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Přízrak By Jo Nesbø Kateřina Krištůfková,

  • Title: Přízrak
  • Author: Jo Nesbø Kateřina Krištůfková
  • ISBN: 9788074732218
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 9 d l krimi s rie o detektivu Harrym Holeovi Harry Hole se po t ech letech str ven ch v Hong Kongu vrac dom do Norska, nejde ov em o dnou zdvo ilostn n v t vu Po p letu okam it m na policejn editelstv , kde d sv ho n kdej ho nad zen ho, aby se mohl ujmout vy et ov n ji tak ka uzav en ho a objasn n ho p padu vra dy na drogov sc n V Oslu se d ky spo9 d l krimi s rie o detektivu Harrym Holeovi Harry Hole se po t ech letech str ven ch v Hong Kongu vrac dom do Norska, nejde ov em o dnou zdvo ilostn n v t vu Po p letu okam it m na policejn editelstv , kde d sv ho n kdej ho nad zen ho, aby se mohl ujmout vy et ov n ji tak ka uzav en ho a objasn n ho p padu vra dy na drogov sc n V Oslu se d ky spolupr ci nov ho soci ln ho adu a nov ho fa policejn slo ky pro pot r n organizovan ho zlo inu sn il po et drogov ch gang a zna n klesl t prodej heroinu V ulic ch se v ak objevila nov droga jm nem fiolin, opi t mnohon sobn siln j ne heroin, je vede m n asto k p ed vkov n , ale zato vyvol v mnohem siln j z vislost Harrymu je umo n no setkat se s domn l m vrahem Jde o osmn ctilet ho chlapce, jeho Harry dlouho nevid l, av ak kter mu byl kdysi velice bl zk Jejich setk n nen jedin m p ekvapen m, je Harryho p i vy et ov n ek Zpo tku vra da typick pro drogov prost ed se rozroste do rozm r , o jak ch se Harrymuani nesnilo S m se okam it ocit ve zna n m nebezpe , nebo se kv li sv m aktivit m st v velmi nepohodlnou osobou V t ina stop p itom ukazuje jedin m sm rem Sm rem vzh ru A tak vy et ov n vede k jedin mu, nadm ru p ekvapiv mu vy st n.
    P zrak d l krimi s rie o detektivu Harrym Holeovi Harry Hole se po t ech letech str ven ch v Hong Kongu vrac dom do Norska nejde ov em o dnou zdvo ilostn n v t vu Po p letu okam it m na policejn editelstv

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    1. How on earth do I do justice to a book of this magnitude, the simple and honest answer is I cannot, I m not even going to try Phantom is a terrific novel, one that will keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat from the very first moment you pick up the book right up until the powerful ending, the author placing you smack bang in the middle of a city torn by drug addiction, murder and corruption politicians and policeman alike Trust is at a premium and betrayal the key word of the [...]

    2. I d quite forgotten how tense I get while reading one of Nesb s Harry Hole novels a little while into the novel upon Harry s return to Oslo and it all came back to me Harry is a character I ve become rather attached to over the years, but I ve also become used to things not going so well for him over the course of the series Phantom is the ninth installment of this series and the seventh to be translated into English if you ve been a faithful follower of Nesb s novels, you definitely do not want [...]

    3. At the conclusion of the last book in this series, The Leopard, Harry Hole, no longer on the Oslo police force, retreated to Hong Kong where he built a new life But three years later, his past calls him home Oleg, the son of his former lover, Rakel, has been arrested for allegedly killing a drug dealer who was also his friend and the foster brother of the young woman that Oleg loved The evidence seems incontrovertible, but Harry comes back to Norway in an effort to prove that Oleg is not guilty [...]

    4. I m giving this one four stars because although it finished superbly it started very slowly and for the first third of the book I was thinking it was not very good But then it got going and positively rampaged towards a shocking finale I m still not sure quite what to make of such an amazing cliff hanger I may just have to dash out tomorrow and buy the next book to see what happens I am so glad that I have read all the Harry Hole books in order because the way they have developed is so good The [...]

    5. Really, really good If you haven t read any Harry Hole books yet, do yourself a favor, and read them in order The people and the places and things that happen or have happened will make much sense that way The first two books of the series have not yet been translated in English hopefully soon though , so for the English language readers, this is the correct way to proceed so far The Redbreast Nemesis The Devil s Star The Redeemer The Snowman The Leopard Phantom.After The Leopard case, Harry re [...]

    6. Here s the thing about the recent popularity of Scandinavian writers and if you re a Nordic Thriller aficionado you couldn t care less about the distinction the novels are depressed, somber, filled with ennui, a lack of humor, with flawed characters if not suffused with a strong tendency towards determinism in short, whether you re reading Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, or Jo Nesbo you are likely reading Literary Naturalism If you live in Scandinavia you might consider this par for the course, [...]

    7. Dobra promena tempa za Nesbea i njegovog Harija Hulea Posle niza obra una sa serijskim ubicama, kona no jedan kamernija krimi misterija, li nija i svedenija Prijala mi je Nema u ovom romanu onog epskog zamaha iz Oklopnog srca ili horor bravura iz Sne ka, ali zato tu neo noir timung Ja zadovoljan Ako se svemu ponu enom dada i istinski iznena uju kraj Utvara se svakako mo e ubrojati me u najbolje romane o Huleu Moglo je sve to i na manje stranica, ali izgleda da Nesbe mora da popuni odre enu kvotu [...]

    8. Nesbo is one of the giants of crime fiction This is brilliant Harry Hole returns from three years in Hong Kong to try and help the son of his main who is accused of murder Working outside the police Harry battles the major new players in the Oslo drugs scene, his personal demons, police corruption and the terrible things drug addiction can lead to Totally compelling, very dark but superb from beginning to the shocking twists at the end Best book of the 70 read this year.

    9. I thought this book was brilliant and couldnt t put it down I ve read all the Harry Hole books and enjoyed them all but I blasted through this one in about 48 hours I thought that I had it all worked out, but Jo Nesbo continues to surprise and lay red herrings to trick you I found the general story about drug users and the whole importing exporting selling thing very interesting and liked how some of the narrative was from a dead character This is a book that will haunt you for a long time after [...]

    10. Phantom is the ninth novel in Jo Nesbo s Harry Hole series, and his sixth book I have read Unfortunately, I find it a big disappointment The usual macho, hard boiled, and brutal style is ok Harry being a virtual superman is not a problem Phantom pushes the believability boundaries too far, though Let me just quote a scene where Harry cuts the throat of someone who is cutting his throat.There is way too much action Too many twists and turns There are too many characters Not enough thought No dept [...]

    11. Oslo Opera House Oslo NoruegaO escritor noruegu s Jo Nesbo n 1960 publicou O Fantasma em 2011, o nono livro da s rie Harry Hole.Harry Hole regressa a Oslo ap s um auto ex lio tempor rio em Hong Kong para provar a inoc ncia de Oleg, o filho de Rakel o eterno amor da sua vida um jovem que se encontra numa encruzilhada existencial, acusado de um homic dio O enredo de O Fantasma desenvolve se atrav s de tr s perspectivas uma na terceira pessoa que acompanha a evolu o da investiga o, numa narrativa c [...]

    12. SPOILER ALERT I m only writing this so I can review it when the next one comes out and I need to remember a few things.Our hero, Harry Hole, was shot by Oleg, his closest thing to a son, who really was guilty of murdering Gusto Hanssen over a stolen violin stash and the enslavement of Gusto s foster sister, Irene So we re left knowing Harry has been slashed, nearly drowned and shot, but still with a pulse.Rakel, Oleg s mom, was waiting at the airport to fly away with Harry and really make things [...]

    13. Ingredienti giusti Mestiere Tante buone letture l impianto morale di Marlowe, lo snobismo di Pepe, il disincanto di Wallander, la critica sociale di Beck, l acume di Hercule, pi un po delle botte che pigliano tutti gli investigatori ormai ed ecco Harry Hole Il golden boy degli investigatori biondo, alto, sfregiato quanto basta, ex alcolizzato per poco ma non tossico, il genio dell investigazione con una morale a prima vista tetragona ma abbastanza personale Il ragazzo perfetto in una societ impe [...]

    14. Such a good book but only because I ve read all the previous Harry Hole books so I know the back story which is REALLY important FUCKING CLIFFHANGER

    15. 3.5 rounded up to 4I should start by saying that this isn t a book I would generally pick up At the risk of sounding sexist, it has what I refer to as a high testosterone factor that doesn t normally appeal to me I came across this particular book in the library It was one of several by the same author, and when I used my Kindle to access some reviews of the various books, I was impressed by the high average ratings I decided right there and then, I should read at least one of the books if only [...]

    16. I just finished this I don t know what to say I m a blown away I want friends to hurry up and read this book so we can discuss it Lord have mercy, that was intense I have made no secret of my love for Nesbo, but he has outdone himself with this novel It starts like any other of his awesome books, but by the halfway point, you realize you are in for a ride He keeps answering the questions you thought you hadbut you still have 100 pages left Well, that s because there are questions you never even [...]

    17. Building on the chaos of the previous novel, Nesb leaves readers wondering how the series will continue without Harry Hole It s been three years since Hole left for Hong Kong, and Oslo has undergone many changes When a tall, lanky man checks in at the Hotel Leon, the clerk cannot help but wonder if he s come face to face with the ever talked about Harry Hole Propelled back into the mix when he learns that he son of a woman he s loved for ages is under arrest for murder, Hole resurfaces to get th [...]

    18. Whew What a roller coaster ride For all fans of Harry Hole and Jo Nesbo, this is a must read.Harry returns to Oslo from Hong Kong after a three year absence Oleg, the son of Rakel Harry s one, true love , has been charged with the murder of Gusto Hanssen, a drug user who was also Oleg s friend Although no longer a police officer, Harry sets out to investigate the case against his surrogate son this investigation soon leads to the discovery of other criminal activity In particular, Harry tries to [...]

    19. 4.3 Este o nono livro da s rie Harry Hole.Contextualizando um pouco para quem n o leu os livros anteriores, Raquel foi a namorada de Harry e o filho dela, Oleg, via Harry como uma figura paterna No entanto, no 7 livro da s rie, O Boneco de Neve, ambos se viram envolvidos na investiga o de Harry que procurava um serial killer, ficando mesmo em causa a vida de ambos Harry Hole regressa de Hong Kong com o prop sito de tentar provar a inoc ncia de Oleg, o filho de Raquel, que foi preso e acusado de [...]

    20. eh, jadni Harry, to ovaj Nesbo radi od njega nije za itati, em ga kasapi ko prase iz knjige u knjigu em mu du u pojede utvarama pro losti, enom i cugomkao krimi onako OK, ima vi e dobrih preokreta malo neobi nija forma u kojoj nam pola radnje pri a mrtvac s prve stranice.kako je support grupa o ito pomogla Seanu Beanu da kona no pre ivi ulogu hint Jupiter Rising mo da je potrebna jedna tipa Nesbo pusti ga da voli i da ga vole ako ste ih pro itali sve, naravno da ete i ovaj nastavak

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