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Detective Comics #27 By Bill Finger Bob Kane,

  • Title: Detective Comics #27
  • Author: Bill Finger Bob Kane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The very first appearance of the Bat Man in the six page story The Case of the Criminal Syndicate This issue also features the first appearances of Commissioner Gordon and the revelation of Bat Man s secret identity as Bruce Wayne NOTE Not all backup stories advertised on the cover will be included.
    Detective Comics The very first appearance of the Bat Man in the six page story The Case of the Criminal Syndicate This issue also features the first appearances of Commissioner Gordon and the revelation of Bat Man s

    One thought on “Detective Comics #27”

    1. I read this earlier As freebie online, for Batman 75th Anniversary I love that it is issue 27at s my number Also nice to see Bill Finger get credit instead of Bob Kane.For what it created, this book is invaluable.

    2. The very first original comic of the Bat man It was a funny, short comic strip that made me appreciate the comics I am reading now and thanking whoever it was that decided to upgrade the drawings of Batman and the name change I liked reading this comic Short review but it was a short comic.

    3. 3.5Es muy b sica y simple la historia, adem s de bastante cortita, pero es la primer aparici n de Batman, y me gust.

    4. Qu mal han envejecido los c mics, incluso los que tienen 30 40 a os, pero estos a n m s Sorprende, y m s en comparaci n a la novela, que algunas de milenios siguen siendo obras maestras a d a de hoy Todas las historias son planas y repetitivas, como hechas por una plantilla Lo nico destacable, el inicio de Batman y ver otras creaciones de los padres de Superman como Spy o Slam Bradley, que no son gran cosa.

    5. Batman fans will love thisThe Caped Crusader at his beginnings Takes me back to my childhood, not that I m that old, it s just one of the first comics I ever read It was great rereading this old favorite again A should read for any Batman fan, or any comic book fan, for that matter.

    6. Wow Hard to believe that this kicked off a kajillion dollar franchise Nothing is developed in any coherent way, nor is this especially different from any other comic in the era It seems like the climax of the story is the reveal that The Bat man always in quotes is Bruce Wayne But even in the context of this story, why does it matter

    7. It s free a nice investmentNice to see the origins of the Bat Man The story is very simple and the artwork is primitive but therein lies the charm of these early issues I like the casual manner Batman treats the death of a character and shows that he was not timid about killing a villain if circumstances presented themselves A good free download.

    8. Batman begins in mysteryThe story starts put not knowing who Batman is I love some of the nostalgia with the action words A really interesting start to the classic hero.

    9. Different stylesIt is interesting the way that the style of Batman has changed over the years And the storylines tones have changed also.

    10. A goodstartIt s a good place to start It s fun to read Bat man as an actual detective I m looking forward to reading future ones.

    11. For Batman s 75th Anniversary this year, I had the opportunity to read this very first story about Bruce Wayne, the brave, courageous man who fights evil by stopping bad guys and protecting the innocent as The Batman Very cool checking out the graphics of the people, clothes, cars, etc from 1939 The story is intense and gritty More so than I expected it to be Batman is mysterious and cool He has a strong sense of helping others even at his own risk His sleuthing abilities as well as his strength [...]

    12. Classic Just a nice classic from the Golden Age of comics I remember a long time ago when I was a kid, my grandfather God rest his soul told me how characters like Batman and Superman had been around ever since he was young But I digress Reading this takes me back to that memory and how I wondered what it was like to be a kid in the late 30s Reading about Batman for the first time ever Great stuff.

    13. This comic is a classicI mean this is a great comic book I m not saying it s the best comic book ever But the reason I say this is because it is the first batman series I mean some of the comic BOB Kane wrote in his time were better,BUT,this is just the showcase of the beginning of great comics.

    14. I read a 75th anniversary special edition of this story It had the original version of Dectective Comics 27 and then a newer updated version I loved seeing the two side by side and seeing how Batman has evolved Batman has always been my favorite comic book hero so it was really neat to see his first appearance.

    15. Nothing to say that others haven t, but it was really cool seeing the start of Batman He isn t the Batman pop culture has come to know here, and in some ways he s so much cooler in this story than in the over the top tv and film versions.

    16. Pretty cool, been along time since I read a Batman comic and this one was a nice change of pace from a traditional reading Liked the graphics, decent storyline and will have to read of these.

    17. This was a refreshing read, because I was having trouble finding good comics It was neat seeing how different comics were back then I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comic.

    18. Fun readIt was fun to go back and read the original story Very different than the modern depictions seen in movies, etc.

    19. El valor hist rico es m s valioso e importante que la historia en s misma Batman hab a llegado para volverse inmortal.

    20. es un c mic no muy bueno los dibujos no me gustado la historia es muy corta y por eso no me gust de c mic

    21. Back to 1939I ve been reading Batman since at least 1964 I love origin stories and comic history It is great to see detective comics again through Kindle Good idea.

    22. Awesomeclassic for Batman fansI am a huge bat man fan and this is my first classic comic book very Awesome

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