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England and Other Stories By Graham Swift,

  • Title: England and Other Stories
  • Author: Graham Swift
  • ISBN: 9781471137396
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • These twenty five new stories mark Graham Swift s return to the short form after seven acclaimed novels and confirm him as a master storyteller They unite into a richly peopled vision of a country that is both a crucible of history and a maze of contemporary confusions Meet Dr Shah who has never been to India and Mrs Kaminski, on her way to Poland via A meet Holly and PoThese twenty five new stories mark Graham Swift s return to the short form after seven acclaimed novels and confirm him as a master storyteller They unite into a richly peopled vision of a country that is both a crucible of history and a maze of contemporary confusions Meet Dr Shah who has never been to India and Mrs Kaminski, on her way to Poland via A meet Holly and Polly who have come to their own Anglo Irish understanding and Lily Hobbs, married to a shirt Charlie and Don who have seen the docks turn into Docklands Mr Wilkinson the weirdo next door Daisy Baker who is terrified of Yorkshire and Johnny Dewhurst, stranded on Exmoor Graham Swift steers us effortlessly from the Civil War to the present day, from world shaking events to the secret dramas lived out in rooms, workplaces, homes With his remarkable sense of place, he charts an intimate human geography In doing so he moves us profoundly, but with a constant eye for comedy Binding these stories together is Swift s grasp of the universal in the local and his affectionate but unflinching instinct for the story of us all an evocation of that mysterious body that is a nation, deepened by the palpable sense of our individual bodies finding or losing their way in the nationless territory of birth, growing up, sex, ageing and death.
    England and Other Stories These twenty five new stories mark Graham Swift s return to the short form after seven acclaimed novels and confirm him as a master storyteller They unite into a richly peopled vision of a country tha

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    1. This is an interesting collection of stories there are a couple set in the past, one in 1805 and another in an England torn by Civil War but most have a contemporary setting They deal mostly with situations that are quite ordinary a man remembering the day he visited a solicitor with his new wife to make out their wills, two old school friends at the funeral of their former headmaster, a man remembering how his parents viewed a neighbour they thought was a little odd, a widowed osteopath with a [...]

    2. 4.5A very good short story collection The stories are like little snapshots of people s lives, most of them very ordinary The characters tend to be called Andy or Mick with wives called Ruth or Lynn Many have the theme of loss, be it bereavement, illness, divorce or just the passage of time changing things This makes many of them very poignant and I felt there was an air of reflective sadness over the collection The story entitled Fusilli was heartbreaking.If you have a touch of the blues then t [...]

    3. Swift returns to his perpetual themes of loss and what it s like to be different Oddly one of my least favorite stories in the book is England but other than that there wasn t a clunker in the book Most are short and he gets to his point in very few pages There s an undercurrent of emotion but it s restrained which makes the tales effective He comes to the point slowly but it has an impact Most of the narrators are male but are still universally relatable.Some of the stories are dark but the vi [...]

    4. From BBC Radio 4 Extra The 25 short stories that comprise England and Other Stories mark Swift s return to the short form after seven acclaimed novels The stories dwell on the essence of Englishness and those chosen place us on the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar, in a barbers, a supermarket, a laboratory and Macintyre s warehouse, and in each place and time, Swift perfectly captures a universal truth from the minutiae of lives.

    5. I have always loved short stories The writing is spare and not a word is wasted Yet in this collection of 25 stories, I sensed the hand of a novelist, rather than a short story writer Indeed Graham Swift is a best selling author and a Booker Prize winner The characters are mostly middle class Brits, mostly male, leading ordinary lives In some stories, the ordinary is all that happens In others, something out of the ordinary happens that causes a character either confusion or a means of examining [...]

    6. I got this book as a gift from my friend Cheryl and what a lovely gift it turned out to be The book is not a long one, a little over 200 pages, but it took a really long time for me to read This was not because it was hard to digest or badly written, quite the opposite All of the short stories in this collection were masterclasses in the execution of the art form If I had read it quickly I would not have done the stories justice, each was both deceptively simple and so incredibly rich in ideas, [...]

    7. I am one of those who believe and have often said that writing a good short story is difficult than writing a good novel because a short story writer has to create believable characters and plots wholly within the limited number of pages he allows himself to get the job done He has to capture the engagement and imagination of his readers, and he has to do it quickly That is why it is always such a welcome event when a favorite novelist of mine decides to join the ranks of short story writers, o [...]

    8. Hmm, halfway through this collection I was leaning towards two stars, but it grew on me slightly, so I m generously upgrading it to three I do often read short stories but these are very different from my normal fare of Alice Munro or Elizabeth Strout Munro and Strout encompass whole lives in 30 or 40 pages Most of the stories here are very short the longest around 15 pages, the shortest half a dozen, and tend to focus on a single small incident, with no plot as such The kind of thing you might [...]

    9. I m not quite sure how I feel about this short story collection Maybe I m just not intellectually equipped to understand the brilliance of this author He did win a Booker after all I was bored by most of the stories and didn t really see the point They just seemed like short little snippets of ordinary life for the most part With one or two, just as things were potentially getting interesting the story was over Maybe I m just not cut out to read short stories because they leave me wanting My fa [...]

    10. 4.5 5England and Other Stories by Graham Swift is an exceptional collection of twenty five short stories, which capture the essence of England, past and present Each short story is detailed, atmospheric and comprised of well thought out and well placed characters Whether the story is from the Civil War era or about the neighbor next door, each short story will captivate the mind of the reader and draw the reader into each story Swift is a rather brilliant storyteller and his latest collections o [...]

    11. I felt I had the rhythm of his writing and was in sync with the stories until I got to The Best Days What is it with male writers and their obsession with teenage boys sleeping with their schoolmates mom s This absurd notion appears in fiction in out sized proportion to the occurrence in real life, so what s the deal What are these men saying Older women lust after boys Do they really believe that women everywhere are pedophiles Or just the ones who have become mothers, usually with a daughter a [...]

    12. This book has often come up as a recommendation and I had great hopes for it with its collection of short stories about different people living in England Unfortunately I came away from it feeling a little disappointed Don t get me wrong, it contains some great stories and the first one was certainly a great start and they are well written as you d expect of such a prominent writer , but sadly many were entirely unmemorable and I couldn t really see why some of the stories had been told In the e [...]

    13. This is a nice collection of short stories in the style we are used to by Graham Swift His stories focus on normal people and events that have shaped their lives He shows them where they are now with the occasional flashback.As with every coleection of short stories I liked some than others, but of course didn t write down which.I can only recommend this to any fan of Graham Swift and also stories about everyday people looking back at their past and how that is connected to their present.

    14. This is a good read Graham Swift catches, perfectly, the disparate voices of contemporary England See my full review of this, together with Julian Barnes Pulse at thestorybazaar short stories

    15. A beautiful collection of short stories Each with its own specific atmosphere and self contained story Amazing skill to paint so much within a few pages Truly magnificent The following are short notes to jog the memory than to present merit of each story.Going up In the WorldCharlie Yates a small, compact man, met Don Abbot in the kindergarten and they became friends for life They set up a window washing company operating in the city of London They made their way in life, moved to a better subu [...]

    16. The shortest piece is about 5 pages long The longest is about 15 There s often little action, and the storytime duration may only be minutes Backstory and musing dominate, the main characters being thoughtful and analytical Many of the stories involve men usually 2 who ve been friends for a long while Widowers and people whose father died early populate the book There are stories about people who survived WW1 and or WW2, which adds to the book s old fashioned feel He likes to associate a place o [...]

    17. The masterful novelist Waterland , Last Orders presents us with a series of slice of life stories, allowing us to muse on the concept of Englishness.These bite sized snippets, mostly contemporary there are a couple of elegant forays into historical fiction , focus on the lives of ordinary people dealing with everyday crises divorce, illness, bereavement, child abuse, etc The writing is both warm and clinically precise, marking up in philosophical depth for what it lacks in terms of incident Desp [...]

    18. I m not a huge fan of short stories but I am a fan of Graham Swift so I thought I would give this a try and I am so glad I did All the stories are very readable but all are very different in their own ways One story, In particular simply named Fussilli was so simple yet so sad and I know it will stay in my mind for a long time.

    19. A short story collection from Graham Swift A bit like the Julian Barnes collection I read recently this is a bit patchy I m yet to completely embrace the short story format There weren t many stories here that grabbed my attention I tend to think Swift works better in the longer format.

    20. An entertaining and thought provoking collection of stories I particularly enjoyed The Best Days and Holly and Polly.

    21. I didn t really warm to this collection and I m not quite sure why There were a couple of stories I enjoyed very much but most of them left me unmoved.

    22. I love Graham Swift, but these stories left me a little disappointed While they are interesting, the tone of the stories is similar, one to the next, and the cumulative effect was a little wearing.

    23. Remember ThisIn his Man Booker Prize winning novel, Last Orders 1997 , Swift followed a quartet of elderly men as they drive out from the East End of London to cast an old friend s ashes into the sea The point of that quiet, detailed, but slow moving book is to ask the question of all of them What have we become As I recall, Swift has few surprising revelations, only the gradual recognition that there can be a rightness, even a kind of beauty, in quite ordinary lives Now in this collection, Swif [...]

    24. These sketches of unmistakably English characters and feelings are wonderfully observed and crafted each character s beliefs, values and thoughts are established in detail remarkably quickly Some stories fall victim to the short story cop out I ve created this promising scene and characters and could develop them, but, oh I m a short story so there s no need to, I ll just end here.But the self contained ones I thought were terrific More than once a character is roused from his own thoughts to pe [...]

    25. I received this book via an online competition run by Foyles I would like to thank Jonathan of Foyles for his help in getting the book to me after it initially did not arrive.The is a book which contains 25 stories with the central theme being England Other recurrent themes in the book are loss and love The love theme involves lost love, unrequited love, forbidden love and the love of a place.I enjoyed most of the stories in the book and there was a lot of great characters and plots contained Th [...]

    26. Well, Swift can really write, and this collection is probably worth reading The problem is that I did not find it very enjoyable The stories are short there are a couple which run thirteen pages, but most are shorter and thus they are slices of life with little development of plot or character But what put me off most is that they are almost uniformly dark Swift is a keen observer of people, and the stories almost always show a believable picture of how the human mind works memory, mostly, and s [...]

    27. I received this book through the first reads program It seems I am one of only a few readers that did not find this book wonderful I will say that I did enjoy a couple of the stories but for the most part I found most of them to be small excerpts from what should have been a complete story Many seemed to be merely a chapter from what would have been a great book if only you could have read about the characters and their lives I certainly would have enjoyed reading of several of the stories I h [...]

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