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  • Title: Son of the Morning Star: General Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
  • Author: Evan S. Connell
  • ISBN: 9781844137633
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a scorching June Sunday in 1876, thousands of Indian warriors Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho converged on a grassy ridge above the valley of Montana s Little Bighorn River On the ridge five companies of United States cavalry 262 soldiers, comprising officers and troopers fought desperately but hopelessly When the guns fell silent, no soldier including thOn a scorching June Sunday in 1876, thousands of Indian warriors Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho converged on a grassy ridge above the valley of Montana s Little Bighorn River On the ridge five companies of United States cavalry 262 soldiers, comprising officers and troopers fought desperately but hopelessly When the guns fell silent, no soldier including their commanding officer, Lt Col George Armstrong Custer had survived Custer s Last Stand is among the most enduring events in American history 130 years after the fact, books continue to be written and people continue to argue about even the most basic details surrounding the Little Bighorn Evan S Connell, whom Joyce Carol Oates has described as one of our most interesting and intelligent American writers , wrote what continues to be the most reliable and compulsively readable account of the subject Connell makes good use of his research and novelist s eye for story and detail to re create the heroism, foolishness and savagery of this crucial chapter in the history of the West.
    Son of the Morning Star General Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn On a scorching June Sunday in thousands of Indian warriors Lakota Sioux Cheyenne and Arapaho converged on a grassy ridge above the valley of Montana s Little Bighorn River On the ridge five com

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    1. The dominant impression I get of Custer from this, the first book I ve read about the national totem who stands forever on that dusty Montana slope, is that of a real natural born killer One of those gracefully ferocious, lupine men The accounts of his preternatural energy and aggression and extracts of his own letters cohere into a picture of predatory grace, of sleek, elemental blood thirst and glory hunger Custer was eerily in touch with his nature the nature of a gleeful hunter Connell quote [...]

    2. I first tried to read this book at a very young age I d already been to the Little Big Horn at that, pre politically correct time, still called Custer s Last Stand National Monument and had read the Landmark Book on Custer s death and had seen Errol Flynn die with his boots on That didn t prepare me for novelist Evan S Connell s take on George A Custer s famous final battle The problem was that the book starts post battle, with the discovery of Custer s dead command My mind, at that time, couldn [...]

    3. Once in a while you find a book that is so well written that beyond the days of reading, long after you have finished it, the book continues to haunt you Son of the Morning Star is one of those books The beauty of Evan Connell s prose and the excellence of his history make this book a minor masterpiece Perhaps the larger than life presence of the central character, who the Indians named son of the morning star , General George Armstrong Custer, is partly the reason for the magnificence of the bo [...]

    4. Always been fascinated by Little Big Horn and fellow West Point grad, Custer.He had an interesting military career he commanded the unit with the highest casualty rate in the Civil War while also being the youngest General.I never quite understood what happened at the Battle at the Greasy Grass, as the winners call it and shouldn t they get to name the battle It was the first trip my future wife and I ever took drove out there The minute I stepped out and looked around I could see what had happe [...]

    5. Many things are told of Sitting Bull Some are certainly false, others may be true But one thing is beyond dispute Sitting Bull liked women He liked women enormously He was certainly married two or three times He may have been married as many as eight or nine times Here he is pictured with I think it shows how memorable this book is that I not only remember all the characters, and the stories, I actually remember the captions on the pictures in the photo section of the book This is not just an i [...]

    6. I wrote papers and gave speeches in my college history and philosophy classes The very first time I visited the site, I was basically ignorant because I had not begun to study this battle Luckily, I studied a great deal, and was able to come away with awe and to know exactly where what event took place and where This book is one of the main books I used in my studies If you read about all that happened and viewed the maps, you will be in a very good position to truly see the scope of the situati [...]

    7. My estimate of Reno and Custer is this The former was brave but not rash, and Custer was both, wrote a First Cavalry acquaintance of Custer As I read this book, I tried to imagine the vast American West as an ocean of grass, imbued with danger, distance and the chance for honor, not unlike the high seas of Nelson and Farragut It wasn t too hard to conjure At the same time, I expected a view of the Army as a blunt instrument of national policy, often stupid and genocidal This also was easy to ima [...]

    8. I m not especially interested in Custer or the American West, and I generally avoid anything about the Indian Wars because the subject is tragic and infuriating to the point that it affects my ability to function normally But this is a terrific book It s a lot like listening to a vastly informed elderly relative natter on about his most beloved subject It s discursive, but all the meanderings are full of treasures, and you can t help being swept up in his enthusiasm and affection It s scholarly [...]

    9. I wish I had read Son of the Morning Star before going to the Custer memorial in Montana I had read enough of Custer to understand the battle, but the personal stories Connell uses to build to the battle make it all the interesting I do like how Connell recounts the different versions of stories by soldier, native American, observer, and then says it could have been that way, or another Custer, of course, does not shine in this story, but others do.

    10. Sadly Son of the Morning Star was only 2 Stars for me because I could not see any organization to the story The book starts out on an ancillary fight and just meanders through decades of western history, as well as some Civil War stories Individually, the anecdotes were fine but this book was simply erratically constructed.

    11. I love this book It goes past the massacre or great military victory, depending on your point of view and delves into the personalities of the principal opponents involved in this fracas Of course, eyewitness reports were only available from one side, but they seem objective enough This might be the only book I ve read three times.

    12. Son of the Morning Star is Evan S Connell s look at the life of George Armstrong Custer We all know about the battle, but what about the man To listen to Connell, if it weren t for the time, place, and manner of his demise, the world would little note nor long remember this vain and impetuous martinet Indeed, were his to biography focus solely on it s titular subject, it would be a pretty thin book The value of Connell s work is that he places the now vaunted cavalryman in context, with time, pl [...]

    13. Anyone interested in the American West will enjoy this book Although Custer graces the cover, it s much than a biography of him Let s face it, there s a lot to criticize about the American Government s treatment of the Native Americans Those facts, of course, are in the book But the author doesn t write a hagiography about the Indians either He s much too good a historian to do that His even handed treatment doesn t make for drab reading, on the contrary, the author has done such a thorough job [...]

    14. This is a great book It is way than just a story of the Battle of the Little Big Horn The battle is just the glue that holds the book together The author goes into the lives of Custer, other soldiers, their wives, scouts, traders, trappers, journalists, politicians and others Then there are the Indians, their various tribes, customs and motivations The books covers the time before and during the battle, plus the aftermath from both sides It brings in buffalo hunting, the gold rush in the Black [...]

    15. Son of the Morning Star is one of the best books that I ve ever read It propelled me into reading about American Indians, about the West, military biographies especially of American generals, and even the Civil War Connell is a great writer, as seen in, for example, both novels Mr Bridge and Mrs Bridge He made the character of the Indians real, as it should be, and Custer, whom I had not judged as harshly as I did after this book I personally knew people in my limited military experience like [...]

    16. OUTSTANDING What an incredibly well researched book I feel like a fool for having ignored for years on the mistaken belief that it was a novel.One real eye opener was the number of soldiers who were able to flee the fight Bodies were found twenty miles from the fighting Maybe some of the stories about survivors were true The magazine WILD WEST had an interesting article about one such survivor, and it certainly rang true to me.

    17. You don t get a better piece of history than this Connell gives flesh and bones to General Custer, a most peculiar man, but goes much further in providing the context of the time, the Indians of all stripes and the landscape There are no Noble Savages here, but no ignoble ones either They and Custer are real people dealing with the complexities of their time and place, and often with their own personal demons.

    18. This is THE book to read on the Little Bighorn, no matter what your level of interest and knowledge about Custer Connell penned an extremely readable, absorbing, humorous, and detailed account of Custer and his demise.

    19. This book had a tremendous amount of information about daily life on the prairie both by military at the time and american indians It was so interesting, I read it twice.

    20. Son Of The Morning StarRecent contrasting highly perceptive reviews of Evan S Connell s Son of the Morning Star 1984 prompted me to read the book Connell s book is difficult to classify because it is a broad meditation on Custer, the Battle of Little Bighorn, and the American West The book is too digressive, introspective, and meditative to be considered a historical narrative The description of the event at the focus of the book the massacre of Custer s Seventh Cavalry at Little Bighorn on June [...]

    21. I have never been a particular fan of General George Armstrong Custer In another life, another career, another part of the country, long, long ago, I made a movie at West Point, one of the few the Army ever allowed to actually be filmed right there at the school I was really into creating a life for my character, and I was naturally interested in the history of this most illustrious military academy, so I soaked up as much as possible while I was there the history, traditions, trivia, lore, rumo [...]

    22. Usually when I say a book is interesting, I mean the subject matter is interesting, or the author s insights are interesting Both those things are true of Son of the Morning Star, but it is also true that the book is interesting, because Connell made some definitely non standard choices about his narrative.This is not a linear exploration of the battle the book starts with the first people to discover the disaster, and then works its way in and out, forward and back, in a set of loops or spirals [...]

    23. A disturbing Rashomon of a history Despite the romantic choice of title, there is nothing romantic or heroic about the title personage, or in fact any person who appears in this history Everyone s story and I mean everyone, from the water boys to the laundry women, to the wives and relatives of Chief Gall and Running Bear, with selected dogs, mice and horses thrown in for good measure everyone s story is told, in no particular order, and everyone comes out badly except for the animals This inclu [...]

    24. Evan S Connell s book, Son of the Morning Star has been on my to read list for several years The book did not disappoint me While Connell has not written the most scholarly study, his book includes a great amount of information, not only about Custer and the 7th Cavalry, but also about numerous participants on both sides of the battle Connell s book is not written in chronological order, and it could be difficult to follow for those who might not be familiar with the details of the Battle of the [...]

    25. We do not see our hand in what happens,so we call certain events melancholy accidents Stanley CavellCrazy Horse all he ever wanted was to be left alone Very weakly he began his death song.Crazy Horse was the kind of being never seen on earth a genius in war, yet a lover of peace a statesman who apparently never thought of the interests of any human being outside his own camp a dreamer, a mystic, and a kind of Sioux Christ This quite possibly was the laconic using only few words individual, intim [...]

    26. Reading this book was like listening to a senile old man trying to tell you a story of something you are really interested in, and that you know he knows a lot about, only to listen to his narrative wind through side stories and inanities that ruin the experience.I ve read other books by Connell and really liked them It was clear that he had a great amount of interest in Little Bighorn and had spent years researching Custer, the massacre, and several Indian tribes But I get the feeling he locked [...]

    27. I remember when this came out in 1984 I d wanted to read it Not sure why I didn t read it in the nineties when I actually visited the battlefield More history than biography And not linear, and there are so many characters, and so many versions of so many events I finally just let go and went with it And that, for me, was what made it work Vast amounts of research and details very impressive But wish I d read it the summer I visited the Black Hills and Montana Maybe I knew this at some point, bu [...]

    28. ok, so I recognize that lots of other people really liked this book, but frankly I find the structure maddening We start out AFTER the battle then work backwards and forwards with the author going off on long looping tangents to tell us what Happens Next Ultimately to particular characters as we encounter them This makes for a very fragmented to be honest easy to put down read I am a leetle obsessed with the Custer story right now, so I plowed on through, but I wonder whether someone without muc [...]

    29. Not what I expected Disjointed and anectdotal.On a positive note, it certainly brought to light a lot of information not only about the battle of the Little Big Horn but also the treatment of indians before and after As an added bonus and, likely unintended by the author, I was enthused about the idea about visiting not only the battlefield but also the surrounding area which sounds beautiful

    30. Anyone who wants to learn of the Indian wars of the American West should read this book It is than a book about a general or a battle or even the Sioux wars, it is a book about an era Custer and Sitting Bull are explored and uniquely presented Connell wrote as masterpiece and his language is nearly poetic My favorite book of all time.

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