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Omerion: (Hell is My New Home) By Angel Gelique,

  • Title: Omerion: (Hell is My New Home)
  • Author: Angel Gelique
  • ISBN: 9781500501907
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT HELL _____________________________ It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow It a place of lost hope, a dismal abyss where remorse is candy, and tears, nectar, to unforgiving monstrosities with endless appetites In life, Samuel Rylandt was a serial rapist and murderer who callously committed heinous acts with no reSO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT HELL _____________________________ It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow It a place of lost hope, a dismal abyss where remorse is candy, and tears, nectar, to unforgiving monstrosities with endless appetites In life, Samuel Rylandt was a serial rapist and murderer who callously committed heinous acts with no regard whatsoever for the women he victimized In death, however, he will suffer the consequences of his depravity as his soul undergoes a startling corporeal transformation and he is thrown to Hell Omerion to complete three horrific phases of moral reconstruction Samuel s notions of the underworld are broadened as he learns that Hell is actually an elaborate civilization where the damned agonizingly learn the virtues that evaded them in life.
    Omerion Hell is My New Home SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT HELL _____________________________ It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow It a place of lost hope a dismal abyss where remorse is candy and

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    1. You think you know what hell is like Angel Gelique takes that image and smashes it with her bare feet.Sam is a serial rapist.e asshole He also murders a few of the girls along the way They can after all identify him.This book should be required reading in the courtroom for rapist It is a short little book, but it packs a huge punch.Warning not for the easily grossed out Sam deserves it.I did receive a copy from the author of this book and she is my friend In no way did that impact my review of t [...]

    2. Alrighty, this is a shorty about a serial rapist who goes to Hell.Niiiice.Our main character, Sam, was trying to continue his winning streak with the ladies, when one of those bitches fought back fist pump One knife to the gut later, and he found himself in Hell.Alrighty, the first bit of this book, where Samuel is getting eviscerated and tortured went on a bit too long for my taste Not that I didn t initially enjoy it when the demon tore out his throat and pulled out his intestines, mind you.It [...]

    3. 4 BIENVENIDOS A OMERION STARSPop Sugar Reading Challenge 2016 A book that s under 150pages.Yo soy muy asustadiza y no me gusta leer libros de terror, pero curiosamente me he vuelto s per fan de Angel Gelique Este es el 5 libro que leo de ella y creo que ha sido mi favorito Lo disfrute demasiado Es raro decir que disfrute ver todo el gore y violencia que se muestra en esta historia, pero el protagonista se lo merec a y eso me hiso feliz La historia es f cil, Samuel el protagonista es un violador [...]

    4. 4 DO UNTO OTHERS STARS.I will NEVER curse you out again.I m not going to lie, the beginning of the story had me thinking What the fuck is this but once the pieces started clicking together my thoughts changed to oh shit And if your not careful, it will turn you into its bitch THE END Thank you Angel for gifting me not only your wonderful story but your friendship as wellMWAH BTW, she s gifting it to everyone as wellashwords books viewCoupon code NL26B ex 7 19

    5. Omg were to begin.The fact I know the author matters not.The fact my name s in the dedication points and blushes matters not.This yet again is a 5 star book by Angel I found one error or point of dislike with it and that was it is to fucking shortexcuse me Im going to look for .bnope couldnt find any .But that s only because I wanted sam gore and green turning face momentsG this book, in short its about a guy who gets his just deserts and believe me when I say he fucking deserves everything he [...]

    6. 4 StarsHoly Shitwhat did I just read Wow It s impossible to write a review without spoiling a major plot twistSo I ll give you my opinion of Omerion in one gif.e you ready Good Here goes s itI should admit that I contemplated DNF ing Omerion in the beginning but I m glad I stuck with it because Angel told one hell of a story that had me laughing out loud tongue tied and if I might add , slightly frightened Thanks so much Angel for gifting this one

    7. Sam Rylandt is a serial rapist and murderer, right up until the time one of his victims manages to plunge a knife into his stomach and then it s all over Wait, bangs the top of the TV, everything comes back into focus, only, this is crazy, this is hell and Sam is about to reap the whirlwind of everything he sowed in life, only a thousand times worse.Cheers from the crowd Told in first person through the eyes of a man who is about to learn the hard way exactly what he did, revisited on himself, t [...]

    8. This is Hell unlike anything I ve ever imagined What the author spins in this book would have anyone thinking back to all the wrong they ve done in their life Karmae s a b h you don t want to mess with.I was expecting gore, horror and absolute WTF from this book, as I have read novels by this author before Angel did not dissapoint This woman has one twisted mind and can write horror like nobody s business.Hats off to ya dollwell done If you write it, I will read it

    9. Fewer words make the average human feel ill or sick I can think of a select few However, one that oozes fear and repulsion Rape It s not a nice word and the topic in horror and generally is uncomfortable at the best of times However, that doesn t stop horror writers from using it freely and sometimes wildly It s the stigma of rape itself, for both men and women, that makes it prime horror fodder However, when was the last time you read a story about the rapist getting his karmic comeuppance at t [...]

    10. Review Omerion Horror NovellaBe Warned Hell is Waiting and She is Gruesome I received this book for an honest review and am so thankful to the author for a very enjoyable if somewhat ghastly read This book is not for the feint hearted among you, it is gruesome and bloody You will feel as if you are there in hell with all its horror and living the masterfully written torture scenes.This short story packs a big punch Samuel Rylandt is a serial rapist and murderer who finally gets his just desserts [...]

    11. What if Clive Barker wrote A Christmas Carol and instead of a crotchety, old miser, the man looking for redemption was a murderer and a rapist The answer is that it d probably look a little something like Omerion, Angel Gelique s short horror story.Sam s a serial rapist and he s just been knifed to death by his latest victim He descends to Hell or Omerion , is brutalized, reshaped, and put through lessons that will last him an eternity as he slowly comes to repent and sympathize with the women h [...]

    12. Three words Gore, Karma, Lesson A serial rapist gets sent to hell pardon Omerion and is taught to feel remorse for his actions by the most physically and emotionally torturous way The author did a memorable job of delivering the message that if you harm someone then you not only hurt that person but the people around them You just need to get past the gory parts, which seems to serve the purpose of showing that the character gets what is coming to him 10 fold I was so glad that I had a toilet ne [...]

    13. I loved this short story The opening There should have been an ear piercing scream resonating throughout the dank, dismal cavern, but no sound spewed forth from my mutilated, bloodied mouth gave chills down my spine The story was told through Samuel s first person point of view The author was great with voice because I HATED this jerk He was vile, he was slime, and I respected that Angel Gelique wasn t afraid to write in fear I was disgusted in a good way , thankful Samuel got his karma.My favor [...]

    14. If I thought I knew what hell consisted off I was clearly very wrong The suffering that Sam deservedly goes through in Omerion where imaginative and frightening but oh so incredible to read Despite this book being a short story I feel it did not miss anything important out and that it got across it s point sharply , I do wish there was of it because I really felt my heart sink when I got to the last page and I tell you I did not put this book down once during my reading the book only arrived to [...]

    15. This a great story about what Hell could be like if you choose to make the wrong choices in life Sam was taught all the right things as a child, but took a totally different path in his adult life Now he is in Hell paying for his actions.This is a gory, gripping tale of justice I was excited to see Sam get what he deserved, and to see how he was shown what his victims and their families felt In the end he even felt bad, but was it truly the end for Sam Oh no, this was just the beginning of his h [...]

    16. What a unique portrayal of hell I loved this story I will warn you not to eat while starting this if you have a squeamish tummy I was sitting in a restaurant, reading on my tablet yuck LOL But stick with it The story turns out really good, and is a terrific idea of what hell is Great job yet again, Angel

    17. I have often wondered what is there after this life For those who choose to take, for those who choose to commit violent crimes and if it s anything like what I just read, then that would be justice Another fantastic read

    18. Wow This read is about retribution, vengeance and healing It s so creatively written and look s at a horrific persons actions and poses the neverending questionwhat if Dark Creepy A bit spellbinding Loved it.

    19. Wow I loved every hellish moment of this book Didn t take me long to finish this at all, Its an original view of hell and it kept me hooked Another brilliant read by Angel Gelique, if your a fan of horror then pick this up you won t be disappointed

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