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Batman: Kuolema kulkee perheessä By Scott Snyder Greg Capullo Petri Silas,

  • Title: Batman: Kuolema kulkee perheessä
  • Author: Scott Snyder Greg Capullo Petri Silas
  • ISBN: 9789522338037
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jokeri on palannut, ja poissaolonsa aikana h n on muuttunut entist vaarallisemmaksi ja kavalammaksi T ll kertaa kohteena ei olekaan viittaritari, vaan Jokeri ottaa maalitauluikseen komisario Gordonin, Alfredin, Robinin, Y siiven ja Lepakkotyt n Bruce Waynen todellisen perheen Rikoksen klovniprinssi iskee julmasti ja raa asti kaikkien Batmanin rakkaiden kimppuun.
    Batman Kuolema kulkee perheess Jokeri on palannut ja poissaolonsa aikana h n on muuttunut entist vaarallisemmaksi ja kavalammaksi T ll kertaa kohteena ei olekaan viittaritari vaan Jokeri ottaa maalitauluikseen komisario Gordonin

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    1. Disappointing joke on us, the readers.This collected edition features 13 17 from the comic book Batman , along with backup related stories.Creative Team Writers Scott Snyder James Tynion IVIllustrators Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion Jock WILL THE BATMAN S ARCH VILLAIN PLEASE STAND UP Maybe it can be shocking to some people to know that The Joker wasn t always the most popular villain in DC Comics In fact, The Joker had several years without appearing in Batman Detective Comics until the good ol [...]

    2. When I reviewed the Batman Court of Owls collection, I noted that while I liked what Scott Snyder did with the character, that I wished he d turn his attention to some of the classic bat foes like the Joker.Be careful what you ask for because Snyder just might deliver and creep the living bejesus out of you with it.After a year long absence from Gotham the Joker returns crazier and homicidal than ever Just how crazy Well, his face got sliced off and he now wears it stapled to his head like a ma [...]

    3. Let s review key levels of crazy, shall we 1 Quirky e.g likes to put peanut butter on a hamburger 2 Mildly OCD e.g, can only step onto the first step of a staircase, off of a curb, etc with one s left foot, never with the right not that I know anyone with that problem ahem 3 Might Need Some Counseling e.g talks to an imaginary friend, possibly an anthropomorphic aardvark, while defecating in a public space 4 Batsh t Insane e.g the Joker in this installment of Batman, at least in part because he [...]

    4. After disappearing for a year, the Joker returns with a vengeance, striking at Batman where it hurts the most his family Can Batman stop the Joker from murdering his friends and family without killing him I got this from Netgalley Thank you, Netgalley Here we are again, another phenomenal Batman tale from Scott Snyder This time, he utilizes an old Bat foe, The Joker, and sets him against the Bat family How does he do Snyder passes with flying colors Death of the Family is the best Joker story si [...]

    5. Wow, Snyder was really swinging for the fences on this one wasn t he Harp plays, dream sequence graphics Scott, the Joker s coming back and you re writing his return Fantastic I m gonna write the hell out of this Right, so it s gotta be big, got that He s a Big Deal, he s our best villain, he s partly why Batman s so damn popular, and the fans adore him even though he s a stone cold psycho OK, OK, so we re talking epic, big entrance, big story, big scenes The whole shebang, Scott, throw the whol [...]

    6. Creepy, well written, amazingNot sure what I can say that other reviewer s haven t already said In the future, I think this one will definitely be considered required reading for fans of Batman.Go get it

    7. I feel like there s a very good chance that Death of the Family will one day be remembered as a classic, one of the great Joker stories Maybe even one of the great Batman stories Snyder s Joker is as terrifying as ever, frightening even than many writers manage And yet he hasn t lost his twisted sense of humor, or his love of chaos and symbol Calculating and unpredictable It s perfect.And Joker s goal, to drive a wedge between Batman and his extended family, makes complete sense The relationshi [...]

    8. The Joker is one of the most interesting villains I ve come across Any time I read his parts I read them in Mark Hamill s voice I love how dark and twisted this one was I mean, how much darker can it get than Joker coming and stealing his face back after he let it be cut off and left it for the GCPD The story was great and the artwork was amazing My only complaint is the same as with the Berserk mangas the stories are so short But that s to be expected with comics.

    9. I ve still not been disappointed by Snyder, but this Batman run is just something else This was incredible The Joker, the ultimate villain across all comics, known to everyone Joker s opposite.Batman I really love what Snyder does here with joker and his relationship with Bats I thought how can you bring the joker back convincingly and create an original story that hasn t been done before , well that s it isn t it That s the answer, do what was done before but put a sick twisted joke in it Twist [...]

    10. I m coming into this book with a whole lot of expectations I ve heard everybody rave about it, call Scott Snyder the heir apparent to biblical powers, and want to bear his children or at least his heavy MacBook.Plus I ve read the earlier Snyder Batman books and liked them, even if I took an unreasonable dislike to his Iron Man Noir story I generally respect his work and want to like it.So to say the least, I was ready to be blown away AND to be punched in the gut by a sweet mess Hype is such a d [...]

    11. This is of a spectacle story than I was led to believe, as The Joker returns and grievously tortures Batman s allies in an attempt to screw with him There s lots of blood, and dozens upon dozens of no name dead victims, teasing toward a surprise party that will be the story s endgame If The Joker doesn t have reality warping powers, I don t see how he kills the top lieutenants of every crime family in Gotham without a paranoid police department and superhero squad ever hearing about it And yet [...]

    12. It s been a year since the Clown Prince of Crime has battled Batman After slicing off his own face and hitting the highway, Joker had disappeared leaving Batman to tangle with a mysterious society bent on Gotham s destruction Now, he s returned and he has grand plans for The Dark Knight and his allies Will Joker succeed in his most ambitious offensive to date or will Batman put a stop to his plans Full disclosure I received a copy from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for a fair revie [...]

    13. Snyder and Co does a lot better with this volume, which contains Snyder s take on the Joker The Joker certainly comes across as a true homicidal nut here, and the way he tries to manipulate Batman s emotions is pretty clever The title of the volume, Death of the Family, is exactly that The Joker tries to find a way to turn Batman against his family Nightwing, Robin, et al because he believes that he and Batman were truly made for each other and exist only because the other needs him.The homoerot [...]

    14. Scott Snyder jump started his run on Batman by putting his own stamp on it, Introducing a compelling new antagonist of his own original creation in the Court of Owls, and putting his own spin on Gotham mythology It was well received but many were bummed that he didn t include popular and established Gotham villains in the first year of his run But, after wrapping up that story, he goes full bore by utilizing the ultimate Batman villain And man, does he The product here is one of the most distur [...]

    15. This was marketed as the most exciting and best Joker story yet which actually hurts its chances to survive and be appreciated as its own story, really The hype built around it will mislead readers who tend to have overblown expectations So I suggest you adjust your expectations and don t expect this to be an instant classic or whatever it is being marketed as It s not But it s still a very enjoyable read Like any avid Batman fan, finding out that the Joker will be returning in the New 52 line u [...]

    16. I read this in singles when it was first published a few years ago, but it s only re reading it now in a collected format that I appreciate how good it is I mean, I really liked it when it first came out, but when you read it in close to one sitting it s a fantastic Joker story.After being gone for a year, The Joker is back and this time he s after the whole Batman family It works as a good story of Batman with allies because they re the main targets but also as Batman as the loner because he wa [...]

    17. I m pretty speechless wOW This story was absolutely incredible It was just so creepy and well written that I was literally gripped This comic features joker at his finest The art work portrayed him in such a terrifying light, especially now his face has been peeled off We really get to explore the character s true personalities which was really interesting and entertaining Loved how other famous villains were brought into the plot, they really added to it When I was reading it I could honestly v [...]

    18. Buddyread with the Shallow Readers Criteria Read some Batman weeks after the fact and rub some shit on his face Is that right This wasn t my first Death of the Family Batgirl began this for me And after reading Batman s part, I can safely say that I am making it a goal to read them all This story line seems to work well everyone involved because they rotate so much around Bats I am super excited.Obviously Joker is a main player in this story line see my review Batgirl But in this volume a lot of [...]

    19. This was my favorite of the three volumes so far, as we get The Joker to return, and he is as darkly crazy as he has been in the last decade, scary crazy, as we expect, and this is one of the best Joker stories ever, with some surprises in his motivation, but J always has complicated relations with the Manbat This is, for superhero comics, for the history of Batman, very good stuff.

    20. Wow Scott Snyder Bravo dude I think my first Snyder Batman story was Gates of Gotham, and right then I knew this guy GOT it I couldn t know that DC would figure out the same thing, but I m glad that they did I only shudder to think what Geoff Johns Batman would be I can briefly think of the JL version.So I remember when Joker s face got cut off, thinking OK what the fuck They re going to be going somewhere with thatbut I guess it just gave them time to let Snyder and the DC peeps come up with ex [...]

    21. Batman is one of my favourite comic characters Not my favourite that spot goes to Wolverine but very close to it His gallery of rogues is, in my eyes, the best in the business though I m of the opinion that there are better stand alone villains Death of the Family is one of those Batman stories that should be read if you are a Batman fan In connection to what Scott Snyder did with the whole Court of Owls storyline, this is a new take on the Joker, which retreads old storylines and inverts them, [...]

    22. Oh, but for that ending This could have been the Bat book for the ages Heck, maybe it is, maybe I let the expectations get the better of me I m going to go back this summer and re read Batman from 1, so I ll see what I think then.The problem, though, is that Scott Snyder wanted to drive a wedge into the heart of the family And when I read and listen to his interviews, I get this sort of thrill from hearing him talk about how there s this one moment where Batman sort of wishes he didn t have to w [...]

    23. Due to the fact that I m used to Snyder s Batman stories creeping the hell out of me, I made sure to read this one during the daylight hours It proved to be a wise decision because Snyder s telling of The Joker unsettled me I don t know if the The Joker could ever be portrayed as anything but unsettling, but this did the trick Everything about this story including and especially Capullo s representation of The Joker was terrifying but it was Snyder s suspenseful telling that had me turning pages [...]

    24. This was a particularly brutal and violent episode with the return of Batman s archnemisis The plot is awesome with lots of other DC superheroes helping out to save Gotham Definitely one to keep away from your underage kids, but a fascinating and spellbinding story with great artwork.

    25. Um, before I start, Kat, Anne and everyone elseI m sorry about the rating, but it didn t work as well as I thought it would ducks flying bulldozer I knew you guys might say that So I ve come armed with good reasons They re right here pats pockets Huh I put them in heremewhere gets roundhoused by flying elephant I had em, I swear rubbing sore skull NO PLEASE NOT THE SCISSOR CUT Anyway, painful jokes aside, I can see why this would be considered a classic It s a psychological mind bender and Batma [...]

    26. The Joker thinks that Batman has gone soft and the reason for this, the Bat family He feels that the constant tutelage and supervision required has left him less focused and driven The affection he feels for them, a weakness Joker wants his old Bats back and how does he intend to achieve this You guessed it, the Death Of The Family As this is the Joker it is never quite as simple as that He doesn t intend to kill them himself, he intends to have Batman to do it.This book is a sick, twisted, syco [...]

    27. OMG Oh my Gawd oh my Gawd oh my Gawd This was pretty much perfection for me Incredible artwork, especially on Joker and his slowly rotting face Great character development in the relationship between Joker and Batman, and then ultimately in the relationships within the Bat Family I also really loved how Harley was used in this story Fantastic suspense, I was genuinely worried for Alfred This may be one of the best uses of Alfred in a Batman story arch And the scene at the dinner table OMG and it [...]

    28. Not my favorite interpretation of the Joker This makes Heath Ledger s Joker look like a pretty nice and understand guy I know that Joker is a psycho in general just for the sake of trying to make Batman lose it, but man This was a trip.

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