisibly around in the atmosphere The setting is Iowa in 1963.The main characters are diverse white, Native American, and Chinese American This book has the makings of a great thriller with the added advantage of a diverse cast of characters I read it because I thought that middle school [...]

    18. I ended up really enjoying this book It reminded me of John Connolly s book The Gates and Good Omens from Gaiman Pratchett All three are weird, involving kids and the supernatural The start was slow, but worth it Like those other two books, not many kids will read and understand the meaning behind it Helen and Henry are twins living in Farro, Iowa in 1963 and hanging out with their friends Alan and Nicki After helping Alan spy on his brother Carl, Henry finds a book on the art of subtle travel a [...]

    19. For my November book report, I decided to read The trap It s by Steven Arntson The genre is realistic fiction It takes place in one of the main characters rooms, Henry It also takes place at there middle school The main characters are Hailey, Henry, Nikki, and Alan The book starts off with the main characters adventuring in the woods when they stumble upon the bullhihihihihihiy of there school and Alan s brother, Carl When they all head home, Henry finds a strange book sitting in his room It is [...]

    20. I was pretty excited to start this book The cover jumped out to me and the premise seemed promising Sadly, the writing is flat and uninspiring The method the characters used to leave their bodies was too simple I couldn t get into the story because of that even though I knew, going into the book, that the characters would be having out of body experiences I understand using near death situations might ve been cliche, but it would ve been plausible for me I feel as though the book could ve been [...]

    21. I m reading now for the next WAW list and this possibility was a fantasy that was a little out there but would still be a yes vote for me It takes place in 1963 with twin 7th graders Henry and Helen who discover how to bring their subtle selves awake at night to travel in the subtle world Their friend s brother is missing and he was interested in the subtle world which is how they find out about it and get involved looking for the missing boy there The author of the book of instructions just hap [...]

    22. Want a good out of body experience Then this is the book for you It s 1963 and in the small town of Farro, Iowa something is going on When some teen agers discover a book that allows them to set their subtle self free from their bodies, they discover that there is evil afoot Can they figure out what is going on and save awell, not really a friend, but someone definitely in need of help This is a different sort of book that doesn t always hang together and sort of changes tone in the middle, but [...]

    23. I think this book will be popular with readers who like character, setting, and story The story s elements of mystery and science fiction are alluring, but watch out because just when you think you re reading it simply for fun, some serious topics arise issues of race, prejudice, and civil rights and I was blind sided by the comparison of sci fi elements equating to prejudiced opinions Arntson has captured the emotional ups and downs and awkwardness that Henry feels as transitions from a kid to [...]

    24. This reviewer, Avare, say, Historical fiction, race relations, paranormal travel, murder mystery and a touch of romantic interest Too much in one story for me I m going to have to agree The story was ok, but there was too much if everything and not enough of anything to make it work really well The concept of subtle travel is creative and I think this story would have worked better if it had been focused on that without trying to insert 1960 s racial issues In the end, those had no bearing on t [...]

    25. Overall, I enjoyed the book The idea of subtle forms was interesting, and the characters treated the whole thing as a mystery They fell asleep at the same time and were able to meet up again in the subtle world The characters could walk through doors and were indestructible in that world, but their other experiences were fairly normal The book basically had two realities, but it wasn t too hard to imagine them The plot also addressed family issues, as parents dealt with unemployment and alcoholi [...]

    26. It s summer of 1963 in a quiet little town in Iowa A local bully goes missing This concerns Henry because the bully, Carl, is his best friend s older brother Together, Henry and his twin sister Helen, her best friend Nicki, and Henry s best friend Alan all try to figure out what happened to Carl They find some of the answers in a book that teaches them how to travel outside of their bodies In this alternate form, however, there are dangers to face.Pace was a bit slow, characters seemed very ste [...]

    27. What a kick I enjoyed this book and it reminded me of A Wrinkle in Time I thoroughly loved the look at summer in 1965 and the connections between people, place and time Good for twins too since Henry and Helen are 20 seconds apart and yet a part of each other Excellent exploration of political themes related to changes and social justice The space and time continuum meets historical fiction plus a little Big Bang theory too Perfect middle school read Oh, and they ride bikes everywhere in Iowa Bi [...]

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